Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 15th 2015


The biggest thing happening this  week is HORECA which is one of the region’s big exhibitions for hospitality and F&B companies, so expect a buzz about it on the foodie blogs as of Monday!

  1. Public Speaking workshop at Skillz
  2. Fund Raising Dinner for BiBickfaya
  3. Access Masters Tour
  4. Fridays @ Playroom
  5. Wahdon Band Saturdays
  6. “Re-volt” live with Big Hass
  7. NLP Control the language of your mind
  8. Guru Yoga Retreat @ Zenotel, Bikfaya
  9. HORECA 2015
  10. Bikeathon Baldati Beirut – BBB 2015

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 8th 2015


It’s time again for the weekly picks from Lebtivity. Being a fan of Game of Thrones, my favorite event this week is definitely the season 5 premiere screening at Metro Al Madina.

  1. Matteo Countertenor: Barock Easter!
  2. SOUND OF MUSIC in Lebanon
  3. WAREHOUSING Best Practices workshop
  4. Maqtoob At Coworking961 – The Best Business Tools For Entrepreneurs
  5. Diamond dowsing with sabine gemayel
  6. BIPOD 2015
  7. Brick Floyd LIVE at Metro Madina
  8. Marco Carola in Beirut
  9. Dreamcatcher workshop with CherryPerry 5th edition
  10. Game of Thrones SEASON 5 PREMIERE Screening!

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Volatile Cedar – A Cyber Espionage Operation by Lebanese Hackers


Check Point Software Technologies, an Israeli IT Security firm, reported a couple of days ago the unveiling of a cyber espionage campaign that hit more than 10 countries including Lebanon, Israel, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Peru, and Turkey, and traced back to Lebanese hackers with possible ties to some active political group (hinting at Hezbollah).

The operation was called “Volatile Cedar”, and experts claimed it has been ongoing since 2012 with targets being carefully chosen and ranging from defense contractors to telecom and media companies. Attackers infiltrated these organizations by mainly compromising their web servers and planting malware on them, and then waiting for server administrators to simply plug in some USB devices which led to infecting other servers and workstations. Check Point however did not provide additional information about neither the affected organization nor the nature of data that has been stolen.

I personally found the news quite surprising because such big espionage operations are usually sponsored by governments, and we all know we don’t have a cyber bureau in charge of similar things here. So one cannot but admire Hezbollah for their capabilities if it was really them behind it, and at the same time feel worried about some big firms being infiltrated like banks and our two mobile operators!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Volatile Cedar operation, you can download this document by Check Point with a lot of interesting technical information about the used malware.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 1st 2015

Here’s this week’s selection. It’s getting harder to limit my picks to 10 only, but I’m trying to make them as diverse as possible.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 25th 2015

My picks from Lebtivity for this week. Expect some outdoor activities in the coming ones as the weather gets warmer!
  1. Nuit des Musees 2015 – Museums Night 2015
  2. Toastmasters Lebanon Annual Convention 2015
  3. Sounds Of Victory
  4. Ultimate Personal Growth – Session 3
  5. The Dream Matcher Experience – Beirut
  7. Les Petits Diplomates – Savoir-Vivre Training for Children
  8. Friday Sessions at The Hub
  9. Hatha Yoga sessions at Harmony
  10. Sunday Ultimate (Frisbee) @ Rafic Hariri Stadium
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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 18th 2015


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I made sure to include some plans for mother’s day for those of you who still have no idea how to surprise your mom!

  1. The Walk of Legends with Anthony Rizk
  2. Ultimate Personal Growth – Session 2
  3. Christophe en concert au Casino du Liban
  4. PechaKucha Night – Beirut Vol.22
  5. Public Speaking workshop at Skillz

Mother’s Day Special

  1. Mother’s Day at Venezia!
  2. Mother’s Day Celebration at Byblos Sur Mer
  3. Mother’s Day Event at The Peninsula
  4. « J’invite Maman » au MusicHall
  5. Marché aux fleurs, oiseaux et produits traditionnels – Byblos 2015
  6. Mother’s Day in support of CHANCE
  7. Mother’s day at Tokyo Lebanon with Sangria on the house
  8. Mother’s Day at Radisson Blu
  9. Mother’s Day: Self Make Up Session
  10. Meito Mother’s Day Brunch

Much more options are of course available on

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 11th 2015


And here’s another round of events from Lebtivity! The biggest event happening this week is definitely ArabNet, which is probably the most anticipated digital event in Lebanon.

  1. T.A.L.k Positive
  2. The Rape – Theater Play by AUB & LAU
  3. St Patrick’s Day With Chady and the band
  4. YOGA like no other
  5. Attract Your Soul Mate – Workshop by Nissa Hajj
  6. “Lebanon Book Club” Book Review
  7. Karaoke at The Drunken Duck
  8. The Dream Matcher – The Nawaya Network Edition
  9. ArabNet Beirut 2015
  10. Chained Reaction Rocking The Quadrangle

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 4th 2015


It’s the time for my weekly recommendations from Lebtivity. Several interesting events are happening this week but I’m mostly excited for the theater play “Venus. Not just because the superficial in me thinks Rita Hayek is so hot, but also because I watched “Ka3eb 3aleh” last year and really loved her performance on stage.

  1. VENUS – Starring Rita Hayek & Badih Abou Chakra; Directed by Jacques Maroun – Theatre Play
  2. Radio & Television Media Training with Maguy Farah
  3. Happiness Conference – 1st of its kind in Beirut
  4. In Shape 2015 – Health, Beauty & Fitness Fair
  5. Future Shorts Festival/Winter Season 2014
  6. Snow Weekend in Arz with The Footprints Nature Club
  7. Festival of Lebanese Books 2015 – Antelias Book Fair
  8. Raid des Cedres 2015
  9. Dreamcatcher workshop with CherryPerry 3rd edition
  10. Moules et Frites at Cafe Diem

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 25th 2015


… and yet another week goes by! A lot of events are happening in the next few days in Beirut and the below 10 are my favorites from Lebtivity.

  1. The Beirut Service Jam
  2. Nour Nimri LIVE on Wednesdays at BistroBar Live
  3. Snow White On Ice Show in Lebanon with The Russian Ice Stars
  4. Dîner du Sommelier
  5. Les Petits Diplomates – Savoir-Vivre Training for Children
  6. Arnoun Beaufort Castle Hiking with Vamos Todos
  7. Hiking Mazraet el Teffeh with ProMax
  8. Where Can I Find Someone Like You Ali? New play by Lina Abyad
  10. Collecting Home | بيت بلدي

Don’t forget to check Lebtivity for much more ideas.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 18th 2015


Yet another round of cool events from Lebtivity. I hope this “Storm Windy” that Lebanon will be witnessing as of tonight won’t affect any of your plans!

  1. Where Can I Find Someone Like You Ali? New play by Lina Abyad
  2. Spectacle “Une semaine pas plus” au profit de CHANCE
  3. The Meeting of the Minds™ with Emergenetics® Profile Assessment – Beirut
  4. Al Bustan Festival 2015
  5. Lebanese Memes 3rd Anniversary
  6. Yoga Retreat
  7. Beirut Banter Feat. Charbel Rouhana Quintet
  8. Pimp My Mind! RERUN – out-of-the box Motivational event
  9. Turn Your Facebook Fans Into Customers – Workshop 2015
  10. Qanat Bakish Snowshoeing with Beyond Byblos

Don’t forget to check the additional endless options on Lebtivity.

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