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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – July 8th 2015


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. Make your choices wisely!

  1. NOTRE DAME DE PARIS – Lebanon 2015
  2. LIVING DINOSAURS in Lebanon
  3. Festival des Pêches a Bikfaya – Peaches Festival 2015
  4. Souk Aal Souk in Zalka – Amaret Shalhoub!
  5. Chill out Lounge Night at The Hangout Beirut
  6. John Legend at Byblos International Festival 2015
  7. Reprise à Beyrouth de la Semaine de la Critique – Cannes 2015
  8. Mini Studio Summer Show 2015
  9. Dbayeh Festival 2015
  10. Kids & Family Days in Jounieh – Part of Jounieh International Festival 2015
  11. Acting Workshop by Nada Abou Farhat with The Agenda Beirut

For more options you can always check

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Awesome Drone Footage of Faraya and Faqra


A lot of people are uploading drone videos from Lebanon but Marc Howayek’s work really stands out from the rest with the editing he does. His latest videos shows parts of Faraya and Faqta using his DJI Phantom 3.

This 46 seconds video took one whole day to shoot by the way since the DJI battery drains out in 20 minutes and needs around two hours to fully recharge.

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Nostalgic Highlights Video of a Lebanese Football Match From Early Nineties


This is one blast from the past! Nejmeh Sporting Club page on Facebook posted a nostalgic video from the early ninties of a football match between Nejmeh and Ansar on the club stadium in Manara.

The video shows the stadium in bad shape with no grass and a funny way to level it since the game took place shortly after the civil war has ended, moreover due to the limited role of the Lebanese security forces at that time you will notice that the Syrian army was in charge of keeping order.


The fans’ chantings sounded pretty amusing by the way and I wish the sport remained popular till our days since it really helped easing the struggle between the Sunna who in general used to cheer for Ansar and Shia who on the other hand cheered for Nejmeh. Back then there was really very little tension in the streets between the two sects and the implicit hatred towards each other used to be expressed in the stadiums only. Nowadays a simple disagreement between members of these sects threatens a new civil war. Time do change as they say…!

Anyway, make sure to watch the video as I’m sure it will bring you a lot of memories if you were born prior the mid eighties. Hussein Dokmak who joined Nejmeh in 1997 and later died in 2007 by the car bomb that targeted Walid Eido also appears in this video at the 1m10s mark, he’s the kid on the left holding the Nejmeh flag.

If the video doesn’t load then you can watch it here on Facebook.

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Video of The Jounieh Fireworks Show Last Night


Jounieh International Festival took off last night with a 7 minute synchronized fireworks show along the coast. Not much people have yet shared the videos they took so here’s one from MTV Lebanon.

I don’t want to sound like a party pooper as I know many people found the show to be pretty cool, but I personally can’t but say it was no more than a repetition from the last two years. I mean I totally salute the municipality of Jounieh for their efforts, but I don’t think they’re being super creative with the awesome bay they have. I bet much more can be done along the coast especially that Dubai always manages to amaze the world with their yearly show and they only use one Burj Khalifa to do it.

Photo via @naylayared

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – July 1st 2015


It’s time again for my selection of things to do from Lebtivity. There’s no doubt that the most anticipated event this week is the opening ceremony for Jounieh International Festival featuring a synchronized fireworks show along the bay of Jounieh.

  1. Fireworks & Opening Ceremony of the Jounieh International Festival 2015
  2. Ramadaniyat Beirutiya 2015 in BIEL
  3. Full Moon Party Lebanon 2.0
  4. Music on the Grill: Open BBQ & Live Band at The Hangout Beirut – Every Sunday
  5. BistroBar Live presents Shady & the band Every Monday
  6. Jazz Night with Arthur Satyan & Special guests at The Hangout Beirut
  7. Yin/Restorative Yoga Series (5 sessions)
  8. Lebanon Summer String and Orchestra Workshop
  9. Performing arts and music workshop
  10. Try It Out: Art Therapy Session
  11. Reprise à Beyrouth de la Semaine de la Critique – Cannes 2015
  12. Tuna Tartare Night at The Hangout Beirut

Moreover, if you would like to have an Iftar out during Ramadan, make sure to check the list that Lebtivity has put together for restaurants offering Iftar formulas.

