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OTV Prank Show Hits A New Low


Lebanese TV stations produce all sorts of bad shows, but OTV proved hands down that it can easily outperform all other channels!

I just learned today about their “Haddeh Albak” prank show featuring a psycho man who pulls the silliest jokes on people and tries to make it exciting by threatening their life in the process. In one of last month’s episodes he literally humiliated a poor Syrian guy by stopping him in the middle of a Kart circuit and stripping him to his underwear. He then put a flag in his boxer and made him run around aimlessly.

I can write on and on about how fucked up that prank was, but instead I will just point a simple fact to show what a failure OTV and that silly show are. The episode has been online on YouTube for around 1 month now (October 22nd), yet people didn’t react against it until yesterday, this goes to show how little viewership they have among other stations… Similar outrageous segments from other TVs usually become the talk of the town on the very next day, but this one had to wait a whole month for people to even notice it! If this is not a clear indicator of how pathetic their productions are, then I don’t know what is!

Anyway I hope their management realizes how wrong that prank was and cancels the show altogether.


The Authorities Just Noticed Amhaz, Sa7 El Nom!


The owner of Amhaz cell shops, Kamel Amhaz, was arrested two days ago for illegaly smuggling more than 1.5 million phones with an approximate value of $45 million since the year 2000. And just like everytime a significant figure is put behind bars, some supporters blocked some roads near Beirut airport and in Baalbeck to protest his arrest.

However, while the protests are justified at a time where people hit the streets for the silliest reasons, the timing of the arrest is totally unacceptable. I know it’s always better late than never, but how on earth can the authorities wait more than 16 years to arrest such guy while everybody knew everything about his illegal business during the past years! Hell even I wrote a couple of times about getting smartphones from his shops. And it isn’t like Amhaz was operating from secret places, his shops are well know and one of them is even at a mall in Beirut.

Seriously, how can you brag about such accomplishment in the media and not lose credibility?!

On a lighter note, I wish getting people in jail was a simple as writing about them!


5 Songs That Brought Music in Lebanon to an All Time Low This Summer


If we’re gonna remember this summer for something other than the garbage scattered everywhere around the country, then it’s definitely for the low quality music that was produced for celebrity wannabes to get their 5 minutes of fame.

Here’s a quick list I compiled from what I have lately seen on YouTube. I’m pretty sure there’s more but I think 5 are enough to avoid any damage for your eyes and ears.

1- Tarek Al-Atrash – Merzabbi

What does Merzabbi mean? And why did somebody feel the urge to write a song about it?

2. Rola Yamout – Ana Rola

I honestly never paid attention to the music. This is actually the kind of videos that help you identify whether you are an ass or boobs man.

3. Rima Dib – Ya Wad Ya T2il

Nothing. Zero. Cero. Null.

4. Myriam Klink – Baddi Walle3 Albak Nar

Falls in the same category as #2. It can also be used during self loving time as well… you know self loving… w heik.

5. Hadi Azrak – Jenno Notto

Tirachrach is so 2011! No wedding was complete this season without this one playing at least once during the party.


Lebanon Ranked 3rd Worldwide in Pollution Index

beirut garbage

It’s good to know that all the effort we have been putting over the past year in piling up the garbage on our streets and then disposing them in the most unhealthy landfills has finally paid off! According to Numbeo Lebanon is now ranked 3rd worldwide in their pollution index right behind Afghanistan and Ghana.

And it isn’t like we have been trailing way back in the previous years, back in 2013 we were ranked just 13th but we eventually did some serious work and almost made our way to the top.

pollution index

photo via Al Jazeera


I didn’t notice this when I first shared the chart, but it’s worth noting that the figures are based on the perception of Numbeo website visitors and therefore the ranking is unreliable. Mustapha wrote about the whole thing on his blog and I recommend you check it out.


The Garbage Crisis is BACK!

Everyone remembers that white powder we had become accustomed to last year during the garbage crisis. That white powder used to keep away insects, pests and whatnot. Well guess what? That white powder is back in full force, well at least in the Metn region, and it is a clear indicator that a new crisis is upon us.

Check these few pictures I snapped today during my morning commute (Mansourieh, Mkalles and Sin el Fil)


Our Silliest Record Breaking Attempt to Date


Earlier last week, a friend told me that the organizers of BIAF (Beirut International Awards Festival) are planning to lay down the world’s longest red carpet as part of their 2-day event. The red carpet is expected to start somewhere in Hamra, then goes towards Achrafieh and all the way through downtown to Zaytouna Bay where the ceremony is taking place.

At first I was mainly concerned about the traffic jam this red carpet will be causing on a weekday. But after spotting parts of it on my way to work this morning, I think the traffic jam is absolutely not a problem compared to how hideous it looks!


The thing doesn’t qualify as a red carpet. It’s barely a piece of red cloth, and it seems that some genius decided to lay it down last night and cars eventually ended up tearing it down.

The end result is needless to say, bahdaleh. I wish all the money that was put into this silly attempt to make it into the Guinness Book was allocated for something more meaningful, like helping Rozine get that liver transplant maybe!


Pamela El-Kik Would Make a Good Translator

pamela el kik vs charlie chaplin

Pamela El Kik delivered a speech when she appeared on Menna W Jerr three days ago to express how desperate is the political situation in Lebanon, but little did everybody know that her “moving” speech was nothing but a word by word translation of The Great Dictator’s final speech by Sir Charlie Chaplin without crediting him.

You can check the two videos below which are currently being extensively shared on Facebook and see for yourself.

Earlier in February, the Menna w Jerr team thoroughly discussed in the below segment how Rudolph Hilal ripped off The Ellen Show and how it shouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the staff at LBCI. I guess the same thing now applies to them, so it would really be interesting to see what are they going to say about it.


MTV Staff contacted me shortly after publishing the post to let me know that Pamela did in fact explain to Pierre Rabbat during the show that she was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, but the conversation was unfortunately edited out in order to keep the episode within its time limit which is quite absurd. They claimed that this segment will be uploaded tomorrow morning to make it clear to the people, and I will of course be adding it to the post here.

Pamela herself also explained the situation on her Facebook account.

Update 2:

Here’s a link to the original uncut segment.


That’s One Weird Car Accident in Hamra!

I just stumbled upon these car accident images on Yasa’s Facebook page. It took place in Hamra a while ago today.

Knowing how jammed the area is during the day, someone must have certainly been driving like crazy because it takes great effort to get 7 cars involved in an accident at a small intersection there.

Hoping no one got hurt!








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