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Lebanese Sevag Babikian Made it to The Stars of Science Finals


Stars of Science is a reality show currently airing on MBC4 that aims to promote Arab innovators and entrepreneurs. 9 Innovators were competing this season for a share of $600,000 in seed funding and the judges qualified 4 of them to the finals among which was Sevag Babikian from Lebanon.

Sevag’s project is an Efficient Desktop 3D Printer that uses a robotic head to enhance the process of 3D printing by maximizing quality, while saving time, effort, and wasted material. Throughout the competition he wowed potential consumers during customer validation and was also the first in lab prototyping. He’s now a step away from winning and you have until November 17th 5PM to support him by voting on the Stars of Science website, hoping that he will be announced as the winner in the final episode on Saturday evening on MBC4.

You can also keep up with Sevag’s latest news by following his Facebook page.


Scientifically Proven – We’re Not Descendants of The Phoenicians!


A group of scientists from the University of Otago and the Lebanese American University have recently succeeded at sequencing and analyzing the DNA obtained from the remaining of a 2500-year-old Phoenician called “The Young Man of Byrsa”. Their work is of good importance because we know less information about the Phoenicians than other populations, and this analysis will help uncover more about their culture and origins.

You can check the research details along with the results the scientists obtained here. What caught my attention the most though was the conclusion that modern Lebanese (47 of them to be precise) are not related to the Phoenicians! It is quite weird to be honest given how we pride ourselves with the Phoenicians being our ancestors, and the fact that they’re thought to have originated from here and expanded to the west.

I hope some other research soon reveals we also have no relation with the Arab world so we can dissociate ourselves from all the chaos around us!

photo via Modern Readers


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