Celebrations in Lebanon, Tears in Israel

Today is the big day. Lebanon finally got back its 5 prisoners from Israel including Samir Kuntar and 4 Hizbullah members Khodr Zeidan, Mohammed Srour, Hussein Sulaiman and Maher Kourani.

Hizbullah Prisoners

On the other hand, Israel also got back its 2 soldiers, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, from Hizbullah, but in a couple of black coffins. I really would like to see the look on their parents’ face when they saw the 2 coffins at Hizbullah personnels’ feet.

Eldad Regev & Ehud Goldwasser

We have suffered a lot, I believe it is our turn now to see them crying over the dead bodies of their sons and soldiers.

However, Some people claim that Kuntar is a terrorist because he killed a 4 years old girl… Well, sometimes a photo is worth a 1000 words.

Israeli kids

This clearly shows who’s the terrorist, no?


Let us not forget


As part of a “Let us not Forget” campaign, Sowar Magazine released a special edition entitled “Snapshots from the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990),” which features by some of the most prominent international photographers (including Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Bill Foley).

The intent of the initiative is to remind people of the horrors of war so that they’re not repeated, particularly as Lebanon passes through a politically-charged time, although a unity government was announced yesterday!

Anyway, I already seen a preview of this issue via this link and the available photos look pretty interesting, so I will of course buy it as it is worth keeping in my library.


Lebanese forces website hacked?

For the last 30 minutes or so, whenever I try to access the Lebanese forces website I receive the following error:

LF Hacked

We got use to witnesing political websites getting hacked each time a political crisis arises, let’s see if they did it again to the LF website!


Tripoli bullshit

While our army studs are resting on their rusty vehicles…

Lebanese Army

Idiot Lebanese motherfuckers dressing like clowns as this one below, are working really hard in Tripoli to get us back into a second civil war. (one is never enough for us!)

Tripoli terrorist

Seriously, شو هالمنظر؟؟

This time it’s Alawites VS. Sunnis in Tripoli. Weapons in the hand of Alawites is somehow justified, since they can easily get from Syria (I assume), BUT how did the Sunnis lay their hands on weapons? And who has been supplying them with it?

If you got any answer, let me know by comment!




Innovation from Barja!

Barja is a town located in Iklim Al-Kharroub (Chouf) and it lies 25Km south of Beirut.


Definitely NOT my day!

1. I found out that the car I was aiming to buy has been already sold! It was an Alfa Romeo 147 and it wasn’t an easy job to me to find a good one. Alfa’s are a bit rare to find here…

2. My laptop screen is dead! It goes black few seconds after I log on to Windows, and I have been trying to bring it back to life for the past two hours. Tech forums did not help me at all! Anyway luckily I have the work’s laptop as a substitute…

3. Might have to pay a lot to fix the screen!!

3. I support germany in the euro cup and they have just lost to Spain a few minutes ago!


Shoot me… please!

Seriously, what the hell is this??

اعتصام المهربين

في سابقة هي الأولى من نوعها، واعتراضاً على عمليات التشدد وقمع مخالفات التهريب، واقفال كافة المعابر الترابية غير الشرعية التي نفذت منذ حوالي العشرين يوماً، وبعد الحزم والتشدد على مواد التهريب المختلفة، نفذ أول من أمس عدد من المهربين وسائقي سيارات الشحن الصغيرة من ابناء منطقة وادي خالد اعتصاماً على مسافة لا تبعد مئة متر عن حاجز القوة المشتركة لضبط الحدود..
المعتصمون اعترضوا على التشدد في اجراءات مكافحة التهريب ، ما أفضى في نهاية المطاف وبعد اتصالات على مستويات عالية ، إلى الايعاز بفتح الطرقات وتسهيل العبور، بانتظار جلاء الموقف على الأرض.

يذكر أن اعتراضات كثيرة تصدر من أهالي بلدات العوينات والجوار ، وشكاوى أدت إلى اقدام الأهالي على وضع حواجز من الباطون عند المنافذ المختلفة منعاً للازعاج الذي يشكله المهربون ليلاً ، ما يفسح في المجال أمام احتمالات مختلفة ، مما يبقي الأمور مفتوحة على كل الاحتمالات


Internal Security Forces – Again!

Remember the internal security forces stars from an early post on this blog? Last time we left the two studs posing with some sexy Lebanese girl…

Few days ago, one of my readers, Andy, sent me an email along with an attached photo taken in downtown Beirut of his wife and son with an ISF agent, and guess what! One of the two guys that appeared in the old photo appears in Andy’s photo also! Seems like the guys takes lot of pictures.

Lebanese Internal Security Forces

Note that the two photos are taken in the same location, Annahar newspaper is actually right in the opposite direction.

I will try to take a photo of that guy if I ever saw him there in the area, let’s see how many photos of him can I collect!!


Coca-Cola advertising campaign

If you’re watching the Euro Cup 2008 on Al-Jazeera Sport then you probably have seen the latest Coca-Cola advertisements, the ones featuring the national anthems of some European countries and using them as… advertising jingles!

I liked the idea so much, and I loved the way the egyptians executed it. I don’t think somebody else would have executed the idea the same successful way as I believe egyptians have a unique sense of humor!

Here are some of  advertisement clips for you to enjoy. Sorry if you don’t understand Arabic.






And then?

Remember when I asked you in an early post if you will still afford going to the beach in Lebanon with the constant increase in the price of fuel?

Back then I disregarded the fact that beach resorts might also increase their entrance fees… and guess what! They did it! Few days ago I learned that the places I used to go to last summer (Jiyyeh Marina & Laguava) have increase their charges by 25%. So this summer, just to get in there, you will be charged 25,000 L.L

As for the price of fuel in Lebanon, it is currently at 31,900 L.L per 20 liters and might increase in the few coming minutes!
I won’t go full throttle at any boulevard in Beirut anymore!!!

All in all, the inflation rate is near 40% for the first quarter in 2008, and given that I still have NOT received any increase in my salary, then I am getting poorer and poorer my purchasing power is decreasing each and every day…!

And then?? و بعدين؟؟


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