BBC Pop Up – Lebanon: Pimps, Prostitutes and Refugees

Here’s BBC Pop Up latest video from Lebanon. In this one, Benjamin Zand basically explores our red light districts. And just like he did with his video about drugs in Lebanon, he met with some local pimp who explained all about his “business” including lawfully locking up the women who work for him… and he interviewed some Syrian refugees who unfortunately had to turn to prostitution to survive.

As you know, following their previous video about Hachich production in Bekaa, the security forces raided the homes of some of the biggest dealers in that region (but failed to arrest them), which makes me wonder if the same thing is going to happen with this pimp now…


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 22th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. If you’re in the mood for some 90s hits then don’t miss the Generation K7 party at Eden!

  1. Less Clutter, More Joy !
  2. Toastmasters Lebanon Convention 2017 – Public Speaking Event
  3. Berytech Meetups – March 2017 Edition
  4. Generation K7 90’s Partaaayyy – 90’s Night at Eden
  5. L’Etrange destin de M et Mme Wallace
  6. SHINE | CDLL Spiritual Concert
  7. Laury Haddad – Live Performance at DRAY
  8. French Nights at DRAY
  9. Mot d’Or 2017
  10. The Healing of Memories & The Challenges of Forgivenes
  11. FEA @ AUB – BDD partnership launch

Make sure to check for much more options.


Men Marti W Jerr VS. Wissam Kamal

I was watching Menna W Jerr last night and I couldn’t but notice how they copied a joke on Men Marti W Jerr segment from a performance by Wissam Kamal in 2011!

Start watching at the 2m12s mark.

Start watching at the 16s mark.

It’s a shame for a TV program that is basically built around the idea of criticizing other shows to plagiarize content this way. And worse yet, since TV still has a relatively higher reach than YouTube in Lebanon, people who will watch Wissam’s video will probably think he stole his joke from that guy and not the other way around!


Price of Ninteno Switch in Lebanon

The Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on Match 3rd 2017, and I got excited to buy one after reading several positive reviews about it with the nicest feature about the console being its portability. I already have a PS4 and my kid sometimes randomly interrupt me to watch his favorite animated series, so instead of stopping my session, with the Switch I could simply just move to playing using the built-in screen. (In case you’re wondering, yes you can be a gamer and a responsible parent at the same time)

Anyway, I asked around yesterday and found that Nino Store in Beirut is selling it along with 2 games for $650 while JouéClub is offering the console alone for $526 while games are starting $75. On the other hand, the official price of the Nintendo Switch in the U.S. is $300 and you can have it shipped to Lebanon with DHL probably for ~$150-200. So if you’re keen on getting one, I recommend you wait a little bit as I believe prices should dramatically drop over the next weeks especially at Nino.

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Cat Kicker John Saad Gets a Dose of El 3ama!

You probably have all seen those aweful videos of a guy called John Saad kicking cats just for the fun of it. And it’s quite frustrating that there’s little to be done with such people in the absence of a law that ctiminalizes these acts.

But in the age of social media, viral videos naming and shaming such dumb fucks can sometimes do justice to the poor animals. Case in point, El 3ama’s comment about it!

Kicking a cat??? really??!!!

Hayda el video Fashit Khele2 la elna kelna.

Posted by El 3ama on Friday, March 17, 2017

Add to that Google’s power to quickly index webpages mentioning John Saad’s name, and BAM! you’re guaranteed visits from potential employer googling the name of John Saad (oops just mentioned it again) for background checking, only for them to find out that *wait for it* John Saad is a cat kicker! 😉


Society Bistro – French Cuisine at Extremely Affordable Prices

Society Bistro at Saifi Suites Hotel is a french restaurant that has been in business for several years but became a serious hot spot almost one year ago after dramatically reducing its menu prices. My friends kept trying to drag me there since last summer but I only managed to go for the first time two months ago and totally regretted not doing so earlier!

To begin with, the restaurant’s interior is pretty cool, the non-smoking section has a ceiling made of blown glass grapes while the smoking area is decorated with backlit cymbals. And to reserve a table you sometimes should place your booking weeks ahead especially if it’s on weekend since it’s always full. However, if you have no problem waiting then you can simply show up with no reservation at 9:30 or 10:00PM and wait a bit before you get seated.

The first thing that will strike when you go over Society’s menu is how low are the prices are compared to other places of the same level. We’re talking about $6-$10 salads, $10-$21 mains, and $4 desserts, and don’t let these prices fool you into thinking Society compromises portion size or quality, on the contrary their portions are pretty generous and I personally loved all the items I’ve tried so far with my favorite being the Black Angus Tenderloin.

I honestly suck at describing flavors so I won’t act all foodie on you and just leave you with these appetizing photos all courtesy of @vistasbyrony.

Bottom line, while it’s becoming normal for restaurants to charge $20 for a burger nowadays, Society Bistro is quite a gem! With a friendly staff and cool ambiance I highly recommend you go check it out if you haven’t done so already.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 15th 2017


Here are my pics from Lebtivity for this week. Don’t miss the car free day in Monot on Sunday!

  1. Slava’s Snowshow in Lebanon
  2. Discover Monot Huvelin Car Free Day
  3. Acting Training for Presentation Skills
  4. Pregnancy & Baby Fair
  5. ‘Juste la fin du monde’ by Xavier Dolan
  6. Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2017
  7. Journée Internationale de la Francophonie : Art et Technologie
  8. Emotional & Self Management Training Program
  9. French Nights at DRAY
  10. Special fête des mères: T’Choupi fait son spectacle

Make sure to check for much more options.


Tyre Set a World Record for The Largest Fruit Cocktail Cup

Just when you thought the craze for breaking food related world records is over in Lebanon, a new Guinness record was set in Tyre for the largest fruit cocktail cup that was 2.35m long and weighed around 1 tonne as part of the city’s shopping and tourism festival.

I really don’t understand why municipalities keep on organizing such event a I personally find them to be really meaningless. At the end it isn’t like the cup is going to last for a whole month there to attract people to the city and really help boost their festival..!


You Now Need A Special Permit To Fly Your Drone in Lebanon

The Lebanese Army announced two days ago that from now on drone owners in Lebanon need to apply for a licence from the Air Force, and they have three months to comply with this requirements. Moreover, a special permit will be needed from the Army Guidance Office each time they want to fly these drones especially around military bases.

I’m not sure how serious is the army going to be about applying this new regulation since they issues a similar memo two years ago but few people seem to have complied with it.

Other countries such as UAE and Kuwait have implemented similar regulation and I believe it’s about time to regulate drone usage in Lebanon, not necessarily everywhere but at least around sensitive locations such as Beirut Airport since it is very close to residential areas and any drone there can disrupt the air traffic just like what happened in Dubai last October.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 8th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I recommend you go watch Hoppalissa the new play by Sami Khayath for some good laughs!

  1. Bryan Adams Live Concert in Beirut, Lebanon
  2. Slava’s Snowshow in Lebanon
  3. Carnival Brasiliban 2017
  4. Teacher’s Day at Gefinor Rotana Hotel
  5. ‘Juste la fin du monde’ by Xavier Dolan
  6. Talk | Swiss Art Talks: Peter Pfrunder
  7. Hoppalissa – Samy Khayath new play
  8. Special screening of WINTER’S BONE followed by Q&A with producer Alix Madigan
  9. Mystery Experience in Lebanon
  10. Kelkon Sawa – A theater play by Camille Salameh

Make sure to check for much more options.


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