Saad Hariri Miming Despacito

AYAM Serious” shared on Facebook & Instagram last night a funny video compilation of PM Saad Hariri miming Luis Fonsi’s Despacito and ended up getting a couple of interactions on insta from Hariri himself!

At a time when some politicians are filing lawsuits against TV stations, journalistsand the so called “Facebook activists”, it’s good to see others engaging in the online conversation about them even if it was a joke like the one above. They’re public figures at the end and people have the right to talk about them the way they want.

No matter what you hear about freedom of speech in Lebanon, truth is we have a long way to become like modern countries where media outlets butcher the politicians and hold them accountable for their actions and decisions without facing any legal troubles…

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  1. raed hassoun July 11, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    He’s the only Lebanese leader close to the people

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