Xriss Jor performance on The Voice

Xriss Jor is a Lebanese contestant on the Arabic version of “The Voice” currently being aired on MBC. Judging by her first performance, she looks so talented and promises to hopefully make it to the final rounds.

You can follow and support Xriss on both of her twitter account and Facebook page. I have no idea by the way why does she write her name this way…

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Beirut featured in Homeland TV series

Fatima Ali, the first wife of a Hezbollah district commander, has information about an attack on the United States. Fatima refuses to speak to anyone but Carrie, who knows another secret from having recruited her eight years ago: She loves Julia Roberts movies. (What did she think of her in “Charlie Wilson’s War”?) This leads CIA counterterrorism director David Estes (David Harewood) and avuncular CIA vet Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) to pull Carrie back into the business for a three-day, one-off mission to Beirut, Lebanon. (The Beirut scenes, however, were filmed in Israel.) Source

Funnily enough, the scenes in Beirut were all filmed in Tel Aviv.

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Electricity all over Lebanon affected by today’s rain

We all know the electricity situation here is very miserable, but I really find it hard to believe that three power plants, Jiyyeh, Zouk, and Deir Amar, went off the grid in the afternoon because it BARELY rained around the country today! Electricity consequently went off in the Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the North.

This winter is definitely promising to be a fantastic season for all generators owners!


Even worse, check these two videos showing what the rain did to some regions. And don’t blame the rainfall amounts, it’s actually all because of the poor infrastructure we’ve got thanks to our dear government!

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Gangnam Style – Arabs Style

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L’Oreal ends contract with Najwa Karam for praising Hitler

Three months after Najwa Karam praised Hitler on Talk of the Town with Mona Hamze, it seemed that she did actually pay the price for the statement she made after an American Jewish blogger called Debbie Schlussel contacted L’Oreal to inform them about Najwa Karam’s interview, since she’s one of the brand’s ambassadors, which resulted in putting an end to the contract between the two.

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Rina Chibani Miss Lebanon 2012

Congratulations to Miss Lebanon 2012 Rina Chibani! It’s been a few years since we last got a really nice looking beauty queen. And it’s cool that there’s actually two of Rina 😛 Her twin sister Romy was also competing for the title and ended up being the first runner-up, which is kind of weird but logical at the same time…

Anyway here are some photos I managed to find of Rina Chibani.

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Ziad Rahbani’s interview on Al Mayadeen TV

This post goes to Khaled and all those who missed watching Ziad Rahbani on Al Mayadeen TV last night. Al Mayadeen will be airing the second part of this interview next Friday at 9:30PM.

Many thanks to Hani for uploading the interview.

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How it all started for Lara Kay

Maintenant nous voulons connaitre qui est cette copine de Lara!

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Will “Fetih 1453” be banned in Lebanon?

Seems like it’s now the Christians turn to get upset over a movie!

“Fetih 1453” is a new Turkish movie that started showing yesterday in Lebanon about the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans led by Sultan Mohammad II. And I’ve heard several times on the news that some people are finding it insulting because of how the Romans were shown in the movie.

With a budget exceeding 18 million dollars, “Fetih 1453” is a Turkish action film and one of the most important movies showing the conquest of Constantinople from the Turkish point of view.
However, the Byzantine Church in Lebanon seems not to agree with the Turkish analysis, and considers that the film insults Christian sanctities and symbols.

In the past few days, a number of activists on Facebook have been protesting against the reformulation of the history of Constantinople in the film “Fetih 1453”, which, according to them, contains false historical facts.

These activists will be holding a sit-in on Saturday September 29 at 4 pm at Sassine Square in protest of what they consider “an offense to the Christian civilization”. They will also protest outside the movie theaters that will be showing the film expected to be released on September 27. Source

The movie is showing at City Mall and Empire theaters by the way, and I just found it available online here on Vimeo.

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Khabeer seir!

Looks like he’s pretty good at what he does!

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