Lebanese ripoff

A few weeks ago I got this advertisement in my junk folder.


3anjad BRAVO! I believe it took them a lot of brainstorming to come up with the idea they’re promoting. “Advertising on your behalf on Facebook”, WOW.

These guys claim they can do what ANYONE else can do, that is using a credit card to post an ad for you on Facebook. As if we suffer of some disability that prevents us from posting an ad on Facebook on our own, and our brain cannot interpret the fields labeled “age”,  “gender” and “internet” that help us target a certain segment of users of Facebook, w AKID the buttons intended to generate reports showing the perfomance of our ads go way behind our understanding. Ya3neh alf l7amdilla allah ba3at hal 3alam ynawwrouna.

If you have a product to promote, just don’t use these guys, chances are they’re gonna rip you off, use your credit card instead and benefit from the experience of the people on the internet that have usef Facebook ads before (use google to find them), I did it and it worked for me.

… That’s unless you are running for the Lebanese elections, then do make use of their service because they’re ready to make special promotions for you as you can see below (snapshot from Al-Waseet newspaper), not to mention that you definitely deserve a ripoff at least once in your life.



“Help” deserved the ban! – Movie review

Do you recall all the fuss that was made over the ban of Marc Abi Rached’s movie titled “Help”? (In which I have contributed!!)


Well, few days ago I was surprised to know that the movie is now being sold at the DVD stores in Beirut! So I went to Bourj Hammoud and bought it for 1,000 L.L ($0.66), though I am against getting illegal copies of Lebanese movies prior watching them in the theaters because I believe the Lebanese producers and directors should at least get support from the Lebanese audience.

Anyway, let’s move to watching the movie… just as the movie started playing, the license number obtained from the general security of Lebanon appeared, so I assume this copy is the one that was supposed to be shown in the theaters, and for some reason someone from within the general security decided to leak it out, and the result is of course Marc Abi Rached ending up being screwed twice! (banning it + leaking it)

The whole movie is a chaos, and the chaos lasts for around 1 hour and 15 minutes, it’s about a prostitute names “Thuraya” who is being tracked by a some business man to kill her but at the end gets saved by a teenager named “Ali”. And no they don’t get married at the end.

I think paying 10,000 L.L to watch “Help” in the cinema would have been a total waste of time and money. The story doesn’t make sense at all which made the movie more like an amateur x-rated video where a group of people got together just to show up naked, if the movie was just 5 minutes longer we could have seen Marc Abi Rached himself getting naked for the camera!!

It’s a cheap movie, or less than that, “akel hawa” maybe, and it definitely deserved to be banned.


Lebanese elections billboard wars – 2

On the road to any area in Lebanon you will notice dozens of billboards promoting the different parties or candidates running for the election. And on my way to Saida yesterday I saw the following ones.


That’s Nabih Berri on the left. Barri is trying to be original and is NOT imitating Barack Obama’s photos. Anyway, Nabih Berri is promoting unity between the muslims and the christians. 3a aseis ino noss Haraket Amal hinneh masi7iyyeh 😀 I’ll take hat as Berri being funny.


I dunno who that guy is, but the slogan is strong. Minimum ykoun shababouna la youstahan bihi! They did great in May 7th last year, and just today they killed 4 army soldiers.


The Future Movement is reminding us once again that they have not forgot their loss. Nothing new here, they’ve been making their followers live in an ongoing funeral for 4 years now! Min wein baddon yinso??


… aw Orange Orange!


Ok I’m convinced, and the Lebanese Forces followers are all civilized, I’ll keep it in my mind!


Last but not least, Haraket Amal is presenting to us the upcoming generation who will soon be roaming the streets with their motorcycles hinneh w 2eibbina. The ones who are currently “3am y2ibbouwa” will eventually become “kaweidir haraket amal”.


Lebanese elections billboard wars

Right after the Future Movement lunched their advertisement campaign in Maten and Keserwan with the billboards below,


The Free Patriotic Movement responded with the following billboard!


I have to admit, this one is “2awiyyeh”.


Pages update

As you might have noticed I have added 2 new pages just below the header, “My Photography” where you can see a slideshow containing some of the best photos I’ve taken so far, and “Contact” where you can… you know what!


Walid Jounblat interview with Playboy


Believe it or not, Playboy interviewed Walid Jounblat in their July 1984 issue! But no he did not appear naked (did I disppoint you?).

I’ve seen the cover a while ago and was checking if I can read the interview somewhere online, until I found it on the Ouwet blog.

For those of you who are interested, I’m publishing a scanned copy of the interview originally downloaded from the Ouwet blog by N10452. You must have plenty of free time in hand since it’s a long interview!

Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 8

P.S: I think it would be nice if the parliamentary candidates for 2009 published their electoral program in the next issue of Playboy, that includes Hizbullah, Al-A7bash & Al-Jama3a Al-Islamiyya candidates.


Neizil gazdir 3al corniche!

Last Sunday I thought of taking advantage of the nice weather and go shooting some sunset photos at Ain El-Mrayseh, but the outcome turned out far away from what I had in mind.

For some reason, every single Beiruti has apparently chosen to go have a ride on the corniche, so I ended up getting stuck in a traffic jam for more than 30 minutes… and you think it was boring? Hell no! It was not!

Next time you get stuck there like me, try to look for the clowns who drive their cars with their feet. YES WITH THEIR FEET!

(Click to enlarge)

So, this guy decided to stand up like a monkey on the driver’s seat, in the middle of the road, and control the steering wheel with his feet, without forgetting to raise the radio volume to the max while listening to Goerge Wassouf (you thought he was listening to Nostalgie? you silly..!)

And it looks like being cool these days is associated with getting out of the car window when you’re going for a ride on the corniche! Then you’ll get to open your mouth to the air and literally “teikol hawa” like our 2 friends below.


Ain El-Mrayseh + Sunday Afternoon = Bad Idea. New York (aka Hamra) could have been a much better option.



No it’s not an April’s fool prank, try to go to www.google.com.lb, it really works! And it looks like the domain has been activated since February 4th 2009, as per this lookup on AUB.edu.lb.

If you have experience in registering a domain name ending with “.lb” then you probably know that in order to register your domain you must issue several official documents including a trademark file and “Iza3a tijariyya”, then present them to the American University of Beirut which acts as the registrar for the .lb top level domain.

I’m curious to know who presented these papers on behalf of Google… is it a sign they will soon be opening an office in Lebanon? (2addamna CV??? :p )


Lighting a candle for Ferrari!

I took this photo a while ago in “De Prague” at Hamra. I was just having fun doing some compositions with the candle in the frame.

Candle for Ferrari

However, after yesterday’s results in the first grand prix of the 2009 formula one season in Melbourne with Raikkonen finishing 16th and Massa 17th, I beleive I should light a candle for them! A BIG ONE!!


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