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Lebanon to witness total blackout tonight?

The EDL Board of Directors declared n Monday that the company will be forcibly closed until contract workers and collectors end their sit-in.

In a statement, the Board said that due to this step, power cuts are expected all across Lebanon in the next few hours.

Later in the afternoon, the EDL administration announced that it will be moving to the Zouk power plant and called on President Michel Sleiman to task concerned authorities with ridding the company’s main building of protestors. Source

Now that the EDL building in Mar Mkhayel is officially closed, when is the security forces willing to intrvene and send the clowns occupying EDL back home? If not now then when?

While many online campaigns are showing support to the contract workers, I personally support Minister Gibran Bassil in this matter. Those people were almost all hired through politicians like Berri and the alikes, and of course there’s an excess number of them now who are becaming a burden on EDL.

To me, these workers represent corruption at its best in our government, and Bassil SHOULD win his battle against them. Otherwise, workers in other sectors will follow the same path to stay in their positions and keep earning their undeserved salaries!

Photo via Marwan Tahtah from Al-Akhbar

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Yet another cool plate number!


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Lebanese Olympic team were not provided with a formal attire!

I’m not quite surprised with our government not providing the appropriate support to our Olympic team this year, but to disregard providing them with a formal attire is too much. Swimmer Katya Bachrouche wrote that the team had to make their entrance in warm-ups with duct-tape to cover the excess logos!

Still, we were of course laughing at the Egyptian team because they were provided with fake suits ignoring that our team had nothing to wear.

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Lebanon’s funniest hack

Don’t you love hackers with a sense of humor? Someone hacked OTV‘s website a couple of days ago and left the below message referring to Gibran Bassil being responsible for the electricity shortage in the country.

via Abir Ghattas

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How do people get away with this?

On the occasion of the security month (Al Shaher Al Amni), one of the blog readers sent me these two photos taken at the same time for two cars, a BMW and a Porsche, having the same plate number!

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London 2012 Olympics

All the luck to the Lebanese athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics!

  • Ahmad Hazer (Athletics)
  • Greta Taslakian (Athletics)
  • Zain Shaito (Fencing)
  • Mona Shaito (Fencing)
  • Caren Shammas (Judo)
  • Ray Bassil (Shooting)
  • Wael Kobrosly (Swimming)
  • Katya Bachrouche (Swimming)
  • Tvin Carole Moumjoghlian (Table Tennis)
  • Andrea Paoli (Taekwondo)
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Call me maybe – Lebanese version

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IKEA is not coming to Beirut City Centre

After hearing many rumors that IKEA will be soon opening in Beirut City Centre, I was just informed yesterday that they are not.

According to my sources, it seems that IKEA originally asked for a very large space to rent, but due to the high demand for shop space rental by a lot of other business owners, the people behind Beirut City Centre were unable to accommodate IKEA’s needs.

This I guess doesn’t mean that IKEA will not be coming to Lebanon at all, since they’re already showing interest in the country, but it will probably take time until they decide where exactly will they choose to open.

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World’s biggest Ramadan lantern lit up in Nabatiyeh

As electricity is becoming a luxury in the country, someone in Nabatiyeh thought it would be nice to light up the world’s biggest Ramadan lantern, while the town’s street lights are most probably always off due to electricity shortage!

The lantern is 18 meters high, weighs 4 tons, and took 6 months to complete.


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