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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – July 5th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for the 2 coming weeks. Plenty of things are going around town and these suggestions are guaranteed to inspire your plans!

  1. RetroVille – “Music Fest” | The amusement park experience
  2. Tomorrowland party in Lebanon
  3. The Harmony of Chaos
  4. Yacht Party by Lasgidi Beirut
  5. Stress Management Workshop With a Twist: Zen Day at The Blue House Secret Garden
  6. BDD Talks – Passion Talks with Moustafa Hamwi, the Passion Guy!
  7. Escape Games Beirut – The New Smart Fun Activity!
  8. The Power of Communication
  9. Chris de Burgh Concert in Lebanon – Part of Beirut Holidays 2017
  10. Al Mousafer – new release
  11. Al Zaman Al Assil Show with Bassem Feghali & many more
  12. Red Night 2017 – Fundraising Night for Donner Sang Compter (DSC)
  13. The Cocktail Market – Exotic Edition – Brummana 2017
  14. روحي | Go Home by Jihane CHouaib
  15. Mindfulness Introductory Session
  16. Kingset Production Workshop
  17. Hanine Live in Concert at Faqra Festival 2017

Make sure to check for much more options.


Ah Ya Habileh!

Two days ago ago a man attempted to shoot some fire in the air during a wedding in Bteghrine but ended up critically injuring a photographer when he lost control over his gun. (Source)

What’s even worse is that the photographer was then rushed to the hospital but not admitted until three men attacked the ER staff which eventually led to the arrest of the groom!

Talk about a memorable wedding party…

On a side note I’m glad the security forces are finally putting efforts to arrest those gun freaks and I hope it isn’t just a temporary thing.


Top Things to Do With Your Kid’s Brevet Certificate

Despite all the calls against firing guns in the air to celebrate the Brevet (grade 9) results today, a lot of people insisted on doing it their own way and fired off rounds into the air which unfortunately resulted in killing an 85 year old man after he was hit by a stray bullet in Baalbeck. At around 5PM I was also picking up my 3 months old baby from my parents’ house in Beirut and got outraged as I heard a bullet fall behind us on the sidewalk…

So, for all those people who felt euphoric for their kids getting this utterly stupid certificate, here are five ways you can put it to good use.

1. Paper cones

They’re cute and will add a nice touch to the party you will be throwing for your kid.

2. Paper planes

For those boring summer days.

3. Shawarma sandwich wraps

The right absorbent for those oily Shawarma sandwiches.

4. Paper mask

Something to match your silly face.

5. Shove it up your ass

Seriously, stop pretending like your kid actually accomplished something, and reflect about this while you slowly shove that certificate up your ass.

Kess ekhtak 3a ekht ebnak!


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – June 28th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. “Alwan Beirut” animated show is taking place this week as part of Beirut Cultural Festival.

  1. Beirut Family Fun Festival – 2nd edition 2017
  2. The Harmony of Chaos
  3. Escape Games Beirut – The New Smart Fun Activity!
  4. Speed Networking
  5. روحي | Go Home by Jihane CHouaib
  6. Bnachii Lake Festival 2017
  7. Alwan Beirut – The Beirut Cultural Festivals & The Municipality of Beirut
  8. Inner Harmony & Out Chaos

Make sure to check for much more options.


Man Shot in Tripoli for Adding Another Man’s Wife on Facebook

Now that it’s almost taken for granted that road rage incidents get you killed on our very safe roads in Lebanon. Another thing you should probably beware of is adding people on Facebook!

This is actually the kind of things you expect to see on satire news websites but it really happened. A man in Tripoli was angered last night when his wife accepted a friend request from another man on Facebook, and since we’re all known for solving things in a civilized way, he simply went on to shoot that man in the thigh! (Source)

So yeah, be careful next time you add someone on Facebook…


Qatar Announces Visa Free Travel for Lebanese Citizens

Qatar just announced today waiving the visa requirements for Lebanese nationals as we have been added to the list of countries whose citizens can obtain a visa upon arrival to Qatar. (Source)

Given the large number of Lebanese expats in Qatar, this is definitely a good news at least for their relatives here. However, I can’t but find it odd that we were not granted this privilege by a gulf state until its neighbors started imposing a blockade on it…


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – June 21st 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. Don’t miss Fete de La Musique tonight at various places around town!

  1. Talk | Swiss Art Talks: Giovanni Carmine
  2. Fete de la Musique 2017 – Beyrouth, Liban – Full Program
  3. Escape Games Beirut – The New Smart Fun Activity!
  4. The Harmony of Chaos
  5. Somewhere | Backstroke – An Outdoor Movie Cycle at the Garten
  6. Blooming JUNE – Rural Lunches
  7. Rise Above Jounieh Festival Fireworks – View from Burj on Bay Hotel
  8. Fête de la Musique à Gemmayzé
  9. Mastering Social Media Workshop with Ralph Aoun at ESW
  10. Inner Harmony & Out Chaos

Make sure to check for much more options.


Middle East Airlines Among the Least Environmentally Friendly Airlines

Earlier last week, London’s Heathrow Airport issued a list of 50 global airlines ranked according to how environmentally friendly they are, and our national carrier Middle East Airlines turned out to be among among the worst coming in the 48th position.

The airlines in the list were assessed based on 7 categories among which are arrival times, efficient landing approaches, nitrogen oxide emissions, and noise pollution. Therefore, this of course has nothing to do with travelers experience on board but rather with the footprint that airplanes flying out of Heathrow Airport leave on the environment.

The only two airlines that scored worse than MEA were Kuwait Airways and Israel’s El Al, while British Airways topped the ranking followed by Aer Lingus, Etihad Airways, Scandinavian Airlines System, Finnair and American Airlines.

You can check the full list here.


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