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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 16th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. Let’s hope the weather gets better over the next few days so that outdoor activities won’t be ruined!

  1. 7th Build It Green – Lebanon Annual Sustainability Solutions Conference
  2. Chinese Boxing Classes
  3. Pause – Art Therapy Group For Adults
  4. Beirut Unisports Festival – 7th Edition
  5. The Comedy Night Show 300 turbo
  6. Hiking in Arsoun with We Are Hikers
  7. The Blues Express at The Hangout Beirut
  8. Sunday Open Buffet at Arnaoon Village
  9. Moules et Frites – Cafe Margot
  10. Let’s Brunch every Sunday!
  11. Celebrate your Mother at Beit Wadih
  12. Special screening of the film “Pause” by Mathieu Urfer

Make sure to check for much more options.


Abed Tahan Mother’s Day Ad Fail


Here’s what happens when your marketing department feels like it’s obligatory to capitalize on every single occasion regardless if your product or service actually relate to it or not, you’re guaranteed to look silly.

Nothing gets on my nerves as much as retailers promoting kitchen appliances and household items for mother’s day as gift ideas. Let alone pointing up that mommies actually desire food processors and fryers, it’s like Abed Tahan thinks of women as housekeepers only.

For this mother’s day, ignore these ads, and do your moms a favor by keeping them away from food processors!







Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 9th 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week with a bit of everything for everybody. The Youth Film Festival taking place at Metropolis Cinema is worth checking out, and for a cool outdoor activity I recommend you make use of the good weather to go explore Arnaoun Castle with Vamos Todos this weekend.

  1. Metropolis Youth Film Festival 2016 – First Edition
  2. Mother’s Day Brunch – Fundraising for CHANCE Association
  3. Jazz Night with Arthur Satyan at The Hangout Beirut
  4. Choosing Your Major
  5. Saison de Musique de Chambre | Concert “Quartetto del Teatro di San Carlo – Napoli”
  6. Kirtan, Calming Chants in a Chaotic World
  7. Ma3 el wa2et… Yemkin – A Theater Play by Georges Khabbaz
  8. Mandala for Beginners Workshop
  9. Scene Scene 5 – the Revolution at Grand Hills
  10. Wind and Art Don’t Care About Border – Art Exhibition
  11. Arnoun Beaufort Castle Hiking with VT
  12. Lies & Likes – Theater Play

Make sure to check for much more options.


Tiny Beirut – A Cool Tilt-Shift Video

tiny beirut

I found this cool tilt-shift video on Vimeo today with scenes from Beirut, Jounieh, and Byblos and thought it is worth sharing on the blog.

It was made by a photographer named Eirik Evjen and I personally found it quite nice for a change at a time when most of the viral videos lately showing parts of Lebanon are taken using drones.

You can check more of Eirik’s work on his website.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – March 2nd 2016


These are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. I highly recommend you include “Liaisons Dangereuses” by Joe Kodeih in your plans for this week as I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback about it.

  2. The Power of De-Cluttering!
  3. Acoustic Pink Floyd Tribute with Durga McBroom
  4. Coma Ca Va? – Samy Khayath new Theater Play
  5. Talk | Spams, Spams, Spams, Wonderful Scams | Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige
  6. Al-Bustan Festival 2016
  7. Drawing with Sacred Geometry // Workshop
  8. Disney In Concert: Frozen – Concert in Lebanon
  9. خبصة فنية | Open Art Day
  10. Mixing Colors, Weaving Emotions – art therapy group for children
  11. Liaisons Dangereuses – Theater Play
  12. KNOW English – Conversation Sessions

Make sure to check for additional options.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 24th 2016


Here’s my selection from Lebtivity for this week. Arabnet Beirut is the biggest event happening this week and is highly recommended for those into the digital creative sector.

