Paint Up – Making Beirut brighter!

I’m really loving what this group of artists and designers are doing to Beirut. Equipped with colors and skills, these guys are painting staircases around the city with cool designs.

Bliss Street

Mar Mkhayel

Sakiet El Janzir

I hope their work won’t be limited to painting up staircases only, and maybe push it further to make walls brighter even.

Anyway, you can check their Facebook page here.

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Beirut then and now

via Facebook

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24 hours to kill in Beirut

Check out this cool find posted by Tarek from Beirut/NTSC a couple of days ago.

I stumbled upon the movie “In Beirut sind die Nächte lang” or “24 hours to kill”… A German movie shot in 1965 in Beirut. Here’s the synopsis:

“When engine trouble forces an airliner into a 24 hour layover in Beirut, the plane’s pilot finds himself in the crosshairs of crime thanks to his duplicitous purser. Lex Barker assays the hero pilot role with ease, while Mickey Rooney thoroughly enjoys his turn as the seemingly hapless criminal. Walter Slezak rounds out the caper as a deadly smuggler.”

Pity embedding the original trailer is forbidden…. But watching it is a must! You can find it HERE (above are some of the snapshots taken from that trailer)… Basically, it’s the usual mishmash of the epitomized image of Beirut: Lust, intrigue, modernist architecture, Phoenicia Hotel (and yes, there is a scene where the pool which gives way to the bar is seen!), Nadia Jamal (the belly dance), the nightclubs and get this – at the time private helicopters could land right next to Baalbeck ruins with no “yellow t-shirts” in sight…

I also heard a while ago about another movie called “Embassy” that was shot in Lebanon back in 1973, but unfortunately failed to find any trailer or footage related to it on the internet.

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LBCI falls victim to the Facebook Inshallah button joke

You probably have heard in the last few days the joke about a new button being unveiled by Facebook to the Arabic market to allow the users in the region to respond with “Inshallah” to event invitation they receive. The joke was started by a parody website The Pan-Arabia Enquirer, and unfortunately the LBCI website fell for it! Check the article they posted here. (I expect them to delete it soon)

Following the opening of its office in Dubai, Facebook has revealed the first of what it claims will be many alterations to the social media site tailored to the local Arabic market. As of next week, users across the Middle East and North Africa will have to opportunity to respond with ‘Insha’Allah’ to an event invitation, along with the usual ‘Join’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Decline’.

“This was the result of several focus groups across the region,” said Facebook Arabia’s Regional Solutions Manager, Majid Johnson. “Adding an ‘Insha’Allah’ button for Facebook events was by far and away the most popular request.”

Facebook Arabia also announced plans to introduce a ‘Platinum Upgrade’ specifically for GCC markets.

“This was another big winner in our focus groups,” claimed Johnson. “Facebook Platinum is going to be our premium option for the more exclusive social media user. It’s going to come with a significant signing on fee, but will offer five-star services, such as a bespoke wall and 24-hour status concierge facility, along with space for just 50 members at one time.”

Facebook Platinum is expected to launch this November.

Absolutely priceless!

Thank you @tinkeyeh


The article was removed from LBCI’s website.

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Wickerpark Festival 2012 – When Nature Pokes Back

We’ve got no more sea urchins in our sea, and a group of people decided to do something about it, those are the Wickerpark Festival team.

The first edition of Wickerpark Festival was held last year and was dedicated to raise to raise fund for replanting of trees in collaboration with the ministry of environment. This year, the festival is focusing on repopulating Sea Urchins by working again with the ministry of environment as well as the Marine Biology Center in Batroun, to repopulate urchins in safe waters before releasing them into the sea.

The festival itself will take place in an open-air venue in Batroun right by the sea, and will be held on June 29th & June 30th.

