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MTV Lebanon’s website hacked

Someone just hacked MTV Lebanon’s website in protest to the Orthodox gathering electoral law and posted the below photo on their homepage.


I can’t see what does MTV Lebanon has to do with the electoral law in question… why not starting a Facebook page and gain better visibility?


The website has just been restored.

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Olga uncovers tunnel under Roumieh prison

roumieh prison

The stories you read about Roumieh prison every once in a while can easily qualify for Hollywood movie scripts! The latest among these stories is discovering a 2 meters wide unfinished underground tunnel that can let hundreds of prisoners escape thanks to the snowstorm we got last week.

After last week’s snowstorm dubbed Olga, prison guards were shocked at the immense amounts of water flowing from the prison cells, the daily said.

A maintenance team was rushed to fix the problem as heavy rainfall lashed inside the prison from unknown sources. They found an unfinished two meters wide underground tunnel, the daily added.

You can read more here.

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Orthodox gathering law ad parody

You all have probably seen this ridiculous ad by OTV that started airing few days ago. Now check this awesome parody by Karl from Karl reMarks blog!


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Lebanese Army takes over the LU’s cefeteria in Hadath

lebanese university hadath

According to this article from Now Lebanon, the army took over the Lebanese University’s cafeteria in Hadath after it has been controlled by the Zeaiter clan for a long time now.

NOW also reported the Zeaiter’s had their own office inside the university which apparently contained some stolen electronics!

I just hope the campus will be controlled for good now, even it takes a special force to remain there permanently to keep the Zeaiter’s away forever.

This whole issue by the way started a while ago after several media sources started reporting about the malpractices in Hadath campus.

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Bel Jerm El Machhoud busting yet another brothel

In the first part of the show, security forces find out the place they targeted was abandoned, and therefore decide in the second part to follow the suspects to their new location where some people got the scare of their lives after getting caught in the act!

Is it about time we make prostitution legal again in Lebanon?

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More of the storm photos from all around Lebanon

The Daily Star has some nice photos from almost all around Lebanon showing how the snow blanketed most of the Lebanese villages yesterday, in addition to photos of how bad the situation is in Hay El Sellom after Al-Ghadir flooded the whole area.







Dahr El Baidar

Dahr El Baydar 1

Dahr El Baydar

Damaged sea road in Dbayeh




Hay El Sellom

Hay el sellom 1

Hay el sellom 2

Hay el sellom 3

Hay el sellom

Jezzine (Yep, nothing can take away our arguileh, not even a snowstorm)




For more photos you can check the Daily Star galleries here, here, and here. And for more about the flood in Hay El Sellom you can also check the below news report by Al Jadeed.

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Bernard El Hage on Men El Ekhir

Bernard is the guy who came up with these hilarious predictions on new year.

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Cool aerial shot of a twister near Beirut

Check out this cool photo of a water twister facing Beirut taken from an airplane by Cedric Ghoussoub.


via @funkyozzi

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Lebanese olive oil

I’ve always wondered how olive oil is made until I stumbled upon this interesting video by L’Orient Le Jour showing how the whole process works at one of the workshops in Koura (North Lebanon). Make sure to check it out!

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Almaza on “The Bride” storm

Almaza always has something to say about everything!


via Rüba

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