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Like There is No Tomorrow – A 2D Animation by Marilyn Haddad


Marilyn Haddad is a 2D animation artist who recently graduated from Vancouver film school and is also a former ALBA student. She sent me this animation she recently did about a Lebanese girl who loves to dance to survive the stress that everybody faces here.

I thought of sharing it on the blog because I found the animation to be pretty impressive, and I hope we get to see more of her work.

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Israel is Searching for a Porn Star to Topple Mia Khalifa

mia khalifa

How one earth can anyone believe something such as this post’s title?!

The Israeli Daily, a satire news site, published this article on how the Israeli Minister of Economy is now concerned about Mia Khalifa being ranked number one on Porn Hub and wants to find an Israeli star to outshine Mia.

Speaking to The Israeli Daily a spokesman for Bennett’s office stated, “having seen this travesty the minister is well aware of the economic damage that could be caused by people thinking that the hottest chicks come from Lebanon. Everybody knows the sweetest bodies in the Levant are to be found in Israel and that Tel Aviv is party central here in the region,” he continued.

In order to reinforce this message the minister is launching a search for an Israeli star to rival Khalifa. “We are looking for a young professional who can outdo this poor Lebanese imitation,” the spokesman stated. “Ideally they will be in the IDF because chicks with guns are always hot. They should also be extremely flexible and have an all over tan,” he added. Source

Unsurprisingly, several Lebanese news sites took the whole thing seriously and started copying the article!

Talk about professional journalism!

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Cool Lookin Igloo Built in Saghbine

saghbine igloo

According to LBCI, this igloo was built in Saghbine by Mar Takla youth because they were curious to know how do people in some areas like Greenland live inside them.

It took 3 days to finish and covers an area of 16 square meters. And from the look of it, I say they did a pretty good job!


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Know your e-Rights in Lebanon


I just stumbled upon this quite informative article published last week in Al-Akhbar about e-laws in Lebanon.

I believe it is a must read for everyone since the Cyber Crime Bureau in Lebanon has not been only investigating cyber crimes, but also interrogating people for expressing their opinions on social networks and blogs (such as what happened to bloggers like Abir Ghattas, Imad Bazzi, Gino Raidy, and Rita Kamel), and sometimes for simply just sharing some defaming article.

The article basically tells you what this Cyber Crime Bureau is allowed and not allowed to do, and whether the police have the right to search your electronic devices without a warrant, in addition to providing tips on maintaining privacy when surfing the internet.

Make sure to check it out.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon


It’s Wednesday all over again and here are my 10 picks from Lebtivity for this week.

  1. Open Grill at La Estancia
  2. Antika Night
  3. Moules et Frites at Rikkyz
  4. Amy Smack Daddy live at Zinc
  5. Out To Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project
  6. Wara El Beb – Georges Khabbaz play
  7. Les Petits Diplomates – Savoir-Vivre Training for Children
  8. In Mar Mkhayel
  9. Frenchties Night at EDL
  10. CIRCO International

Also, make sure to reserve ahead of time if you are planning to attend any of the below two shows:

For more options, you sure know where to check!

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Very Beautiful Time-lapse Photography from Lebanon


Lebanese photographer Charbel Abi Semaan spent one whole year to make this awesome video, and according to the description on Vimeo it was all shot in a town called Ehmej.

I really hope we get to see more time-lapse videos from Lebanon especially that we have some beautiful sceneries all year round. I personally have been trying to experiment with that kind of photography for a while now but never got enough time to come up with something worth sharing. Anyway, for now just check the below video, and I bet you’ll play it more than once.

You can also check another similar video I shared a while ago here.

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Massive accident involving 20 cars in the airport tunnel


I just saw this photos on of an accident inside the airport tunnel last night involving 20 cars but luckily without injuries.

A normal accident on that road usually causes a 30-60 minutes traffic jam due to how narrow the road is, so I can’t imagine how much people had to wait last night until everything got cleared and the tunnel was opened again.

Also, knowing that this is a vital road that connects Beirut to the southern cities and town, I never understood why the government decided to make it a two-lane road only when it was constructed in the nineties which creates a mess not only when accidents occur but also when a car simply breaks down and parks on the right sometimes. And this is why I personally have been avoiding that tunnel for two years now and always go through Ouzai instead.

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Lebanon’s Fadel Adib is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

fadel adib

The name might be familiar to you since Fadel Adib was already on MIT’s “35 Innovators Under 35″ list earlier in 2014 along with Ayah Bdeir and Rand Hindi.

Fadel is known to have created WiTrack, which allows tracking of moving bodies using wireless signals, and has been named once again among the world’s top people in technology but this time in Forbes list of 30 Under 30 rising stars in enterprise technology.

Fadel Adib, 25, Ph.D. candidate at MIT

As an MIT grad student, Adib was part of the team that created WiTrack, a spin on Wi-Fi that uses a radio signal–just 1% as strong as Wi-Fi and 0.1% of your smartphone’s signal–to track movements with incredible accuracy.

You can check the full list here.

Fadel is yet another example how successful can Lebanese be outside their country but have to suffer here due to the political and social pressures.

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Annoying Moviegoers !

Smartphone theaters

Movie theaters usually ask you to silence you phone before the movie starts in order to perfectly enjoy the screening and avoid any disturbance to the experience. Most moviegoers usually abide by this which is good. However, another problem that really annoys me and is starting to become more and more recurrent, is people that cannot get off social media and keep using their smartphones while cranking up the brightness to maximum. These people do RUIN the movie experience. Have you lately came across such people at the cinemas?

On a somewhat related level, Old Trafford (Manchester United’s stadium for those of you who are not football fans) introduced some changes to its policy last year, one of which was banning the use of large devices (mainly tablets) during matches in order not to ruin the experience for people who just want to enjoy watching the game.

So don’t you think that theaters should ask viewers not only to silence their phones, but also to reduce their brightness to minimum?

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Almaza on the Mia Khalifa Controversy


Almaza is as usual keeping up with Lebanon’s heated discussions, but I have mixed feelings about this poster.

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