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Banque Libano-Française is Getting a Cool New Headquarters in Saifi


Earlier this year Banque Libano-Française launched a competition to build their new headquarters in Saifi and at the end of the selection process it was announced that Norwegian-American studio Snohetta won with their “Magic Box” design.

The design looks cool and I thought it is worth sharing since the new building will be a landmark in the area. The chequerboard-pattern facades look nice, but what stand out are definitely the plant-covered terraces carved into the roof and walls of the building.

Regarding the exact location of the project, the competition page shows it will be built on a piece of land opposite to the Lebanese Emigrant statue.





Photos via Design Boom


Tag Heuer’s First Arabic Digital Watch Face by Lebanese Artist Yazan Halwani


For the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, Tag Heuer is releasing the first Arabic watch face for their Connected smart watch and commissioned Lebanese artist Yazan Halwani to create the design (link).

The design is made of abstract Arabic calligraphy formations of the statement “Time does not wait” (Al waqt la yantazer) and it won’t be hard for you to associate the design with Yazan since he’s pretty famous for using such patterns in his murals around Beirut.

I’m not gonna lie and claim that I fell in love with with the watch face because I personally prefer the watch dial to be darker, but I still liked Yazan’s design and definitely found it cool that Tag Heuer picked a Lebanese artist to do this job.

On another note, Yazan’s choice of the statement “Time does not wait” is spot on. Arabs in general and specifically us Lebanese can be better off being punctual on things like electing a president and parliament on time, and effectively managing a garbage crisis well before it happens!


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