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Another Harlem Shake at Garage 78st Bar Hamra

I promise this is the last Harlem Shake video you’ll see here! 😛

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Beirut Harlem Shake – The outcome

I was honestly expecting a cooler video…

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Maura Connelly’s bodyguards harass two women in Hamra

Maura Connelly

Is the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly now determined on creating a mess every time she goes out on weekends?

First her convoy drove over some ancient ruins in Tyre and damaged a stone wall two weeks ago, and just yesterday, her bodyguards harassed Lebanese actress Yara Abou Haidar and one of her Egyptian friends at Dar Bistro in Hamra where Connelly was having a coffee. You can read all about the incident in this article by Al-Akhbar.

via @AbirGhattas

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I offered you pleasure – Another banned movie in Lebanon

“I offered you pleasure” is a short Lebanese movie by Farah Shaer that follows a shiite woman named Iman, who uses her religious right of performing pleasure marriage (zawaj el mot3a) to gather blessings for her late husband, and eventually creating a lot of controversy in her conservative surroundings.

As per this post by “STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon” on Facebook, the movie seems to have been banned in Lebanon due to the fact that it tackles a sensitive subject after trying to submit it to two local film festivals and getting rejected.

“To all the people living in Beirut who wanted to watch the short film “I Offered You Pleasure” (وهبتك المتعة) of which I was the Director, I tell you this:

Unfortunately, the Lebanese Film Festival circuit seems is as corrupt as our governments, as we’ve presented the film to two local festivals & they both rejected the film.

On the other hand, the World’s Biggest Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival) chose it from more than 6150 entries from around the world (& as the only short film to represent Lebanon) …. It toured also to the biggest festival in Asia (Busan International Film Festival) & is now going on a tour between North Africa, Europe, & Latin America … but in Beirut…. well… what can we say… it’s a real shame … seems we will never be able to show it here…”

Trailer >>

So basically, you can make a movie about anything in Lebanon except politics and religion!

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More Lebanese videos of Harlem Shake

This Harlem Shake is taking the world by storm! Here’s one video by some students at AUB.

Another one by the staff at DMTV (the dance starts at the 1m34s mark).

And finally, a failed homemade attempt!

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touch Lebanon – Text & Talk new ad

3anjad kholsit iyyeim l missed call?

Another similar cool ad for Text & Talk also started showing on TV today but hasn’t been upload to touch Lebanon’s YouTube channel yet.


Here’s the second ad.

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Beirut Harlem Shake

Some group is planning to organize one giant Harlem Shake dance in Beirut this Sunday February 17th and are calling for everyone to go act all funky in Mark Mkhayel near Portview Hotel to do the video!

For full details, either check the website or this Facebook event.

Let’s get stupid

Through our wars and politics, we have proved our supreme stupidity many times. Let’s set a definite milestone proving who are the stupidest people on Earth by holding a giant Beirut Harlem Shake.

Step 1
Prepare stupid props. Masks, weird costumes, whatever. If you’re lazy, you can just decide to get naked. If you’re inspired, be as spectacular as you want!

Step 2
Be at Mar Mikhail, on the stairs near Portview hotel, Sunday the 17th of February 2013 at 12:30pm sharp (That’s 30 minutes after lunch)
Hang around in the area, seem natural, hide your props, and don’t look at the person who’ll be dancing there

Step 3
When the music sounds, put your props on and dance! Later that day, check back this site to watch the video

The whole event is 10 minutes long, so don’t be late!

PS: Don’t be a Buzzkill! Fun, kinky,colorful,party, ridiculous props only. This means no flags or other BS symbols. See you there peeps!

 Links via @tramsh

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Al Rifai ads for valentine

Am I the only one who found these ads by Al Rifai humorous rather than provocative?

Al rifai valentine ads

All hell broke loose yesterday after they were posted on Al Rifai’s page on Facebook as people started accusing them of being sexist. Some time later, Al Rifai removed these 2 visuals and posted an apology.

Al Rifai would like to point out that the Valentine visuals were not, in any way, trying to belittle the role of women in society. These visuals are part of a campaign that highlights the beauty of every nut and not our view on the role of men and women in society. We believe in equality, not only among people, but also among all our nuts ;-). We hope that you will be able to see things from our perspective.

We thank all of you who appreciated the creativity of the campaign, your support proves that it was a successful one, but in order not to offend anyone and to avoid any further misunderstandings, we have decided to remove 2 of the posted visuals. Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish someone put the same effort into convincing Spinneys to remove their valentine ads instead. They’re so lame!

Spinneys valentine 2 Spinneys valentine 1

Anyway, make sure to check Brofessiona Review’s post about Al Rifai’s issue here.

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The Lykan Hypersport sold out

W Motors lykan hyper sport

Despite its very high price tag, the Lykan Hypersport managed to get over 100 orders soon after it was revealed in Qatar last month, which means the 7 copies of the car are already sold out.

The Lykan Hypersport was priced at $3.4 million which is probably enough to fill anyone’s garage with a cool collection of sports/super cars.

The Arab world’s first supercar was unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show last month, where fledgling carmaker W Motors revealed its Lykan Hypersport. Just a few weeks on and Beirut-based W Motors has revealed that over 100 orders for its two-seater supercar have already been taken. Not an astronomical number by most standards, until you realize that Arab supercar has been priced at $3.4 million – making it the world’s most expensive production car. Source

I’d love to see the guys at Top Gear or Nadim Mehanna maybe trying it out on TV and have their say about it.

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Infographic about civil marriage in Lebanon

Make sure to check this great infographic by Nicolas Hayek on civil marriage in Lebanon since its inception in 1936 till today.

Civil Marriage in Lebanon
Click to enlarge

via Nicolas Hayek

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