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Red Bull RB7 Meets Byblos and The Cedars of God


For all of us who have never attended a Fromula 1 race yet, Red Bull made it up by bringing Carlos Sainz Jr. to burn some rubber in his RB7 racing cat at Beirut Waterfront. The event was unfortunately a bit dull for me as I couldn’t attend and watched it on TV instead which sometimes doesn’t give you a sense of how fast the car was going. I hope some professional videos will soon be available online, including some shots from an onboard camera would be cool too!

Anyway, well before the event, the Red Bull team took the RB7 for a photo shoot around Byblos and the Cedars of God. I found this set of resultant photos on and thought of sharing them here because they’re pretty cool.

I couldn’t find the name of the photographer by the way, so if anyone knows it please leave a comment to credit him/her properly.













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Mount Lebanon time lapse video

I spent some time searching for time lapse videos shot in Lebanon but only found this one worth sharing, even though we have some really cool scenes around the country to experiment with. I actually thought I would find more with the number of photographers I have on my twitter and facebook timelines…

If you’re interested to make your own time lapse video, you can download one of the available applications to your mobile device and start experimenting with it. An application I’m currently toying with on my iPad is this one called Time Lapse Camera HD.

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Vintage photos from Studio Shehrazade in Saida

Our man in Beirut shared this really cool find of vintage photos obtained from an old photography studio in Saida, dating back to the 1960s. The poses and the objects people choose to pose next to look quite funny! But that’s probably the same thing that’s going to be said about our photos in 50 years from now!

Anyway, the collection contains photos for people of all ages, including Palestinian fighters, a body-builder, and even two women french kissing. You can check them all here.

It would be really amazing is those people come across the collection and identify themselves!

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Beirut then and now

via Facebook

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Hiking from Rachaya Al Wadi to Ain Ata

A friend of mine introduced me to Footprints nature club back in March and convinced me to go on my first hiking experience with them to cross the hills from Rachaya Al Wadi to Ain Ata.

It took us around 4 hours to finish the 11 Km hike. The hardest parts of it was whenever we had to go down hills, it might seems weird but during a hike you put more energy when going downhill than going up.

I’ll leave you with some of the photos I took, the mountain showing in the panoramic photo is Jabal Al Cheikh which is known for having snow covering its peaks for most of the year.

Starting from the souk of Rachaya Al Wadi

Jabal Al Cheikh

4 hours later, arriving to Ain Ata

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Photos from Mashrou3 Leila at Byblos International Festival

I think Mashrou3 Leila is the only underground band to make it that big by performing at Byblos International Festival!

Lynn Bizri was generous enough to share with me some photos she took when she attended their concert on July 9th.

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Ain El-Mrayseh by night

Taken last Sunday April 18th 2010. Ain El-Mrayseh is one of my favorite areas in Beirut, but definitely not on a Sunday afternoon!

Ain El Mrayseh_resized

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Lebanon Motor Show 2010 – The Photos

Few days ago I posted about the Lebanon Motor Show which is held at BIEL, downtown Beirut. So today is time to publish some photos from my visit!

I went there on Sunday evening, and there was a huge traffic on the entrance! So I advice you to go on weekdays, just don’t wait till the weekend (it ends on April 18th) because I’m sure it will be very crowded.

The show has 4 halls, 2 for showing cars, 1 for banks (where you can get good deal until the show ends), and 1 for car accessories. Overall it was nice and I recommend that you go check it out.

I leave you now with the photos I got, be careful if you’re a faint-hearted!

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Browsing +961 on the iPad

The new hot thing is to display your blog on the iPad! So here you go, +961 on the iPad! 😀

+961 on iPad

Thanks to TheRealKaled for providing the photo.

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A walk in Hamra

While walking in Hamra, the graffiti and what people post on the walls can’t but grab your attention! I took the photos below in a less than a 15 minutes walk there.

Hamra 1
I think this one is drawn by this blogger.

Hamra 2
Yep, Palestine is that way!

Hamra 8
No idea why these ones were posted…

Hamra 9
She was my best friend when I was a kid! It turned out she made a comeback in December 2009.

Hamra 3
Lebanon, the land of Lebsians!

Hamra 4
Gives a new meaning to being preganant…

Hamra 10
As if something is going to change… Anyway you can check their website here.

Hamra 5
I saw this one on the wall of Walimat Warde’s old location (the new location is few meters away)

Hamra 6
… still someone is missing Warde, or probably the coziness of the old location.

Hamra 7
… unfortunately Walimat Warde’s old building is going to be destroyed and a new building will replace it.

Hamra 11
Another old building being demolished in Hamra’s main street.

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