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Tarboush shot

I just noticed this shot made with Ghandour’s Tarboush being promoted on Facebook by London Bar in Hamra.

Tarboush shot

It’s pretty creative! Have you tried it? And do you know which alcohol goes along the cream inside Tarboush?


Talk about transparency

So Alfa Telecom ran a competition for two tickets to attend ArabNet Beirut, and guess who were the winners? Two of their employees!


Thank you @chemali


After receiving so much tweets about the issue, Alfa ended up disqualifying one of the winners, Chafi Maalouf, since he’s an Alfa employee. On the other hand, the other guy didn’t turn out to be one of their employees.


Guy strips naked at NDU

I just stumbled upon these two photos of some guy stripping naked at NDU campus.



Anyone knows what was he up to and what happened to him?

Photos via @lnlne


Here’s a video of him running around the campus. According to Leon, he lost a bet.

Update 2:

Here’s another video showing the whole thing.

Thank you @GeorgeZahm


Lebanon Internet Porn Habits

According to Porn MD, below are the top 10 most common terms that we, the Lebanese, have searched for on porn sites over a 6 month period.


You can check what the world is searching for here.


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