Smurfs: The Lost Village (Arabic)

If you grew up during the 80s in Lebanon then you definitely remember watching The Smurfs in Arabic! I personally used to to enjoy them as a kid with Joseph Nano, Samira Baroudi and other Lebanese actors voicing the smurfs and Gargamel.

Smurfs: The Lost Village was released on March 30 in Lebanon and is currently showing in two languages, English and Arabic. I opted to watch it in Arabic to see how does it compare to the old episodes we used to watch, and because a new character (Smurf Willow) is voiced by Lebanese Raya Abirached whom I admire so much.

Despite the fact that voice actors have eventually changed, I totally loved The Lost Village an felt it was true to the Smurf spirit. I also had my 4-year-old kid with me, and judging by his impressions once the movie was over it is fair to say he had a blast watching it. The movie follows Smurfette and three of her smurf friends as they venture away from their village to discover a new colony of smurfs, with of course Gargamel trying to capture them at every possible chance.

It goes without saying that Smurfs: The Lost Village is more suitable for the younger audience, so if you have kids this is currently the best movie to pick among the ones showing. And needless to say, watching it in Arabic is guaranteed to bring you some childhood flashbacks!

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