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Casino Du Liban Documentary by George Ghanem

We’re definitely lucky to have somebody like George Ghanem producing documentaries about the recent history of Lebanon for our generation. He has so far produced and contributed in several good documentaries about Lebanon and remarkable Lebanese politicians such as Koullouna Lil Watan, Zaman Rafic Al Hariri, Lady of the Palace and others.

His most recent work deals with Casino Du Liban and it aired last weekend on MTV in two episodes. Just like Ghanem’s previous documentaries this one was also quite enjoyable as it introduced us to how the casino was established and quickly became a point of attraction until the Lebanese civil war intensified which eventually led to closing it down in 1989 and then reopening it later in 1996. The documentary also of cited the challenges that faced every appointed general manager due to political interference.

I highly recommend you check it out if you missed it on TV. The two episodes are available on MTV Lebanon website in HD.

Part 1
Part 2


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 12th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I’ve been hearing some positive review about the play “Kif Ken El 3acha” so I guess it’s worth watching if you’re into the theater plays.

  1. Kif Ken El 3acha – Theater Play
  2. Easter egg hunt at The Smallville Hotel
  3. NAWF Women Entrepreneurs Forum
  4. Easter Islands at CityMall
  5. Easter brunch at Raouche Arjaan by Rotana
  6. Easter Bash at NODS by MYU
  7. Killing “kindly note” | A workshop on better Email Writing with FADE IN:
  8. Golf Club of Lebanon Egg Hunt & Parade Day
  9. Easter Egg Hunt: solve riddles to unlock zones
  10. Facebook – F8 Meetup Beirut at BDD

Make sure to check for much more options.


Smurfs: The Lost Village (Arabic)

If you grew up during the 80s in Lebanon then you definitely remember watching The Smurfs in Arabic! I personally used to to enjoy them as a kid with Joseph Nano, Samira Baroudi and other Lebanese actors voicing the smurfs and Gargamel.

Smurfs: The Lost Village was released on March 30 in Lebanon and is currently showing in two languages, English and Arabic. I opted to watch it in Arabic to see how does it compare to the old episodes we used to watch, and because a new character (Smurf Willow) is voiced by Lebanese Raya Abirached whom I admire so much.

Despite the fact that voice actors have eventually changed, I totally loved The Lost Village an felt it was true to the Smurf spirit. I also had my 4-year-old kid with me, and judging by his impressions once the movie was over it is fair to say he had a blast watching it. The movie follows Smurfette and three of her smurf friends as they venture away from their village to discover a new colony of smurfs, with of course Gargamel trying to capture them at every possible chance.

It goes without saying that Smurfs: The Lost Village is more suitable for the younger audience, so if you have kids this is currently the best movie to pick among the ones showing. And needless to say, watching it in Arabic is guaranteed to bring you some childhood flashbacks!


Menna W Jerr’s Nady Abou Chabke Does it Again!

If I were Nady Abou Chabke I would have apologized for copying Wissam Kamal’s joke 2 weeks ago and simply carried on with my upcoming episodes of Menna w Jerr. But for some reason he decided to make it worse and copied a whole segment from an Egyptian show this time!

Watch this video courtesy of Elie Iskandar and judge for yourself!

On a serious note, this is great material for Elie Sleiman to feature on his “Radar” segment on Menna W Jerr!


Nady appeared on April 10 episode of Menna w Jerr and apologized for his mistake.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 5th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. If you’re in the mood for a movie in an open air setting then check the Cine Club upcoming screening of Johar Up at BDD.

  1. Cine Club on the roof at BDD: Movie & Discussion – Johar with Zeina Daccache
  2. HORECA 2017
  3. Nuit des Musées 2017 – Museums Night 2017
  4. L’Etrange destin de M et Mme Wallace
  5. Irtijal’17 – XVIIth International Festival of Experimental Music In Lebanon
  6. Creative Writing Workshop – Say No to Writer’s Block with FADE IN
  7. NAWF Women Entrepreneurs Forum
  9. The Spring Market at The Village Dbayeh
  10. Killing “kindly note” | A workshop on better Email Writing with FADE IN

Make sure to check for much more options.


Lebanese Hairdresser Uses Nutella to Color Women’s Hair

I just stumbled upon this Instagram account by a Lebanese hairdresser named Abedallah Itani who uses Nutella, conensed milk, and cotton candy among other products to color women’s hair!

