Official list of the illegaly imported drugs

Najib from Blog Baladi posted today an official list of the illegally imported drugs by the Lebanese Ministry of Health which can be downloaded using this link.

I also noticed the website of the Order of Pharmacists in Lebanon is worth checking every now and then, since they regularly post memos issued by the Ministry of Health on fake or misadvertised drugs such as their latest memo on Energa, Starvex and many others.

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One Response to Official list of the illegaly imported drugs

  1. F.A.RESLAN November 12, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    This is a clear crime, it is a mass murder and the speeches of the health minister does not make up the damage made. by the way it was not the ministry who imported them but the people around the minister. in a civilized country the minister goes home , in our country he will be promoted to speaker of the house in the future. and sure sayed nasrallah has some thing to say tonight , first coptagon drugs and now this .what else shall we expect . no blame on the individuals because we are living in a jungle and lawless country. you are not allowed to smoke but forced to take poisoned medicine as it kills you faster. i wonder when and if the people will revolt and show that they are still alive.

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