President Donald Trump is Clueless About Lebanese Politics

It seems like Donald Trump is absolutely clueless about Lebanese politics, and listening to the things he said in the below video makes you really wonder how does he take decisions when it comes to our country and the whole region…

As you all know, PM Saad Hariri is currently on an official trip to the U.S. and has met with President Donald Trump at the oval office yesterday. Following their discussion, the two held a press conference during which Presidend Trump claimed that “Lebanon is on the frontlines in the fight against ISIS, Al-Qaeda AND Hezbollah” (watch at the 1m05s mark) while in fact Hariri’s cabinet in fact has a couple of ministers from Hezbollah, and later even calls the party a menace to Lebanon and the middle east (at the 3m35s mark).

And it didn’t just end here, when Denise Rahme Fakhri asked him about his opinion when it comes to Hezbollah and their role in Syria, Trump appeared just like he has no idea what to answer by simply claiming that he will be expressing his opinion on the next day after meeting with his “very expert military representatives”. (watch at the 10m52s mark)

I bet PM Hariri silently went through several WTF moments during the press conference.

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3 Responses to President Donald Trump is Clueless About Lebanese Politics

  1. EagleEye July 27, 2017 at 6:48 am #

    Your article is a bulkshit. President Trump and PM Saad Al hariri looked very confident & straight forward. If you and your blog are supporting the politics of Hezbollah then you should bear in mind that it is not what Lebanese want to read about. The video shows clearly that Americans & Lebanese always had tight and strong relationships, this will never change as long as we have good supportive people like PM Al hariri who can deliver clear & transparent ideas to the united states.
    Sooner ot later, changes are going to happen in Lebanon 🇱🇧. As long as we have a great intelligent president like Donald Trump then no people like you can write shameful words to trick the Lebanese community or the world about what the Lebanese are.
    God bless America & bless the Lebanese worldwide.

  2. ICU July 28, 2017 at 12:35 am #


    You watch too much fake news, cowboy. Maybe you need to come to Lebnan over the summer to update yourself on what is happening. HA doesn’t need your praise or thanks, but you can’t deny who is fighting along the Lebanese army and defeated Nusra Front. Stop living in la la land and join reality. You can’t deny facts, time to switch off Fox News and know what is happening on the ground.

  3. B September 24, 2017 at 4:48 pm #

    Well I think the first comment just solidifies your observation and extends it to “(most) Americans are clueless about Lebanese politics.” Not to insult Americans, it’s just the way we’re taught (or not taught) about the world outside of our world. :/

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