June 29th will include short-film screenings, ecological fairs, artist exhibitions as well as a series of small acoustic sets, while June 30th will include the Music Festival, with the following artists set to perform:

  • Karl Mattar
  • Sae Lis
  • Who Killed Bruce Lee
  • The Flying Circus
  • Zeid & The Wings
  • The Beirut Groove Collective

So here’s your chance to go have fun, listen to some good music, and give back to mother nature while at it!

Unfortunately I still have no idea about the tickets price and where can you get them from, but I’ll be updating the post once I get some additional info.


Tickets will be available for sale at Librairie Antoine outlets for $30, and will allow you to attend both of the first and second day of the festival.

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Shit Lebanese say about football

This video is made by the awesome Anthony Semaan. Make sure to check his blog over at The Football Supernova.

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Nemr Abou Nassar destroys Myriam Klink

I know some people hate Nemr, but this video is a must watch. Aside from replying to Myriam Klink’s insult to him, he really spoke a lot of people’s minds on the music industry nowadays in Lebanon.

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Straight to the point!

Wouldn’t be awesome if people spray painted similar messages every time the government does a lousy job?

Is this Nahr El-Mot bridge by the way? Since that’s the bridge everyone complains about…

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The most beautiful days of my life | أجمل أيام حياتي at Metropolis Cinema

Metropolis cinema is holding the first edition of a Lebanese retrospective dedicated to productions of Lebanese cinema of the years sixties and seventies, “The most beautiful days of my life”, which will be held from the 13th to the 22nd of june.

During these 10 days, a total of 11 films will be screened as per the following schedule

Wednesday 13 (OPENING)

8:00 PM Beirut Zero 11 by Antoine Rimi, 1967, بيروت صفر 11 لأنطوان ريمي | ’90 Tribute to Ihsan Sadek

Thursday 14

8:00 PM Interpol in Beirut by Constantin Costanov, 1966, 90′ | أنتروبول في بيروت لكوستانتين كوستانوف

Friday 15

7:00 PM Lebanon through Cinema by Hady Zaccak, 2003, 15′ | لبنان من خلال السينما لهادي زكاك

7:15 PM An Amateur by Habib Chams, 2011, 35′ | هاوي السينما لحبيب شمس

8:30 PM The Colossi by Hassib Chams, 1963, 105′ | الجبابرة لحسيب شمس

Saturday 16

7:00 PM Welcome, Love by Mohamed Salman, 1970, 85′ | أهلًا بالحب لمحمد سلمان

9:00 PM The Guitar of Love by Mohamed Salman, 1974, 120′ | غيتار الحب لمحمد سلمان

Sunday 17

8:00 PM A Bedouin in Paris by Mohamed Salman, 1966, 95′ | بدوية في باريس لمحمد سلمان

Monday 18

8:00 PM The Gang of Women by Farouq Ajrama, 1970, 101′ | عصابة النساء لفاروق عجرمة

Tuesday 19

8:00 PM The Bitter Honey by Rida Mouyassar, 1964, 90′ | العسل المر لرضا ميسر

Wednesday 20

8:00 PM The Black Jaguar by Mohamed Salman, 1965, 92′ | الجاكوار السوداء لمحمد سلمان

Thursday 21

8:00 PM The Melody of My Life by Henry Barakat, 1975, 110′ | نغم في حياتي لهنري بركات

Friday 22 (CLOSING)

8:00 PM The Most Beautiful Days of My Life by Henry Barakat, 1974, 111′ | أجمل أيام حياتي لهنري بركات

All films are in Arabic without subtitles, except “The Black Jaguar” and “An Amateur” with English subtitles, and “Lebanon through Cinema” and “the Colossi” with French subtitles.

Tickets will be selling for 5,000L.L and a festival pass is available for 40,000L.L. You can check Metropolis Cinema’s website or page on Facebook for more information about the event.

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Lebanese cleverness ( حربقة )

No wonder everybody despise minivan and bus drivers! This one definitely earns the asshole of the day” title.

via Cheyef 7alak

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