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Top 10 Lebanese blogs

Communicate Levant compiled a list of the top 10 blogs from Lebanon in their 2013 book of tens and your truly was among them!

Below is the full list along with scans provided by Joe from Joe’s Box showing what they had to say about each blog.

  1. Beirut Spring
  2. A Separate State of Mind
  3. +961
  4. Blog Baladi
  5. Marketing in Lebanon
  6. Gino’s Blog
  7. Toom Extra
  8. Joe’s Box
  9. Broffessional Review
  10. Beirut NTSC

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It’s worth noting though that limiting the best blogs in Lebanon to 10 is quite hard. If it was up to me, I would have included some other cool blogs like Ink On The Side by Sareen, Let’s Talk About Movies by Anis, and Ivy Says by Ivy.

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The Hangout Gemmayze offering platters for 1 Lebanese Lira

The hangout Gemmayze

I just stumbled upon this cool offer by The Hangout restaurant on Facebook. They’re challenging people to come on February 12th and 13th with an authentic Lebanese Lira which can buy them a platter of their choice on these two days!

I’m sure many people still have authentic liras in their drawers, and I hope there’s no trick behind The Hangout’s offer. Anyway, for more about The Hangout, you can check out their Facebook page here.

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LBC & LDC to start airing The Voice France primes


I just learned LBCI and LDC will start airing The Voice France primes as of tonight.

So if you’re interested in following Anthony Touma‘s progress in the show, make sure to start following LBCI and LDC as of tonight at 8:30PM since they will be broadcasting last week’s prime right after the news followed by tonight’s prime live at 9:50PM.

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Clash between Salem Zahran and Assaad Bechara on Al-Manar TV

via Gino

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Civil marriage in Lebanon: Walking the talk

civil marriage

So talks about legalizing civil marriage in Lebanon have been ongoing for like a month now since several news outlets reported on the couple, Nidal Darwish and Khouloud Succariyeh, who practiced civil marriage in Lebanon after striking out the mention of their sects from their IDs and getting the necessary paperwork done.

But are we ever going to witness civil marriage being legalized in Lebanon? Or are our politicians just trying to make electoral gains in the upcoming elections by showing support to it? Michael Sleiman, Saad Hariri and many others have made it clear that they do support passing a law for optional civil marriage. But it takes a real politician to walk the talk.

I mean does it take politicians who lead significant parliamentary blocks and are for legalizing the civil marriage too much to put their words to actions? If I were Hariri for example, I would have led a movement to legalize the practice and take all the credits for it! Unless our politicians are just bluffing, and in that case maybe we should just tell them khlosna ba2a!

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A fight at Khoury Home

HAHAH That’s one hilarious video! And I agree with Najib, it’s definitely staged!

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Enab restaurant employees break into IndyACT offices

If you think restaurants that are being criticized for breaking law 174 (smoking ban) in Lebanon might be feeling a bit ashamed of what they’re doing, then you’re definitely wrong, those restaurants are actually getting ruder by the moment!

One of these restaurant is Enab in Gemmayze, who has basically never respected law 174 and always allowed its customer to smoke indoor. In response to that, IndyACT decided to use their office, which is located right next to Enab, in order to put up a huge banner calling the restaurant to abide by the law, and next thing they knew was Enab’s employees breaking into their offices to take down the banner!

Fortunately, IndyACT later got an official permit from the municipality of Beirut to put the poster up again. But I wonder what difference will it make when these restaurants already feel like they have so much power to actually break the law and get away with it while their customers are happy! It’s maybe up to the few of us to boycott them for what they’re doing.

via A Separate State of Mind

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Lebanese Anthony Touma on The Voice France

Fantastic performance by Lebanese Anthony Touma on The Voice France! I hope he makes it to the final stages of the show.

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Escort agencies in Lebanon

Lebanese escort agencies that are operating on the web got the attention they have never dreamt of on Lebanese TVs during the past week!

Both of MTV’s Enta Horr and OTV’s Haida El We2e3 decided to tell the government and people about these websites as if no one knew they existed for several years now, and even showed how the whole thing works by setting up a hidden cam inside a hotel room and calling these agencies to get one of their girls. Joe Maalouf went a bit further towards the end of his report and listed all the agencies numbers! You know, just in case someone doesn’t have internet access to get them.

Free advertising much?

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Yet another old house gets demolished in Beirut

I really felt sad when I learned this old house in Ain El Mraisseh is being demolished as I know some of its previous owner (The Nsouli’s), and I know how beautiful it was from the inside.

But then again, at a time when the government has no plans to acquire these old houses and protect them, you just can’t expect people to keep preserving heritage buildings while the real estate market in the country is booming.

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