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Beirut Flooding

Here is how it was like in Beirut last morning right after some heavy rainfall.

Beirut Flooding

Beiut flooding

Beirut Flooding

Beirut Flooding

It’s becoming more like an annual ritual here! The ministry of transport and public works is as usual unprepaed and obviously has been dealing with bad subcontractors.

But what’s different this time is that Ghazi Al-Aridi (the minister) claimed that’s he’s ready to resign because of today’s foods. Now although there’s HUGE difference between his readiness to resign and actually doing it, but let’s see!

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What’s wrong with you?

… what the fuck is wrong with you people? Why do you drive like 7ayaweineit here and you totally abide by the rules in whatever other country you go to?

Suddenly everybody has an urgent issue to catch? Can’t you stop on red light anymore? And why the hell can’t you just stick to one line?? ya khayyeh tab 2 lines.. but just don’t move accross all the 4 or 5 lines of the highway every 2 seconds!!

Also, should you play the role of the smart ass 24/7? You always want to find some shortcut to bypass ALL the cars in front of you!! Take a break people, do drive “politely” for once.


Stupid of the day

I would like to congratulate Mr. Salman Al-Rayes for his new PLATINUM mobile phone number which is 70/707070. “Mabrouk isteiz”.

In a platinum mobile numbers auction today hosted by MTC touch at the Movenpick Hotel, he purchased it for 450,000 freaking dollars. The guy paid nearly half a million dollars for a fucking mobile phone number!!

I wonder what was Mr. Salman thinking of when he woke up today…

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Update: There was more than one crazy buyer yesterday, check the complete list here.
Some other guy called “Bilal Bondokji” (Syrian?), one of the “Petit Cafe” owners, paid 855,000 dollars for 9 platinum numbers!!


Lebanese Lesbians…!

Following yesterday’s post, I found today another photo for this in Hamra also:

Lebanese Lesbians

I imagine some gay/lesbian appearing on the TV someday and saying: “طريق تحرير الشواذ تمر في بيروت”!!


Lebanese Gays…

Lebanese Gays

You can see this somewhere in Hamra, it says:

مين شاذ؟
إمك شاذة
أنا مُثلي

Does a gay gets really pissed off if he was called as a “شاذ”? I wonder…


Israeli snapshots in the Lebanese press

I was reading Daleel Annahar of this week (Issue 808, July 25 to July 30 2008) and came across an article about Roula Saad’s new video clip with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. To my surprise I found that the snapshot of Roula and Kıvanç within that article was taken from an Israeli website (

Daleel annahar

I have no idea which stupid picked that specific photo out of hundreds of photos on the internet for Roula and Kıvanç. Haven’t they ever heard of Goolge images? And didn’t they notice that they’re doing some “free” promotion for that website?

I believe I should start adding a watermark to the photos I post here… you never know when some newspaper publishes one of them!


Making money with the US embassy!

American Embassy

The title might seem weird, but it is possible! It’s the first time for me to apply for a visa to the USA, it all started actually almost 10 days ago with paying $100 (justification please?) at the “Credit Libanais” bank to get an appointment for an interview at the embassy.

Anyway, upon my arrival on time I recalled that I forgot my 5x5cm photos in the office, so I asked one of the security men there if it is possible for me to do the interview and bring the photos afterwards to complete processing my Visa, his answer was “No way! Go get new pictures from the store right there” and he pointed to a small store 50 meters away.
I of course chose to go get new pictures instead of returning back to the office! So I went there and the new photos were ready in 2 minutes! The guy actually used a cheap point-and-shoot camera, and for printing he has a cheap printer as well. BUT HE CHARGED ME 15,000 L.L. while I could have got them for 5,000 L.L from almost anywhere else.

I didn’t argue with the guy, I just paid the money and went back to the embassy. After being inspected for 3 times in a row at 3 checkpoints, I was able to get inside and found out that I missed filling a form… and to my bad luck it CANNOT be filled inside the embassy but rather through downloading a special form from the website and then printing it out (stupid policy??). Once again, the embassy people directed me to go to the very same store since it also offers filling forms for the applicants, so I went there and asked the same guy to fill a form… and guess what? The guy charged 20,000 fucking Lebanese Lira for filling a 3 pages form and printing it out on a black & white printer!!! At that point I went totally insane, I mean I wont get poor if I spent 35,000 L.L ($ 23) for nothing in one day, but come on…! Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to argue with him this time because I had only 5 more minutes remaining until they start rejecting new applicants at the embassy.

Oh and add to that the fact that you’re not allowed to get into the embassy with your cell phone, so you are obliged to keep it somewhere, either in your car OR in some store that will charge you 2,000L.L when you’re done and want to take it back!Unfortunately I didn’t have a car back then.

Lessons learned:

  1. Drive with your own car to the American embassy and remember to bring all your necessary documents with you, else there’s a high probability you’re going to feel like people are robbing you!
  2. Thanks to people like me, it’s actually possible for some people to make money with the US embassy!

Shoot me… please!

Seriously, what the hell is this??

اعتصام المهربين

في سابقة هي الأولى من نوعها، واعتراضاً على عمليات التشدد وقمع مخالفات التهريب، واقفال كافة المعابر الترابية غير الشرعية التي نفذت منذ حوالي العشرين يوماً، وبعد الحزم والتشدد على مواد التهريب المختلفة، نفذ أول من أمس عدد من المهربين وسائقي سيارات الشحن الصغيرة من ابناء منطقة وادي خالد اعتصاماً على مسافة لا تبعد مئة متر عن حاجز القوة المشتركة لضبط الحدود..
المعتصمون اعترضوا على التشدد في اجراءات مكافحة التهريب ، ما أفضى في نهاية المطاف وبعد اتصالات على مستويات عالية ، إلى الايعاز بفتح الطرقات وتسهيل العبور، بانتظار جلاء الموقف على الأرض.

يذكر أن اعتراضات كثيرة تصدر من أهالي بلدات العوينات والجوار ، وشكاوى أدت إلى اقدام الأهالي على وضع حواجز من الباطون عند المنافذ المختلفة منعاً للازعاج الذي يشكله المهربون ليلاً ، ما يفسح في المجال أمام احتمالات مختلفة ، مما يبقي الأمور مفتوحة على كل الاحتمالات


Traffic lights

Traffic Light

Woohoo! Lebanon is getting into the traffic lights era!!

You’re probably aware (or not) of the new traffic lights at some areas in Beirut, they’ve been installed even at places where you least expect traffic congestions to occur, that’s what I have noticed at some intersection in Sad El Bouchrieh.

But you can still observe policemen at a lot of intersections giving their instructions to car drivers, that’s a bit weird given that those traffic lights are functioning well. However, the policemen presence is kind of justified (to me at least) since people here are NOT used to stop for a red light and maybe it’s the policemen job right now to force people to obey the traffic lights!

So far I can tell they’re not doing a good job…
I was in a Taxi today going from Jdeideh to Sodeco, passing through Sad El Bouchrieh. The driver arrived to an intersection and the light was red, but he surprisingly crossed it and started cursing at people coming from other directions! Ok, I’m not writing about this to tell that I was shocked, because I actually wasn’t, since that’s quite a normal behavior from a typical lebanese driver. But come on, with a large campaign on TV telling people to STOP on RED, such behavior becomes quite disturbing.

To me, traffic lights are a waste of money. Policemen and their yelling in the streets are way more effective and efficient.


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