Maxime Chaaya to set a new world record today?

maxime chaaya

I’ve been following on a regular basis to keep up with Maxime Chaaya’s progress on his new adventure. And I just noticed now he has less than 20Km to reach the island of Mauritius, so he will most probably finish crossing the ocean by today I guess.

This means his team will not only be the first 3-man team to cross the indian ocean, but also the fastest since the current record is held by the 8 person crew who took 58 days 15 hours and 8 minutes to complete the row back in 2009, and Maxime Chaaya’s team has until tomorrow night to break it. I wish them all the luck!

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2 Responses to Maxime Chaaya to set a new world record today?

  1. Karl Pilkington August 5, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    Who cares? There’s more difficult and dangerous natural feats to climb in Lebanon within a 100 km radius. Let’s see him conquer the seven religious summits in Lebanon and bridge the vast divide between Muslims and Christians in 58 days.

    What an utter waste of the profits your deposits at the Lebanese Audi Bank paid for, for the sole sake of the elitist Lebanese upper class to boast claim that “they” financed this earth shattering world record, during social events you will never be invited to attend but factually finance with your entrusting them with your savings.

    It is a PR stunt that looks better than why Bankers are able to afford the Yachts and the Mansions they own around the world, all with “your” deposits and savings in that Bank.

  2. alain August 6, 2013 at 1:02 am #

    We all care, yes there might be an elitist/PR stunt from institutions financing such an event…
    But it has been proven time and time again that such events, be it social, sports, cultural, have a positive impact on society, gives people a sense of belonging and if you look at scientific studies and programs concerning the relationship between sports and peace building, you might change your pessimist negative attitude towards such an event!

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