Looking for a needle in a haystack

A guy who participated in the Lebanese Laïque Pride march for a secular state on March 15 2011 started one of a kind blog calling for help, and it’s nothing related to the cause of the demo he attended, he’s actually searching for a person.

He found himself extremely attracted to one of the girls in that march, and it was his second time to notice her after last year’s march, so he took that as a sign and decided trying to approach her one way or another, and he got really close to his aim until she disappeared!

That’s why he’s now calling for the help of the internet people in Lebanon in an attempt to find her. And in a country where everyone knows everyone, I guess there’s a good probability for that man to find her!

You can read all about his story and the updates he will be posting on his blog Finding Dulcinea, and below  is the description of the girl he’s trying to reach:

  1. She has chestnut color hair, natural color not dyed. (Couleur Châtaigne)
  2. Blue eyes
  3. On that day, she was wearing a black tight biking pants and a white jacket.  She was carrying on her back a red sports bag, I think it was an Adidas (not sure)
  4. She had 2 silver rings on her left hand; one of them had a purple stone. (I didn’t notice a wedding band – Geez that would be a bummer if she turns out to be married – but hey let’s keep it positive for now)
  5. All I know is that she works in the protected area of Solidere where the parliament is. So that area stretches from Costa/Blom bank on the upper level facing the Grand Theatro building all the way down to the area past parliament building/Abed Clock area.
  6. I am speculating that she must have left her bike in the office that day and was returning to get her bike and leave the sign at her desk.

I can’t but wish him all the luck!


Good fish and chips where you least expect it

It’s definitely not the best out there, but Sanyour Cafe in Sarba has a good fish and chips for 12,000L.L only.

I also liked their Osmaliyyeh Chicken (chicken strips covered with Osmaliyyeh pastry) which comes with sweet chili sauce I think, and the Pizza Tawouk with garlic sauce all over!

Sanyour has branches in Kaslik, Antelias, Sarba, and Dhour El Choueir. And needless to say, you’ll have to be able to tolerate the arguileh smokers all around you if you decided to go there.


Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/05/15)

20 New links for this late round!

See you next week!


Zaatar W Zeit Sodeco closing or renovating?

I was passing by Sodeco yesterday afternoon and noticed that Zaatar W Zeit was closed with all the exterior decoration removed.

I personally doubt they’ll be closing or moving from Sodeco and I suspect they’re renovating the place, moreover, I guess it’s related to the missing Z campaign that they recently started. especially that they mentioned nothing about closing the Sodeco branch on their Facebook page… Few days and we will all know I think.


Woosh it at City Mall

Have you noticed these new signs at the City Mall parking area?

It seems like you’ll soon be able to have your car washed at any parking spot in City Mall since the service buttons are available everywhere.

I just hope their pricing will not be ridiculous, I usually get my car washed for 5,000L.L at almost any gas station and I honestly am not ready to pay more no matter how eco-friendly their washing process is.

Woosh by the way claims to be the first eco-friendly car care provider in Lebanon, and they clean cars through the use of special waterless products.


According to Joe who tried the service at City Mall, a car wash will cost you 12,000 L.L.

the first eco-friendly car care provider in Lebanon


We love Mercedes Benz and we like them white

Mireille, probably the geekiest blogger in Lebanon, made two interesting charts showing the most popular car brands and colors in Lebanon, most probably by making use of the Lebanese cars database that was leaked earlier.

The most popular brand unsurprisingly turned to be Mercedes Benz with 22% (mostly taxis?), while the most popular color turned to be white with 19%.

What was really interesting to know though is that 57% of the Lebanese cars are more than 20 years old, and 83% are more than 11 years old! Tells a lot about our purchasing power…


Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/05/08)

10 New links for this roundup.

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جرادين على الرملة البيضا


Dakhilo Allah El-Silicon

Just when you think you’ve seen it all with singers like Mohamad Iskandar and Carlos, a guy named Fayez comes with his new silicon song!

Khatir Fayez!


Typically Lebanese

With a total of 43 Nokia handsets, 5 HTC, 1 Sony, 1 Alcatel, 1 Ericsson, 1 Blackberry, and 1 iPhone, George claims to have owned a total of 53 headsets over the last 13 and a half years! Which means an average of a new phone every 3 months or so.

Very typical Lebanese eh! 😛

On a serious note, all the handsets I’ve owned over the past 13 years were Nokia as well, except for the first one which was a big fat Nokia D160 that used to run on 4 AA rechargeable batteries!


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