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Nadim Gemayel at an Ashoura mourning gathering

Man if you can’t speak Arabic properly, then you better prepare well before giving a speech!

You can watch the full speech here.

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Maya Diab and Mario Bassil on Celebrity Duets

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Watch TEDxBeirut live

TEDxBeirut is happening today at UNESCO, and it has an interesting line-up of speakers this year.

If you didn’t manage to buy ticket to attend but still want to watch the talks, the organizer will be livestraming everything on this link. For more about the speakers you can check here.

Photo via brofessional review

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The wonders of the Lebanese University in Hadath

I can understand the images of March 8 leaders at the Lebanese university faculty of science in Hadath, as it became the norm in Lebanon for the dominant political party at a certain Lebanese University branch to control the student council, and of course put up the images of their leaders all over the place as a way to mark their territory.

But what I really find it disturbing is allowing some people to set up a cellular shop inside the university campus and even worse, remain silent over the occupation of the university’s cafeteria that currently offers shisha! And this is what is actually happening in Hadath.

The below video was shot by a journalist in Now Lebanon who was threatened for taking photos inside the campus, but fortunately she had the balls to publish them online. You may read her article about the whole thing here.

Make sure to also check this additional article published in Al-Akhbar shedding light on similar breaches in the same campus which actually seems like it exists on some other planet where police is never heard of!

With these two articles, I now believe we should never act surprised next time a family announce their own military wing, because a government that cannot control a single campus definitely cannot control 10,452Km2 of land!

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Homophobic comments on Men El Ekhir

What’s the point of hosting a gay person in your show if you already know the other guest cannot handle him?

Check out the comments this guy got after Pierre Rabbat interviewed him about a silly video he posted on YouTube and went viral. The interview starts at 1h16m50s, and the video should automatically start playing at that mark.

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The valet parking mafia in Downtown Beirut

Check out this special report prepared by Rami El-Amine from Al-Jadeed about the valet parkers in Downtown Beirut and how they overpower the parking meter attendants in the area.

Those people take your car and park it anywhere in Downtown Beirut and they never mind the parking meter attendant since those usually never dare to fine a car with a valet parking ticket on it, and don’t ask why! And if a car ever got fined, the valet parker just throws away the fine and hand you the car as if nothing happened. But you of course end up paying it double time at the mecanique.



If this report is not enough reason for you to stop using the valet parking service then I don’t know what is, I know it’s impossible sometimes, but I personally always try to park my car by myself even if I had to walk for a few minutes to reach my destination.

The fourth part of this report is due tonight by the way.


Here’s the fourth and last part of the report.

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Don’t miss Lebanon vs. Qatar game today

Don’t miss following the world cup qualifying game between our national team and Qatar today at 4:45PM Beirut time. This is a quite important one as it can seriously increase our chance to qualify to the world cup in case we won.

If you’re wondering how will our chances be affected in case of a win or loss, here’s how figo29 put it:

I will keep things simple and put the math first, so that no one would panic in case of a loss:

  1. A win against Qatar will put Lebanon on equal terms with Korea Republic = 80% chance of going to World Cup 2014
  2. A draw will keep Lebanon at the bottom of the group = 40% chance of going to World Cup 2014
  3. A loss will change nothing = 20% chance of making it to World Cup 2014

The game will be broadcasted on Al-Jazeera sports and I guess all major news sites will be posting the important updates in realtime.


We unfortunately lost 0-1 to Qatar and we now have very little chance to advance to the world cup.

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Beirut Jam Sessions

Beirut Jam Sessions is the coming together of three passionate music lovers whose goal is to bring good music to Lebanon.

Those guys do so by featuring Lebanese bands and artists on their YouTube channel, in addition to bringing talented foreign artists, such as Emilie Gassin and Nadeah, to perform here in Lebanon.

Their upcoming concert is on November 27th at Solea V Sin El Fil, and will feature a 3 man band called “Pony Pony Run Run” from Nantes, along with a Lebanese band called Goldfish Parade (featured in the video above) who will be performing the opening act of this event.

Make sure to check Beirut Jam Sessions’ work on YouTube to get a glimpse of their taste in music, and if you’re interested in attending “Pony Pony Run Run” concert, tickets are currently selling for $25 at all Virgin Ticketing branches.

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Lebanese restaurant in London evicted for allowing shisha

This is definitely not the kind of news the Syndicate of owners of restaurants in Lebanon would like to read about!

While these people are calling the Lebanese government to amend the anti-smoking law to allow special permits for indoor smoking following what “modern” countries do, check what happened to a Lebanese restaurant in “modern” London for allowing shisha at its premises.

MANAGERS of a Lebanese restaurant who persistently allowed customers to smoke shisha have been evicted from the premises.

In spite of warnings from the police and environmental health officers, Mezaziq, in Brackenbury Road, Hammersmith, let its customers flout the smoking ban and use shisha pipes in the basements.

Following pressure from the council and the police, the landlords evicted their tenants and the restaurant closed.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council leader for transport and technical services, Councillor Victoria Brocklebank-Fowler, said: “Mezaziq has been evicted by the owner of the building following considerable pressure from the council.
Road Hug

“This illegal shisha café has consistently flouted the law by allowing shisha to be smoked inside the premises and residents have also complained about noise and antisocial behaviour.

“The council recently served an enforcement notice requiring the shisha club use to cease and we are delighted that the building’s owner has thrown out the people who ran the café.”

Earlier this year the restaurant and social club was rapped over the knuckles after the authorities discovered customers following the traditional Middle Eastern smoking custom.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council had also rejected its application for a late licence amid police and community concerns that it would become a shisha cafe.

Police believed that the absence of an application for an alcohol licence indicated the management wanted to set up shisha smoking facilities. Source

Thanks to Mustapha

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Welcome to Lebanon

With the heavy rain we got over the last few days, here’s how people were being greeted on their way our of Beirut airport.

It’s more like they were swimming their way our of the airport!

Photo via Pascal Assaf

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