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Cool 350Z Drift Video at Beirut Harbour

xavier massaad beirut harbour drift

I just saw this video of Xavier Massaad drifting a Nissan 350Z at Beirut Harbour and thought it’s worth sharing.

I’m not really sure when was it video shot, but Xaview definitely pulled some cool moves and aside from the ones made by Abdo Feghaly we rarely get any good drifting videos here.

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Pamela El-Kik Would Make a Good Translator

pamela el kik vs charlie chaplin

Pamela El Kik delivered a speech when she appeared on Menna W Jerr three days ago to express how desperate is the political situation in Lebanon, but little did everybody know that her “moving” speech was nothing but a word by word translation of The Great Dictator’s final speech by Sir Charlie Chaplin without crediting him.

You can check the two videos below which are currently being extensively shared on Facebook and see for yourself.

Earlier in February, the Menna w Jerr team thoroughly discussed in the below segment how Rudolph Hilal ripped off The Ellen Show and how it shouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the staff at LBCI. I guess the same thing now applies to them, so it would really be interesting to see what are they going to say about it.


MTV Staff contacted me shortly after publishing the post to let me know that Pamela did in fact explain to Pierre Rabbat during the show that she was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, but the conversation was unfortunately edited out in order to keep the episode within its time limit which is quite absurd. They claimed that this segment will be uploaded tomorrow morning to make it clear to the people, and I will of course be adding it to the post here.

Pamela herself also explained the situation on her Facebook account.

Update 2:

Here’s a link to the original uncut segment.

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Horsh Beirut Now Open To The Public All Weekdays


Following the opening of Horsh Beirut to the public for once per week last year, Nahnoo announced last night on Facebook that a decision was taken for the pine park to be open to the public all weekdays as of June 6th 2016.

I’m not sure whether it was the governor of Beirut Ziad Chbib or the municipality who authorized it, but it’s definitely a much needed step to let people enjoy this beautiful green space. I just hope the municipality will allocate enough and adequate personnel to ensure the cleanliness and security of Horsh Beirut, otherwise I’m pretty sure it won’t take long until people ruin it.


Horsh Beirut will be open from 7AM till 2PM on weekdays, and from 7AM till 7PM on weekends.

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The Backyard Hazmieh – A New Restaurant Complex in Town


The Backyard is a new open-air complex that is set to open next week in Hazmieh and comprises 17 restaurants and pubs in addition to a gym and a kids play area.

The concept is quite similar to that of The Village Dbayeh as it’s developed by the same people, but I’m more excited about the The Backyard simply because it’s closer to my place. The kids area also means I go there with my 3 year old kid without worrying about him getting bored quickly.

A good variety of names in the F&B industry will be ofered by The Backyard, and here’s a list I was able to get for the places that will be available there:

  • Abdel Wahab
  • Backstage
  • BarTartine
  • Brick Lane H
  • Classic Burger Joint
  • dip n dip
  • Divvy
  • Kitchen Yard
  • Le Bon Vivant
  • Lina’s Paris
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Olio
  • Roadster Diner
  • Starbucks
  • Trumpet
  • Tsunami
  • Zaatar W Zeit

The Backyard Hazmieh is located in Said Freiha street, and you can refer to the map available here for directions to go there.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – May 25th 2016


Here are my selection from Lebtivity for this week. Do not miss the Cabriolet film festival on 27, 28, and 29 May at St. Nicolas stairs in Gemmayze.

  1. Recruitment Skills Workshop
  2. Champions League Final by the Beach at Eddesands
  3. Lebanese Film Festival 2016
  4. PechaKucha Night Vol.25
  5. Energy Lebanon 2016
  6. Cabriolet Film Festival 2016
  7. Project Lebanon 2016
  8. Babysitting Training by Blast’inc
  9. Les Poissons Fossiles du Liban
  11. Le Marché Saifi

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.

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Game of Thrones Board Games Available at JouéClub


I was at JouéClub the other day when I noticed the Game of Thrones editions of both Monopoly and Risk were available there for 119,000L.L and 79,000L.L respectively. They’re a bit pricey but I guess the books and series fans will definitely love them. (I know I did!)

They’re unfortunately only available in French language, but I hope JouéClub gets the English ones too.


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Red Bull RB7 Meets Byblos and The Cedars of God


For all of us who have never attended a Fromula 1 race yet, Red Bull made it up by bringing Carlos Sainz Jr. to burn some rubber in his RB7 racing cat at Beirut Waterfront. The event was unfortunately a bit dull for me as I couldn’t attend and watched it on TV instead which sometimes doesn’t give you a sense of how fast the car was going. I hope some professional videos will soon be available online, including some shots from an onboard camera would be cool too!

Anyway, well before the event, the Red Bull team took the RB7 for a photo shoot around Byblos and the Cedars of God. I found this set of resultant photos on motorsport.com and thought of sharing them here because they’re pretty cool.

I couldn’t find the name of the photographer by the way, so if anyone knows it please leave a comment to credit him/her properly.













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On Tripoli’s New Bike Lane


I really hate to be a party pooper, but as I much as I like the city of Tripoli and love spending time there, I didn’t feel much excited about that new bike near the International Fair.

To start with, I personally love biking and I imagine a ride across Tripoli would be so fun to do since it’s a relatively small city with many interesting places to see, without forgetting the tasty stuff you’ll find whether from food and drink carts or small shops everywhere.

That being said, the initiative of introducing a bike lane sounds like a pretty good move and I hope it gets implemented in other areas around the city as well. But before we all get hyped can we question whether people will actually respect it or not?

  • Lebanese drivers barely acknowledge the existence of white lines on the road, and I don’t think an additional yellow one will make any difference
  • Whether designated to be place for cars to park or not, the right side of any street here is taken for granted as a parking space. It’s more like an unspoken driving rule and chances are cars will soon be parked all over that yellow line.
  • Moreover, even if we manage to clear that space exclusively for bikers, we will never be able to convince taxi drivers to stop using it to pick up passengers.

So yes basically unless we start respect the basic driving rules in Lebanon I see the new line totally useless. Until then, ride safely!

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – May 18th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. It’s gonna be a packed one with many cool events taking place this week from The Garden Show, to AUB Outdoors, Beirut Cultural Festivals and many others!

  1. Middle East Social Media Festival 2016
  2. The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2016
  3. Beirut Design Week 2016
  4. Retrieving Beirut
  5. Wines of Bordeaux: Tasting Course at Enoteca
  6. AUB Outdoors | The Big Race
  7. Beirut Cultural Festivals 2016
  8. Le Prénom – Piece de Theatre de Nadine Makdessi
  9. Another Night On Broadway By Roy Khoury
  10. SPRING Festival 2016 | Beirut
  11. Clement Francomme from Blockchainiz at BDD
  12. Sacoche Leather Works at Urbanista

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for more options.

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Nescafé Acting A Little Naughty?


Is it my dirty mind only or does this new ad by Nescafé get a bit suggestive towards the end?

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