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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – June 10th 2015


It’s time for another round of events picked from Lebtivity. My favorite one for this week is the annual Cherry Festival in Hammana which allows people to go charry-picking in the orchards. I know it’s a quite fun festival as I’ve been to it before and I’m actually planning to take my little kid there this year.

  1. Celtic Legends – Irish Dancers Show in Lebanon
  2. Byblos en Blanc et Rosé
  3. Live acoustic Jazz with Arthur Satyan at The Hangout Beirut
  4. Mandala classes
  5. 7th Annual Karaz Hammana Food & Feast Festival
  6. A walk in the old parts of Beirut
  7. Lebanon Lantern Festival 2015 | “We Remember”
  8. Revisiting Dalieh Exhibition
  9. The Golden Tracks at Bus Stop
  10. Happy Xiao- Happy Mondays!

Many other options are available on Also, don’t miss the competition they’re holding for their 3rd anniversary as this week is your last chance to participate!

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – June 3rd 2015


Car free days are getting quite popular these days. Following “Tout tout a Beirut” in Hamra last weekend, Badaro will be a car free street this Sunday, and I hope we get more similar events throughout this summer!

Many other cool events are also happening this week and below are the favorites that I have chosen from Lebtivity.

  1. Badaro In Good Spirit: A Car-Free Day
  2. LinkedIn for Business & Recruitment – Workshop 2015
  3. Live acoustic Jazz with Arthur Satyan at The Hangout Beirut
  4. Dieudonné En Tournée
  5. Danish Feast – 4th Edition
  6. Summer Misk Festival 2015 – Full Program at Beit Misk
  7. Green Festival
  8. Beirut Marathon Women’s Race: Rise & Run Forward
  9. Lebanon HR Summit 2015
  10. Le Grand Rassemblement” des Anciens de l’USJ

Make sure to check for additional options.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – May 27th 2015


Another week goes by and it’s time again for my picks from Lebtivity. I’m personally planning to attend “Tout tout a Beirut” in Hamra and “Marché du livre” in Jbeil.

  1. 3a Tari2 El Janneh – Theater Play
  2. Cauet au Liban
  3. Live acoustic Jazz with Arthur Satyan at The Hangout Beirut
  4. Cabriolet Film Festival 2015
  5. The Dream Matcher Experience – Beirut
  6. Marché du livre Jbeil
  7. Beirut Designers’ Week 2015
  8. Ahla Fawda presents ” Tout Tout a Beirut “
  9. Joseph Leon (paris) OAK (beirut) live
  10. Writing and Measuring HR Strategies – Training with MEIRC

Make sure to check for more ideas, and don’t forget to participate in their 3rd anniversary competition.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – May 20th 2015


Below are my picks for this week from Lebtivity. My personal favorite events for this week are The Garden Show & Spring Festival, Cabriolet Film Festival, and Yasmine Hamdan Concert at O1NE Beirut.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cool people at Lebtivity are currently celebrating their 3rd anniversary and for the occasion they’re holding a massive competition in which 33 lucky winners will receive 3 gifts each over a period of 3 weeks. Participating is pretty simple and consists of answering 2 simple questions on their Lebtivity Facebook page.

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My take on new bidding websites BidAffairs and BidZeed


Every once in a while Lebanon buzzes about certain type of websites. A few years ago group deals websites were mushrooming everywhere, and right now seems the time for auction websites like and

Judging by their names these website first seem like regular bidding websites, but the process of purchasing their offered items has little to do with the real concept of bidding.

To be able to participate in the ongoing auctions, you first start with buying a number of bids ($17.5 per 25 bids at BidAffairs for example), and from then on each bid you place will increase the price of the item by one cent, and at the end of the auctions you end up paying for the bids you have placed ($0.7 for every single bid) in addition to the final price of the item. So for example if an item in fact costs $500 and got sold for $10 (1000 bids), then the website will earn $0.7 x 1000 + $10 = $710, while the user will end up paying for the number of placed bids plus the final item price.

