Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Beirut Party Cruise

If you’re bored already of the traditional party venues in Beirut, here’s your chance now to dance the night away on the triple-decker boat “Beirut Party Cruise“.

One of the boat’s parties is happening on July 14th, and its organizers were generous enough to offer 2 regular tickets to one lucky reader of the blog, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter the draw, and I’ll be randomly choosing the winner on Friday night (Just make sure to use a valid e-mail address).

For more about the party and the featured DJs you may check this Facebook event.

Regular tickets are selling for $65 with open bar, while VIP are selling for $85 with open premium bar, and they’re available  through Time Out Tickets at Cash United Booths in ABC & City Mall.


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MAMNOU3! Episode 1 & 2

You can watch the upcoming episodes on MAMNOU3’s channel on YouTube.

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Discrimination at Saint-George Yacht Club & Marina (Beirut)

The Anti Racism Movement in Lebanon is still trying to end the discrimination at beach resorts by not only naming and shaming as they did 2 years ago with Sporting Club, but also by reporting those who deny entry to foreign workers to the ministry of tourism, since a circular was issued a while ago banning discrimination at beaches and demanding fair treatment of all people, regardless of skin color, background, occupation, or nationality.

Check the below video showing how some activists behind the Anti Racism Movement reported a discrimination act at the Saint-George Yacht Club and Marina.

According to what they wrote in a blog post today, and as per the tourism police, Saint-George will be fined, and a date for the trial is currently being set.

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Michel Helou VS Jamal Jarrah

Can you count how many times they both said “fasharet”?

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Lebanese policewomen hit the streets

The below photo appeared in Assafir newspaper yesterday for an all women Lebanese police patrol on duty for the first time in Mar Elias street in Beirut.

Who knows, If our policemen can’t secure our streets from douchebags and their burning tires, maybe these ladies can do a better job!

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Beirut the Syrian capital

From the Washington Times

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What goes in Cinema Salwa

Mr. Maalouf either thinks we REALLY have no idea about the things that happen in theaters such as Cinema Salwa and therefore felt like documenting it for us on video, or actually have nothing else to talk about!

Amazing job, that’s basically like going to Maameltein to check if any prostitution is going around and film it.

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Should we preserve every single Phoenician ruin in Beirut?

The news about the sudden destruction of the ancient Phoenician port in Beirut has flooded the news and the Lebanese blogosphere over the last couple of days. Everybody seems to be against move and some are even asking the minister of culture Gaby Layoun to resign over it.

But let’s be real for a second, downtown Beirut all lay over Phoenician ruins and much more! At the end, it was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times over its 5,000 year history, so the least you can find is ruins WHEREVER you dig around the city! Should we preserve everything we find and halt all construction works for ever? And let’s assume that we’ve succeeded in actually preserving them and turning these site into touristic places, will Khaleeji people be interested in visiting them? In fact, I see them enjoying places like Zaitounay Bay much more than the ancient ruins near the Grand Serail!

Still, don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling to erase our history, but why can’t we be more practical? I know the developers at the Phoenician port did wrong by suddenly demolishing that Phoenician port, but why for instance didn’t we give them the option to maybe move that port to another place instead of totally halting their plans?

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Whatsapp arguileh

It’s becoming a trend!

Spotted in Ras El Nabeh

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In My New World campaign is a copycat?

I was quite surprised to see the below video shared by @HalaMoubarak today for an ad made by Absolut Vodka back in 2007 and looking very similar to the ads currently running for touch’s new campaign “In My New World“.

To me, In My New World was basically among the two most interesting campaigns this year along with Lebanese Brew’s Try Something Brave, now let’s hope the latter doesn’t turn out to be yet another inspired campaign as well!

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