Kidnapping is the new profitable business in Lebanon

mokdad clan

Check out this interesting report in Al-Safir today about the recent kidnapping incidents that happened over the last year in Lebanon. So far, the responsible groups for these kidnappings were able to collect more than $16 million out of 19 operations, moreover one gangster is even coordinating these operations from inside Roumieh Prison where he’s arrested!

And it doesn’t seem like kidnapping for ransom is going to stop anytime soon, due to the fact that the kidnappers belong to well known large crime families in Bekaa, so arresting few members will not eventually put an end to the whole thing. In addition, these groups just seem to have a strong appetite for making big money.

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One Response to Kidnapping is the new profitable business in Lebanon

  1. Maher March 4, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

    ya haram…… f*ck lebanon…. I’m sooo ashamed to be lebanese right now… we have become the lowest of the lowest scums of the earth… :/ :/ :/ they f*ck us with electricity, they f*ck us with water, they f*ck us with petrol, and now they kidnap us…. Thfe, shou el sha3b metek…. 🙁 One advice, take your family and flee lebanon and never come back… this is what they want anyway, and they’ll get it…. watch my words !!!

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