touch’s 3G consumption glitch

touch 3g consumption

I just noticed many people are complaining about incorrect readings they’re getting for their 3G usage¬† following the upgrade that touch did for their plans.

Truth is all those who renewed their 3G subscription prior to May 7th got an increase of 50, 250, 500 MB on BOTH of their usage and limit, depending on the plan to which they’re subscribed, to ensure they still work by the old quotas since the increase will only be effective for renewals as of today. So if you’re a touch user, the 3G consumption you’re reading are actually correct.


I just noticed my 3G usage was reduced by 250MB which means that touch granted the extra quota to everyone regardless of their plan renewal date. So I either got things wrong this morning, or touch simply just responded to their clients complaints about that glitch.

touch 3g consumption 1

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One Response to touch’s 3G consumption glitch

  1. racha May 7, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    if they would have mentioned that they are upgrading on May7 more formally and replied to people’s questions, also made a clear statement of what changes will arise, then people wouldn’t be bitching! But they didn’t honor anyone with a reply, expect … soon.
    This is as shitty service as it gets!

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