Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe at Bush

I wish to see this happening to Lebanese politicians, one at a time!

Update: As per MIR’s request, here is a link to the shoe throing game! Lebanon is currently the 11th country playing this game!!


Zajal Competition

I can’t but laugh at such ads! Since when is “Ma3rad Abou Imad lil khodra” doing sponsorships?

Click to enlarge

I received it by e-mail from Digital ITS, the company that has been spamming Lebanese e-mail addresses for so long now!



On my way back home from work everyday I pass by Roadster Achrafiyyeh. There, and on each single day I encounter a Sukleen truck collecting trash from the containers and causing a massive traffic jam.

Will the guys in charge at Sukleen ever think of chaning the schedule for trash collection? Ya3neh n7akalna nlemm zbeileh il sei3a 6:30 3ashiyyeh!!!


Abed El-Fattah from Saida

Abed El-Fattah is known in Saida for selling juice on a cart. Check out his “promotional” video on youtube!!


Tayyar Vs. Lebanese Forces!

Classes were suspended today at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut because of an incident between Kataeb, Lebanese forces and Hizbullah.

Now check what and wrote on their frontpage.

Akhbar lazizeh!


Lebanese Hawker Hunter flying AGAIN!

For a second there, I felt proud to see the Hawker Hunter jet fighters flying over Beirut and participating in the aerial show of the 65th anniversay of (in)dependence (they made a lovely noise by the way!).

But then I felt awkward when I recalled they were actually made in the 1950’s, and we barely managed to get certain parts to restart using them! I wonder against whom we can use the 5 jets we have, Fath Al-Islam most probably? if they ever appeared again… or maybe against the Israeli Air Forces? no I’m kidding.

Anyway, it’s good to see them flying again!


Contradicting Lebanese headlines

Even when the numbers are speaking (i.e. Logic), you see Lebanese news sources interpreting it differently.

Yesterday was the day for Beirut Syndicate of Lawyers elections. Now check today’s headlines!

Assafir Newspaper

Al Mustaqbal newspaper (FPM Official website)

So, what do you think?


Beiteedine VS. Moussa Castle

Here’s a funny fact:

It costs you more money to enter Moussa castle (Entirely built by one man, Moussa Maamari) than to enter Beiteddine castle.
For Moussa Castle you pay 10,000 L.L. to mainly see a large weaponry collection, while you pay 5,000 L.L. for Beiteddine to see a nice piece of history.

Note that Moussa castle is a private property.

I went to both places today, and it was very nice being in the Chouf area. Some photos coming soon 😉


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