Samir Kassir Award open to Israeli journalists

The issue has been raised on the website two days ago. As you can see in the snapshot below taken from the regulations page, Samir Kassir’s contest is open to journalists in several countries including Israel!

Samir Kassir Award

I have no idea what journalists from Israel have to do with this contest, and I am surprised that until today those who are responsible of it still have not fixed it or even provided an explanation. Oh and please don’t blame it on a copy paste mistake!

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Exotica is listening

After Exotica got heavily criticized for their Mother’s Day campaign both on the Lebanese blogs and on twitter (although I did find it catchy).

For good & bad exoticaPhoto from Joe’s Box

They responded yesterday by replacing the old billboards by the ones below, delivering a new message in the same context.


Photos taken by Maya Zankoul

They either INTENDED to create a controversy with their first billboards to get people to talk about them OR they simply got convinced through the feedback they got that what they did is not right and so they created the new billboards. In the first case they proved to be smart, while in the latter they proved to be listening to what the public is saying online! Either way, they’re doing a GOOD job!

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K-Lynn lingerie fashion show at Faraya Mzaar

K-Lynn Lingerie held their annual winter fashion show at Faraya Mzaar last Saturday, March 6 2010, which is usually inspired by Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. Here are some of the photos I found on the web for the event!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/03/07)

9 New links for this round.

See you next week!

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ArabNet 2010 – Pre-Conference Workshop 1

The ArabNet Team held a pre-conference workshop on Thurday, Feb 25 2010, in Beirut, Lebanon. Omar Christidis, Samer Karam, Amber Lauletta and Sana Tawileh, organized Workshop 1: Preparing a Business Case to help entrepreneurs translate their ideas into clear and solid business cases.

The workshop started with an introduction by Omar Christidis about ArabNet, the reasons which led to its inception, and his belief in the potential of the Arab web business industry. The conference is keen on bringing together speakers from Silicon Valley, Europe and the Middle East, as well as providing opportunities for entrepreneurs with ambitious e-ideas to network with high profile investors and internet executives from the Arab world, he explained.


Samer Karam discussed the importance of the community and explained how the online ecosystem has been the most effective and interesting vehicle to engage with different and disparate audiences across the region. He also touched upon the importance of leveraging the synergy of the crowd to harness great ideas.

Karam went on to detail the core pillars of a business case, from value proposition to revenue streams and target audience. He also introduced the ArabNet Ambassadors Program, an integral part of ArabNet’s community-building initiative, which is open for applications and has interesting perks!


Sana Tawileh and Amber Lauletta, who are leading the ArabNet Startup Demo and Ideathon, detailed the requirements for submission and the selection process for their respective programs, delivering strong pitches for participation! They then presented an idea for online food delivery, collaborating with workshop attendees to pull together a business case around it.

Lauletta and Tawileh highlighted the Startup Demo and Ideathon as unique opportunities at ArabNet – for early-stage startups, young entrepreneurs, and innovators – to network and connect with investors, get media exposure, and win valuable prizes!


Samer Karam further coached attendees by crowdsourcing a full business case from a simple word, “fashion”. The simplicity of the process encouraged everyone to submit an idea to the Ideathon.

After that, some attendees discussed and developed their ideas with ArabNet Team members in one-on-one sessions; others networked and connected, forming an impromptu community.


Positive energy and synergistic interactions highlighted Workshop 1 appeal and the value of ArabNet’s community initiatives. There was a great spirit of friendly professionalism, eagerness to be involved, and unrelenting curiosity. The follow-up was great: participants and organizers connected virtually the next day, to discuss and comment on their workshop experiences.

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Freeze Tripoli Old Souks! I will shoot you!

It’s been a long time since I last “freezed and shot” a place! The photos below were taken back in December 2009, but for some reason they sit for a long time in my hard drive before getting published!

Anyway, this episode of “Freeze I will shoot you” is brought to you from one of Tripoli’s old souks (Souk El-Attarin?). I was surprised to encounter such place in Tripoli, it somehow resembled to some souks I’ve been to in Syria.

This souk is relatively small and crowded, but it is unique and definitely worth a visit next time you go to Tripoli!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/02/28)

11 New links for this week.

See you next wee!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/02/21)

6 new links for this roundup.

See you next week!

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The mystery revealed

Turned out yesterday’s series was part of an advertising campaign for Alfa Telecom to promote the “Ehkineh” service. Someone from Alfa’s advertising agency e-mailed me the below video later last night and revealed that they were behind the idea and executing it.

In total, 6 shows were crashed on several radio stations during the day, and in this video you can listen to 3 of them that were recorded.

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Crashing morning shows?!

Do you hear any morning radio show on your way to work? Well I do, and I usually move from one channel to another (a bad habit I know!) to check on what announcers have to say every day, other than promoting the Acai Boost and Via Ananas pills!

Anyway, something weird happened today when some person crashed the morning show on Nostalgie! I was listening to the Nostalgie girl talking when a woman apparently entered the studio and used her microphone to tell her husband she is pregnant with twins!

And it doesn’t stop here, I told a colleague about it few minutes ago and she said the same thing happened on RLL!!

Any idea what is that all about?


One of the readers claimed she heard a similar thing on Saw El-Mada. So we got 3 similar cases? I smell something fishy, especially given what Ibrahim wrote also! (Check the comments below).

Update 2:

Yara (check comments below) just sent me this voice clips she recorded by chance (for god knows why!) on Sawt el Mada’s radio station where the presenter’s housekeeper interrupts her morning show because she ran out of water. LOL, hilarious thing!

You can download it by clicking here, or listen to it online.


Update 3:

I heard another person crashing another show!!! This one was hilarious, I was returning back home and listening to NRJ, a woman called Steve Peters and started yelling at him asking for “Abou Toni”, Steve sounded quite puzzled and kept telling her it’s a radio station! At the end she told him he’s wasting her units, so answered that she could have used the “ehkine” service!

I’m sure now it’s an organized thing, and I think I know who’s behind it… will keep you updated it was kind of a viral campaign by Alfa Telecom!

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