Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/01/16)

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/01/09)

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Gou: A good place for tea in Achrafieh

Finding a good cup of coffee is an easy job in Beirut, but finding a good cup of tea where most places serve you a hot cup of water along with a Lipton tea bag is a totally different story!

A friend of mine introduced me a while ago to a place in Achrafieh called “Gou”, a Restaurant/Patisserie/Salon de Thé, or so says the sign at the entrance. Anyway the place has several menus for food an beverages, and totally separate one for tea only containing at least 30 different selections! Each with a brief description about the ingredients and it benefits, along with the recommended infusion time.

On my first time there I order “thé du Hammam”, a Turkish blend I guess, and on my second time I had a Russian selection called “Anastasia”. The former was my favorite, although the latter was not bad at all.

Any tea you select is priced at 8,000 L.L (almost double the price than any other place), but you’ll actually get served a hot pot of water, along with the tea to infuse, that will make you at least three good cups of tea guaranteed to make an hour of your afternoon. I know it worked for me! 😛

If you’d like to try it, Gou is located at Tabaris, Saint Nicolas street, right behind IBL bank.


MTC Touch: The art of deception!

A new ad for MTC Touch about their “Friends and Family” service is all over the radio stations now. This new service allows prepaid users to select 2 of their most dialed numbers and call them at 30% less.

That means if you were to fully use the $25 card (which actually gives you $22.73) to call your 2 preferred number, you’ll be able to speak 90 minutes instead of 63 minutes. ($22.73 / ($0.36 * 70%) = 90 minutes)

However, what wasn’t advertised is that this service actually has a cost of $3! And they probably did it that way in order not to allow everyone to benefit from this offer.

Anyway, this means you now can’t subscribe to this service unless you speak a minimum number of minutes with your 2 preferred numbers that are enough to cover the service fee and then start saving money on your remaining calls, so let’s calculate this minimum amount.

Let “T” be that amount, then: $0.36 T * 30% = $3 –> T = 27.7, i.e 28 minutes.

And of course if you were to fully use your card to call your preferred number, the total number of minutes drops to 78 instead of 90. That means the decrease is in fact 23.6% instead of 30%!

Couldn’t they have just advertised a decrease of 20-25% instead of playing smart on their customers?


Alfa (The second mobile operator in Lebanon) turned out to have launched the same service and is advertising for it as well, with the same fee.

Still, to be fair with the two companies, I have to mention that MTC Touch and Alfa JUST manage the two mobile networks, and to my knowledge do not any control over the rates or the offered services and their fees, it is actually the ministry of telecommunication that controls all of that.


New pizza joint in Beirut

Very close to Classic Burger Joint Sodeco you can spot this place that is currently under renovation with the word “PIZZA” written on the outside. According to the people at CBJ it should soon be opening as a pizza joint, having almost the same concept as CBJ and the same owner too.

I believe some people will shortly just follow and open similar joints somewhere else (Hamra?), just like every time something new is introduced in Lebanon. Anyway, let’s see how good they will be!


Overpriced items at Zaatar w Zeit

I saw this post by Blog Baladi today and recalled I took the below photo a few days ago with the intention of writing about the same subject, the overpriced items at Zaatar w Zeit!

I went to the ZwZ last week for the first time in 2 years and was surprised with their new menu. Stating that the Labneh plate you will serve is “to share” definitely doesn’t justify pricing it at 9,250L.L! And what’s the price of the add ons to the “Bayd Aadi”?

I honestly used to go there everytime I was low on budget and still wanted to have a good meal at a nice place, but now it doesn’t seem like one of the cheaper alternatives anymore… I wonder if they’ll listen this time too.


Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/01/02)

15 New links for this roundup.

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Some quintessential Lebanese moments


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