The Authorities Just Noticed Amhaz, Sa7 El Nom!


The owner of Amhaz cell shops, Kamel Amhaz, was arrested two days ago for illegaly smuggling more than 1.5 million phones with an approximate value of $45 million since the year 2000. And just like everytime a significant figure is put behind bars, some supporters blocked some roads near Beirut airport and in Baalbeck to protest his arrest.

However, while the protests are justified at a time where people hit the streets for the silliest reasons, the timing of the arrest is totally unacceptable. I know it’s always better late than never, but how on earth can the authorities wait more than 16 years to arrest such guy while everybody knew everything about his illegal business during the past years! Hell even I wrote a couple of times about getting smartphones from his shops. And it isn’t like Amhaz was operating from secret places, his shops are well know and one of them is even at a mall in Beirut.

Seriously, how can you brag about such accomplishment in the media and not lose credibility?!

On a lighter note, I wish getting people in jail was a simple as writing about them!

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  1. anon November 17, 2016 at 12:10 pm #

    you forgot to mention that every once in a while they changed there company name,from amhaz to star communication,start cell,latest was amhaz original.just to evade taxes and several other responsibilities + also they never give you receipts or pay by credit cards !!!

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