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Alfa and Touch started offering Nano sim cards in Lebanon

Alfa and Touch both started offering Nano sim cards in Lebanon for those who have already purchased an iPhone 5 or are willing to.

I actually came across Alfa’s announcement through Elie’s blog, and then just saw Touch’s announcement on their twitter account.

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Lebanon ranks 69th in the Happy Planet Index

The New Economic Foundation issued the Happy Planet Index for 2012 showing how well are nations doing to keep their inhabitants living a good life, while ensuring to maintain the conditions for future generations to do the same.

The index was calculated following this formula:
Happy Planet Index = (Experienced well-being x life expectancy) / Ecological footprint

The Ecological footprint is by the way measures how quick humans consume nature capital compared to how much time earth takes to renew them.

Anyway, the report shows Lebanon in the 69th position with a life expectancy of 72.6 years, which is quite surprising knowing how much we nag here!

Globally, Costa Rica came first while Botswana was ranked last (151st). On the other hand, Algeria came first among the Arab countries in the 26th place, and Israel was ranked 15th.

You can download the full report here.

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Kamashtak – More naming and shaming of Lebanese drivers

Kamashtak is a new website by a group of people aiming to document the various parking violations causing traffic jams around Beirut by taking photos of the violating vehicles, tagging them on a map, and finally posting them on the website along with the violation type and the vehicle’s plate number. It’s a bit similar to Cheyef 7alak initiative by LBC Group, except that Kamashtak is limited to parking violations and is not crowd-sourced.

I don’t know how effective will this initiative be. I mean Cheyef 7alak is already quite popular but did it change a thing? Thousands of photos have been uploaded so far and we still suck ass at driving… talk about wasted efforts. Anyway if you ever see the above sticker on your car, just know that you’ve done something wrong!

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Claire Danes in Beirut

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the events in the first episodes of “Homeland” take place in Beirut, but its producers decided to shoot these scenes in Tel Aviv and make it look like Beirut as shown in the above photo. Still, the result didn’t seem pretty convincing to Karl from Karl reMarks blog, and so he offered the below alternatives!

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Xriss Jor performance on The Voice

Xriss Jor is a Lebanese contestant on the Arabic version of “The Voice” currently being aired on MBC. Judging by her first performance, she looks so talented and promises to hopefully make it to the final rounds.

You can follow and support Xriss on both of her twitter account and Facebook page. I have no idea by the way why does she write her name this way…

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Beirut featured in Homeland TV series

Fatima Ali, the first wife of a Hezbollah district commander, has information about an attack on the United States. Fatima refuses to speak to anyone but Carrie, who knows another secret from having recruited her eight years ago: She loves Julia Roberts movies. (What did she think of her in “Charlie Wilson’s War”?) This leads CIA counterterrorism director David Estes (David Harewood) and avuncular CIA vet Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) to pull Carrie back into the business for a three-day, one-off mission to Beirut, Lebanon. (The Beirut scenes, however, were filmed in Israel.) Source

Funnily enough, the scenes in Beirut were all filmed in Tel Aviv.

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Electricity all over Lebanon affected by today’s rain

We all know the electricity situation here is very miserable, but I really find it hard to believe that three power plants, Jiyyeh, Zouk, and Deir Amar, went off the grid in the afternoon because it BARELY rained around the country today! Electricity consequently went off in the Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the North.

This winter is definitely promising to be a fantastic season for all generators owners!


Even worse, check these two videos showing what the rain did to some regions. And don’t blame the rainfall amounts, it’s actually all because of the poor infrastructure we’ve got thanks to our dear government!

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Gangnam Style – Arabs Style

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L’Oreal ends contract with Najwa Karam for praising Hitler

Three months after Najwa Karam praised Hitler on Talk of the Town with Mona Hamze, it seemed that she did actually pay the price for the statement she made after an American Jewish blogger called Debbie Schlussel contacted L’Oreal to inform them about Najwa Karam’s interview, since she’s one of the brand’s ambassadors, which resulted in putting an end to the contract between the two.

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Rina Chibani Miss Lebanon 2012

Congratulations to Miss Lebanon 2012 Rina Chibani! It’s been a few years since we last got a really nice looking beauty queen. And it’s cool that there’s actually two of Rina :P Her twin sister Romy was also competing for the title and ended up being the first runner-up, which is kind of weird but logical at the same time…

Anyway here are some photos I managed to find of Rina Chibani.

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