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New Year celebrations around the world

While most of the world cities celebrated New Year with some spectacular fireworks display, Dubai chose take it a bit further this year and succeeded in breaking the world record for the largest fireworks display. They crushed the record previously set by Kuwait by firing more than 400,000 shots in around six minutes!

Meanwhile in Lebanon, assassinations right before the new year’s eve, explosions everywhere in the country, stupid clashes every now and then, and of course, douchebags here can’t but celebrate with firearms. Yet, we’re excellent at pulling jokes at the Khaleejis. OK.

Anyway, make sure to check this article on BuzzFeed for a glimpse of how the rest of the world celebrated last night.



times square
New York

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RIP Yassine Bakkouch

Yassine Bakkouch

The great Syrian comedian was killed after his car was targeted in Damascus last night.

We all watched him along with Duraid Lahham in Ghawar El Tocheh and Hotel Sah El Nom when we were kids, and it’s sad to see people like him go like that. May he rest in peace.

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Video of Dubai new year’s eve fireworks

Meanwhile, douchebags in Lebanon were shooting their guns in the air at midnight. Happy new year everyone!

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Found me? Scan me!

A good friend of mine created this website called “Found me? Scan me!” aimed at helping people avoid losing their valuable items by using QR codes, and I thought of sharing it with you.

The idea is quite simple, you stick a QR code on the items that matter to you the most (camera, laptop, bag…) so that it becomes easier for people who might find that item to contact you and give it back in case you ever lost it. I know this is not guaranteed to work 100% since it all depends on how good people are, but it definitely increases the chances of recovering a lost item!

The idea of “found me? scan me!” started for my own personal use. I needed a way to maximize the chances in recovering a lost item.

If I am to lose my phone, for example, I can simply call it hoping that someone found it and would return it back or I can even track it using its built-in GPS features. But what if I lost another kind of items? Camera, bag, luggage, key chain, dog… you name it!

That’s where “Found me? Scan me!” comes into play, the idea is very simple: I stick/attach a QR code on every valuable item that would direct the person who scanned it to a dedicated web-page through which I can be contacted. This would save me the need to make my phone number and/or email publicly.

I very quickly found a lot of interest in the idea among friends and family who started asking me for tags and, in no time, we had more than 50 items in the database. At this point I got “found me? scan me!” it’s own domain name and decided to make it public and free to use to whoever might finds it interesting.

For more information on how this all work and a tutorial on how to create your QR codes, check “Found me? Scan me!” website.

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Red Bull Stratos Mission

Watch Felix Baumgartner going supersonic while attempting the highest sky-dive ever from an altitude of 37km over New Mexico. (More about this mission here)

He’ll be jumping in around 30 minutes from the time of publishing this post and you can watch him live on the below YouTube channel or on Red Bull Stratos website.

It definitely has nothing to do with Tabbouleh and Falafel, but this record setting attempt is definitely worth watching!


The mission has unfortunately been delayed till 8:30PM Beirut time due to the weather conditions. You can follow the Red Bull Stratos website for any updates.

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Ice pops

I saw these ice pops at a small store that sells american goods near TSC Jnah, so I decided to buy some since I used to love them when I was a kid.

I can’t say this was the best way to remember my childhood since they tasted like a cough medicine! They even beat Bonjus with the artificial flavors.

Were they really that bad back in the 90′s?

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Lebanese American artist builds cool Lego sculptures

Nathan Sawaya is a Lebanese American artist who builds 3-dimensional models from Lego toy bricks, and his latest creations are 2 sculptures of Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert!

As you can see, Sawaya is somewhat of a LEGO art savant — his New York studio is currently filled with 1.5 million colored bricks. He makes everything from human figures to architectural models to portraits out of the colorful toy bricks, delighting kids and adults alike with his creations. And we were impressed to hear him say in a recent interview on New York Nonstop that many of the LEGO pieces he uses are recycled.

You can read it all about it here.

Via Un peu de kel shi.

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Rest In Peace Michael Jackson


This is surreal, the king of pop is gone. Rest in peace…

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I need your help!

Dear readers,

I am currently working on my final project for one of my MBA courses (Contemporary Management), and the subject is “Talent Management”.

To fulfill the project requirements, I am requested to get at least 100 person to fill a questionnaire I prepared about talent management on this link.

Filling out the survey will take less than 5 minutes, and I would really appreciate your help! :)

P.S: You shuld be working in the Lebanese market.

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Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan BUSTED

I stumbled upon this video today showing “Sheikh” Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan torturing a guy in the deserts, the worst part is when a police appears in the video supporting the sheikh in beating and torturing the poor guy.

The video has created kind of a rage across the forums, blogs and new sites on the internet, and here’s a sample of the web pages mentioning the incident:

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