Lebanese shooting down their reputation!

This is a guest post by Abdallah Alaili, a good childhood friend of mine who currently lives in Europe.

Before starting this delicate subject , let me introduce myself, my name is Abdallah Alaili, I’m an Lebanese expat and entrepreneur, I have no interest in politics, have been living abroad for the last 10 years, and knowing that talking about such a subject is very delicate, I would like to emphasize there’s no hidden intention here.

Like any expat, I listen closely to what is said about my country, and the other day the name of Lebanon popped up on the screen for a subject that is not the standard Lebanese related news. Scientists were complaining that stork birds were being shot in Lebanon before returning from the migration journey, and that’s why their numbers are decreasing rapidly.

The Birds we are talking about, are those birds that you often see in cartoons bringing babies to parents:


Europe having an average fertility rate of 1.59 children per woman, makes these birds symbolic and well loved, because they symbolize fertility, and it is considered a huge honor when they nest near your house.

These birds Migrate from Europe to Africa during winter, and most of them do that by flying above Lebanon, as seen on the map below:


The scientists were trying to figure out, why these birds were being shot in Lebanon, and most importantly how (taken in consideration that they fly above the reach of a standard hunting gun).

Little did they know, that unlike civilized countries, in Lebanon anyone can go hunting without a license, in Lebanon hunting season is all year long and is not restricted on few species, and in Lebanon when birds fly too high for the standard hunting gun, hunters shoot them with the war grade guns (AK 47, etc …)! And yeah I forgot the most important, in Lebanon hunting is not a sport it’s just for the fun of killing poor birds!

This being said, I think it’s our responsibility as Lebanese Youth to educate, to push for strict hunting laws, and most importantly to forbid the use of war grade weapons (or at least in hunting)!

A last thought, I would like to address a message to these delicate human beings hunting the stork birds with AK47: What would you do if we had elephants or rhinoceros passing by Lebanon? Would you follow them with a B7?

You can connect with Abdallah through: Twitter, G+ , and follow his blog.

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Sanayeh Garden Renovation

Sanayeh Garden is currently being renovated by Azadea Foundation and is set to open again in May 2014 if all went as planned.

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Red Bull Can You Make It?

Can You Make It?” is a challenge by Red Bull for students to travel across Europe with nothing but 24 Red Bull cans as currency.

Throughout their journey, the competing teams will have to trade their cans for every thing they might need like food, place to sleep, etc…

The challenge starts on April 4th with more than 100 teams from all around the world, and Lebanon is the only participating country from the region with a team of three girls from AUB, Lara Talih, Mona Talih, and Shaden Fakih.

For more about the adventure and how you can follow it make sure to check the official website here.

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Yet another happy video from Lebanon

This one is sponsored by Mazzat restaurant. I loved the shots at the rock of Raouche.

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I would have played Candy Crush too

candy crush

This photo of MP Ahmad Karami has been making rounds on Facebook over the past couple of days with people criticizing him for playing Candy Crush during the cabinet policy debate.

But think about it for a second, what do people usually do during boring pointless gatherings? I for myself know that I would have played Candy Crush too!

At least he wasn’t watching porn like those politicians from India!

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No Chance – انقرضوا الرجال بلبنان

This woman is hilarious. I guess she was just requested to chose the word of the day and she ended up coming up with all of this!

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How quickly did Lebanon adopt the internet?


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world wide web, Mashable shared an interesting interactive map by Esri today showing how the web spread across the world over the past quarter-century.

The map shows that 2.7% of us the Lebanese were connected to the internet back in 1998, and the percentage has increased to 8%, 22.5%, and 61.2% in 2003, 2008, and 2012 respectively.

Make sure to check the map here and see where do we stand compared to our neighbors.

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Lebanese Selfie

This one is epic!

This parody of The Chainsmokers’ Selfie is a collaboration between Olga Habre, Daniel Abdel Sater, Mark Abou Jaoude, and Beirut Night Life.

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Beirut ranks 24th most expensive for office space


According to a report by Cushman and Wakefield, office spaces in Beirut are the 24th most expensive in the world, and the third most expensive in the region behind Dubai and Doha, with the cost of 1 square meter being $694 per year.

London was ranked the most expensive office space in the world at $2,915 per square meter, followed by Hong Kong and Moscow. On the other hand, our neighbors Limassol and Amman were among the least expensive cities at $246 per square meter.

For the full ranking you can download the complete report here.

via The Daily Star

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Google commemorating the birthday of Shoushou

Such a nice gesture of Google.


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