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Alfa Restores Hope in Life for A Young Woman This Valentine #الحب_الحقيقي_مش_أعمى

For Valentine this year, and in its continuous quest for supporting people with iron will in the Lebanese society, Alfa decided to gift an eSight 3 device to Sariya, a young mom who lost her eyesight few years ago after being diagnosed with Glaucoma disease.

I can imagine how hard it was for her not being able to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life by watching her beloved ones’ faces… but fortunately this seems to have come to an end with Sariya finally able to be autonomous again, walk around freely, and of course see her family!

Her reaction once she tries the eSight 3 glasses is absolutely priceless…


بعد سنين من المعاناة من المي السودا، ساريا شافت 👓 حب حياتها من جديد بفضل تكنولوجيا أمنتلا ياها ألفا ❤

Posted by Alfa Telecommunications on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

بعد سنين من المعاناة من المي السودا، ساريا شافت حب حياتها من جديد بفضل ألفا #الحب_الحقيقي_مش_أعمى

Kudos to Alfa for giving that young woman hope in living a normal life again!


Banque Libano-Française New Mobile App Commercial

It’s not everyday that Lebanese banks make funny commercials. This one was made for Banque Libano-Française’s new Mobile app (MyBLF 2.0) and the actress portraying the client is absolutely hilarious!

Make sure to watch the video till the end.


Not Every Occasion Calls for Witty Slogans

It was cool around 2009 and 2010 when Almaza used to advertise witty phrases and taglines on holidays and special occasions, but it became really annoying nowadays with every single brand in the Lebanese market attempt to do the same. To be fair some are coming up with creative stuff, but the majority end up appearing like an assignment done at the last minute.

Below are some example (read disasters*) that were done on the occasion of Army Day last week and did absolutely nothing to convince me spend a lira on the advertised goods.


Ramadan Kareem

Do you remember this old Kassatly Chtaura Jellab ad from the 80s and 90s? It has been 30 years since it was first aired on TV and I guess nothing signals the time for Ramadan nowadays like this ad tune does every year on Lebanese TV stations (though it has now evolved a bit of course).

Anyway I wish all a blessed Ramadan!


Wissam Kamal’s Datsun Ad – A Total Win!

I saw the new Datsun ad featuring Wissam Kamal and his father a couple of days ago and totally loved it! Knowing that Datsun was phased out in 1986 before launching again in 2013, they totally nailed it with their reference to the 80s.

On another note, I think it’s cool to see brands collaborating this way with people who got famous through social media such as Wissam. Kudos to that!


It’s Christmas and Lebanon is Calling!

In my humble opinion, Demco easily wins the best Christmas ad this year!

In the same spirit of the ad during they made for the US presiential elections, they’re still reaching out for the Lebanese expats to convince them of returning back to their home country following some breakthroughs like the election of a new president and the formation of a new government, and while the previous one was touching, the new ad reaches even deeper everyone of us.

We all have loved family members living abroad, and most of those are not even thinking of returning. But come to think of it, while we have a lot of reasons to curse this country everyday, we have a hundred more to love it! I personally had the opportunity to go live and work elsewhere, but I chose to stay here because I’m too attached to my city to leave it.

When I watched the ad I couldn’t but think of my brother who lives in the UAE and how much my parents and I would all love him to come live among us again…!

We all deserve to reunite with our loved ones, at least during the happy holiday season if not for a lifetime, because as the ad at the end says, it is simply not the same without them!


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