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Awesome video of Jounieh International Festival Opening Show

I just found this cool video by Rodrigue Zahr of the synchronized firework show and the boat gathering that marked the opening of Jounieh International Festival last night. For more info about the festival program, make sure to check this website.

You can check another video posted by Najib here.

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Fete de la Musique 2013 Program

fete de la musique

The 13th edition of Fete de la Musique is taking place this Friday June 21st, and just like every year, the festival is bringing together amateur and professional musicians and will span over 10 locations across Beirut.

Below is the festival program for you to choose where to go.

19h55 – 20h25 BANDAGE [rock]
20h35 – 21h15 PINDOLL [nu-jazz/post-rock]
21h25 – 22h05 EMPTY YARD EXPERIMENT (EYE) [DUBAI/ post-rock]
22h15 – 22h55 TANJARET DAGHT [SYRIE / rock]
23h05 – 23h45 JAY WUD [rock]
23h55 – 01h00 NEAR SURFACE [rock alternatif]

19h20 – 19h50 JOY FAYAD [pop]
20h00 – 20h40 LARA EIDI [GRECE / folk]
21h30 – 22h30 DALELE [FRANCE / chanson française]
22h40 – 23h20 THE JJ’S [BELGIQUE / pop, rock acoustique]
23h30 – 23h50 SEGUNDO BLOCO [Percussions brésiliennes]
00h00 – 01h00 CONSOLE [ALLEMAGNE / électro]

19h20 – 19h50 SNOWSLASH [rock]
20h00 – 20h30 CHAMPLAIN [chanson française]
20h40 – 21h10 BRUNO TABBAL [variété pop]
21h20 – 21h50 THE MISSING PIXELS [folk, pop]
22h00 – 22h30 SANDMOON [indie pop folk]
22h40 – 23h10 NOUR [pop]
23h20 – 23h50 GILBERT SIMON [variété pop]
00h00 – 00h30 SILVERAGE [rock, pop]
00h40 – 01h10 ALBATROSS [Pink Floyd Tribute Band]

19h20 – 19h50 BLUE LACE [rock]
20h00 – 20h30 DIDA’S AVEC HOME [quintet acoustique]
20h40 – 21h00 JEBEBARA [percussions africaines]
21h10 – 21h30 ADRIEN [variété]
21h40 – 22h00 MIKEL AOUN AND THE COUNTRY BOYS [country, rock n’roll]
22h10 – 22h30 AFROBEAT COLLECTIVE [percussions africaines]
22h40 – 23h10 EPISODE [rock symphonique]
23h20 – 23h50 SHADOWALLS [rock progressif]
00h00 – 00h30 IMPULSE [rock, trip hop]
00h40 – 01h00 AUDIO TRAFFIC (rock alternatif)

19h10 – 19h30 AL KAMANDJATI [oriental]
19h40 – 20h00 BL 3ARABE [oriental, fusion]
20h10 – 20h40 RIBAL RAYA [musique orientale]
20h50 – 21h00 TWINS AG
21h10 – 21h50 AUDIYAT [musique orientale]
22h00 – 22h40 ROJO DEL LIBANO [flamenco]
22h50 – 23h30 MASSAR EGBARI [EGYPTE / rock jazz oriental]
23h40 – 00h20 MEEN [rock libanais]
00h30 – 01h00 RASTA BEIRUT [reggae]

19h00 – 19h20 THE LOWHIGHS [soft rock]
19h30 – 19h50 BLUE YEAST [blues, jazz]
20h00 – 20h30 NACHAZ (rock blues)
20h40 – 21h10 POSTCARDS [indie folk]
21h20 – 21h50 CAMILLE AND LORY [soft rock]
22h00 – 22h40 OAK [folk]
22h50 – 23h20 THE COOLCUMBERS [rock alternatif]
23h30 – 00h00 MURPHEY LAWLESS [blues]
00h10 – 00h40 THE BANANA COGNACS [funk]
00h50 – 01h30 AL 3ARABI MO5 [hip hop]

RAMZI SHAAR – Stellar Phonics Recordings

18h00 CORALINO (chorale)
19h00 LEBANESE MUSIC SCHOOL (musique classique et moderne)
20h00 CTI CANTORES (chorale)

18h00 – 18h45 TRIO DE FLEURS (opéra)
19h00 – 20h00 AL BUSTAN FESTIVAL CHOIR (musique classique)

Le vendredi 21 juin, à 19h à l’Eglise Evangélique du Centre-Ville
19h – Première partie : Musique de Chambre
Trio (flute, clarinette, basson)
-Divertimento (Mozart)
-Old Hungarian dances (Ferenc Farkas)
-Various pieces from (Vivaldi)
-2 pieces (Mozart)
-Trio (F.R Gebauer)
19h30 – Deuxième partie : Airs d’opéra
Puccini, Donizetti, Tchaikovsky et Rimsky-Korsakov

via Lebtivity

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Ziad Rahbani in concerts at NDU and Zouk Mikael Festival

Ziad Rahbani Zouk Mikael concert

Ziad Rahbani will be performing in two concerts next week on June 7th and 8th at Notre Dame University in Zouk Mosbeh, in addition to another concert next month on July 25th at Zouk Mikael International Festival.

