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No, Jordan is ugly

On my way to work today, I saw this huge ad at City Mall Dora, it says “Jordan is more beautiful”. Whoever considered posting this in Lebanon should have thought of it twice, because it is both rude and ugly.

Seriously, in what exactly is Jordan better?! L7a22 3layyeh yimkin, I’m not following Amman’s nightlife news these days!!



Are you kidding me?!

I was in Zahleh yesterday and I encountered this at the entrance of the Berdawni.


Fi shi bi 3a2el, w shi bala 3a2l, hay masalan bala 3a2el!

Does the chinese make fake balloons? or does the italian make ones that last longer?


Pervert going online!

I was getting my daily dose of photography on flickr today when I stumbled upon this Lebanese pervert’s account.

The guy is using a Canon EOS 50D with zoom lenses, some photos are taken at 250mm, others at 400mm… so he does have some nice photography gear (like this one for example), which I honestly dream of having. However, he’s messed up enough to use such “classy” tools just to practice his perversion.

I hope someone busts him, shove his cam and lens up his rear-end, take a photo of it and post it on flickr!


Lebanese ripoff

A few weeks ago I got this advertisement in my junk folder.


3anjad BRAVO! I believe it took them a lot of brainstorming to come up with the idea they’re promoting. “Advertising on your behalf on Facebook”, WOW.

These guys claim they can do what ANYONE else can do, that is using a credit card to post an ad for you on Facebook. As if we suffer of some disability that prevents us from posting an ad on Facebook on our own, and our brain cannot interpret the fields labeled “age”,  “gender” and “internet” that help us target a certain segment of users of Facebook, w AKID the buttons intended to generate reports showing the perfomance of our ads go way behind our understanding. Ya3neh alf l7amdilla allah ba3at hal 3alam ynawwrouna.

If you have a product to promote, just don’t use these guys, chances are they’re gonna rip you off, use your credit card instead and benefit from the experience of the people on the internet that have usef Facebook ads before (use google to find them), I did it and it worked for me.

… That’s unless you are running for the Lebanese elections, then do make use of their service because they’re ready to make special promotions for you as you can see below (snapshot from Al-Waseet newspaper), not to mention that you definitely deserve a ripoff at least once in your life.



Footage of a car theft in Hadath

This is a video of a REAL car theft that has occurred on saturday morning, the thieves as you will see were acting so cool and appear to be professionals! It only took them 2 attempts to unlock and turn on the car. The whole thing was captured on some security camera installed by one of the street residents.

I found it weird when the video said the stolen car is a 1988 BMW 323. Correct me if I am wrong, but thieves usually target new cars, don’t you think this car might end up being used in a car bombing?


The FBI are in da house!

I usually check the website traffic statistics on a daily basis to see how much unique visitors and pageviews am I getting. But today I spent some time checking some detailed reports that show more about my vistors such as which country they come from,what browser are they using, etc…

One of  the available reports show from which domains the visitors are coming, check the result I got!!


As you can see, somebody reached +961 from! I wonder how did they land on my website… was it one my posts that usualy contain dangerous infomation?



On my way back home from work everyday I pass by Roadster Achrafiyyeh. There, and on each single day I encounter a Sukleen truck collecting trash from the containers and causing a massive traffic jam.

Will the guys in charge at Sukleen ever think of chaning the schedule for trash collection? Ya3neh n7akalna nlemm zbeileh il sei3a 6:30 3ashiyyeh!!!


Contradicting Lebanese headlines

Even when the numbers are speaking (i.e. Logic), you see Lebanese news sources interpreting it differently.

Yesterday was the day for Beirut Syndicate of Lawyers elections. Now check today’s headlines!

Assafir Newspaper

Al Mustaqbal newspaper (FPM Official website)

So, what do you think?


Beirut Flooding

Here is how it was like in Beirut last morning right after some heavy rainfall.

Beirut Flooding

Beiut flooding

Beirut Flooding

Beirut Flooding

It’s becoming more like an annual ritual here! The ministry of transport and public works is as usual unprepaed and obviously has been dealing with bad subcontractors.

But what’s different this time is that Ghazi Al-Aridi (the minister) claimed that’s he’s ready to resign because of today’s foods. Now although there’s HUGE difference between his readiness to resign and actually doing it, but let’s see!

[Photos from]


What’s wrong with you?

… what the fuck is wrong with you people? Why do you drive like 7ayaweineit here and you totally abide by the rules in whatever other country you go to?

Suddenly everybody has an urgent issue to catch? Can’t you stop on red light anymore? And why the hell can’t you just stick to one line?? ya khayyeh tab 2 lines.. but just don’t move accross all the 4 or 5 lines of the highway every 2 seconds!!

Also, should you play the role of the smart ass 24/7? You always want to find some shortcut to bypass ALL the cars in front of you!! Take a break people, do drive “politely” for once.


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