Disciplinary actions against the Lebanese football players involved in match fixing

Lebanese football

Following the reports about illegal betting and match fixing affecting the Lebanese football league started emerging last year with news about players, coaches, and even administrative staff being involved in this scandal. Al-Jadeed TV started tweeting a while ago about the actions to be taken by the Lebanese Football Federation against the involved players.

In total, 24 players turned out to be involved. Two of them will banned for life, Mahmoud Al-Ali who currently plays for Persiba Balikpapan in the Indonesia Super League, and Ramez Dayoub who plays for Selangor FA in the Malaysia Super League. Two others, Hasi Sehmarani and Hadi Jaafar, will be suspended for 3 seasons, in addition to 20 other players who will be suspended for 1 season each.

I’ll be updating the post once a full article is posted somewhere about the issue, but meanwhile you can follow the tweets by Al-Jadeed.


Check this article for more about the results of the investigation carried by the Lebanese Football Federation.

The 20 players who will be banned for 1 season are Ali Bazzi, Ali Faour, Ahmed Zreik, Hassan Mazhar, Abbas Kanaan, Mohammad Hammoud, Muhammad Abu Atiq, Hussein Dakkik, Samer Zeinedine, Hassan Alawiyeh, Mohammed Baqir Younis, Ali al-Saadi, Omar Aweidah, Tariq Ali, Akram Al Maghrebi, Sadek Assad, Bashar al-Miqdad, Hussein Sharifeh and Ahmad Younes.

So we will basically have to recruit a new national team!

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