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Dude Almost Killed Protecting His Shawarma!

This is one hilarious story! Barbar’s chicken shawarma is worth some trouble, but things went a bit extreme for this guy as he got himself confused for a terrorist while trying to keep his sandwich from getting wet!

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Khanjar – The Best Honey in Lebanon!


Yes you read that right, Khanjar 3asal akhou sharmouta!

I just saw the photo on reddit and several Facebook pages today. At first I thought it’s fake but someone on reddit claims it’s actually real and available at supermarkets in Baalbeck.

The label says it’s a product of South Lebanon and the description is funny as hell! Here’s what it says: “Men andaf mara3i el zaher fi janoub loubnan, la madroub w la maghshoush w la m7alla. 3asal msaffa bil tabi3a bidoun ala3ib w afleim w khouza3baleit w gala gala. Mantouj safi … w bet7adda akbar ras an yountej 3asal andaf min heik. Fa istamte3 bi 3assal khanjar w ghammid 3ayneik. Al wazen al safi: Abou noss kilo”

I hope someone can confirm whether Khanjar is really availale in Baalbeck or not. I would seriously love to get a jar!


Mahmoud Ghazayel did an awesome job tracing the source of the photo and practically found the producers of this honey. It turned out it is actually real and according to Rayan’s comment below, we should see Khanjar going on sale anytime soon when the legal process is all done!

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Nescafé Acting A Little Naughty?


Is it my dirty mind only or does this new ad by Nescafé get a bit suggestive towards the end?

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The Real Life Fawzi Bou Lawzi


I never thought someone with the personality of Fawzi Bou Lawzi from Mafi Metlo would exist in real life until I stumbled upon the Facebook page of “poet” Anis Zbeidi and his wife Tina.

The guy is unbelievable, he writes the silliest songs and gets his wife to perform them on video for publishing on Facebook. The best is that they of course think they’re producing some fine music.

Below are three of their masterpieces.

And it doesn’t stop here. Just like Fawzi Bou Lawzi, the couple are apparently never called to perform in a concert, so what they do instead is throwing a party during special occasions at their own house and charging people a fifty or hundred bucks for entry…! Here’s how the invitations look like.



Yes you read that right… ghammeh w kroush!

Anyway, you can follow-up on the couple’s news through their Facebook pages which they label as “official sites”.

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Gebran Bassil Instagram Fail

gebran bassil

Notice the first comment he got 😀

via @ghazayel

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Bernard Hage Predictions for 2015


Bernard’s predictions are becoming a yearly traditions and the guy is in my opinion funnier than most of the people you see on comedy shows nowadays.

Make sure to check his blog here. (I wish he posts more often)

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NSFW – Cursing man surprises MTV Lebanon anchor


I really don’t know much about the issue that got this man mad but he’s just hilarious!!

Thanks Hani


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Air Arabia fixed Lebanon’s map!

Seems like someone at Air Arabia felt like Lebanon’s map is too wide from the top so he/she decided to fix it!

But seriously now, how can someone get a map wrong in 2014?!

via Bikaffe

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No Chance – انقرضوا الرجال بلبنان

This woman is hilarious. I guess she was just requested to chose the word of the day and she ended up coming up with all of this!

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Lebanese Selfie

This one is epic!

This parody of The Chainsmokers’ Selfie is a collaboration between Olga Habre, Daniel Abdel Sater, Mark Abou Jaoude, and Beirut Night Life.

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