Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam Book Signing


Earlier in May I introduced to you Maya’s Amalgam blog authored by Maya Zankoul, a very interesting blog that got exposure from the Future TV and Al-Horra, in addition to getting an interview with NOW Lebanon.

Over the past few weeks we were following the news of Maya preparing a book combining her posts, so it’s going to be her blog on papers! And last week she announced that the book signing will be on August 12 and will take at the Art Lounge. It’s a unique blogging experience I think, and I wish her all the best!

This Amalgam consists in sketches written and illustrated by the Lebanese graphic designer Maya Zankoul (DOB 30/06/1986). Those sketches represent many situations that everyone of us might face in their daily lives, addressing many critics to some of the society’s ugly habits. Everyone of you can actually find himself or recognize a situation that he or she might have encountered in their daily routines.

From the book signing page on the Art Lounge website.

For more details on the event you may visit any of the following links:

“Book signing – Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam” Facebook event

Book signing page on the Art Lounge website.

Congratulations Maya! :)

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Ziad El-Rahbani – Mni7a Photos

Words really do not do justice to the performance of Ziad El-Rahbani and his musicians in “Mni7a”, he was awesome as usual.





Ghassan El-Rahbani was also there wearing this funny T-Shirt.


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Beirut – The best party city

Check out this report by Cal Perry from CNN about the summer season this year in Beirut. So far this is the best summer after more than 4 years of continuous political instability that has started with PM Rafic Hariri assassination and ended with the 2009 elections 2 months ago, and Beirut is literally on fire with the countless events this summer, not to forget the booming nightlife everywhere in the country.

I loved how Cal Perry ended the report “This summer, the world is partying on the shores of the mediteranean”.

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Ziad El-Rahbani – Mni7a

Today I got my tickets to Ziad El-Rahbani’s show “Mni7a”! So excited to attend on Thursday, I’ll have my camera with me and will hopefully come back with some nice photos!


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Today’s weird news

I was reading today’s issue of Annahar newspaper when I came across this weird news:

بعلبك: معاملات نفوس مع النفايات!

بعلبك – “النهار”:
عثر احد افراد قوى الامن الداخلي صباح الاثنين في بعلبك قرب مقام السيدة خولة، داخل احد مستوعبات النفايات على اكياس تحوي اوراقاً ثبوتية من هويات وطلبات تصحيحها ومعاملات ومستندات تابعة لدائرة نفوس بعلبك.
وحضرت القوى الامنية على الفور، وارسلت الاوراق الى وزارة الداخلية وفتح تحقيق لتحديد المسؤوليات.

If you ever lost track of a file at one of the ministries, now you know where it might have ended up!

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Mario Bassil is Ktir Khalis

Below is a new video clip newly released by the Lebanese comedian Mario Bassil. I don’t know under which category does it fall, vulgar or funny?

Either ways there one thing for sure, Mario Bassil akid 3ando fuse ta2i2! 😀

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Mr. Lebanon – Assaad!


Can’t recognize the girl standing next to Mr. Lebanon Assaad? That’s Paris Hilton, and she came all the way from the USA so that she can party with him in Beirut! 😀

This is the kind of news you will see on Assaad’s website, in addition to a collection of videos documenting his failures adventures with the Lebanese chicks and his techniques to seduce them. The guy is seriously unbelievable, he hits on the girls in the streets and asks his best friend Elie record it on cam!

Here’s one of my favorite videos, in which he arrives to Crepaway Achrafiyyeh in a Ferrari (yes a FERRARI), and tries to get a VIP table!

Check for more photos and videos from his daily life, really funny stuff.

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What if president Sleiman was wrong?

Back in 1994, Youssef Shaaban was convicted for shooting a Jordanian diplomat in Beirut and got life sentence in prison.

In 2002, a court in Jordan found that others were responsible for the murder and convicted them! So logically speaking, Youssef Shaaban turned out to be innocent, however it was impossible to release him since the issued rulings could be overturned unless by a presidential pardon.

Three days ago, president Michael Sleiman pardoned Youssef Shaaban and he was granted freedom yesterday in Beirut.

That was in brief the story of Youssef Shaaban.

I have seen in the media how everyone was giving credits to the president for pardoning him, but I was thinking what if Youssef Shaabad was really the one behind killing the diplomat?

In a special episode of Kalam El-Nas with Marcel Ghanem last night, Shaaban himself admitted that he played a “role” in the Lebanese civil war in addition to being a member in Hamas. Remember that the reason behind the assassination of the Jordanian diplomat was because Jordan and Israel were in negtiations to sign a peace treaty, that’s a good motive for Hamas to commit the crime no?

In addition, those who are supposed to be the real murderers were executed in Jordan, and god knows how did the Jordanian police (maybe) made them admit they were responsible for the assassination. Now how can you assure that Youssef Shaaban is innocent? The Lebanese judicial council made a mistake by convicting Shaaban, so how can you assume the Jordanian rulings were flawless?

To me the crime is still a mistery. Think of it, the guy might really be the one behind the assassination.

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Obama & Sarkozy booty check

I would love to know how Obama and Sarkozy justified this video to their wives, Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni!

Via Nihil Declaro

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Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died!

A friend of mine sent me this helarious video today. Hitlet gets pissed off to hear that Michael Jackson has died and won’t be able to perform at his birthday party!

The scene is orginally from the “Downfall” movie produced in 2004 about his final days in his Berlin bunker at the end of World War II. There are several similar movies like the above, one being about banning him from Xbox live along with his gamescore and Microsoft point! You can check it here.

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