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Beautiful Aerial Photos of Dahyeh by Mahdi Skafi


I always enjoy watching aerial photos and videos from around Lebanon especially that some photographer and drone operators have been doing a great job exploring cool places around the country.

Over the last couple of years, I think I came across photos/videos from almost all around Lebanon except for Dahyeh due to it being considered a security stronghold for Hezbollah, so taking photos there is usually a big No-No and can even get you in trouble. But that was until I recently stumbled upon some photos taken by Mahdi Skafi with his drone over Dahyeh and Hadath, and found them pretty cool as they were taken at night with a long exposure.




Mahdi also have a lot of other photos from various villages and villages and cities around the country and the ones below from Kfarsir, Tyr, and Sawfar.




You can check more photos from Mahdi on his Facebook page.

And as hard as it may sound, I also feel curious about aerial footage of the Palestinian refugee camps be it in Shatila, Saida or Naher el Bared, as well as the Syrian refugee camps and conflict zones in Arsal and Jroud Arsal.

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Khanjar – The Best Honey in Lebanon!


Yes you read that right, Khanjar 3asal akhou sharmouta!

I just saw the photo on reddit and several Facebook pages today. At first I thought it’s fake but someone on reddit claims it’s actually real and available at supermarkets in Baalbeck.

The label says it’s a product of South Lebanon and the description is funny as hell! Here’s what it says: “Men andaf mara3i el zaher fi janoub loubnan, la madroub w la maghshoush w la m7alla. 3asal msaffa bil tabi3a bidoun ala3ib w afleim w khouza3baleit w gala gala. Mantouj safi … w bet7adda akbar ras an yountej 3asal andaf min heik. Fa istamte3 bi 3assal khanjar w ghammid 3ayneik. Al wazen al safi: Abou noss kilo”

I hope someone can confirm whether Khanjar is really availale in Baalbeck or not. I would seriously love to get a jar!

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Steve Wozniak is Coming to Beirut

steve wozniak

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the organizers of Banque du Liban Accelerate announcing that Steve Wozniak will be among the speakers in their 3rd annual international conference in November.

For those who know little about him, Steve Wozniak (or Woz) was one of the co-founders of Apple along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976. He single-handedly developed the Apple I computer in the same year and then designed the Apple II in 1977 which became one of the first highly successful mass-produced personal computer, that’s why he’s considered a pioneer of the PC revolution in the 70s and 80s.

I know there are a dozens of YouTube videos featuring talks by Wozniak, but watching him live will definitely be an enriching experience for tech entrepreneurs.

BDL Accelerate is an innovation and startup conference that will take place at Forum de Beyrouth on November 3, 4, and 5, and attendees will be allowed admission for free. In addition to Wozniak, the organizers have so far announced  3 other speakers among which is Mike Butcher from TechCrunch.

For more information you can check BDLAccelerate.com.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – August 24th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. A lot of interesting events are happening this week but I recommend you check the “Shouf Lebnen” event in Barouk as it caters for all ages and promises some cool performances.

  1. Summer Fusion 2016 – Rockring
  2. 1st BDD Talk on Beirut Digital District Rooftop
  3. Shouf Lebnen Bel Barouk 2016
  4. The Story In Me NGO is holding a book signing and reading event by Amir Yute a 5 year old Author
  5. Red Bull King of the Rock Lebanon 2016
  6. 4 km Kayak Tours at Wadi Chamsine
  7. The Big Jazz Jam at Nova Club
  8. Opening Week of OPAL Radio One
  9. International Theatre Festival of Lebanon
  10. Souk el Akel “Aley”
  11. Aaliya’s book club: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  12. Dany’s 8th anniversary Infamous BBQ in Hamra
  13. Maki and Wine Night at Sticks and Maki
  14. Majd Shidiac Hosts: The Poetry Pot

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.

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Middle East Airlines New Safety Video


So our national carrier Middle East Airlines seems to have made a new safety video to show on their flights featuring some of Lebanon’s beautiful places like Jeita grotto, the cedars forest, and the Pigeons’ rock.

Making a creative safety video is pretty cool and featuring beautiful sceneries from around Lebanon was a good idea, but what’s with the constant silly dance moves?!