Some people will consider such deals a steal, but I tend to see it more as gambling since each bid you place is non-refundable. Assuming you place 20 bids and don’t end up winning then you practically have paid $14 for nothing, and there’s actually a high probability for this to happen since the website keeps on extending the auction end time by 15 seconds each time someone places a bid. So it’s not like the whole thing is limited by a clear time-frame in order for users to try to make use of the last few seconds.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling such websites a scam, but they just don’t feel right to me.


BidZeed team e-mailed me last night to let me know about a feature I missed on their website called “Buy Now”. In case you weren’t the highest bidder at the end of an auction, this feature will allow you to purchase the selected item at retail price while deducting the value of the bids you have spent from the original price.

I thought it’s worth updating the post to mention that such feature exists since it differentiates BidZeed from other similar websites and gives you the option to not waste your bids for nothing, given that you of course want to purchase the item in question at the price set on their website.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – May 13th 2015

Here’s my pick of events from Lebtivity for this week. My top three favorites that I hope I’ll be able to attend are Beirut street food festival, the sand competition at Tyr’s Rest House, and the Garten opening.
  1. Bikfaya Flowers & Spring Festival
  2. Séminaires Étiquette à la Française “Culture & Diplomatie”
  3. Beirut Street Food Festival 2015
  4. Communication and Negotiation workshop at Skillz
  5. RestHouse Tyr Sand Competition (Summer Season Grand Opening)
  6. L’anniversaire: Spectacle de marionnettes françaises Dim Dam Doum n 1 (musical)
  7. International Museum Day 2015 @ mim museum
  8. “Is He Dead” Play
  9. Shebaik Lebaik… “شبيّك لبيّك”…
Don’t forget to check for many more options!
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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – May 6th 2015


Lot of cool events are happening this week but I personally found the most interesting one to be the screening of the “On The Rails” documentary by Zeina Haddad which includes stories from the employees who used to work in the railways. The event is taking place this Monday at the UNESCO palace.

  1. Common Fest Beirut
  2. Concert One Lebanon 2015
  3. AUB Honey Day 2015
  4. Karting Inc. 2015
  5. On The Rails Movie Premiere
  6. Aperitivo All’Italiana on the terrace of Mario e Mario
  7. Nazira’s Cooking Classes
  8. Dialogue of Culture – A Spanish Cultural Event in Lebanon
  9. BistroBar Live presents Shady & the band Every Monday
  10. Blissfull Stillness / Yoga Class

Don’t forget to check Lebtivity from endless other options.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 29th 2015


It’s time again for a new round of events picked from Lebtivity. Make your choices wisely!

  1. 2015 Annual AUB Latin Night
  2. Matsuri Festival Beirut 2015 – First Japanese Festival in Lebanon
  3. Rhino 3D and 3D printing workshop with Fab Lab
  4. Open Sushi at Titanic Piano Bar
  5. Woman’s World Exhibition 2015
  6. Beirut International Jazz Day 2015
  7. LOVE and the Law of Attraction Workshop
  8. Souk El Akel – Lebanon’s Street Food Market
  9. Cinco de Mayo – Mexican party at Junkyard Beirut
  10. ALWAN LB Marathon
  11. Spring Festival – Makdessi Street, Hamra

Don’t forget to check for many additional options.

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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 22nd 2015

Ever since I had a kid I started valuing the car free days that are set around Beirut every now and then much more! So needless to say, among the below event I picked from Lebtivity for this week, I’m mostly excited for the “Discover Armenia Street” this weekend by Achrafieh 2020!


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Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – April 15th 2015


The biggest thing happening this  week is HORECA which is one of the region’s big exhibitions for hospitality and F&B companies, so expect a buzz about it on the foodie blogs as of Monday!

  1. Public Speaking workshop at Skillz
  2. Fund Raising Dinner for BiBickfaya
  3. Access Masters Tour
  4. Fridays @ Playroom
  5. Wahdon Band Saturdays
  6. “Re-volt” live with Big Hass
  7. NLP Control the language of your mind
  8. Guru Yoga Retreat @ Zenotel, Bikfaya
  9. HORECA 2015
  10. Bikeathon Baldati Beirut – BBB 2015

For more options, you can always check

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