Abou Talal on the Lebanese economy

… and recalls what 1 Lebanese Lira used to buy him in the old days!

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Thailand will party à la Libanaise on November 27th!

Remember when I told you about the Smirnoff Nighlife Exchange project? Well, last Friday was the time to announce how the participating cities will be pairing and Beirut ended up as a partner to Bangkok.

It can now be revealed that Thailand can look forward to experiencing the best of Beirut’s nightlife, as suggested by Lebanese partygoers:

Hostesses will stand at the entrance, welcoming guests in traditional Lebanese outfits such as tarboush, sherwal, or abaya. The “I want to fly” bar-hopping spirit will be at the rendez-vous, reaching its peak with the table-top dancing. Giant screens projecting live concerts at 1 a.m. A Lebanese percussionist will play a striking Lebanese beat for the night, inviting everyone to feel the heat of a far away tempo. At the same time, a follow spot will highlight a belly dancer, who will take the audience on the Aladdin carpet of mystical dreams.

Furthermore, a food and beverage section will quench all cravings and bond the Thai and Lebanese hospitability tradition by offering oriental specialities such as Knafeh, Manakich, and Shawarma, until the early morning, a Mediterranean taste to savour! Thai guests will also enjoy the presence of a fortune teller, who will be reading their palms or predicting their future in a cup of Lebanese traditional coffee. Henna tattoo drawn by a henna artist will keep the memory of that unique night engraved in everyone’s hearts.

So for once in their lives, the people of Thailand will know how does it feel to hold a cigarette in one hand, a glass of vodka RedBull in the other, and still manage to party like there’s no tomorrow! 😀

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Letter to BankMed – By Nazih Sanjakdar

I saw the below letter as a note on Facebook written by Mr. Nazih Sanjakdar criticizing BankMed’s latest advertisement promoting a car loan, and I thought of sharing it with you as it speaks my mind with every word.

The advertisement on TV shows a guy who feels embarrassed in front of a girl because he doesn’t have a car! BankMed then of course offers to help by selling him a loan to buy a car and therefore make him look like a real man!

Dear BankMED,

Without elaboration, because I believe that if you think it over just a little bit, you would find that this is correct. Your Car loan advertisement is stupid and disrespectful. I cannot believe how low a bank would sink to sell a service !

The ad is based on a social prejudicial assumption. The bank is directly and shamelessly adopting a social vice and a tremendous mistake in the way people are currently considering things. A car, by definition is a mean of transportation and not in any way a social or masculine instrument to attack success, or the other sex.

Your ad is incorrect, disrespectful and is a clear sign of the bank’s immoral approach towards its customers. I believe and I know that if you show such ad here in Europe people would laugh at your bank and boycott it.

Thank you. And have good day.


Thésard en droit international public.

École doctorale Sciences Juridiques – Grenoble.

Photo via Beirutiyat

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/10/24)

15 New links for this roundup.

See you next week!

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They just love our security forces!

Just as in a similar photo I published during the early days of +961, another foreign chick seems to be really enjoy taking photos with our security forces!

I wonder what’s so attracting about them…!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/10/17)

14 New links for this week’s roundup.

See you next week!

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ArabNet 2011 Beirut Workshop

(Click to enlarge)

The American Embassy in Lebanon is hosting the US-Lebanon ICT Forum on Oct 14-15 at BIEL.  The forum will showcase 60 companies active in the ICT sector, and will feature a series of seminars about trends in the technology and communications sector.

As part of the forum, ArabNet is organizing a free entrepreneurship workshop, Speed Up Your Startup, to help entrepreneurs:

  • turn their ideas into a business case and get personalized feedback
  • learn about their legal options for starting a business in Lebanon
  • understand how the fundraising works and what investors look for
  • meet with experienced entrepreneurs and learn about growing their business, managing talent, and building a corporate culture
  • learn more about the latest trends in the web space

The workshop will feature speakers from Tandem (Consultants), Kobeissi & Frangie (Law Firm), Middle East Venture Partners, Element^N and Yahoo!

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Park it like a douchebag

I took all of the below 4 photos at the Beirut Mall parking, and I really have not made any effort searching for these douchebags. I just parked my car and went straight to the elevator, so these were just the ones I encountered on my way!

First thing that came to my mind was this post from Body Wotwat! Seriously, بي يلي عطاكن دفتر سواقة @#$%

… and here’s a bonus photo I took earlier at ABC Achrafiyeh.

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/10/10)

17 New link for this round. The list is getting bigger every week!

See you next week!

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Bank Audi, I apologize

On October 1st I published this blog post criticizing Bank Audi for planning to buy Ahwet El Ezez in Gemmayze and turn it into a new branch,  and I based my post back then on a couple of blog posts that I saw here and here.

But according to Tarek, a fellow blogger from Waja3Ras.com who sent a complaint letter to Bank Audi about the matter, the whole thing turned to be a rumor, and below is the comment he left on my post:

From Banque Audi after I wrote a complaint email:

“We would like to assure you that Bank Audi has not bought and has no intention to buy ”Ahwet El Ezez” to establish a branch in Gemmayze. Please note that we already have a branch in that area.

On the other hand, Bank Audi is committed to preserve national and cultural heritage and has in the past shown its commitment. For example, the old villa in Achrafieh-Sursock has been preserved and turned into a cultural center/ museum.”

Therefore, and based on Bank Audi’s reply, I would like to apologize to them for the post. I should have double checked the news before writing about it.

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