Back from my trip to Mars!

Shame on me for not posting for almost 1 month now… When I registered this domain a while ago, I though I will updating it on a regular basis. Unfortunately I was wrong! (And I hate being wrong)

So what has been keeping me busy?

  1. Posting at my other blog, Zero Hour Sleep, a tech blog loaded with lot of tips and tricks to maximize your use of computers and internet.
  2. I built a video site that is FULL of Lebanese videos. Check it on I agree it doesn’t have the best theme out there, but it does have good content, and I will be adding more categories to it very soon.
  3. In addition to the .com domain, I also have registered to me as well. It currently leads you to this blog, but will soon be hosting a directory for Lebanese blogs (still working on it).
    If you author a blog on Lebanon, you can submit it to “rami [at] plus961 [dot] com”.
  4. Reading F*ck Lebanon. The guy there writes several times a day, and I can’t help but read his posts! It’s kinda addictive.
  5. Taking photos like this one (click to enlarge). That was taken from Harissa.
  6. Work..
  7. MBA..
  8. Shall I keep going???

Despite not posting, I was still noticing some people checking on my RSS feed from time to time! Whoever you are, thanks for showing your interest! Anyway stay tuned, it won’t take another month till you see another post here! 😉


Firing an RPG and Carlos Edde being funny

Have you seen the video below before? It features a guy launching an RPG in the air during the latest speeches of either Nabih Berri or Hassan Nasrallah.

Blacksmith Jade is calling to arrest the guy. I know it will never happen so I will just go with asking that guys a small question:مبسوط بحالك؟. Although I doubt he will ever check on my blog…

On the other hand, Carlos Edde, the National Lebanese Bloc leader, warned his followers from firing their guns while he was in an interview on LBC TV.
You can listen to what he said by downloading this mp3 file. I honestly found this new hilarious, the National Lebanese Block is most probably made up of Carlos Edde himself only!
To Carlos Edde I say: مصدق حالك؟
I don’t know the probality of Carlos Edde checking on my blog.


Copying me already?

Arghhh my blog is not yet popular and I have already came across a website with a similar name.

Today I received a spam email that landed right into my junk folder (thanks to Gmail), promoting a new Lebanese gifts website called i.e. Lebanon gifts. Ok they’re not really copying me actually but they did copy the name, no?

I did a whois query to see when was it registered, and I got the following result:

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: 961GIFTS.COM
Created on: 19-Feb-08
Expires on: 19-Feb-10
Last Updated on: 23-Feb-08

Ok mine was registered on December 2007! 😉

By the way, if you’re looking for an online gifts store to get your mother a gift on Mother’s day, I recommend I work in a sister company to them and the guys are pretty nice and friendly there.

Oh and talking about popularity, I see people are constantly checking on my blog through the RSS feed. Whoever you are I’m glad you’re interested in my content! I’ll try to post more often.


Half a million is gone!

I was informed today that the population in Lebanon has decreased to 3.5 million this year knowing that we were around 4 million according to the statistics done in 1998.

So that’s a half of a million decrease within 10 years! However, you will not find that number huge if you take into consideration the following facts:

  1. $44 Billion in debt
  2. We have no president, and we don’t give a damn about it
  3. Geagea is out of prison
  4. Nasrallah declared a worldwide war
  5. Aoun is back from Paris
  6. Wiam Wahhab wants to fire rockets at Walid Jounblat’s bedroom
  7. Naser Qandeel is back on TV
  8. It takes a lifetime for Saad Hariri to make a speech

And the list goes on…

By the way, according to Wikipedia,Lebanon’s population is exactly 4,196,453 right now, and it might have increased by 1 or 2 while I am writing this post. I never knew somebody has done such an accurate study about us before!!

Oh and talking about wikipedia, check this out if you want to get some “real” data about Lebanon.


Beirut on fire!

Beirut was still was on fire tonight because Nabih Berri was set to appear on TV, knowing that he asked his followers 2 days ago NOT to fire weapons during his interview.

One of my friends told me that 7 RPGs have been fired in the air up till now (1 hour and a half after starting the interview) and people heard their massive sound everywhere in Beirut, I just wonder what could have they done if he asked them to use their guns…

The Internal Security Forces were of course watching for anything unusual in the streets 😉


Internal Security Forces are having good time!

I got this photo by e-mail today showing a couple of guys from the internal security forces. I believe this was taken somewhere near the Annahar building in downtown.

Lebanese Internal Security forces

No wonder the criminials are getting away after each explosion!


Nice catch!

Lebanese lingerie

I took this photo with my cell phone a while ago in Hamra.

The sign says “Al Da’wa center for teaching the holy Quran”… Funny place to position a sign!


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