3G Capacities to increase by 50% for the same prices


Great news to all 3G users! Minister of Telecommunications Nicolas Sehnaoui announced at NDU today that capacities for all 3G plans will be increased by 50% for the same prices.

It isn’t clear however whether the increase will be immediately effective or it has to wait until we renew the service.


According to The Daily Star, capacities will increase as of May 1st. Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui claimed on twitter that capacities will increase as of May 7th.


Ahmad Mouselli vs Abdel Jalil Said

Ahmad Mouselli is by the way a Lebanese professor of political science at the American University of Beirut and was defending the Syrian regime, while the other guy, Abdel Jalil Said, is a member of the Syrian opposition.


Cesc Fabregas supports the Free Patriotic Movement?


A photo of Cesc Fabregas making the “L” sign with his fingers surfaces, and next thing you know he made it because he supports the Free Patriotic Movement after his Lebanese girlfriend told him about Michael Aoun! You can read all about it here.

I’d love to know which genius made that up.


Hay Festival Beirut

hay festival beirut

The Hay Festival is an annual literature festival held in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales, to celebrate writers, artists and thinkers for 10 days from May to June. And since last year, the festival has expanded to Beirut and several other international cities.

This year’s version will be held for three days from May 8 till May 10 at several venues across Beirut, and you may check the full program here.


Fouad Makhzoumi in a live twitter session this Saturday


I got some criticism earlier when I wrote about “Khlosna ba2a” campaign by the National Dialogue Party, since you know, blogs like +961 and politics don’ti mixi!

That’s why I’m taking the opportunity to let you know I have just learned that Fouad Makhzoumi, the founder of that party, will be holding a live twitter session this Saturday at 6PM through his account @fmakhzoumi, so that those who are interested (and maybe criticizers) can get to know him more and ask him about his agenda, as I believe moderate figures like him deserve an opportunity to get more exposure.

For more about what Makhzoumi does, you can also check his foundation’s website.


Top 100 rich Arabs for 2013

According to Forbes, three Lebanese are among the top 10 rich Arabs for this year. Joseph Safra, a Lebanese Brazilian banker, came in the 2nd position with $19.5 billion, while Najib & Taha Mikati ranked 8th with $3.5 billion each.

On the other hand, the wealthiest member of the Hariri’s is Bahaa Hariri who ranked 15th with $2.4 billion. You can check the full list below.



via Emirates 24/7


Halal nail polish now available in Lebanon

This was spotted at Inglot in Hamra main street. I wonder what other products may go halal next!

Halal nail polish

Turned out this Inglot nail polish, unlike other brands, allows water to permeate to the nail itself to make Woudou’ valid, since one of Woudou’ requirements is for water to reach certain body parts including nails.


African Rhinoceros attacks minister Sehnaoui

Nicolas Sehnaoui

Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui was lucky enough to escape a Rhinoceros attack while he was on a hunting trip in Africa along with minister Marwan Kheireddine.

Caretaker State Minister Marwan Kheireddine saved caretaker Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui from a rhinoceros attack while they were in Africa, reported An Nahar daily Friday.

It said that as the ministers were on a hunting trip in Africa, Sehnaoui decided to rest by the rhinoceros, which he mistook for a rock.

The animal soon turned its attention to Sehnaoui and attempted to attack him.

The minister began to run away from the rhinoceros, while Kheireddine and their companions scared off the animal with their sticks. Source

I wonder what other cool hobbies do our ministers have!


Crepaway – All Good

These days everyone could use a little positivity! Watch this video fueled by your own words & inspired by life’s odd moments!


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