Beyonce’s Heat ads vandalized at Dora highway

Seems like Beyonce’s new Heat perfume ads were too provocative for some people! I was on my way to work this morning when I noticed they were vandalized overnight at Dora highway. (Same as what happened to Marie France’s ads back in May)

The act is pretty weird though… there are much more other explicit ads all over the country, why did they decide to just target this one?

Anyway, it’s good no one thought of playing the video commercial of the perfume at one of the newly installed outdoor giant screens!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/12/26)

And here’s my last roundup for this year with 15 links. I believe it’ll be pretty nice in the future to go back to these roundups and check what the blogosphere was up to during specific times, don’t you think?

See you next year!

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New parking system at ABC Achrafieh

I went to watch TRON at ABC Achrafieh last night and was surprised to see that they have deployed a new system for their parking spaces, a system that I have been wishing for the Lebanese malls to have because of its effectiveness especially during peak times of the year.

Several boards are installed at the mall entrances to display the number of empty parking spots on each floor, and then above each spot there’s a small light to indicate whether the spot is free (Green) or occupied (Red), so you’ll directly know where to go depending on parking availability.

The system will definitely reduce the traffic problem at times where the parking gets really crowded (e.g. Saturday’s and Sunday’s). I hope the people at City Mall get jealous and install a similar one too!

I’m not sure though how will system reacts when someone occupies two parking spots, should it probably be configured to display an “Asshole” sign when it detects such thing..?

Update: According to Tarek & Mustapha, a similar system is already available at Beirut Souks.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Lebanese users on Facebook soon to reach 1 million

According to an article published in Byblos Bank’s issue number 193 of “Lebanon This Week“, Facebook users in Lebanon will soon reach 1 million!

As of the end of November there was a total of 968,780 users, which means 1 out of 4 Lebanese currently has a Facebook account in Lebanon! That’s pretty good given that we have the 5th slowest Internet speed in the whole universe, another proof that nothing can stand in the way of our willpower. 😛

Figures on the usage of social networking site Facebook indicate that there are 968,780 Facebook users in Lebanon at the end of November, accounting for 0.2% of worldwide users and for 4.8% of users in the Arab world. As such, Lebanon ranks in 67th place among 213 countries and in 8th place among 18 Arab countries in the number of users of the social site. Globally, Lebanon ranks ahead of Kenya, Guatemala and Bosnia & Herzegovina and comes behind Uruguay, Albania and Costa Rica. Lebanon’s number of Facebook users is lower than the global average of 2,696,998 users and the Arab average of 1,122,076 users.

The Facebook usage penetration rate in Lebanon, or the ratio of the site’s users to the total population, is 23.4%, ranking Lebanon in 83rd place globally and in third place in the Arab world. Lebanon ranks ahead of the Martinique, Costa Rica and Hungary and behind Estonia, Bulgaria and Seychelles globally; while it comes ahead of Kuwait and behind Bahrain in the Arab world.

The article also details the user age distribution, which might be of marketers’ interest.

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Excalibur Show are giving Santa a break!

Unbelievable! 😀

That’s another ad I got by e-mail from Excalibur Show! This time they’re on a mission and look pretty serious about it, they’re giving Santa a break!

But their previous e-mail looked much better, this one looks more like a lingerie ad… Shu hal sheghel!

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Bank Audi’s music bands live at Music Hall

A friend of mine who works for Bank Audi invited me to a free concert they were holding at Music Hall where two of the bank’s music bands, “Band Audi” & “Audiyyat”, were performing to promote conscientious driving along with Kunhadi.

It was impressive to see these musical among Bank Audi’s staff, they were really good! Check the 2 videos I recorded, the girl in the first video has a striking voice.

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2010/12/19)

15 New links for this roundup.

See you next week!

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Ahwet El Ezez to shutdown by the end of 2010

2010 is parting in a few days and it seems like it is taking away one of Gemmayze’s landmarks with it!

According to this article from The Daily Star, Ahwet El Ezez will soon shut its doors after losing a legal battle with the building owners regarding the continuation of pre-civil war rents.

The premises will now return to the building owners, who have been embroiled in legal disputes with the café for years over the continuation of pre-Civil War rents.

What will become of it now remains unknown. Building owners have assured conservationists that the site will not be demolished but speculation is rife over what will become of one of central Beirut’s last traditional cafés, with rumors circulating it will be turned into a new snazzy bar, maybe even a Starbucks or a bank branch.

Do you think it is time for us to finally accept that those small pieces of Beirut’s heritage are not meant to last forever or at least survive the real estate boom in the city?

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Lebanese recipes now on App Store

This definitely doesn’t replace our favorite Lebanese cuisine blogs, but it’s cool to see our traditional recipes available on an iPhone application!

Use this app and bring the delicious taste and richness of the Lebanese cuisine to your home – enjoy 100 of the finest Lebanese recipes and experience the flavor of the Orient. The huge variety of dishes includes among others traditional salads, starters, meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as famous desserts. It will allow you to prepare typical Lebanese menus and surprise your family and friends. All recipes are decorated with high quality pictures to give you an upfront idea of what you are about to cook.

You can find more info about the application here.

Via Beirut Spring

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