Ziad Rahbani & co. at the Blu Note Cafe Hamra

Ziad Rahbani

Here’s some good news for Ziad El Rahbani lovers. He started performing earlier this week at the Blue Note Cafe in Hamra with a band of 11 musicians and will continue until January 29th.

The program called “Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach” is comprised mainly of jazz music with lyrics in Arabic, French and English. Make sure to reserve early if you’re planning to attend one of the evening as I believe places must be running out fast (The Blue Note Cafe’s number is 01 743 857).

On Monday night the Blue Note Café hosted “Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach,” an evening of original compositions by Ziad Rahbani – Assi and Fairouz’s son. From his piano, Rahbani the younger led an 11-person ensemble of musicians and vocalists before a capacity audience.

“Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach” is comprised of such Rahbani tunes as “Spiral,” “Smooth Talk” and “Viva de Funk.” Those familiar with Rahbani’s oeuvres may have found the evening’s playlist echoed the one he staged for his UNESCO Palace performance in December 2012.

This multilingual program – with lyrics in Arabic, French and English – transported the Blue Note through several distinct moods. From romantic ballads to cool jazz, Rahbani and Co. worked to sate the eager audience’s thirst for soulful groove. Source

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