New Lebanese movie – Ossit Sawani / Blind Intersections


Ossit Sawani or Blind Intersections is a new Lebanese movie directed by Lara Saba  about three people who come from different backgrounds and have never met, yet their lives will be seriously affected after one incident occurs.

Three protagonists, one city… Coming from different backgrounds, they pass each other but they never meet, though, the effect of one incident will drastically alter the lives of the three of them!

Nour loses her parents in a car accident. All her life collapses…
India has everything a woman can dream of except for a baby…
Marwan is 12 year old, he lives with a violent and alcoholic mother.

Three characters, caught at a moment when their lives fell over, in just a matter of seconds… knocked down by a chain of others’ actions/reactions…

The movie is set to be released in less than a month on February 21st, and I really hope it delivers what the trailer promises. For more information, you can visit the movie’s official Facebook page here.

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