Overdoing the World Cup 2010 – IV

Remember the World Cup manakish? One of my friends sent me the following pictures he found on Facebook of the bakery that is making those manakish. It is located in Haret Hreik.

World cup 2010 flags 4

World cup 2010 flags

World cup 2010 flags 5

World cup 2010 flags 3

World cup 2010 flags 2

World cup 2010 flags 1

Now I know where to get a dozen of Germany manakish from as soon as Brazil loses and gets out of the race! 😛

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/05/30)

9 New links for this week’s roundup.

See you next week!

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Three Playboy Playmates in Talk of the Town on MTV

The Playboy Playmates who came to Lebanon 2 weeks ago for a fashion event have created a buzz in the media. On Thursday May 20th, three of them were hosted in Talk of the Town by Mona Abu Hamza.

The video below shows their interview along with Mario Bassil.

Thanks to @rawadelhoyek for pointing me to the video.

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A heart for Philippe


Dear readers, please take a moment to read this message.

Philippe was born with a cardiomyopathy.He is 25 years old.

His condition has changed since last Christmas. He has fluids in the lungs, oedemas in the legs and had a thrombosis on may 9th.
His cardiologist as well as other specialists all agree that only a HEART TRANSPLANT can save him.

The operation will take place at the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris. Philippe doesn’t have any healthcare coverage in France since he is Lebanese and the operation costs 220 000 euros approximately, and his family can’t pay this sum on their own.

We call all friends, families, friends of friends and random strangers to help philippe get his operation.

A bank account has been created in Lebanon, Paris, and a Paypal account is available for overseas donations.

Money has no value by itself, it all depends on what you do with it.

Thank you for your help.



Payment by Credit Card, Paypal


P.O.BOX 11-1912

L.L. 03201300133426812
IBAN LB 17001400003201300133426812

USD 03202300133426811
IBAN LB 52001400003202300133426811

Titulaire du compte:
Anne Marie Jazzar et ou Fady el Hage

38-40 Avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris, France

Code Banque 17599
Code Agence 00001
Compte 26003045201
Cle RIB 48

IBAN(International Banking Account)

FR76 1759 9000 0126 0030 4520 148

Titulaire du compte
Anne Marie Jazzar et ou Fady el Hage


WITH ACCOUNT: uncoeurpourphilippe@gmail.com

WITH NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT: http://bit.ly/cb11FJ

(pay via credit card etc)

In addition, two events will be held tomorrow to raise money for Philippe, the first is a solidarity concert at the Notre-Dame de Jamhour school, and the second is Geekfest at Art Lounge Karantina.

And for additional information, you may refer to the Facebook group or page.

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Overdoing the World Cup 2010 – III

Looks like someone woke up early today and thought of reworking the traditional Lebanese Manakish to turn them into World Cup Manakish!! (apparently through food coloring substances).

Wi7de jibneh 3a Almanya m3allim!

Manakish Worldcup

Photo via Tayyar.org

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Movie tickets giveaway result

Two days ago I announced the first giveaway on +961 sponsored by CineKlik offering 2 movie tickets for the premiere of “The Runaways”, all what you had to do is to post a comment and share the giveaway on Facebook.

Just few minutes ago I asked @MarieNakhle on Twitter to randomly choose a lucky winner, and it turned out to be a guy who commented under the name of “Moudz”.

The snapshot below shows how it went:

giveaway winner

Congratulations Moudz, I have just e-mailed you the result and how to collect your tickets.

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World Cup 2010: Alamaza new commercial with Ziad Rahbani

Ziad being great as usual!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/05/23)

It’s that time of the week again, and another episode of the Lebanese blogosphere roundup with 11 new links.

See you next week!

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Giveaway: 2 tickets to watch The Runaways premiere


Thanks to CineKlik for making it possible, +961 is now holding its first giveaway consisting of 2 tickets to watch “The Runaways” premiere which will be  screened at Grand Concorde Verdun on Wednesday May 26th at 10:00PM.

Entering the draw is pretty easy, all you have to do is to leave a comment on this post and click the Facebook Like button on the top.

A lucky reader will be chosen at random on Tuesday night and announced in a separate post, he/she will also be contacted via e-mail to be informed on how to claim the tickets from Grand Concorde on Wednesday night (so make sure you’re using a valid e-mail when commenting).

Update (May 25th 2010, 10:14PM):

Comments are closed, will publish the name of the winner in a while.

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Overdoing the World Cup 2010 – II

I was in Tripoli last Saturday on the way to El-Mina when I spotted this building covered with German flags on all sides! And obviously that fanatic supporter Rabah Assafiri is so proud of himself that he’s even displaying his name on a flag for Bayern Munich… probably to get attention? He got mine at least.

Tripoli building

There’s probably more flags on this building than on Berlin’s presidential palace!

Tripoli building 1

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