Ras El-Nabeh today

I live in Ras El-Nabeh, where clashes have been raging for the last 2 days, and thanks god today is relatively calm and under the Lebanese army control. But still, I didn’t go to work in fear of not being able to come back! Yeah feels like being under siege!

So far the opposition has defeated the Future Movement militia in our neighborhood and in almost every other area in western Beirut. Although this result was expected (to me at least), but I really didn’t expect for the Future Movement militia to fall apart that fast!
Lesson learned: A cat should never mess with a lion.

I am wondering what will the opposition do next, I am pretty sure things will not be over at this stage, but I hope the situation will not get worse.

Oh and by the way I really feel like going out and shooting with my camera, I’m sure there will be a lot of scenes that are worth keeping for history, but I am afraid someone might beat me… Anyway here is a panoramic photo I took today morning from my balcony (it’s made of 3 photos), it shows “Basta” to the left and “Ras El-Nabeh” to the right. Unfortunately my camera is a DSLR and doesn’t capture video, otherwise I would have posted some very interesting sounds from yesterda’s clashes!

Ras El Nabeh
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On the current situation

No I won’t be cursing today, although I really feel like telling those ugly gangsters to go to hell and fight as much as they want there…

Anyway just in time, while I’m hearing RPGs every few minutes outside, one of my friends sent me this set of photos. It goes pretty well with the current situation. Especially with “Blue” being one of 14 March’s colors, and “Orange” being one of 8 March’s colors. (Click on each image to enlarge)

8 March VS 14 March 8 March VS 14 March

8 March VS 14 March

I think this is the only post in the Lebanese blogsphere with a sense of humor today! I’m optimistic by nature.



May 07 Strike

Today I would like to join Tantalus in saying FUCK YOU to each and everyone involved in today’s incidents in Beirut. And to those who launched RPGs I say FUCK YOU twice, since you made additional effort in fucking up the day.

Also FUCK those who try to pretend they’re angels, while we know very well that it takes AT LEAST 2 to start a fight, so it’s quite obvious that 8 March and 14 March are both assholes.

I’m at work now and I still don’t know if it will be safe to go back home or not… Oh that’s one more FUCK YOU to the “wado3” (situation).


Sexy Lebanese shows

K-Lynn Lingerie holds annual lingerie shows at various places in Lebanon such as Faraya Mzar, Edde Sands, Oceana, and other resorts.

And there’s no way you can miss one of these shows, because as soon one of these shows are held, you quickly start receiving photos of the event in your e-mail and before you know it your inbox will be full of girls displaying K-Lynn’s creations of sexy outfits! 😀

Yesterday I received one of these emails and a couple of photos caught my attention, not because of the sexy girls inside, but because they really made me laugh. Check them out.

Priceless Look
Click to enlarge

Priceless 2
Click to enlarge

Did you see the look on the face of that poor little kid in red? He’s seem to be just about to explode…

For those of you who were expecting me to display all the photos I received by e-mail, well I didn’t upload them but I will not disappoint you. At the end, I do understand that you might have arrived to this page via a Google search probably for “sexy lebanese girls”!!

You can check a couple of albums by following the links below:

K-Lynn show at Faraya Mzar Lebanon 2007

K-Lynn show at Faraya Mzar Lebanon 2008


This is Beirut – The mix

I feel frustrated tonight, I have just found that the videos site is not working! This is what you get when you keep on messing with the source code…! I’ll be working on it.

Anyway, I’m publishing today a trance music file for a song titled “This is Beirut”. A small part of the file has been widely spread as a ringtone for cell phones, so for anyone who might be looking for it, here is a download link for the full version.

Update: The videos site is working again!


Almaza: keep drinking

Using the political situation to make an advertisement is one of the things that I would describe as “حربقة” (Clever in english), or shall I call that creativity..? Check their latest advertisement below.

To those who don’t understand Arabic, the advertisement tells that Lebanese people have been celebrating and drinking Almaza since 1933 and kept on doing that throughout the good and bad times they went through (Independance 1943, Earthquake 1956, Miss Universe (Georgina Rizk) 1971, Beginning of the Lebanese war 1975, End of the war 1990), and at the end they say that in 2008 nothing will keep them from drinking and celebrating (given that the political situation is in deep sh*t).

**By the way, you can find other Lebanese videos like Almaza’s on Plus961 Videos.**

And while searching today, I found another photo of a billboard from their campaign last summer on Lebanon-Update.

