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Lebanese Hairdresser Uses Nutella to Color Women’s Hair

I just stumbled upon this Instagram account by a Lebanese hairdresser named Abedallah Itani who uses Nutella, conensed milk, and cotton candy among other products to color women’s hair!

The idea sounds crazy indeed but judging from the videos he posts it seems that it somehow works! I’m not sure though how long does the resultant color last or how bad does the hair smells afterwards… I mean I enjoy the smell of Nutella but I doubt anybody would want to have it on them all day long!

Coloring using Nutella

…using cotton candy

… and even caramel!


Lebanese Sevag Babikian Made it to The Stars of Science Finals


Stars of Science is a reality show currently airing on MBC4 that aims to promote Arab innovators and entrepreneurs. 9 Innovators were competing this season for a share of $600,000 in seed funding and the judges qualified 4 of them to the finals among which was Sevag Babikian from Lebanon.

Sevag’s project is an Efficient Desktop 3D Printer that uses a robotic head to enhance the process of 3D printing by maximizing quality, while saving time, effort, and wasted material. Throughout the competition he wowed potential consumers during customer validation and was also the first in lab prototyping. He’s now a step away from winning and you have until November 17th 5PM to support him by voting on the Stars of Science website, hoping that he will be announced as the winner in the final episode on Saturday evening on MBC4.

You can also keep up with Sevag’s latest news by following his Facebook page.


Tag Heuer’s First Arabic Digital Watch Face by Lebanese Artist Yazan Halwani


For the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, Tag Heuer is releasing the first Arabic watch face for their Connected smart watch and commissioned Lebanese artist Yazan Halwani to create the design (link).

The design is made of abstract Arabic calligraphy formations of the statement “Time does not wait” (Al waqt la yantazer) and it won’t be hard for you to associate the design with Yazan since he’s pretty famous for using such patterns in his murals around Beirut.

I’m not gonna lie and claim that I fell in love with with the watch face because I personally prefer the watch dial to be darker, but I still liked Yazan’s design and definitely found it cool that Tag Heuer picked a Lebanese artist to do this job.

On another note, Yazan’s choice of the statement “Time does not wait” is spot on. Arabs in general and specifically us Lebanese can be better off being punctual on things like electing a president and parliament on time, and effectively managing a garbage crisis well before it happens!


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