Pierre Hachach – Ya Ret

Pierre Hachache ya ret

Uhh ok… and why exactly do you need a provocative video for that song?

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Why do Lebanese fishermen insist on killing these sharks?!


It’s not the first time a shark is spotted off the shores, and it isn’t like they are threatening anyone. Yet, fishermen insist on killing them for no reason at all…!

This shark was spotted 3Km into the sea and managed to escape from these guys.

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Lebanese submissions to the 87th Oscar awards


I was checking some Oscar-related news today and noticed we got two submissions (but not yet shortlisted) for the awards. One for the movie “Ghadi” by George Khabbaz as the best foreign language film, and the other for Yasmine Hamdan’s song “Hal”, which was featured in the British-German movie “Only Lovers Left Alive“, as the best original song.

I sure hope at least one of these two gets shortlisted, especially Yasmine Hamdan with that super sensual performance, but the competition is usually pretty fierce.

Does anybody know if any Lebanese artwork has ever been shortlisted for the Oscars?

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Tamanna making wishes come true


This isn’t the first time Tamanna grants a wish for a critically ill kid, and I’ve actually loved each and every video they’ve published so far, but this is the first time I get really moved by one of their videos. Not because of how good the whole thing was executed, but because I have a kid now and I know how awful it feels for parents when their children get sick, even if it was as simple as a stupid flu virus.

The job that Tamanna are doing is absolutely awesome for children suffering from life threatening illnesses. Parents will usually be ready to sacrifice everything in order to see their kids getting better, and Tamanna is going the extra mile for them by drawing a smile on these kids faces and fulfilling their wishes.

The video below is of Ghassan, a 5 year-old cancer survivor, who wished to star in an action packed movie.

Needless to say, Tamanna is one of the organizations that deserves to be donated to, and you can do so by going to their donations page here.

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Lebanese drivers logic: What i decided to do about it!

A woman with a child on her bicycle navigates through Beijing traffic.

I’ll start off with a simple logical description of the issue on hand: On a single-lane road, two cars can pass faster when they are moving one after another. But when next to each other, one car has to slow down in order to let the other pass. In other words, lamma ykoun 3adad l siyarat yalle meshyin 7ad ba3d aktar mn 3adad l lanes, hol l siyarat bya3mlo 3aj2a la2an ma bise3o yo2ta3o 7ad ba3d w bisiro majbourin ykhaffefo ta ymar2o ba3d.
This effect, scaled up, creates irrelevant, unneeded, ugly traffic.

Supposing that what I am talking about can be grasped by small minded Lebanese drivers (which I doubt) who think they are always in a state of rush that allows them to just create lanes of their own, driving the wrong way or even where there is no ‘way’, I have come to a decision that I would like to share.

Paint balls!

Since I am daily witnessing the phenomena of  “I am in a rush, I drive my car where I please” and “matra7 ma bshouf zefet bemshe. w aslan ma droure ykoun fi zefet” I have decided to purchase a stock of paint balls and a paint ball gun. Why? you may ask. I shall salute each driver driving the wrong way with a colorful paint ball to cheer up his day w ta fesh khel2e as well. So in case you come across some news report in the near future speaking of a trend of colorful cars on the Lebanese roads, you can safely assume that I had some part in setting that trend.

And oh, since its Christmas time, I will start with a stock of green and red paint balls :)

image via mumatlarge.blogspot.com

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Barbara Walters names Amal Alamuddin as the most fascinating person for 2014

amal alamuddin

It’s funny how Barbara Walters basically picked Amala Alamuddin for nothing related to her successful career but for rather marrying George Clooney which Walters referred to as one of the greatest achievements in human history!

Walters called the wedding perfect — from Amal’s bespoke hat to the spectacular wedding dress designed by the late Oscar De La Renta.

With her marriage to Clooney, Walters says, Amal joins the ranks of Jackie Onassis, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton — everything she does, says or wears is officially… fascinating. Source

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Allo Taxi App gets the job very well done!


I’ve been using the Allo Taxi app for a while now and am really loving it. I actually used their rides several times before and was satisfied with their service, and the new app now makes the whole booking process much easier.

Now you may ask why am I writing about Allo Taxi instead of “being cool” and writing about Uber. Well, I’ve tried Uber twice and my main concern was their arrival time. Uber operates less cars and can therefore take a bit of time to reach your place, whereas Allo Taxi on the other hand are literally everywhere and seriously never took more than 10 minutes to reach my location. Moreover, unlike with other apps, Allo Taxi accepts cash instead on insisting to bill your credit card, so it’s more convenient for people who don’t have credit cards and those who prefer not to use it online.

Placing an order on Allo Taxi app is quite easy, you either enter your pick up place manually or let the GPS do it for you, then set the drop off location and get the tariff immediately calculated for you. You usually get a phone call from your driver asking for directions a couple of minutes after placing your order, and will eventually be billed once the trip is over.

In addition, in my opinion a major advantage that Allo Taxi has with the app is the ability to pre-order a ride. For instance, if you have an outing planned for the next day, you can book your ride ahead of time and never worry about it, which is not possible with Uber.

So there you go, next time you hear some bad news about Uber whether here in Lebanon or worldwide, you know you got yourself another much more reliable option!

The Allo Taxi app is available for both Android [Here] and iOS [Here].

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RoadTripHacks – Helping you discover hidden gems in Lebanon


A couple friends of mine recently started a cool blog that I really recommend you start reading if you’re into discovering new places in Lebanon and enjoying its nature.

The blog is called RoadTripHacks, and with every post, Rony and Sonia either introduce you to hidden gems around Lebanese regions that you maybe never thought of visiting (like Baakline and Ammiq), or make you see some regular places like Saoufar from a totally different perspective through the awesome photo sets accompanying each post. All while taking the time to tell you how to reach your destination and providing recommendations on eateries and must check places.

So next time you plan a roadtrip in Lebanon, make sure you check their blog for some ideas. And you can also stalk them on Facebook and twitter.

This is also an opportunity to let you know that Rony has already started contributing to the blog here and will be occasionally writing.

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Laptop theft in Dora caught on CCTV

According to tayyar.org, this took place near Almaza brewery.

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How low can Al-Jadeed TV get?

So Bahaa El Dine Hariri got married to a Saudi lady last week, and as expected, many TV stations had to report the news which was quite normal.

However, when it came to Al Jadeed, they introduced Bahaa El Dine in the most unprofessional way. While the man is a known billionaire and owns a property development and investment group, Al Jadeed decided that he’s instead known for a silly statement he made during his most vulnerable moment, the funeral of his assassinated father!

I totally understand the TV station might be in disagreement with the Hariri’s, but that was quite low of them…

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