Overdoing the World Cup 2010

The world cup is kicking off in less than a month and lot of people are getting those mini flags for their cars and balconies, it might seem silly but it’s cool as long as it makes people deviate a bit from the political discussions.

Still, it really is pathetic when you get a flag that is more than 1 meter in width or length! I’m pretty sure you could have put that spent money for a better use! Probably to fix your screeching brakes?

Germany Flag 1

Italy Flag 1

I took the first photo in Jdeideh, while I got the second via one of my Facebook friends.

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Beirut is an ugly city

“Beirut survived the war, but it’s not going to survive peace. What survived two decades of war, we are destroying now, in the name of modernity,” Mr Kodieh says.

Across Beirut, hundreds of high-rise buildings have replaced old buildings. The city’s architectural heritage is being wiped out because there is no legislation to protect it.

“What’s happening is very sad, but it’s not in our power to stop it,” says Rasheed Jalekh, representative of the Beirut municipality.

Via BBC News

Destroying the architectural heritage is indeed ugly, but is Beirut really turning into an ugly city?

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See through ads!

If you have passed by Dora in the last few days then you must have noticed the new Marie France ads displayed all over the highway, there are tens of them on the road!

On my way back from work yesterday I was surprised to see each and every one of these ads ripped in the middle (right on the chest area)!

marie france dora highway

Apparently someone felt irritated of this campaign and decided to take matters into his own hands! We’re actually used to these acts from time to time in other areas where provocative ads get covered with black spray, but not in Dora.

So who could be the one this time? I doubt it’s a religious extremist group, I say it might be some feminist movement…

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Driving in Beirut on the municipal elections day

The first video is taken in Tariq El-Jadida and the second in Ras El-Nabeh.

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/05/09)

Yet another link roundup! And we’ve got 11 links this week.

See you next week!

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The First Lebanese Bloggers Convention at AUB


I am very proud to announce that, in coordination with Outlook, AUB’s official newspaper, Mind Soup is hosting the first Lebanese Bloggers Convention at AUB.

During the convention/workshop, Lebanese guest bloggers will introduce the world of blogging to students and encourage them to express their ideas and opinions using personal blogs.

Also on the agenda is discussing the impact of blogging on the freedom of speech in Lebanon and the effect of blogging on the Lebanese society and culture.

Everyone is welcome to attend! If you are a non-AUB student and would like to attend, please send an email to moudz.mindsoup@gmail.com so that your access to AUB’s closed campus can be facilitated!

If you are a blogger and would like to be featured in this convention, please fill in this form: http://www.jotform.com/form/1200341481 after reading the rules below.

Rules for applying (as guest speaker):
– You should be a Lebanese blogger or an Arab blogger operating in Lebanon and can attend the blogger convention in AUB (Beirut)
– You should be 18 years of age or older.
– You should own a self-operated blog.
– Your blog should be at least 6-month old (updated on a weekly basis) or 1 year old (updated on a monthly basis).
– The convention is probably going to be in the English language, so you should be fluent in English.

Event’s page on Facebook

Update (05/07/2010):
The event has been rescheduled to May 19th 2010 at 5:00 PM

Update (05/18/2010):
The event has been canceled due to the tuition increase protest.

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Le Chef Gemmayze – Authenticity at its best

I’ve been to Le Chef in Gemmayze for the first tine last Saturday, I don’t know why I always thought it was a meat shop everytime I passed by until a friend told me about it and recommended it to me.

As soon as you step inside you get greeted with a loud “Wlecooooome” by Charbel the head waiter at the restaurant. Charbel is a phenomenon himself! Throughout your stay he can’t but grab your attention everytime he strikes a “Welcooome habibi! how are youuu?”.

Le chef gemmayze 1

The restaurant is relatively small with few tables, and at first glimpse you feel like everything around you has been there since the 70’s of the 80’s (except for Charbel of course :P). The food is just great, it tastes like real homemade food, unlike other restaurants that throw the word “homemade” everywhere on their menus but taste like plastic. They serve nothing very fancy, but rather traditional plates such as Lebanese mezze, and a plat du jour varying between roast beef with mashed potatoes, sayyadiyeh, kibbeh bil sayniyyeh,  mloukhiyyeh, and few others.

Le chef gemmayze 2

The pricing at Le Chef is really something! The most expensive item on their menu costs 8,000 L.L, while others such as lentil soup and fattoush cost 1,500L.L and 2,000L.L!

Le chef gemmayze

Definitely worth a visit!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/05/02)

9 Links for this round.

See you next week!

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Partying on the highway

I was on my way to Beirut on Sunday when I saw these guys literally having a party on the highway all the way from Halat to Jounieh!

Partying on the highway
Everyone in the car was standing, including the driver…

Partying on the highway 1
… since he can drive with his feet!

Partying on the highway 2
They kept exchanging CD’s with the Picanto on the left.

Partying on the highway 3
“the party don’t start until I walk in” more wazawiz are here!

Partying on the highway 4
Surprisingly (or not), there were several policemen on the road and none of them bothered to stop that car!

That’s definitely taking “wazwaza” to a whole new level!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/04/25)

Time to see what has been going on in the Lebanese blogosphere during the pas week. I’ve collected 12 links for this round, with 4 of them about yesterday’s Laïque Pride.

See you next week!

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