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Gebran Bassil Instagram Fail

gebran bassil

Notice the first comment he got 😀

via @ghazayel

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Airboards Are Now Banned at Beirut Souks

beirut souks airboard

I just came across the best news on Facebook, Beirut Souks just announced that airboards are no longer welcome at their premises.

This is so relieving because you can’t believe how annoying it has become lately after the space became infested with teenagers on airboards and their heads buried in their phones.

Ever once in a while I take my 2 year old kid to the area near the cinemas for him to ride his scooter with , and I always feel worried about some airboard hitting him so I salute Beirut Souks for their decision.

City Mall already also banned airboards but I have no idea about the policy in ABC, Le Mall and City Centre.

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Ziad Rahbani 24/7


I’m a fan of Ziad Rahbani, not the kind of fans that consider him a god, but I do love his work and I was glad to stumble upon a new cool radio station that airs nothing but his plays and music!

The station is broadcasting on 105.7 MHz and I’ve been listening to it on my way to work or home over the last few days to enjoy Ziad’s jokes that never get old.

I’m not sure until when the broadcast will remain the same but I believe it won’t be long until a new radio station is launched. So for now, just enjoy the laughs and good music before trendy Arabic songs take over!

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AUB Chosen Among the Most Beautiful Universities in the World

american university of beirut

The Most Beautiful Universities in the World” is a recently released book by photographer Guillaume de Laubier and French literature specialist Jean Serroy. The book features the most beautiful institutions from around the world and the American University of Beirut was unsurprisingly among the 23 chosen ones.

University of Bologna was ranked first in the book and the list included the Sorbonne in France, Cambridge University in England, Yale University in the United States, Qatar University and several other architecturally significant universities.

The American University of Beirut was established in 1866 which makes it one of the oldest academic institutions in Lebanon and is definitely one of Beirut’s landmarks. With more than 60 buildings and several libraries spread over an area of 250,000m2, the campus is well known for its extensive green space and for offering the neighbors in Bliss street and the surrounding areas an unimpeded view to the sea thanks to its low rise construction.

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You Can Finally Netflix and Chill in Lebanon!


Netflix just announced today during a keynote at CES the launching of its service in more than 130 new countries including Lebanon! So yeah, you can finally “Netflix and chill” now 😉

The only way to have Netflix in Lebanon and other Arab countries prior to this announcement was by signing up to some US VPN service, but as of today you won’t have to go through the hassle of doing that anymore.

I personally really love their content and used to abuse my brother’s account in Dubai everytime I went there, however the only and most important concern here in Lebanon is whether our shitty internet connection will be able to stream the service in HD. The only way to figure out is by signing up for a free trial which I’m gonna do right away!

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – January 6th 2016


Here’s my selection from Lebtivity for this week. If you’re into ice skating then definitely don’t miss the rink at Citymall Level 2.

  1. Les Elans ne sont pas toujours des animaux faciles – Piece de Theatre
  2. The Dream Matcher Experience – New Year Edition
  3. The Blues Express at The Hangout Beirut
  4. Ice Skating in Citymall – Freez Zone
  5. Rebirthing – Courage to dive into yourself
  6. Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Mindset for 2016
  7. Masterclass: Silicon Valley is a Mindset, not a Location
  8. Let’s Talk Language – New year’s edition
  9. BistroBar Live presents “Wine & Cheese Sundays with Shady & The Band”
  10. Positive Affirmations Workshop

Don’t forget to check for much more ideas.

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Five Things The Good Note Initiative is Missing


If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Good Note is a new initiative by Bou Khalil Supermarket aiming to give the children on the streets the essentials they need without funding the adults who sent them out to the streets and might be abusing them.

The idea is to sell small vouchers worth 1,000L.L each that can only be redeemed at Bou Khalil for necessities and small treats or at Pharmalife pharmacy in Hazmieh. You’re of course supposed to keep these vouchers in your wallet to give them to the child you may encounter on the street so that they can buy the stuff they really need, and this way you make sure you’re actually giving them responsibly.

