7assesneh Inne Rkheesa


An “unserious parody”? WTF! That’s like getting naked in the street to take a stand against nudity!

7assesneh Inne Rkheesa is a lebanese unserious parody song written by Moe & Shonda and recorded vocally by the legendary lebanese diva, Shonda during the first week of November 2011 To the melody of the instrumental version of Katy Perry’s ET (extra terrestrial).

It was written to highlight the wide spread of the unethical and illegal social phenomena that has been the reason behind the broadcasting visual images of moving objects with exposed flesh, voices that sound like hairballs stuck in a cat’s throat, and music that unfortunately slows down the functioning of the human brain cells. The song was introduced with the melody of the song Extra terrestrial (ET) by katy perry due to its catchy beat and rythm. It was recorded two days after it was written. Ever since, it has been among the playlists of DJs in pubs, ipods, and phones around the city. a Crowd of communication arts students offered to shoot a music video staring the vocalist herself, for the priceless charisma she acquires and the powerful effect she projects within the song .

One of the Saint Joseph University (beirut) students was impressed with the piece and contacted the New Tv broadcasting company who offered Shonda an interview on its comedy show “chi nn” to discuss the art of “7assesneh enne rkheesa” and spread the message of Rokhos to all generations. But she had to turn down the interview due to severe circumstances.

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  1. Gilles January 12, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    I would have loved to see her interviewed by Abou Talal! 😀

  2. moe sg February 29, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    write the lyircs

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