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Photos of Discover Mar Mikhael

Discover Mar Mikhael is an event organized by Achrafieh 2020 that turned the Mar Mikhael neighborhood into a car area yesterday in order to motivate people to discover it either walking or by bike, and enjoy the cultural and artistic events that were taking place.

Below are some photos shared by Achrafieh 2020 showing how was the event like.


Beirut City Centre opening

Below are some photos I took at Beirut City Centre as I passed by it on my way back home tonight.

The first thing you’ll notice when going there is the traffic the mall is causing due to how narrow are the roads leading to its parking entrances. However, once you get inside you’ll have no problem finding a spot to park your car since the parking seemed pretty accommodating.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, a lot of shops are still not operating yet, but the open ones still offer a good variety. And I highly recommend you go check Carrefour for all the promotions they’re holding especially on some electronics.

Moreover, aside from the restaurants that will be available on the rooftop, there’s a spacious food court in the second floor offering a good variety from Lebanese to American, Italian, and Asian fast food.

Overall, it’s definitely worth a visit, if not for all the new brands it brings, then just for the sake of it being the new mall in town!

image_5 image_3

image_2 image_1

image_4 image



List of shops at Beirut City Centre

Beirut City Centre

So Beirut City Centre is finally opening today and I was just able to get hold of the list of all brands that will be available at the mall. Almost half of the shops will be operating as of the opening, and the rest will gradually open over the next two months including VOX Cinemas. You can click on the below two tables for more details.


I’m sorry I had to remove the lists as per City Centre’s request since they’re not official. I’ll be posting an official list as soon as it comes out.

Update #2:

Here’s an official list published in one of City Centre’s brochures. The starred names are opening soon.




Best man’oushe in town


If you’re not following No Garlic No Onions blog by Anthony Rahayel then you must be missing a lot. The blog features very interesting and detailed reviews of Lebanese and international restaurants and hotels, with tens of photos accompanying each experience.

Among some of the cool ideas he’s been recently coming up with lately is a quest to find the best man’ouche in town, which consisted of visiting several types of bakeries, the upscale, the dirty, and your regular neighborhood bakery to find the best among them. Read all about it here.

I know the winner in Anthony’s post might not have the ultimate man’oushe in Beirut since it’s practically impossible to visit every single bakery in the city, but you’ll at least get to learn how to judge a good man’oushe.


Overnight millionaire – Amer Hazimeh

The guys is barely 30 years old and yet managed to steal more than 45 million dollars by borrowing money from banks that trusted him and convincing people to invest their money with him in gold and stocks.


Virgin Radio Lebanon on air already

virgin radio lebanon

Even though Virgin Radio Lebanon official launching date is on May 1st, but I just learned today that they’re on air already broadcasting on 89.5FM frequency.

According to their Facebook page, they’re promising a new programming format by introducing “10 hits in a row” where 10 hits are played back to back without a commercial interruption. So make sure to tune in for a glimpse of it!

Virgin Radio is taking the lead in strengthening Lebanon’s position on the worldwide media stage by bringing its magical touch to the country. Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, will be personally launching this exciting project in May and taking part in the celebrations surrounding the launch of the innovative Virgin Radio. The pioneering “10 Hits in a Row” is the platform that will establish a brand new format never before heard in Lebanon, where listeners will be able to enjoy a succession of ten songs in a row without any commercial interruption. Source


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