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Angelina Jolie is in Lebanon

Angelina Jolie Bekaa 2

According to tweep @sharbelfaraj, Angelina Jolie is currently secretly visiting Lebanon on a humanitarian mission and staying at Cristal Grand Hotel Kadri in Zahle, which explains why the army closed down the roads leading to the hotel.

If the news turns out to be true, it won’t be the first time for Angelina Jolie to visit Lebanon as she already came earlier in September 2012 to meet the Syrian refugees in Bekaa, and it’s quite brave of her to come again given the hard time the country is going through.


Annahar published today the below photo of Angelina visiting the refugees in Bekaa.

angelina jolie

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Video of Jackie Chamoun’s slalom run today

Jackie Chamoun competed in the women’s alpine skiing today and was unfortunately ranked 58/60. Below is the video of her run.

via Jyad Murr

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Review – Beirut… Tarik el Jdideh


Last weekend I watched the comedy play “Beirut… Tarik el Jdideh” by Lebanese poet Yehia Jaber, and it’s by far one of the funniest plays I’ve watched.

Unlike other comedy plays, Tarik el Jdideh doesn’t make fun or disrespect the inhabitants of that area but rather uses black comedy to tell their stories since the beginning of the 20th century till today, while shedding light on the sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shia.

Throughout two hours, actor Ziad Itani (who performs alone by the way) gets you to know the people of Tarik el Jdideh by portraying their weddings, celebrations, funerals, and eid rituals, in addition to telling about real events that took place such as some incidents that happened during the Lebanese civil war and when the Syrians came later on. A significant part of the play also describes the clashes that used to happen between Al Ansar fans and those of Al Nejmeh and how it all started.

Tarik el Jdideh is highly recommended not just for being super entertaining, but also for the strong message it delivers at the end.

It’s currently showing at Metro Al Madina and will last till the end of March as their events schedule show. Tickets are for 25,000L.L and you may reserve by calling 76-309363.

Below are some short parts of the play as well as interviews with its writer Yehia Jaber and actor Ziad Itani by Now Lebanon.

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Maya Diab copies Beyonce

This is the newest music video by Maya Diab and the one below it is 1+1′s video by Beyonce. Can you notice the similarities?

Earlier in October Haifa Wehbe’s new movie teaser also turned out to be a copy of Monica Belluci’s Malena trailer and a Martini Gold ad.

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A picture of Beirut at night from space


I just stumbled upon this photo of Beirut from space on Reddit but its original source was never mentioned. Anyone knows where can we find similar photos with higher resolution?

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Happy – The Lebanese version

via Joe’s Box

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Lebanese girl publicly proposing at Ahwak City Centre

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Paralyzed Lebanese woman denied boarding on her flight by MEA

Part of me may understand why this woman was denied boarding on her flight by the Middle East Airlines crew only if they’re unable to support her at all during the trip, which can seriously put her life at risk in case some incident occurs when flying.

But then again, it’s 2014, and a reputable carrier like MEA can’t but have the capability to service travelers with disabilities.

Below is MEA’s reply to the incident.

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Ibrahim Maalouf won Best Wold Music Album at Victoires de la Musique

ibrahim maalouf

Here’s some positive news for Lebanon! Ibrahim Maalouf, the very talented trumpeter, won a prize at Victoires de le Musique for the Best World Music Album “Illusions” which was released last year.

Les Victoires de la Musique is a prestigious annual French award ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry, so Ibrahim Maalouf sure made it big! Congratulations!

The full list of the winners can be found here, and you can watch below Ibrahim Maalouf’s performance at the ceremony.

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