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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – Valentines Special


This week’s round of events features the best valentines plans from Lebtivity. And don’t quickly get disappointed if you’re single, because there are some plans for you too!

  1. Valentine’s at Jazz Bar
  2. A Special Valentine’s Eve at Bay Lodge with Joy Fayad
  3. Celebrate Love This Valentine with Mir Amin Palace
  4. Wheel Of Love at WOK W.O.K.
  5. Singles Night at Bar360
  6. “Heart” Valentine’s Exhibition by Exode
  7. Valentine’s Singles Bash
  8. Anti-Valentine’s Party!
  9. Aimer Sang Compter at Caprice with DSC
  10. Be my Valentine: A Partner Yoga Playshop
  11. Fondue & Raclette Valentine at Dany’s Hamra 
  12. Free Valentine Acting Workshop
  13. SINGLE?..JUST MINGLE (Valentines Day) at RABBIT HOLE – HAMRA
  14. Cosmic Cosmetics Workshop: Craft Natural LUBRICANT & LOVE POTION

Many more ideas are also available on Lebtivity.

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Yohan Storm Damages Ain El-Mreisseh Cornishe


This Yohan storm might not be as intense and cold as Zina that Lebanon witnessed a few weeks ago, but it is sure bringing massive high waves and very strong wind.

These photos were all taken this morning by Tarek Hajjar and Bilal Soubra and show the damage caused to the cornishe in Ain El Mreisseh due to the high waves. I also heard on the news that part of Dbayeh maritime road close to Nahr El Kalb collapsed due to the storm.

On the bright side, fixing the barrier may now get the municipality a bit busy now and probably distract them from the possible removal of the the cool graffiti around Beirut.


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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 4th 2015


Yet another round of things to do from Lebtivity. My favorites this week are Daddy, the new play by Joe Kodeih, and Bob Marley’s birthday celebration at Junkyard Beirut.

  1. Claudia Patrice Live at Society Wine Lounge
  3. Singles Speed Dating Event
  4. DADDY by Joe Kodeih
  5. Assaa’leek الصعاليك
  6. Dynamic Gymnastic for Newborns
  8. Unleash the Power Within – Workshop inspired by Anthony Robbins for the 1st time in Lebanon
  9. Exposition Les Arméniens. Images d’un destin 1906-1939
  10. Bob Marley’s Birthday Celebration – One Love Event

Don’t forget to check out Lebtivity for many more options.


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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – January 28th 2015


As usual, Lebtivity has plenty of things to do and events happening around the country, and here are my weekly 10 picks. But let’s just hope thing don’t escalate further in the south so that we carry on with our lives!

  1. Igloo Building with The Wolves Clan
  2. Public speaking Training at Skillz
  3. The Dream Matcher Experience – Beirut
  4. Christina Haddad Live @ Society Wine Lounge
  5. TEDxHamraStreetSalon VIII
  6. Photomed 2015
  7. Karaoke at The Drunken Duck
  8. At The Rose House – An Art Exhibition by Tom Young
  9. Hiba Tawaji in Concert at Balamand – Lebanon
  10. Clothes for Refugees with Mission de Vie

For more ideas, make sure to check Lebtivity.

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Zaatar Zein is back!


Back in 2011, Zein El Atat took a blow when his products were banned in Lebanon and several Gulf countries. But for some reason, he seems to be back now with these ugly billboards and an even uglier TV commercial!

With the food safety campaign being carried out in Lebanon right now, I believe Zein El Atat’s comeback is more like a slap on Abou Faour’s face!

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Charlie Abdo – Cartoon Series by Claude El Khal

Most of you shared this cartoon of Mia Khalifa supporting Charlie Hebdo in her “own way”, but what you probably didn’t know is that it was only the first in a series by Claude El Khal, meant to illustrate Lebanese events in the form magazine covers similar to Charlie Hebdo, but this one is instead called “Charlie Abdo” (pronounced 3abdo).

Pape final
Hakim final

Make sure to check the cartoons that Claude is posting on a daily basis on his blog “Claude El Khal – Cartoons“.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon- January 21st 2015


As usual, if you’re out of ideas for things to do or see, here are my 10 picks for this week.

  1. Vivement Truffaut – Une Retrospective François Truffaut
  2. Lory and camille – live performance
  3. Wine Tasting Courses at Enoteca
  4. Beirut Startup Ideas Pitching Championship – Innov-a-thon
  5. Aziza live at Metro Al Madina
  6. Jazz time @Morenito
  7. Snowshoeing in Laqlouq with The Footprints Nature Club
  8. Cle and Mix FM present Clé-Matic Cle Presents Xriss Jor LIVE
  9. C’ Fou show at Playroom – Every Thursday
  10. Reiki Level I
Don’t forget to check Lebtivity for many more options.
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A half barbershop half Shisha place!


This barber at Aisha Bakkar in Beirut is “tweaking” the haircutting experience for his clients by offering them a Shisha, and he seems to have even cut his capes to let the hose pass through them… Let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend among barbershops!

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Sar Lezem Rassak Yefroz – This Makes No Sense


There’s this “Sar Lezem Rassa Yifroz” campaign on Facebook that caught my attention, not because of the catchy name but because I found it a bit weird.

The people behind that campaign believe that the closure of Naameh landfill will result in a crisis similar to what happened last year when waste piled up in Beirut, and want to manage that crisis by asking people to start sorting their waste material starting January 17th when Sukleen might stop collecting garbage due to the closure of the landfill.

The sorting is quite simple, in black bags you’re supposed to put food scraps along with paper to reduce the moisture and therefore delay the food fermentation, and in blue bags you put everything else (plastic, glass, metal, etc…).

Now what will happen as of January is that there will be around 100 trucks which will roam the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon to collect the blue bags ONLY (the ones containing recyclable material and can be sold) and leave the black ones on the street. So basically what irritates people the most and makes this crisis a crisis, that is the bad smell of fermented food scraps, will remain there! So I don’t really see how will this campaign manage the crisis other than by reducing the piles a bit and making use of the recyclable stuff (for their own benefits?).

Furthermore, they seem pretty confident that the campaign will reach a large number of people as they prepared a hundred trucks to roam the streets, but their facebook page seemed to have have no more than 480 likes at the time of publishing this post, so they will most probably be surprised when they notice the blue bags they targeted were full of all kind of waste and not just recyclable materials (don’t say I didn’t warn you guys!).

Not to mention that one of the campaign managers is also accused of copying the slogan from an Arabnet competition last year

The whole thing really doesn’t make a lot of sense now eh..?

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Like There is No Tomorrow – A 2D Animation by Marilyn Haddad


Marilyn Haddad is a 2D animation artist who recently graduated from Vancouver film school and is also a former ALBA student. She sent me this animation she recently did about a Lebanese girl who loves to dance to survive the stress that everybody faces here.

I thought of sharing it on the blog because I found the animation to be pretty impressive, and I hope we get to see more of her work.

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