The initiative is definitely good and plausible, I personally usually avoid giving child beggars any money because I know it will end up in the wrong hands, and always prefer to give them any food I might have instead. However, after giving a second thought about The Good Note it sounded a bit unpractical for the following reasons.

  1. Explaining the idea to children

    I know we get stuck in traffic for a good time in Beirut, but sometimes you have so little time to give children the voucher and explain to them it isn’t fake and that they can really redeem it at a certain supermarket. Judging by how these children behave, I doubt they will believe it and will most probably end up throwing away the vouchers.

  2. Branch locations

    Assuming a child was convinced to go redeem a voucher, Bou Khalil has only one branch in Beirut (Koraytem) and going all the way from Achrafieh, Bechara El Khoury, or Mazraa for example doesn’t really seem cost effective to me in order to redeem a vouhcer, two or three.
    Other branches nearby Beirut are located in Hazmieh, Hadath, and Mansourieh.

  3. How much are you willing to give?

    Seriously now, how much are willing to give a child beggar? I personally never gave them more than 1,000L.L. So these children will have to wait until they collect a good number of these vouchers before making a trip to the supermarket to buy the necessities they need.

  4. What happens to the change?

    Say a child bought goods worth 2,250L.L, what happens to the remaining 750L.L? The website claims the voucher cannot be redeemed for real money.

  5. The  generated profit

    The website claims the generated profit from the sales of these good notes will go to an NGO that works to care for street and working children in Lebanon. It isn’t clear though whether the exact voucher value or the profit generated after completing a sales transaction will be donated to the NGO, but I think it is most probably the latter, which seems very little money to me…
    It also wasn’t clear what would happen to the value of the vouchers that get thrown away and end up never used, which will result in pure profit for Bou Khalil alone.

I really don’t want Bou Khalil to hate on me because of this post, but it is our right to question such initiatives. In my opinion, Bou Khalil could have simply offered people to purchase any goods they want and deposit them in a box at the exit and street children will then be free to enter into the supermarket and pick the items they need the most (it can be limited to 2 items per day).

COOP Supermarkets also started a good initiative a while ago allowing customers to pay an extra 1,500L.L for a pack of bread to be available at the entrance for anyone who might be in need.

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Top NYE Parties in Lebanon This Year

Fireworks explode during New Year's Eve celebrations in downtown Beirut

New year’s eve is in 3 days and I bet most of you don’t have a plan yet! But just like every year, Lebtivity has dedicated a special page for the NYE parties happening around town, and I have selected the 30 coolest ones that I hope will be suitable for all tastes!

  1. 9 New Year Eve Parties at Eddé Sands
  2. New Year’s Eve 2016 @ Junkyard Beirut
  3. New Year’s Eve at Sydney’s Club Bar & Restaurant
  4. NYE 2016 at BistroBar Hamra & Dbayeh
  5. Black presents Vijay & Sofia Live – NYE 2016
  6. O1NEderland – NYE 2016 at O1NE Beirut
  9. NYE 2016 at Dany’s Badaro
  10. NYE 2016 @ Feb30
  11. NEW YEAR’S EVE 2015 at Le Royal Hotel
  12. NYE Celebrations at Theatrum Byblos
  13. the Great Gatsby Special NYE 2016 Party at The Villa
  14. NYE at the Regency Palace Hotel with Fady Reaidy, Melhem Zein, Naji El Osta & much more
  15. NYE 2016 @ Checkpoint Charlie
  16. NYE – 1001 Bazaar Nights
  17. New Years Eve 2016 at Venue Verde – Drink & don’t Drive
  18. New Year’s Eve 2016 at the Italian Project
  19. New Year’s Eve at Venezia
  20. Unique Masquerade New Years Eve at Riviera Hotel
  21. C U NXT YEAR: The Not So Phisticated NYE
  22. 2016 New Year Party at Coop D’Etat
  23. DANCING IN RIO – NYE 2016 at The Smallville Hotel
  24. New Year’s Eve 2016 at Floyd The Dog Mar Mikhael
  25. Psylienz Presents : NYE Psychedelic Bash : WEIRDEL LIVE IN LEBANON
  26. Faraya Christmas Festival 2015 & NYE 2016
  27. The Big Bad-Ass House of Drinking Games: New Year’s Eve Edition
  28. New Year at Pasquale
  29. NYE 2016 at De Prague
  30. NYE 2016 at VEER

