Kitesurfing in Batroun

Looks pretty cool! It isn’t clear though if there’s some kind of a kitesurfing school there in Batroun or these were just a bunch of pro kitesurfers having fun.

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Lebanese Rocket Society – The Film

In the early 60′s, during the cold war and the apex of Pan Arabism, a group of students and researchers enters the race to space and create the Lebanese Rocket Society. Sometimes, and specially nowadays, dreams can overtake a tormented history…

You can check more about the film on its Facebook Page and official website.

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Abdo Feghali testing for Rally of Lebanon 2012

The 35th Rally of Lebanon and the 3rd round of the middle east rally championship has just started tonight.


You can check live results on the Rally of Lebanon official website.

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A genius solution to the Fiat bridge

You probably have all heard about the closure of the Fiat bridge a couple of weeks ago due to a defect in its structure causing some massive traffic jam for a few days.

Shortly after restoring it the bridge was reopened again with a genius solution to prevent crossing trucks from crossing it, two huge and dangerous concrete separators were put at each of the two entries of the bridge, and they’re BARELY visible at night that I almost crashed my car into one of them a few days ago!

So next time you’re at Corniche El-Nahr, just be careful when you’re about to cross the Fiat bridge.

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Miss met3a

Did this image make way to your Facebook news feed too?

Al-Jadeed news anchor’s jacket covered the wrong part of her t-shirt yesterday making it look like she had “Miss met3a” written on it, whereas the t-shirt originally had “Miss Tamet3a” written.

Cool choice nevertheless!

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Lebanese specialties by L’Orient-Le Jour

I just found L’Orient-Le Jour is making a video series around Lebanon to introduce people to the Lebanese specialties from Sfiha Baalbakiyyeh, to Kibbe Nayyeh, Moujaddara and much more.

The last video was published yesterday about Halewet El-Jeben, a specialty from Tripoli, and featuring Abdel Rahman Hallab’s grandson, Zaher Hallab.

You can check the other specialties on L’Orient-Le Jour’s YouTube Channel. They’re all in french of course…

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Truck crashes into a computer shop in Achkout

A friend of mine runs a computer shop in Achkout called “Computer Zone” which suddenly had to turn into a garage after one truck crashed straight into it a few days ago!

Luckily no one was hurt.

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Almaza Light – Summer Season 2

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Cafe owners protesting for their arguileh

Lebanese tobacco control law number 174 which prohibits people from smoking in all enclosed public spaces went into effect as of today but cafe owners are as expected protesting against this law and calling for exceptions to be made!

Those cafe owners had more than a year to adapt to this law, yet they chose to wait till the last day to express their concerns about it claiming that it puts their business at risk and might force them to fire a lot of their employees.

What I believe these businessmen are missing is that the main reason for people go to coffee places for is basically to socialize, gathering around an arguileh is of course a reason, but I highly doubt people will stop going to restaurants if arguileh is banned as they will still need to get together over a lunch, dinner, dessert, or even a cup of coffee…

Second, what I recently have noticed is that most of the people are missing the definition of an “enclosed public space” according to law 174. Here’s how the law puts, and below is an illustration of it.

Enclosed public places include any of the aforementioned places that is covered by a ceiling and bounded by more than two walls, regardless of the type of materials used for the construction of the ceiling or the walls, and regardless of whether the construction was permanent or temporary. Source

Taken from Smoke Free Lebanon FB page

Now don’t tell me it was hard to get around that… I’m pretty sure cafe owners were generating enough profit to carry out a redecoration to remove some walls, install curtain glass instead, and leave them open during summer season.

But NO, we love to make a drama out of everything!

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Pepsi Lebanon – Surprising Elio

Pretty cool!!

Elio won a football through a Pepsi promotion but didn’t know where to collect his prize. The team at Pepsi were touched by his message and decided to give him a little surprise!

via Brofessional Review

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