Contradicting Lebanese headlines

Even when the numbers are speaking (i.e. Logic), you see Lebanese news sources interpreting it differently.

Yesterday was the day for Beirut Syndicate of Lawyers elections. Now check today’s headlines!

Assafir Newspaper

Al Mustaqbal newspaper (FPM Official website)

So, what do you think?


Beiteedine VS. Moussa Castle

Here’s a funny fact:

It costs you more money to enter Moussa castle (Entirely built by one man, Moussa Maamari) than to enter Beiteddine castle.
For Moussa Castle you pay 10,000 L.L. to mainly see a large weaponry collection, while you pay 5,000 L.L. for Beiteddine to see a nice piece of history.

Note that Moussa castle is a private property.

I went to both places today, and it was very nice being in the Chouf area. Some photos coming soon 😉


From the balcony

I took this photo 2 days ago from my balcony, the moonlight was looking nice. The area showing is Ras El Nabeh.

Click to enlarge


Going popular!

I got a new idea today, and you can see it right at the end of each post. The new “Share this article on Facebook” link will let you share any of my posts on your Facebook profile for your friends to check it out.

You get nice content on your profile and I get extra visitors! It’s a Win/Win situation, no? 😀


George Wassouf arrested

According to the news, George Wassouf sayir manzou3! The Swedish police arrested him because he was in possession of 30 grams of cocaine.

George Wassouf

According to AFP:

Syrian-Lebanese crooner George Wassouf was arrested in Sweden at the weekend on drug charges just hours before he was due to perform a concert, police told AFP on Sunday.

Wassouf “has been held in police custody since yesterday (Saturday) on drug charges,” a police officer in the western Stockholm district, Martin Holm, told AFP.

Wassouf is probably the most famous drugs addict in Lebanon, his dumb look tells everything! He has been helping lot of people getting high on songs like “El Hawa Soltan” for so long now, and he deserves a break… in Stockholm.


Thunderstorm in Beirut

We had a thunderstorm last night in Beirut, and my friend Antoine from took this wonderful photo of Beirut from his balcony in Ain Saade during the storm.

Thunderstorm in Beirut
Click to enlarge

The photo is stunning in my opinion and can be easily nominated the photo of the day on the Lebanese blogsphere! Sietske already blogged about it, and now it’s here on +961 😉

P.S: This photo is part of Antoine’s PAD project (Picture A Day), he’s taking a photo every day and publishing on his flickr account. you may check his complete collection by clicking here.


Geagea has flu!

I know some people might post comments attacking me, but I couldn’t but share this video with you!

If you wanna have some extra laugh, check the video page on YouTube, and see how people are fighting in the comments section. LOL


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