The many pleasures of Beirut

Right when we got bored of the numerous articles in The New York Times and other international journals about Zaitounay Bay, Downtown Beirut and always comparing the two places to a rising phoenix, comes this slide show by Newsweek to show the real pleasures of Beirut.

Jared Moossy, a photographer and also the author of this slideshow, unusually decided to shed light on the other side of Beirut and visit areas like Basta, Bourj Hammoud, the Cornish, and the pigeons’ rock. He’s definitely not the first one to write about these places, but it’s good to let tourists be more aware of these authentic areas. I mean it’s cool to have a dinner at the Beirut marina, but trust me it’s way cooler to have some authentic Armenian food at a place like Varouj in Bourj Hammoud, which I’ll soon be posting a review about.

You may click here to check the “pleasures” chosen by Newsweek.

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2 Responses to The many pleasures of Beirut

  1. KZ April 18, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    I understand and appreciate that different facets of Beirut are trying to be captured, but the pictures presented here are reductive.
    Excessively reductive.
    True, Beirut is not only Zaytunay Bay or wild nightlife, or sexy people dancing on a beach, or flourishing art, but it’s not either meaningless chaotic dirty streets in random parts of the city.
    Yes, Beirut like any other city, has less glamorous areas, some of which could be interestingly charming. Not the ones portrayed in this gallery.

  2. candy April 18, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    i love beirut and i also love sanayeh park. wherever u go, u always find what u want!

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