No more Beirut Marina

I was driving near the Beirut Marina today when I noticed new concrete blocks placed on the sidewalk.

Concrete blocks at Beirut Marina
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I drove further to find the same concrete blocks supporting metal rods.

Beirut Marina
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Now if you take a look at the inside of the marina , you will notice that these block and rods are meant to form a visual block (as in the photo below) to PREVENT people from watching the sea and the parked yachts.

Visual block at Beirut Marina
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Very soon, the Beirut Marina will be pretty much like the Movenpick and Riviera, where the sea view is blocked for the public just because they own the land on the seaside.

Anyway, it’s Solidaire’s time now! Bravo! After stealing the center of Beirut now they’re stealing the sea view from the Beirutis.

I know there’s still the rest of the corniche, but still, fuck whoever came up with that idea, they do NOT have the right to do it.


Alain Robert in Beirut

Alain Robert

After climbing more than 70 of the world’s tallest structures, Alain Robert aka spiderman arrived to Beirut to climb the Phoenicia Intercontinental hotel tower using his bare hand without ropes!

The event was set today at 6:00PM and I heard about it by chance on Mix FM. I thought it would be cool to go and shoot some photos of spiderman but unfortunately I was wrong… As soon as I arrived in my car near the Phoenicia at around 6:10, I found hundreds of cars stuck in a traffic jam on the road passing by the Phoenicia and leading to Saint George.

Reason? Not because there was too many people, but apprently the internal security forces have blocked the road and stopped cars from proceeding towards Ain El-Mrayyseh. I didn’t understand why they did that especially that Alain Robert was climbing a tower that is far away from the road….

I was also surprised by how the ISF took actions to make that event a success! As I know, in almost every other country the cops arrest Alain after he does his stunts because it is so unsafe… Check this wikipedia page and see for yourself. The ISF here were actually amused by what he did.

Anyway, at the end after being stuck for more than an hour in that traffic jam without even facing the building he was climbing, I returned back with no photos…

Update: Thanks to Dona, now I’m posting 2 videos of the event.


What’s wrong with you?

… what the fuck is wrong with you people? Why do you drive like 7ayaweineit here and you totally abide by the rules in whatever other country you go to?

Suddenly everybody has an urgent issue to catch? Can’t you stop on red light anymore? And why the hell can’t you just stick to one line?? ya khayyeh tab 2 lines.. but just don’t move accross all the 4 or 5 lines of the highway every 2 seconds!!

Also, should you play the role of the smart ass 24/7? You always want to find some shortcut to bypass ALL the cars in front of you!! Take a break people, do drive “politely” for once.


PageRank 4!

Pagerank 4

I have just noticed today that my blog here has a PageRank 4! I wasn’t following the PageRank update here on Plus961 because I noticed that the Lebanese blog sphere doesn’t give much importance to it.

If you’re not familiar with what PageRank is about, well it basically determines the importance level (on a scale of 1 to 10) of a certain page on the internet. The more links you get for your website, the higher the PageRank you get.

For more about PageRank, click here.


Stupid of the day

I would like to congratulate Mr. Salman Al-Rayes for his new PLATINUM mobile phone number which is 70/707070. “Mabrouk isteiz”.

In a platinum mobile numbers auction today hosted by MTC touch at the Movenpick Hotel, he purchased it for 450,000 freaking dollars. The guy paid nearly half a million dollars for a fucking mobile phone number!!

I wonder what was Mr. Salman thinking of when he woke up today…

[Read More]

Update: There was more than one crazy buyer yesterday, check the complete list here.
Some other guy called “Bilal Bondokji” (Syrian?), one of the “Petit Cafe” owners, paid 855,000 dollars for 9 platinum numbers!!


To minister Ghazi Aridi

Dear minister Ghazi Aridi,

Have you been driving in Beirut lately? Did you notice the potholes everywhere in the city roads? And did you notice those open manholes?

I nearly crashed my car yesterday on my way to Rawche because of an open manhole! I was very lucky to have sopotted it.

Please do understand that unlike you guys (MPs and ministers) I cannot change my car on a monthly basis. I worked really hard to pay for my 2 months old car and I won’t like it if something broke because of your potholes.

I hope you will read this post someday when googling your name! (Would you mind commenting if you did?)

Beiruti Alfa Romeo driver.


Happy Eid

Happy Fitr to all my readers.

Kneifeh is the best breakfast today!! 🙂


Audio Illusion

I don’t know if I can call what you will hear now an “audio illusion”, but after I searched a little on google I learned that the real name is “Holophonics”

Holophonics is a form of sound recording that employs a dummy head recording arrangement and is based on the hypothesis that the auditory system acts as an interferometer. As with binaural recordings, the sound characteristics are most clearly heard through headphones. Holophonics should not be confused with holophonic recording (or holophony), which is a system of sound recording over the surface of a sphere.

Below is a YouTube clip that uses the holophinc technique in recording, but before you play it make sure you use a headphone to live one NICE experience! (Seriously). It’s about a virtual barber shop, and you will actually feel like you’re really there. The thing is so realistic that I turned around many time to check if there was any one in the room making these sounds.


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