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The Best Yard Sale Ever – For The Vintage Collectors

Following my post about Hadi’s retro games collection, I got some e-mail asking me if I knew about some shops with same offering around Beirut. I unfortunately don’t, but I thought of writing about this Yard Sale taking place at antwork’s garden in Hamra tomorrow since it will cater for retro lovers.

I know for sure there will be Gameboy handhelds and other old gaming consoles up for sale, in addition to vintage comic books, DVDs, vinyls and others.

The event is all organized by cool people from antwork, Heyoka, and Tell(tale), and will also include some fun activities like a Knefeh eating competition so make sure not to miss it if retro stuff is your thing.

The yard sale is running tomorrow from 11AM till 8PM and the entrance fee is 5,000L.L / pers.

For more information you can check the event on Facebook.


Price of Nintendo Switch in Lebanon

The Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on Match 3rd 2017, and I got excited to buy one after reading several positive reviews about it with the nicest feature about the console being its portability. I already have a PS4 and my kid sometimes randomly interrupt me to watch his favorite animated series, so instead of stopping my session, with the Switch I could simply just move to playing using the built-in screen. (In case you’re wondering, yes you can be a gamer and a responsible parent at the same time)

Anyway, I asked around yesterday and found that Nino Store in Beirut is selling it along with 2 games for $650 while JouéClub is offering the console alone for $526 while games are starting $75. On the other hand, the official price of the Nintendo Switch in the U.S. is $300 and you can have it shipped to Lebanon with DHL probably for ~$150-200. So if you’re keen on getting one, I recommend you wait a little bit as I believe prices should dramatically drop over the next weeks especially at Nino.

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