LEGO Emoji Art in Beirut

Someone going by the handle “LemojiArt” on Instagram contacted me today to inform me about a visual project they’re working on which involves building LEGO Emojis (hence the word lemoji) and sticking them around Beirut. I can’t really explain the point of the project other than bringing a smile to passers by and I personally liked it.

Among the lemojis made so far my favorite is the one at Salim Salam tunnel since I get stuck there everyday! (I wouldn’t have noticed it by myself though if it wasn’t for the photo due to its small size)

Mar Mkhayel

Salim Salam

Ain El Mrayyseh

I have no idea about the real identity of the artist as he/she prefered to remain anonymous, but all I know is that the project will not be limited to Beirut alone and will soon “invade” other cities, so stay tuned to LemojiArt.

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  1. Csfsh May 4, 2017 at 10:05 am #

    This seems oddly similar to an artist called “invader”…check out “@invaderwashere” on instagram. Come on Lebanon we need something original!

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