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Straight to the point!

Wouldn’t be awesome if people spray painted similar messages every time the government does a lousy job?

Is this Nahr El-Mot bridge by the way? Since that’s the bridge everyone complains about…

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The most beautiful days of my life | أجمل أيام حياتي at Metropolis Cinema

Metropolis cinema is holding the first edition of a Lebanese retrospective dedicated to productions of Lebanese cinema of the years sixties and seventies, “The most beautiful days of my life”, which will be held from the 13th to the 22nd of june.

During these 10 days, a total of 11 films will be screened as per the following schedule

Wednesday 13 (OPENING)

8:00 PM Beirut Zero 11 by Antoine Rimi, 1967, بيروت صفر 11 لأنطوان ريمي | ’90 Tribute to Ihsan Sadek

Thursday 14

8:00 PM Interpol in Beirut by Constantin Costanov, 1966, 90′ | أنتروبول في بيروت لكوستانتين كوستانوف

Friday 15

7:00 PM Lebanon through Cinema by Hady Zaccak, 2003, 15′ | لبنان من خلال السينما لهادي زكاك

7:15 PM An Amateur by Habib Chams, 2011, 35′ | هاوي السينما لحبيب شمس

8:30 PM The Colossi by Hassib Chams, 1963, 105′ | الجبابرة لحسيب شمس

Saturday 16

7:00 PM Welcome, Love by Mohamed Salman, 1970, 85′ | أهلًا بالحب لمحمد سلمان

9:00 PM The Guitar of Love by Mohamed Salman, 1974, 120′ | غيتار الحب لمحمد سلمان

Sunday 17

8:00 PM A Bedouin in Paris by Mohamed Salman, 1966, 95′ | بدوية في باريس لمحمد سلمان

Monday 18

8:00 PM The Gang of Women by Farouq Ajrama, 1970, 101′ | عصابة النساء لفاروق عجرمة

Tuesday 19

8:00 PM The Bitter Honey by Rida Mouyassar, 1964, 90′ | العسل المر لرضا ميسر

Wednesday 20

8:00 PM The Black Jaguar by Mohamed Salman, 1965, 92′ | الجاكوار السوداء لمحمد سلمان

Thursday 21

8:00 PM The Melody of My Life by Henry Barakat, 1975, 110′ | نغم في حياتي لهنري بركات

Friday 22 (CLOSING)

8:00 PM The Most Beautiful Days of My Life by Henry Barakat, 1974, 111′ | أجمل أيام حياتي لهنري بركات

All films are in Arabic without subtitles, except “The Black Jaguar” and “An Amateur” with English subtitles, and “Lebanon through Cinema” and “the Colossi” with French subtitles.

Tickets will be selling for 5,000L.L and a festival pass is available for 40,000L.L. You can check Metropolis Cinema’s website or page on Facebook for more information about the event.

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Lebanese cleverness ( حربقة )

No wonder everybody despise minivan and bus drivers! This one definitely earns the asshole of the day” title.

via Cheyef 7alak

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Wassim Nasser FAILED to break the national record

I earlier posted this video by Saida TV claiming that Wassim Nasser did succeed to break the national record by swimming for 47 kilometers from Saida to Beirut while in fact  he actually failed and will be trying to do it once again next year.

“The weather was not good at all and Wassim [Nasser] was swimming against the wind,” Intanious Naafa, Nasser’s friend and representative, told The Daily Star Monday.

Nasser’s aimed to break a record set by Abdel-Latif Abu al-Hauf for swimming 42 kilometers from the southern city of Sidon to Beirut in the 1960s.

He sought to cover 47 kilometers.

The athlete’s route started from a point parallel to Sidon’s Crusader Castle and ended in Ramlet al-Bayda; 8 kilometers less than his original goal.

“Wassim will increase the distance next year and hopefully achieve his goal,” Naafa said, praising his friend for his persistence and great effort in achieving such a task. Source

Still, reaching Ramlet El-Bayda is still quite impressive!

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Myriam Klink – Antar

Just what we need! Now let’s try to convince her, Nancy Afiouni, and Lara Kay to hit the streets in Tripoli and other conflict areas of the north, and see how the raging men there will quickly ease their tension!

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Wassim Nasser did it!

Congratulations! I bet he’s going to be sleeping for a week now!


The video turned out to be false. Wassim actually failed to break the record, you can read more about it here.

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Zain El-Atat is back

It’s a shame when one of the first TV stations that aired reports about the side effects that may be induced by the usage by Zain El-Atat’s herbal products is the also the first one to start promoting him once again with segments claiming he earned some ISO certificates. Way to go New TV!

Early in 2011, Abu Dhabi’s health authority accused Zain El-Atat of false advertising and warned about the side effects his products may produce on people, and shortly after that,  the ministry of public health here in Lebanon banned all kind of herbal products publicity. But it seems like Zain is way above the law, he’s back!

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Wassim Nasser attempts swimming from Saida to Beirut

Wassim Nasser, a Lebanese swimmer, is trying to swim 47 kilometers from Saida to Beirut in an attempt to break a national record that was set back in 1960 by Abdel-Latif Abu Al-Hauf who swam 42 kilometers.

According to The Daily Star, Wassim’s journey is expected to take around 11 hours, but it wasn’t clear at what time exactly did he start his trip. Anyway, you can read more about his attempt here.

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Chez Maguy Batroun

I decided to try Chez Maguy restaurant in Batroun after reading about it on several website claiming it serves some of the best sea food in the region.

The place is quite nice, it’s actually a small house (or a shack maybe) that was turned into a restaurant having a cool view over the sea since it’s located right on the coast.

During winter, I was told Maguy usually serves guests in her dining room, while in summer season you get to sit on the beautiful terrace by sea, but be aware of the mosquitoes when you’re outside, as they can really eat you alive!

Unfortunately the food was not as good as the restaurant’s setting. We were 4 people and among the order we made was 1Kg of mallifa, and below is the plate that we got, which is barely enough for one person! Anway, overall the food tasted quite average compared to other seafood restaurants, unlike what some articles on the internet claim.

We had another kilogram of fish with a couple of appetizers and drinks and our bill came to $120.

I don’t know how to provide you with direction to the place, but if you’re planning to go there just ask about Chez Maguy when you reach Batroun as everyone there knows where she’s located!

P.S: I know the review is missing a photo of Maguy, which is plain stupid from me!

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Marcel Ghanem VS. Emile Rahme

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