Stupid of the day

I would like to congratulate Mr. Salman Al-Rayes for his new PLATINUM mobile phone number which is 70/707070. “Mabrouk isteiz”.

In a platinum mobile numbers auction today hosted by MTC touch at the Movenpick Hotel, he purchased it for 450,000 freaking dollars. The guy paid nearly half a million dollars for a fucking mobile phone number!!

I wonder what was Mr. Salman thinking of when he woke up today…

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Update: There was more than one crazy buyer yesterday, check the complete list here.
Some other guy called “Bilal Bondokji” (Syrian?), one of the “Petit Cafe” owners, paid 855,000 dollars for 9 platinum numbers!!


To minister Ghazi Aridi

Dear minister Ghazi Aridi,

Have you been driving in Beirut lately? Did you notice the potholes everywhere in the city roads? And did you notice those open manholes?

I nearly crashed my car yesterday on my way to Rawche because of an open manhole! I was very lucky to have sopotted it.

Please do understand that unlike you guys (MPs and ministers) I cannot change my car on a monthly basis. I worked really hard to pay for my 2 months old car and I won’t like it if something broke because of your potholes.

I hope you will read this post someday when googling your name! (Would you mind commenting if you did?)

Beiruti Alfa Romeo driver.


Happy Eid

Happy Fitr to all my readers.

Kneifeh is the best breakfast today!! 🙂


Audio Illusion

I don’t know if I can call what you will hear now an “audio illusion”, but after I searched a little on google I learned that the real name is “Holophonics”

Holophonics is a form of sound recording that employs a dummy head recording arrangement and is based on the hypothesis that the auditory system acts as an interferometer. As with binaural recordings, the sound characteristics are most clearly heard through headphones. Holophonics should not be confused with holophonic recording (or holophony), which is a system of sound recording over the surface of a sphere.

Below is a YouTube clip that uses the holophinc technique in recording, but before you play it make sure you use a headphone to live one NICE experience! (Seriously). It’s about a virtual barber shop, and you will actually feel like you’re really there. The thing is so realistic that I turned around many time to check if there was any one in the room making these sounds.


On electricity cutoff in Beirut

Dear Alain Tabourian,

You are wrong if you think that cutting off the electricity on Beirut is a smart move. It is the CAPITAL, the heart of the country, where generators are PROHIBITED.

Increasing the cutoff hours in Beirut will not help the other areas at all! Beirut Vs. the rest of Lebanon? Come on! I wonder how many extra hours of electricity will each other city have… 15 minutes maybe?

Oh and if you think that this it the best way to have your revenge from the Future Movement, then f*ck both of you. We have nothing to do with your stupid conflicts with Saad Hariri!

A pissed Beiruti internet addict.


Lebanese Lesbians…!

Following yesterday’s post, I found today another photo for this in Hamra also:

Lebanese Lesbians

I imagine some gay/lesbian appearing on the TV someday and saying: “طريق تحرير الشواذ تمر في بيروت”!!


Lebanese Gays…

Lebanese Gays

You can see this somewhere in Hamra, it says:

مين شاذ؟
إمك شاذة
أنا مُثلي

Does a gay gets really pissed off if he was called as a “شاذ”? I wonder…


Yet another martyr

Saleh Aridi

Sheik Saleh Aridi, a senior member of the Lebanese Democratic party, was killed in a car blast last night. And so, we “earned” yet another martyr…

Talal Arslan, the head of the Lebanese Democratic Party said today: “The message has been delivered”

I don’t know since when Lebanese people started exchanging messages through dead bodies, but they should really stop it. It’s a dangerous habit because 6 other persons were injured yesterday during the message delivery.


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