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The Sweet Treat You Should Try This Ramadan


If there’s an under-rated Arabic sweet shop around Beirut then it must be Al-Daouk in the Cola area.

The owner of the shop created back in the 80’s this really awesome dessert and named it after his family, hence the name “Daoukieh”. It’s made of Ashta (think cream) mixed with cashew nuts and fixed between two layers of ground pistachio puree. What makes all the difference with this dessert is the use of quality ingredients, be it the fresh Ashta or the premium pistachio. The result are the above little green appealing pieces of heaven that explode with rich flavor in your mouth.

The reason I’m writing about the Daoukieh is that I still encounter a lot of people who have never heard of it. So if you want to treat yourself to some really good Arabic dessert this Ramadan make sure it is the Daoukieh. Al-Daouk Sweets is located very close to the Beirut Arab University in Cola, anybody in the region will be able to provide you with directions to it, and the non-stop traffic jam near the shop is totally worth it. It sells for 24,000L.L/Kg.

I’m aware by the way of the other alternatives to Daoukieh such as Bohsalino and Safsoufieh, but trust me on this, Daoukieh is the real deal.

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Le Gray Swimming Pool Among the Most Incredible Pools on Earth

I just stumbled upon this list of incredible swimming pools in the world by The Huffington Post and was surprised to find the swimming pool at Le Gray Hotel featured in it.

The swimming pool is truly stunning and has a cool view over the Mediterranean and Beirut downtown. It’s also worth noting that the spa at Le Gray was earlier also ranked among the top 10 spas in the middle east.

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Al Rifai Angel Drones is More Like a Stunt Than a Campaign


The Angel Drones is an initiative by Al Rifai that aims to donate packages of clothes, food, and other essential items to needy families in Lebanon using drones that are labeled as “Angel Drones”. The whole campaign sounds pretty nice as it goes with the spirit of Ramadan in term of helping poor people and feeling with them. Moreover, technically speaking the video is well executed and kudos to whoever made the filming.

However, with the budget that seem to have been allocated for this campaign I really think Al Rifai could have done a lot better.

Even though the video started good and felt very touching, at the end of watching it I was only left thinking about drones and how much weight they can carry around… I bet I was not the only one who thought about that and I really doubt this was Al Rifai’s goal from “The Angel Drones”.

In addition, I really didn’t like the way they displayed the stories of the families they are helping on their website. I mean this is the kind of things that Tony Khalife and Joe Maalouf would do to score with the public… If you want to help poor people then either do it discretely or simply don’t reveal their identities, publicizing it actually goes against the values of Ramadan.

Giving the video a second thought will probably qualify the campaign more as a stunt than a socially responsible campaign. Social responsibility in our case lies in actually donating to the people instead of over-thinking a sophisticated and expensive way to deliver these donations.

In my humble opinion, what Al Rifai could have done instead is producing a video that motivates people to help each other. Take for example the videos that Pepsi Masr produces every year, they touch you really deep and inspire to do good to others or at least be good to them.

The idea is that you do not necessarily have to prove that you are socially responsible in order to score with the public. I think being an inspiration to them can promote your brand much better.

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Cool Aerial Video of Byblos Bay


Although realtively short, this video shot by Marc Howayek using a DJI Phantom 3 shows some great scenery from the coast of Byblos.

I have also seen a sneak peak of other video he took in different regions of Lebanon and they look really awesome. I hope he uploads them sometime soon so that I can share them as well.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – June 24th 2015


Here are my picks of things to do this week from Lebtivity. Make sure not to miss the 4-day Ramadaniyat Beirutiya Festival which aims to revive the old traditions of Ramadan in the ancient city of Beirut.

  1. Moules & Frites Special Night at The Hangout Beirut
  2. Ramadaniyat Beirutiya 2015 in BIEL
  3. GREEN STEPS picking Cherries in Baskinta
  4. Open BBQ & Live Band at The Hangout Beirut – Every Sunday
  5. Hermits Trail, Tannourine
  6. “ABWAB” Photography Exhibition – Rosie Nasser
  7. Fashion Business Seminar
  8. Nia® ~ “Joy of Movement”
  9. Kids & Teens Festival
  10. Consumption Exhibition: Prix Pictet – Beirut Exhibition Center

Fro more options you can always check

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