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Calm Your Tits: Alcohol Prices Are Not Icreasing by 5 Times

Following MTV’s report about the suggested increase on tax for alcoholic products, people are for some reason believing that bottle prices are going to increase by 5 times, whereas if you listen well to the reporter then you will notice that it is actually the tax per 1 liter that is going to quintuple.

Take a 15,000L.L wine bottle (750ml) for example, once the decision takes effect it should cost 15,600L.L. Therefore, unless restaurants and bars want to take this as an excuse to tremendously increase their prices, your bill should not be impacted much especially if you are ordering by the glass.

So calm your tits, bars will not go bankrupt and you will still be able to afford your favorite drinks.


The Backyard Hazmieh – A New Restaurant Complex in Town


The Backyard is a new open-air complex that is set to open next week in Hazmieh and comprises 17 restaurants and pubs in addition to a gym and a kids play area.

The concept is quite similar to that of The Village Dbayeh as it’s developed by the same people, but I’m more excited about the The Backyard simply because it’s closer to my place. The kids area also means I go there with my 3 year old kid without worrying about him getting bored quickly.

A good variety of names in the F&B industry will be ofered by The Backyard, and here’s a list I was able to get for the places that will be available there:

  • Abdel Wahab
  • Backstage
  • BarTartine
  • Brick Lane H
  • Classic Burger Joint
  • dip n dip
  • Divvy
  • Kitchen Yard
  • Le Bon Vivant
  • Lina’s Paris
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Olio
  • Roadster Diner
  • Starbucks
  • Trumpet
  • Tsunami
  • Zaatar W Zeit

The Backyard Hazmieh is located in Said Freiha street, and you can refer to the map available here for directions to go there.


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