The idea sounds crazy indeed but judging from the videos he posts it seems that it somehow works! I’m not sure though how long does the resultant color last or how bad does the hair smells afterwards… I mean I enjoy the smell of Nutella but I doubt anybody would want to have it on them all day long!

Coloring using Nutella

A post shared by Abed🇱🇧 (@abedallahitani) on

…using cotton candy

A post shared by Abed🇱🇧 (@abedallahitani) on

… and even caramel!

A post shared by Abed🇱🇧 (@abedallahitani) on


Don’t Miss La Nuit des Musées This Friday April 7th

La Nuit des Musées is a cultural event in which many of the country’s museums open till a late hour at night free of charge for everyone. The Ministry of Culture has been organizing this event for three years now and its 4th edition is taking place this Friay April 7th.

Last year’s “Nuit des Musées” was quite a success that some museums had massive traffic congestion around them, so if you’re willing to do some museum hopping this Friday then I highly recommend you arrange your transportation ahead of time an avoid using your own car to save the time you will be spending trying to find a parking space.

Here’s the list of the participating museums:

de 17h00 à 23h00
“Mathaf”, rue de Damas

de 17h00 à 23h00
Campus de l’innovation et du sport, Université Saint-Joseph

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue de l’Université Saint-Joseph, quartier Monnot

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue St Nicolas, Achrafieh

de 18h00 à 00h00
Rue St Nicolas, Achrafieh

de 17h00 à 22h00
Université américaine de Beyrouth, Ras Beyrouth

de 17h00 à 23h00
Locaux de la Banque du Liban, Sanayeh

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue Moutran, Saida

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue Moutran, Saida

de 17h00 à 23h00

de 17h00 à 23h00

de 17h00 à 22h00
Alita, Jbeil

de 17h00 à 22h00

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Municipality of Jounieh is Banning Colored Baby Chicks

Dyeing chicks for Easter has been a tradition for ages now but I have always hated it. Not only because the used dye is toxic, but also because it turns the small chicks into seasonal gifts for children to enjoy an then quickly abandon after a short time.

And in a country where animal cruelty is rarely prosecuted, it’s good to finally see somebody doing some effort to stop this practice. The municipality of Jounieh posted on their Facebook page today that they are banning mobile vendors from selling colored chicks around the city.

I’m pretty sure if more municipalities did the same then it will only take a single season to stop those who dye baby chicks from doing it.


Ziad Chebib the governor of Beirut also banned the selling of baby chicks in Beirut.


The New Connect Ads Are Spot On

It’s almost the end of the month, and as per Ogero’s new Director General Imad Kreidieh our internet speeds are supposed to double or triple by tomorrow! However, unless he is a magician, I really don’t see how the speeds are going to increase with the current rotting telephone network… I have mentioned it several times before, as long as copper wires are still used to connect households to central offices I really can’t see the connection quality getting better.

I personally have been feeling very frustrated with my DSL connection for quite some time now due to speed and latency degradation in the evening. In fact, I can rarely enjoy online gaming anytime before 10 or 11PM… which recently got me thinking of switching to some wireless internet provider. Using 3G or 4G would definitely be the optimal solution but the bundles are quite expensive for home usage and lack of free night traffic is a deal breaker.

Aside from their witty ads, I have been hearing some positive feedback about Connect and I’m considering checking if they can allow me to test their connection where I live before committing to one of their plan, and I will definitely subscribe in case their service was stable throughout the day.

Another possible solution could be to talk to your neighborhood’s “hayda taba3 l cable” who basically provides you with internet by installing a wireless atenna/access-point on your building’s roof. Even though no one really knows where they get their capacities from, they surprisingly provide good speed an latency. A guy I know in Dekwaneh for example gets <100ms latency to which is pretty decent in Lebanon. The drawback however is that the service gets totally fucked during winter time…

Anyway, I will let you know how it goes with me!


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 29th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. If you have a solid knowledge in the music culture then I recommend you go check the quiz night at Radio Beirut.

  1. Lebanon HR Summit 2017
  2. Say No to Writer’s Block with FADE IN:
  3. Emotional Management for Team Efficiency
  4. SHINE | CDLL Spiritual Concert
  5. L’Etrange destin de M et Mme Wallace
  6. Les Carrés du Square
  7. The Spring Market at The Village Dbayeh
  8. French Nights at DRAY
  9. Pasta Night at Al Murjan Palace Hotel
  10. Music Quiz Night at Radio Beirut

Make sure to check for much more options.


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