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – August 17th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I recommend you check the outdoor events happening these days before the weather turns chillier in September and everybody start moving inside!

  1. The Cocktail Festival – Brummana 2016
  2. WHITE NIGHT with Harley Owners Group® to fund a dream with Tamanna for children with cancer
  3. Oriental Night Every Tuesday with live OUD at Batchig
  4. City Picnic Beirut – Lebanon’s Largest Picnic!
  5. Kul-Cha Reggae Festival
  6. Discover Japanese Culture
  7. YOGATHON in Horsh Beirut #RiseForACause
  8. Layli Wara Layli Launching at ABC – Bruno Tabbal
  9. SelfWE Taanayel Trip
  10. Concert // Serge Jamo Sings Brassens-Brel-Renaud

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – August 10th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I’m really loving the open air movie screenings taking place during summer so I recommend you check on both the Cabriolet Film Festival in Byblos and The Boat That Rocked screening at The Gärten.

  1. Oriental Night Every Tuesday with live OUD at Batchig
  2. NEMR ABOU NASSAR at Casino Du Liban
  3. Cabriolet Film Festival – Byblos
  4. Week of the Perseids | 2016
  5. Circus Circus at Mzaar
  6. The Boat That Rocked | Outdoor Movie Screening at The Gärten
  7. Poetry for Everybody | August edition
  8. Cedars International Festival 2016
  9. Summer at the Top – Faqra Club 2016
  10. Mza’art Sous La Tente 2016

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – August 3rd 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I really recommend you go check the Lakeside festival in Zaarour as well as the Jim Beam event which promises to be a really cool one!

  1. Lie Detection Complete Certification Course – Intensive Workshop
  2. Double Concert – Buika & Carminho at Beiteddine Art Festival 2016
  3. Sunset Sundays at Cherry on the Roofto
  4. Oriental Night Every Tuesday with live OUD at Batchig
  5. MIKA live in concert in Lebanon – Part of Baalbeck International Festival 2016
  6. Beirut Art Center presents… Beirut Groove Collective All-Nighter
  7. Lakeside Festival – Zaarour Club
  8. Jim Beam Rocks! 2016
  9. Nour and Bernard at The Next Whiskey Bar
  10. Sia at Byblos International Festival 2016

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.

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Our Silliest Record Breaking Attempt to Date


Earlier last week, a friend told me that the organizers of BIAF (Beirut International Awards Festival) are planning to lay down the world’s longest red carpet as part of their 2-day event. The red carpet is expected to start somewhere in Hamra, then goes towards Achrafieh and all the way through downtown to Zaytouna Bay where the ceremony is taking place.

At first I was mainly concerned about the traffic jam this red carpet will be causing on a weekday. But after spotting parts of it on my way to work this morning, I think the traffic jam is absolutely not a problem compared to how hideous it looks!


The thing doesn’t qualify as a red carpet. It’s barely a piece of red cloth, and it seems that some genius decided to lay it down last night and cars eventually ended up tearing it down.

The end result is needless to say, bahdaleh. I wish all the money that was put into this silly attempt to make it into the Guinness Book was allocated for something more meaningful, like helping Rozine get that liver transplant maybe!

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – July 27th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. Many cool events are taking place around town this week, from concerts to festivals, exhibitions and even seminars, so there’s definitely something for everybody.

  1. The Walk of Legends with Coach Anthony Rizk
  2. CHANCE Annual Fundraising Party at Seven Sisters
  3. Live Weekends at Cherry on the Rooftop with Samer Maroun & Cinda Ramseur
  4. Le Festival de Sourat 2016 – Diner et Concert
  5. Flashback 2016 in Broumana
  6. Beer, Wine & Seafood Festival in Batroun
  7. Tribute to Zaki Nassif at Beiteddine Art Festival 2016
  8. Who Killed Bruce Lee LIVE at Biel
  9. Unleash Your Creativity
  10. Embrace the MYUsic
  11. Majd Shidiac Hosts: The Poetry Pot
  12. “Des Couleurs Jamais Vues” photography exhibition by Ghassan Abourjeily

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.

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