Because running a marathon is too mainstream

Photos via Antoine Daou on Facebook

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OMT knows more than it should!

I got this SMS from OMT a few days ago informing me that my mecanique fees which are due this month can be paid at some of their branches.

While I know this makes one’s life easier, I can’t but wonder how did OMT know my mecanique fees are due this month? And how exactly did they get hold of my phone number? It’s clear they have a deal with the ministry of finance, but that doesn’t justify giving them such kind of confidential data for marketing purposes!

I’m sure some employees at OMT can make copies of these data, so don’t be surprised if you find them online anytime soon.

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Protect law 174

via Law 174 – No Smoking Lebanon Facebook page

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BRGR Co. opening in London

I was quite surprised to read about BRGR Co. opening its first outlet outside Lebanon in London, since we’re basically used to burger restaurants from the US and Europe coming to our region and not the other way around.

A new burger restaurant is set to open in London’s Soho next month, with the launch of BRGR.CO as the first site for the Beirut-based company.

BRGR.CO will use 28-day-aged beef from the Duke of Buccleuch Estate in south-west Scotland. Focusing on simplicity, the restaurant will serve a menu of three classic choices of burger: the 4oz, 6oz or 8oz with optional toppings of cheese or chilli-con-carne. A selection of traditional American-inspired sides, milkshakes and desserts will complete the menu offering.

The 55-seat restaurant will feature floor-to-ceiling windows as well as dark oak tables and chairs. A selection of character cow heads will be featured throughout the restaurant, which will be regularly auctioned with proceeds going to local London charities.

Located on Wardour Street, BRGR.CO Soho will be the first UK venue for the brand that operates two sites in Beirut. Source

It would be cool by the way if they also offered the Lebanese burger (the one that has the salad and fries inside it) on their menu there in London!!

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The syndicate of owners of restaurants in Lebanon are a bunch of retards

I was surprised today to see the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon is now calling for a protest on Wednesday at Sodeco to amend the anti-smoking law (law 174) and make it “more fair”. More fair as in allowing restaurants to apply for special permits to allow indoor smoking at their premises, and next thing you know everyone is getting a permit!

Check how pathetic the poster is, “Are you sick of having to smoke outside already ? Wait until winter starts…”, that’s how basically those restaurants owners are asking people to join their protest, and second-hand smoker at indoor places can of course fuck off!

What’s even more rediculous is that they’re calling the activisits who pushed for this law to be implemented as “a bunch of stupid people”. In fact, for calling to amend such law, the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon and the people advising them should be aware that they’re actually a bunch of retards!

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A virtual tour inside Beirut City Centre

I just came across this video showing how Beirut City Centre, which is due to open in the first quareter of 2013, will look like.

Given how large the mall is, I believe it will cause massive traffic jams near its main entrances especially that the road there is so narrow.

Thanks to @MarieNakhle

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USEK Gangnam Style

It was about time some group in Lebanon does its own Gangnam style! But I was honestly expecting something more hilarious, similar to what the Egyptians did maybe…

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Discover Rmeil/Geitawi

Rmeil will be a car-free area this Sunday November 4th and “Achrafieh 2020” is inviting everyone to discover it on foot, bicycle or roller/skateboard.

There will be several activities throughout that day including the following:

  • 8.30 Running race
  • 9.15 cycling race
  • 10.30 Awards distribution
  • 11.30 Open air zumba class
  • 12.30 Open air yoga class – Bring your mat!
  • From 11am to 4.30pm Children activities in the Jesuits public garden
  • From 8:30am to 5pm: Artisans display
  • From 8:30am to 5pm: Garage sale
  • From 10am to 5pm: Souk el Tayeb eatery and artisans displays
  • From 1:00pm to 5:00pm: Bands playing live music on the stage next to Souk el Tayeb
  • From 9am to 5pm: Human space
  • From 8:30am to 5pm: Green zone in William Hawi’s public garden
  • From 8:30am to 4:00pm: Bicycles and Segway Rental
  • 3:00pm Skateboard, Rollers
  • 4:15 Hip Hop, Breakdance

And below a map showing the perimeter of the car-free area.


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Monopoly: The Lebanese politics edition

The only positive thing about the political scene in Lebanon is that you get endless opportunities to make jokes about it! Check out this hilarious “special edition” Monopoly board created by Karl reMarks involving burning tires, bombing cars, taking over the ministry of energy and even closing down the parliament! You can download a high resolution copy of the board by clicking here.

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4G soon in Lebanon

According to this article in Annahar today, telecom minister Nicolas Sehnaoui announced that live 4G tests will start on Novemeber 16 at Beirut Digital District, and the service will be commercially launched on April 23rd 2013 in selected areas.

It’s definitely about time we get 4G, but I admit I wasn’t expecting we will be getting the service anytime soon given how slow such projects go in Lebanon! I also hope its commercial launch is not going to witness the same mess that happened when we first got 3G.

Anyway, you can read about Sehnaoui’s announcement here and watch him tonight talking about it in Talk of The Town on MTV.

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