Ziad Rahbani NDU concert

For those who are interested, tickets for NDU concert are available at all branches of Malik’s Bookshop, while tickets for Zouk Mikael concert will be available at Virgin Megastore.

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Cabriolet Film Festival 2013

Cabriolet Film Festival 2013 will be held on 24th, 25th, and 26th of May at 8 pm on Saint Nicolas Stairs in Gemmayzeh.

A total of 47 short films from 21 different countries will be presented to the public during this three day event, with free entrance for everyone. The festival program is available here if you’re interested.

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Marvel Exhibition at Geek Express


Here’s some cool news for the superheroes lovers. Geek Express, located in Beirut Digital District, will be hosting the Marvel Exhibition for two weeks starting May 2nd, with over 400 official and rare original items from Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman and other Marvel comics that will be on display for people to enjoy.

Moreover, if you’re excited about the new Iron Man movie, make sure to attend the opening of exhibition on Thursday at 6:30PM since Grand Cinemas will be awarding each of the first 50 fans to enter Geek Express a free ticket to any showing of Iron Man 3 at any of their theaters.

For more information, you can check Geek Express’ Page on Facebook.

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Beirut Spring Festival – The fifth edition

beirut spring festival 1

The Beirut Spring Festival was created in 2009 by the Samir Kassir Foundation to commemorate his assassination, and was inspired by one of the last articles written by him.

This year’s version of te festival starts on May 26th and will last for five days, featuring several artisits at different venues around Beirut, and below is the festival program.

  • May 26: Tania Saleh in concert at Samir Kassir square
  • May 27/28: Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad at Al Madina theater
  • May 29: Corss encounter with Wajdi Mouawad and Paul Chaoul at Bank Audi headquarters in Downtown
  • May 29: The Sentinel at The Roman Baths in Downtown
  • May 30/31: Alone at Monnot theater

For more information you can check Beirut Spring Festival’s website or Facebook page.

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Photos of Discover Mar Mikhael

Discover Mar Mikhael is an event organized by Achrafieh 2020 that turned the Mar Mikhael neighborhood into a car area yesterday in order to motivate people to discover it either walking or by bike, and enjoy the cultural and artistic events that were taking place.

Below are some photos shared by Achrafieh 2020 showing how was the event like.

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Ziad Rahbani in concert at Las Salinas Anfeh

For those of you who live in the north, Ziad Rahbani and his band will be performing for 3 nights on March 14, 15, and 16 at Las Salinas Anfeh.

Tickets will be on sale at Sa7 Se7 Cafe Tripoli, Boueri Press Kaslik, and Las Salinas.

Ziad Rahbani in concert

via MWNader


As per the below comments, tonight’s concert (March 14th) has unfortunately been canceled due to security reasons, and tickets can be either refunded or used at the 2 upcoming concerts on Friday and Saturday.

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Yanni is coming to Lebanon

Yanni Byblos

I just learned Yanni will be performing at Byblos Festival on June 30th and July 1st as part of his world tour this year. He’s absolutely one of my favorite musicians and I’m really glad we will finally get to see him live here.

In case you’ve never heard of him, chances are you have definitely heard some of his work since a lot of Lebanese radio and TV shows use some of the music he composes.

Tickets will be on sale for 50, 75, 100, 150 and $200, and can be purchased from all Vigrin branches or online here.

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Ziad Rahbani & co. at the Blu Note Cafe Hamra

Ziad Rahbani

Here’s some good news for Ziad El Rahbani lovers. He started performing earlier this week at the Blue Note Cafe in Hamra with a band of 11 musicians and will continue until January 29th.

The program called “Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach” is comprised mainly of jazz music with lyrics in Arabic, French and English. Make sure to reserve early if you’re planning to attend one of the evening as I believe places must be running out fast (The Blue Note Cafe’s number is 01 743 857).

On Monday night the Blue Note Café hosted “Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach,” an evening of original compositions by Ziad Rahbani – Assi and Fairouz’s son. From his piano, Rahbani the younger led an 11-person ensemble of musicians and vocalists before a capacity audience.

“Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach” is comprised of such Rahbani tunes as “Spiral,” “Smooth Talk” and “Viva de Funk.” Those familiar with Rahbani’s oeuvres may have found the evening’s playlist echoed the one he staged for his UNESCO Palace performance in December 2012.

This multilingual program – with lyrics in Arabic, French and English – transported the Blue Note through several distinct moods. From romantic ballads to cool jazz, Rahbani and Co. worked to sate the eager audience’s thirst for soulful groove. Source

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