You can also check the complete list of Lebtivity’s NYE’s parties here.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – December 23th 2015


This is probably the biggest selection I’ve made from Lebtivity since it’s almost Christmas and Beirut couldn’t be busier than this! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

  1. Sunday Night Fever – Special 70s & 80s Night at The Hangout Beirut
  3. Fondue Nights at éCafé – Sursock
  4. Ma3 el wa2et… Yemkin – A Theater Play by Georges Khabbaz
  5. Run with Nike Running Club – NRC

Christmas Special:

  1. Souk El Akel – Christmas Edition
  2. Bruno, Cynthya and Christmas at ABC!
  3. Jardin de Noël – Sioufi Garden
  4. AS SEEN ON TV – A Live Christmas Show on Stage
  5. Christmas 2015 Decoration in Byblos with a special Christmas Tree
  6. Decadance. The Christmas Edition: BAD SANTA
  8. The Gathering – Clothes Bank
  9. Colonel Beer presents: Christmas Day
  10. Christmas gathering at B018
  11. Sparkling Christmas at the Jewelry Souks
  12. Christmas Dinner at Venezia
  13. Christmas Spirit at Grand Hills, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa
  14. Jood Bel Mawjood- The Christmas edition
  15. Winterlude at De Prague
  16. Christmas Party at Coop d’Etat
  17. CHRISTMAS IS NOT FOR US: The Basement’s Yearly Fundraiser
  18. The Hollywood Circus – Special Christmas Edition
  20. L’Etoile Rouge – Theatre pour enfants avec GHINWA

Don’t forget to check for much more options.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – December 16th 2015


We’re in for a week that is packed with events all over town! But between all the live performances, exhibitions, and cool parties happening this week, don’t miss the awesome Christmas events I also picked from Lebtivity especially the concert by Majida El Roumi that will take place at Lazarieh church.

  1. Growing Circles – Networking Event for the Lebanese Alumni of Top Universities in the world
  2. THE BRIT FLOYD – “Space & Time World Tour 2015” in Beirut
  3. The Blues Express at The Hangout Beirut
  4. “None-Disposable” Exhibition – معرض “مش للكب”
  5. Garage Sale at Metropolis Cinema
  6. Sunday Brunch at Junkyard Beirut
  7. Nour Nimri Live @ Hole In The Wall
  8. Run with Nike Running Club – NRC
  9. Beirut Port District Annual Party!
  10. #SistaAtTheVilla – Sista Browns Christmas Pop up Store at Villa Paradiso

Christmas Top 12 this week!

  1. Anthony Touma Live in Concert – Christmas Beat
  2. Artisans Market in Saifi Village
  3. Concert de Noel de la Federation des Anciens de l’USJ
  4. Beirut Christmas Village 2015
  5. The Christmas Mission 2015 – Rock Concert for a Cause
  6. Bikfaya Christmas Festival 2015
  8. Christmas Comic Book Sale
  9. MATTEO’s Christmas Concert: In Excelsis Deo!
  10. Spiritual Café Christmas POTLUCK Gathering
  11. Majida El Roumi Christmas Concert in Azarieh Church
  12. L’Orchestre Philharmonique Du Liban in Christmas Concert

Don’t forget to check for much more options!

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