The billboard says: “All eyes are on the chair this summer”, knowing that last summer everybody was wondering who’s going to be Emile Lahoud’s successor and become the new president.

I believe they can still use this billboard yet again this summer! don’t you think so?


Catch of the day

I came across this news article in Annahar newspaper today.


The article is about a campaign launched by the municipality of Beirut to exterminate pests (roaches should be afraid now). It’s quite a normal news.

But notice the attached photo, showing some personnels along with the head of the municipality taking a photo beside the vehicle to be used in that campaign. Isn’t that similar to taking a photo beside a Baygon bottle? I just wonder…



Saida’s Palaces

Although it is the third largest city in Lebanon, but I’ve never went to Saida and made a tour in the city until a few weeks ago. It might not be the best place in Lebanon but WOW, I was impressed!

Call me an ignorant, but I really didn’t even know there was a gorgeous old city there with people living in it! The streets are so tight and cozy, at some places they’re barely 2 meters wide.

Click to enlarge

I was also surprised to know that the Audi family (yes those of Bank Audi) were involved in manufacturing soap bars in the old city of Saida, and they have actually established a soap museum in what used to be their soap factory.

Click to enlarge

The museum is maintained by “Fondation Audi“. If you get to visit it, you will be able to also the Audi’s palace since the museum is located on the ground floor of it, and they’re both open to the public.

Oh and not only the Audi’s are famous there, but also the Debbane family! They have a great palace in Saida, which is nearly 300 years old, and it is also open to the public. Check its entrance in the photo below.

Click to enlarge

It’s awesome from the inside but unfortunately I was not able to take good photos there. However, you can always refer to the Debbane Foundation’s website and preview the available photos there, although I believe they do NO justice to the palace.

I do recommend that you visit Saida in case you still have not done it yet, and make sure to go through the old souk. But, if you’re looking for luxurious places to have lunch and stuff, then Saida is SO NOT for you.

Click to enlarge


Traffic lights

Traffic Light

Woohoo! Lebanon is getting into the traffic lights era!!

You’re probably aware (or not) of the new traffic lights at some areas in Beirut, they’ve been installed even at places where you least expect traffic congestions to occur, that’s what I have noticed at some intersection in Sad El Bouchrieh.

But you can still observe policemen at a lot of intersections giving their instructions to car drivers, that’s a bit weird given that those traffic lights are functioning well. However, the policemen presence is kind of justified (to me at least) since people here are NOT used to stop for a red light and maybe it’s the policemen job right now to force people to obey the traffic lights!

So far I can tell they’re not doing a good job…
I was in a Taxi today going from Jdeideh to Sodeco, passing through Sad El Bouchrieh. The driver arrived to an intersection and the light was red, but he surprisingly crossed it and started cursing at people coming from other directions! Ok, I’m not writing about this to tell that I was shocked, because I actually wasn’t, since that’s quite a normal behavior from a typical lebanese driver. But come on, with a large campaign on TV telling people to STOP on RED, such behavior becomes quite disturbing.

To me, traffic lights are a waste of money. Policemen and their yelling in the streets are way more effective and efficient.


Back from my trip to Mars!

Shame on me for not posting for almost 1 month now… When I registered this domain a while ago, I though I will updating it on a regular basis. Unfortunately I was wrong! (And I hate being wrong)

So what has been keeping me busy?

  1. Posting at my other blog, Zero Hour Sleep, a tech blog loaded with lot of tips and tricks to maximize your use of computers and internet.
  2. I built a video site that is FULL of Lebanese videos. Check it on videos.plus961.com. I agree it doesn’t have the best theme out there, but it does have good content, and I will be adding more categories to it very soon.
  3. In addition to the .com domain, I also have plus961.net registered to me as well. It currently leads you to this blog, but will soon be hosting a directory for Lebanese blogs (still working on it).
    If you author a blog on Lebanon, you can submit it to “rami [at] plus961 [dot] com”.
  4. Reading F*ck Lebanon. The guy there writes several times a day, and I can’t help but read his posts! It’s kinda addictive.
  5. Taking photos like this one (click to enlarge). That was taken from Harissa.
  6. Work..
  7. MBA..
  8. Shall I keep going???

Despite not posting, I was still noticing some people checking on my RSS feed from time to time! Whoever you are, thanks for showing your interest! Anyway stay tuned, it won’t take another month till you see another post here! 😉


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