Fayrouz Drops a New Single Inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine

Earlier in June Fayrouz released a new single titled “Lameen” from her upcoming album Bebalee, and just last night her daughter Reema Rahbany posted about a second single titled “Yemken” and this time it was inspired by Jon Lennon’s Imagine.

You can get it from iTune here or just wait a few hours until some people rip it and post it everywhere on Facebook and YouTube.

Now as much as I love Fayrouz, I’m honestly having mixed feelings about these adapted songs… I am by no means a music critic let alone evaluate a piece by Fayrouz, but both of the two singles sounded a bit off to me. It could be that I was expecting something in the same spirit of the music that her son Ziad used to arrange for her, or it could simply be that the original songs were seriously good and therefore it’s unfair to make a comparison with the recent singles given the age of Fayrouz and how she’s performing now… Either ways, I hope the rest of the album capture our hearts just like all her songs did before.

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  1. Sarah August 23, 2017 at 1:40 pm #

    I completely agree. I think this new arrangement is a joke, it sounds like kareoke to me, Fayrouz is off in every song and the arrangement is shit. I don’t know what happened.

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