I took the below photo while having a walk around Beirut Souks. Seriously, why would anyone want  to call his store “Derriere”? (Equivalent to “butt” in English) Imagine “طيز” being hanged above some place in Beirut, it would be something eh!

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Huge fire somewhere around Dekweneh/Sin El Fil

I just took these two photos from my workplace for what looks like a huge fire in the area of Dekweneh or Sin El Fil. I’ve checked news sites and so far no one mentioned anything… I hope it’s nothing serious.


A tweep (@jackoppy81) just mentioned it’s a fire at a plastic factory near Bassoul-Hneine, and the civil defense are working on putting it down.

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You don’t see this everyday

I was going through the Pool Cafe menu at Grand Hills Broummana when I couldn’t but notice that one of the appetizers platters was highly priced at 1,575,000 L.L! (around $1,050)

The platter turned out to be 50 grams of Beluga Caviar, the wold’s most expensive type of caviar (God bless Google who knows everything!), which currently retails here for ~$9,300 per kilogram.

According to Google, the lighter the color of this caviar, the more expensive it is. The most expensive is called “Almas” (means Diamond in Arabic) because of its white appearance, which is extremely rare and comes from Iran.

So, now you know where to treat yourself with a luxury appetizer in Lebanon that costs a bit more than a month worth of salary for a fresh graduate engineer!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/09/19)

9 New links for this week’s roundup.

See you next week!

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Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project – Beirut

I was one of the people who were invited to the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project launch party at B018 two days ago.

Their campaign is pretty cool, it consists of exchanging nightlife habits between 14 participating cities including Beirut, and the whole process will take place on Facebook where the residents of each of the 14 cities will be putting their ideas into a virtual crate about what makes the nightlife in their city unique.

On October 22nd, a list of the participating cities and their partner cities will be published along with the most popular idea for each location. For example, if the winning idea from Beirut turned to be “arriving in full make up, high consumption of Vodka RedBull, and lot’s of fireworks”, then Beirut’s partner city will have to party according to this idea and vice versa on November 27th, when the nightlife exchange will be happening. And it doesn’t end here, by providing your idea you’ll be getting the chance to win a ticket to go party at Beirut’s partner city!

To participate, all you have to do is to log into Smirnoff’s page on Facebook, become a fan and start submitting your ideas.

Let’s just hope we don’t end up pairing with South Africa, I’m pretty sure we will then have to party with Vuvuzela’s!! 😀

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Dar Al Mousawwer – House of Photographers

A photography house called “Dar Al Mousawwer” has recently opened in a two story building in Clemenceau (Beirut as an initiative by an NGO called Zakira.

The first floor of the house is an under construction coffee shop, while the second has several rooms for workshops, studio, gallery space, development room.

As per the people behind it, the place has been made for people to rents cameras (and there are hundreds of them) and photography equipments, in addition to studio space and development rooms.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re into photography!

I would like to thank Ayman Itani from OnOffBeirut for providing all the details and photos about this photography house.

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/09/12)

11 New links for this week roundup.

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Hamra Festival

Last night marked the start of Hamra festival lasting till Sunday featuring a lot of live performances across three stages near Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, and Starbucks.

The festival started on Friday at 5:45PM with a street parade that lasted till 7:30PM, but unfortunately I couldn’t manage to get there before 9:30PM which explains why I only got back with a couple of snapshots! You may check Sietske’s and Rawad’s blog posts who were there and took cool photos of the event.

What was remarkable though during the walk I took is the number of people who got furious at the street blocks, so a lot of them took the liberty to just move them away and invaded the festival premises with their cars. The photo below shows one of them, a taxi driver.

The program for today and tomorrow is loaded with live acts starting 5PM till midnight, so make sure to be there!

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A special way to celebrate Eid at Le Mall Saida

The folks at Le Mall Saida have chosen to celebrate Ramadan and Eid with their own special way. Between September 1 and 10, Le Mall will be donating part of its profit for an hour a day to the Children’s Cancer Center.

Anyone shopping there between 11PM and midnight on those 10 days has to just drop his/her receipt in the special box at the mall entrance, and part of it will be donated by Le Mall. This way you’ll be helping a worthy cause while shopping for Eid. More about the event can be found here.

Good move, don’t you think?

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/09/05)

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إشكال أمني شديد الأسف والانفجار

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