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Ramadan Kareem

Do you remember this old Kassatly Chtaura Jellab ad from the 80s and 90s? It has been 30 years since it was first aired on TV and I guess nothing signals the time for Ramadan nowadays like this ad tune does every year on Lebanese TV stations (though it has now evolved a bit of course).

Anyway I wish all a blessed Ramadan!


For The Love of Elevators

We always encounter strange stuff on the internet and this YouYube channel I stumbled upon today is one of the weirdest I’ve seen so far. “Batatavator” is a channel full of videos shot just inside elevators around Beirut.

From old to new, slow or high speed elevators, the YouTuber behind Batatavator likes all kinds of them.

If elevatorphilia is a thing then this guy is most probably an elevatorphile.


Are You Following M Media’s Growing Collection?

I subscribed to M Media a few months ago for the sole purpose of watching Bennesbe Labokra Chou again, but soon after I did it I found it hard to cancel my subscription because of their growing collection with titles that never cease to impress me. (They’re soon adding Film Ameriki Tawil by the way)

I personally usually avoid watching Lebanese movies in theaters unless they’re REALLY good, but I still like to watch them in the comfort of my living room (yes even the likes of BéBé). However unlike western movies/series, Lebanese ones are much harder to find online, and M Media has been recently making some great effort adding titles that were produced over the last few years ranging from drama to comedy and documentaries, in addition to famous old plays from the 90s such as “3ammti Najibeh” and “3arisein midreh men wein” with all content being in very good quality. So I have lately been spending time watching stuff that I missed in theater over the last few years (and also learned that Carlos Azar always lands the Jagal roles in his movies).

At $5/month I guess it’s a good deal, and while I know the people at M are doing their best to get more productions onto their platform, I wish they also add old movies from the 70s and 80s such as the ones by the late Maroun Baghdadi for example, I always read he made some great movies during that era but I rarely had access to them. I also don’t think anyone would mind watching Ahmad El-Zein and Mohamad El-Mawla all over again in those cool action movies from the early civil war days!


Awesome Aerial Video From Around Lebanon

I know YouTube is infested with Lebanese drone shot videos but some just stand out and are too good not to share. The one below is produced by Dark Matters and is available in UHD resoultion, so if you have a suitable display and a hopefully fast connection just let it load in 4K and enjoy the cool shots and music.


Divvy Showed Labor Day Love to One of Their Employees

It’s always nice to have all the effort you put into your job recognized by your employer, let alone getting rewarded with a trip to your dream destination!

For labor day, Divvy tricked one of their employees into thinking they were filming a short documentary and surprised him with a trip to Greece for all the good feedback they were receiving from their customers about him.

They definitely went the extra mile with their gesture but it is such things that help make employees feel a sense of belonging to their workplace and probably think twice before moving elsewhere.


Five Tourists Lip Synced Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You While Touring Lebanon

I just bumped into this video on YouTube showing five tourists who documented their journey around Lebanon in an unusual way. They compiled several segments of themselves lip syncing and dancing to the tunes of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

The best thing about the video is that it was shot using a smartphone with no pretentious acting or moves all while showing some nice places around the country, so not much energy was put into it but the resulting video was still pretty cool to watch.

Among the places that show are Raouche, Jbeil, Batroun, Saida Castle, Saida Old Souk, Harissa, and Baalbeck. I believe if this goes viral then it can easily become one of the best promotional videos for Lebanon!


BBC Pop Up – Lebanon: Pimps, Prostitutes and Refugees

Here’s BBC Pop Up latest video from Lebanon. In this one, Benjamin Zand basically explores our red light districts. And just like he did with his video about drugs in Lebanon, he met with some local pimp who explained all about his “business” including lawfully locking up the women who work for him… and he interviewed some Syrian refugees who unfortunately had to turn to prostitution to survive.

As you know, following their previous video about Hachich production in Bekaa, the security forces raided the homes of some of the biggest dealers in that region (but failed to arrest them), which makes me wonder if the same thing is going to happen with this pimp now…


BBC Pop UP Published Their First Video From Lebanon

Remember when I told you that the BBC Pop Up team are in Lebanon for this month? Well, they published their first video and it’s about homosexuals in the country.

Over the last few years, some judges issued rulings in favor of gay people due to the fact that you simply cannot define what sexual acts really contradict “the laws of nature”, so the report discusses if this is going to offer a better future for the LGBT community in Lebanon.

P.S: The video contains some sexual content.


“Matchbox” Short Movie by Chadi Younis

It boggles my mind how the social media scene works in Lebanon sometimes. A hint of Myriam Klink’s boob gets everyone and their mother talking about it, while this short movie barely gets any mention on the blogs.

BLOM Bank recently produced a series of 4 short movies revolving around the “peace of mind” theme (the bank’s slogan). So far two have been released, one by Philippe Aractingi about a Lebanese immigrant who returned to his homeland to follow his passion, and another by Chadi Younis about a little kid who had to let of his toy cars while escaping the Lebanese civil war. The latter honestly shook me to the core and totally won my heart with Samara Nohra’s performance, I highly recommend you watch it.

Two more videos by Leila Kanaan and Jad Aouad should also be released over the next few weeks on BLOM’s Youtube channel.


It’s Christmas and Lebanon is Calling!

In my humble opinion, Demco easily wins the best Christmas ad this year!

In the same spirit of the ad during they made for the US presiential elections, they’re still reaching out for the Lebanese expats to convince them of returning back to their home country following some breakthroughs like the election of a new president and the formation of a new government, and while the previous one was touching, the new ad reaches even deeper everyone of us.

We all have loved family members living abroad, and most of those are not even thinking of returning. But come to think of it, while we have a lot of reasons to curse this country everyday, we have a hundred more to love it! I personally had the opportunity to go live and work elsewhere, but I chose to stay here because I’m too attached to my city to leave it.

When I watched the ad I couldn’t but think of my brother who lives in the UAE and how much my parents and I would all love him to come live among us again…!

We all deserve to reunite with our loved ones, at least during the happy holiday season if not for a lifetime, because as the ad at the end says, it is simply not the same without them!


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