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Just Falafel coming to Lebanon

I was passing by Bechara El-Khoury a few days ago when I noticed Just Falafel will soon be opening there close to Falafel Sahyoun.

I recall hearing about Just Falafel from some of my friends living in Dubai, and what basically makes it special is that it offers various Falafel mixes which are Lebanese, Indian, Greek, Egyptian, Emirati, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese.

Let’s see how will it taste compared to our local Falafel joints such as Sahyoun or Khalife for example…

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“Ma2too3a!” – Stay updated on road blocks

Now that road blocking with burning tires is becoming more like a habit for some of us here in Lebanon, someone came up with a new iPhone application called “Ma2too3a!” to let people update each other on any kind of road blocks, protests, or armed combats happening around the country.

You may download “Ma2too3a!” from the App Store, but don’t take it for granted since everyone can post updates to the app and it’s possible that you would see some fake events on it.

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Lebanese filmmaker Niam Itani at the Venice film Festival

Lebanese filmmaker Niam Itani will be competing at the Venice film festival with her short film “Super.Full.” in a competition announced by YouTube earlier this year.

The prize, aside from a trip to Italy, is a $500,000 grant to work with Ridley Scott’s production company Scott Free.

Below is Niam’s short film “Super.Full”, and you may check the other finalists she will be competing with here.

via Nasri Atallah

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Power of the tire in Lebanon

Awesome work!

Power of the tire is a satirical piece depicting the current political and economical situation in Lebanon. It is meant to be satirical and does not reflect a real situation, but a personal interpretation.

Regarding this piece, it all started after watching Buck’s Take part / waiting for superman trailer, which seemed to have the exact tone for what we wanted. Some of the copy was so good and served our message that we had to use it.
Regarding the visuals, buck’s piece (Jr Canest’s style) is a huge inspiration for experimenting and learning motion graphics. So the intro which is almost identical started as an exercise/study in smooth keyframing, and as the piece took shape, we decided to keep it and give a credit to Jr Canest’s inspiring work. You can also find below a list for our inspiration for this piece. Hope you enjoy it.


Buck / Jr Canest : Take Part ::
Marcus Eckert :
Ron Gervais : Japan PSA Help ::
Water Changed Everything ::

/ Credits
// Production / Caustik
/// Art Direction / Amine Alameddine
/// Animation / Amine Alameddine
/// Character Animation / Rachel Mouawad
/// Additional Character Animation / Omar Labbad

Power of the tire also has a page on Facebook to share what else we can do with tires!

via Samer Nakfour

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Updated list of group buying websites in Lebanon

I already published a list of group buying websites a year ago, but I thought of compiling a new list now since several new websites have been launching lately, and you can find some pretty nice deals on them sometimes. So here you go:

  1. Living Social Out of business.
  2. Makhsoom
  3. goSawa
  4. ScoopCity
  5. Grofferon
  6. Living Lebanese
  7. Awfar
  8. Deal
  9. Deal Booking
  10. MarkaVIP
  11. Sukar
  12. Cobone (They’re currently posting travel deals only)
  13. Waffeer
  14. Go For Low

Did I miss any other website?

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Bil Alb Ya Watan

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Lebanon to witness total blackout tonight?

The EDL Board of Directors declared n Monday that the company will be forcibly closed until contract workers and collectors end their sit-in.

In a statement, the Board said that due to this step, power cuts are expected all across Lebanon in the next few hours.

Later in the afternoon, the EDL administration announced that it will be moving to the Zouk power plant and called on President Michel Sleiman to task concerned authorities with ridding the company’s main building of protestors. Source

Now that the EDL building in Mar Mkhayel is officially closed, when is the security forces willing to intrvene and send the clowns occupying EDL back home? If not now then when?

While many online campaigns are showing support to the contract workers, I personally support Minister Gibran Bassil in this matter. Those people were almost all hired through politicians like Berri and the alikes, and of course there’s an excess number of them now who are becaming a burden on EDL.

To me, these workers represent corruption at its best in our government, and Bassil SHOULD win his battle against them. Otherwise, workers in other sectors will follow the same path to stay in their positions and keep earning their undeserved salaries!

Photo via Marwan Tahtah from Al-Akhbar

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Yet another cool plate number!


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Lebanese Olympic team were not provided with a formal attire!

I’m not quite surprised with our government not providing the appropriate support to our Olympic team this year, but to disregard providing them with a formal attire is too much. Swimmer Katya Bachrouche wrote that the team had to make their entrance in warm-ups with duct-tape to cover the excess logos!

Still, we were of course laughing at the Egyptian team because they were provided with fake suits ignoring that our team had nothing to wear.

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Lebanon’s funniest hack

Don’t you love hackers with a sense of humor? Someone hacked OTV‘s website a couple of days ago and left the below message referring to Gibran Bassil being responsible for the electricity shortage in the country.

via Abir Ghattas

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