  1. Arabnet Beirut 2016
  2. Thursday Nights Live at Lily’s Lounge Kitchen Bar – Dbayeh
  3. Red Bull Jump & Freeze Lebanon 2016
  4. Toastmasters Lebanon Annual Convention 2016
  5. Movie Night for HR professionals with HRAL
  6. Woman of Wisdom
  7. Max Strom Workshops: Learn To Breathe: Better Sleep: Stress Management
  8. Monday Live Comedy Night with “Oh My Jad” and Tony Dagher
  9. Family program | Derbakke-Making Workshop
  10. Italian Cooking Class including Lunch & Wine
  11. Drop a Jeans Size in 21 Days – Fitness Challenge at Healthy Lifestyle
  12. Moules & Frites Special Night at The Hangout Beirut
  13. Hiking Mazraet el Teffeh with ProMax
  14. Trio Al-Madina

MAke sure to check for additional options.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 17rd 2016


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for this week. The play “Venus” was quite a success last year and is back again this month for a few nights at Monot theater, so I recommend you book your tickets if you didn’t watch it last year.

  1. Unleash The Power Within Seminar inspired by Anthony Robbins | Lebanese Edition
  2. Things I’M NOT – Dance Performance
  3. Your turn to be a hero – Fundraising Event for the Civil Defense by Rotaract
  4. Pause – Art Therapy Group For Adults
  5. VENUS – Theater Play – Rerun
  6. The Blues Express at The Hangout Beirut
  7. Fonds Ta Raclette a l’Appartement
  8. Expressive Colouring Night: Mandalas Love
  9. Encorps, Module 2 “A pas de deux”
  10. Please Touch by Nadine Abou Zaki
  11. Law Workshops for HR & Business Professionals
  12. Le Diner de Cons – Spectacle au Liban!

Make sure to check for additional options.




Is Charles De Gaulle’s Residence In Beirut Set for Demolition?

charles de gaulle

During the early days of the French Mandate for Lebanon, Charles De Gualle who was still a commander back then was among the army units that were assigned to Beirut at that time. He used to serve at the Grand Serail and was looking for a place to stay with his family within a close proximity, so he rented the first floor of a house owned by Elias Wehbe in Mar Elias.

Over the years, and despite being owned by people of Al-Hoss family, the house has always been known as Charle De Gaulle’s place because of a marble plaque fixed above the door saying “Here lived commander Charles De Gaulle. November 1929 – January 1932”. I even sometimes refer to it the same way when providing directions for someone to a nearby place.

The house has been vacant for many years now and is poorly maintained, but I was quite surprised yesterday to come across a photo by Khaled Hamadeh on twitter showing that the plaque has been removed, which could possibly mean that there might be plans to demolish it and I really hope it isn’t the case.

charles de gaulle 1

With the current property prices in Beirut nowadays, I totally understand it might be unfair for the owners to be forbidden from bringing down the house to make way for a new building to earn some really good money, that’s why there should be a plan by the government or municipality to buy these old houses/building to either just preserve them or turn them into small museums. But then again, in a failed state it’s much easier said than done, so I really don’t want to be in the shoes of the current owners!

The second photo is taken by Ginane Bacho


The governor of Beirut Ziad Chbib posted on Facebook that the house owner removed the plaque because he was afraid that George Abdallah supporters might vandalize it. It is currently in the hands of the ISF and will be restored to its place, which simply means that the house is safe!


Belghalat – A Satire Musical by Michelle & Noel Keserwany

michelle and noel keserwany

The famous Michelle and Noel Keserwany are collaborating with M Media on a satirical musical called “Belghalat”. The project is made of four episodes each criticizing a certain side of life in Lebanon through their witty songs.

Judging by the songs they made so far like Jagal El Usek, 3al Jamal bi Wasat Beirut, and Zaffatleh El Tarik, I highly doubt the upcoming series will be any less better than the previous videos.

The first episode will go online on February 15th, but I have no idea if the subsequent ones will be posted on a daily or weekly basis. Anyway, for now you can watch this teaser that M Media posted today.


TSC Lebanon is Now Offering Children Free Fruits


In order to encourage children to eat healthy, TSC Lebanon just announced on their Facebook page today that they will start offering each kid one piece of fruit to snack on while shopping with their parents. And for that purpose, fruit baskets will be available at the entrance of both TSC Achrafieh and TSC Signature (Beirut Souks).

The initiative is certainly not new as I have lately read about the same moves made by grocery stores in the US and Europe, still you can’t but salute TSC for it.

As a parent, I always find myself buying my 2 year-old son some biscuits to keep him busy while my wife and I do our shopping, but a banana or an apple would definitely be better for him.

Let’s hope they extend this offer to their other branches in Zouk and Jnah as I know a lot of parents are going to appreciate it!


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