Mashrou’ Leila

I haven’t heard any of Mashrou’ Leila’s songs yet, but I have read many articles about their music being very nice.

Below is an article by Hanadi Dairi from Nahar Alshabab about them.

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If you know where they perform, plz let me know the place, I am interested in watching them live.

The scan is via Lubnanabad

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Lebanese elections billboard wars – 4

Right after the Free Patriotic Movement published this billboard:


The Lebanese Forces replied with this one:


The FPM’s billboard says “The third republic is for sure”, while the Lebanese Forces billboard shows that the third republic’s flag is going to be yellow, i.e. ruled by hizbollah, proving that the FPM are hizbollah’s puppets. More explanation on that can be found here. I liked the LF reply, regardless if it is true or not!

Notice that this Lebanese Forces billboard can also be spotted in Tarik El-Jadida, a Sunni area in Beirut, and I honestly find it ironic. In 2009, 19 years after the Lebanese civil war, the Lebanese Forces are warning the Sunnis from the Shia’s agenda… Fews years ago, the Sunnis of Tarik El-Jadida used to admire Nasrallah and mock Samir Geagea in prison!

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FPM’s newest billboards

Just when I thought the Free Patriotic Movement have reached the peak of their advertising campaign with the last post, I was surprised to see more NICE billboards today on the way to work. I am starting to think I’m lucky that my workplace is in Metn!





The Free Patriotic Movement used antonyms here not only to describe in one word their plan for the next 4 years, but also to explain March 14’s agenda if they took the majority once again in the upcoming elections (from FPM’s point of view).

Chapeaux bas once again. I think there’s no way for March 14 to catch up with FPM’s campaign… unless they were hiding some surprises!

Photos via Beirut/NTSC.

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Dick Cheney killed Hariri and Hobeika?

Here’s another video that caught my attention yesterday.

In this video, Wayne Madsen (an investigative journalist) claims that Dick Cheney had his own death squad CIA unit which he ran from the white house. And by the orders of Cheney, the assassinations unit killed Elie Hobeika (Lebanese Forces chief) on January 2002, and Rafic Hariri on February 2005.

I have no idea how true is that, but I am pretty sure we will know everything in 10 years from now, when all the involved parties will be eventually admitting what really happened to documentaries. Just as in the case with the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990), most of what we know now is through the documentaries that were released in the past few years.

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Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan BUSTED

I stumbled upon this video today showing “Sheikh” Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan torturing a guy in the deserts, the worst part is when a police appears in the video supporting the sheikh in beating and torturing the poor guy.

The video has created kind of a rage across the forums, blogs and new sites on the internet, and here’s a sample of the web pages mentioning the incident:

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Carlos striking back!

Passing by Jounieh Saturday morning, on my way to Tripoli, I encountered this sign.


As you can see, Carlos Edde used the Free Patriotic Movement’s language to strike back at them. Although it is an imitation, but not bad as a start…!

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Happy Lebanese Labor Day!

I was in Hamra last night when I noticed few guys sticking some papers on the walls. It turned out they were greeting us on the Labor day, but in their own way.

Here is a sample of their greetings.





Happy labor day to those who are ma3moul fiyon il 3ameiyil! (including myself)

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More elections billboards!

Once again, I don’t belong to the Free Patriotic Movement, and I don’t support Michael Aoun, however I can’t but admire their campaign for the upcoming elections in Lebanon.

Here are the newest billboards I encountered on my way to work:

The ad says “June 7, Change”



Wether you support FPM or not, you can’t but like them! It’s clear they’re putting effort into their campaign and it’s working!

On the ther hand, the Lebanese Forces latest ad was silly, even the LFers themselves are admitting it.


Leaving the roads and moving to Facebook You can find some hilarious designs like these two!

Showing Fouad El-Sanioura in Bahia Hariri’s veil, making fun of the Future Movement slogan “Zay ma hiyyeh” (As it is).

No comment!

With that I end my “visual” post for today! Have a NICE LONG weekend!! :D

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Cedric and Sara – The real story

Almost three weeks ago, Liliane (from blogged about this cool billboard at Antellias:


The billboard says “Sara… Will you marry me? Cedric”. At that time, I think every girl was envying Sara and wishing to find a guy like him. And I honestly felt jealous of him!

But just today, Tarek (from revealed the truth! It wasn’t a real proposal, it was a pure advertisement for Sleep Comfort.


The girls can now breath I guess, men like Cedric do NOT exist!!

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Welcome back Maxime Chaya!

On April 25th 2009 Maxime Chaya reached the top of the world, the North Pole, and planted the Lebanese flag there! And on the occasion, Maxime called the Lebanese president Michael Suleiman to report to him his great achievement (Video available on YouTube)


Today Maxime returned back to Beirut with yet another success, and he’s now officially the 1st arab and only the 12th person in history to complete the Explorers Grand Slam.

Welcome back Maxime!

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