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Halal nail polish now available in Lebanon

This was spotted at Inglot in Hamra main street. I wonder what other products may go halal next!

Halal nail polish

Turned out this Inglot nail polish, unlike other brands, allows water to permeate to the nail itself to make Woudou’ valid, since one of Woudou’ requirements is for water to reach certain body parts including nails.


African Rhinoceros attacks minister Sehnaoui

Nicolas Sehnaoui

Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui was lucky enough to escape a Rhinoceros attack while he was on a hunting trip in Africa along with minister Marwan Kheireddine.

Caretaker State Minister Marwan Kheireddine saved caretaker Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui from a rhinoceros attack while they were in Africa, reported An Nahar daily Friday.

It said that as the ministers were on a hunting trip in Africa, Sehnaoui decided to rest by the rhinoceros, which he mistook for a rock.

The animal soon turned its attention to Sehnaoui and attempted to attack him.

The minister began to run away from the rhinoceros, while Kheireddine and their companions scared off the animal with their sticks. Source

I wonder what other cool hobbies do our ministers have!


Crepaway – All Good

These days everyone could use a little positivity! Watch this video fueled by your own words & inspired by life’s odd moments!


New virus targeting Lebanese internet users

Apparently there’s some new virus targeting Lebanese porn surfers that displays a fake warning once you visit some x-rated website, claiming you have violated the law and requires that you pay a fine of 200,000 L.L to the ministry of interior via cashU or face 8 months to 1 year in prison.

So if you ever get that fake message, just keep calm and carry on browsing! (But consider maybe updating your antivirus once you’re done).

On a side note, the reporter needs to take a chill pill towards porn websites.


Photos of Discover Mar Mikhael

Discover Mar Mikhael is an event organized by Achrafieh 2020 that turned the Mar Mikhael neighborhood into a car area yesterday in order to motivate people to discover it either walking or by bike, and enjoy the cultural and artistic events that were taking place.

Below are some photos shared by Achrafieh 2020 showing how was the event like.


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