Escort agencies in Lebanon

Lebanese escort agencies that are operating on the web got the attention they have never dreamt of on Lebanese TVs during the past week!

Both of MTV’s Enta Horr and OTV’s Haida El We2e3 decided to tell the government and people about these websites as if no one knew they existed for several years now, and even showed how the whole thing works by setting up a hidden cam inside a hotel room and calling these agencies to get one of their girls. Joe Maalouf went a bit further towards the end of his report and listed all the agencies numbers! You know, just in case someone doesn’t have internet access to get them.

Free advertising much?


Yet another old house gets demolished in Beirut

I really felt sad when I learned this old house in Ain El Mraisseh is being demolished as I know some of its previous owner (The Nsouli’s), and I know how beautiful it was from the inside.

But then again, at a time when the government has no plans to acquire these old houses and protect them, you just can’t expect people to keep preserving heritage buildings while the real estate market in the country is booming.


5 Things to do in Lebanon


The Wall Street Journal compiled this list of five fun things to do around Lebanon in an article published yesterday.

  1. Visiting one of the vineyards in Batroun or Bekaa and do wine tasting.
  2. Sitting down at a Beirut couple’s table for a home-cooked meal.
  3. Visiting Mleeta museum in the south.
  4. Vising Moussa Castle in Chouf.
  5. Snowshoeing in the mountains.

It’s good the articles mentions nothing about the nightlife in Beirut for a change! Anyway, I’m familiar with 4 out of the 5 things the author listed, but it’s the first time for me to hear about this couple in Beirut (Sylvia Khoury & Charles Ghorayeb) who welcomes visitors in their own apartment in Beirut and offer them home cooked dishes for the price of $20 per person, and $30 including wine. Has anyone heard about them before? I tried to look them up online but found nothing except what the article mentions that they previously used to organize tours around Lebanon for tourists.

2. Sit down at a Beirut couple’s table for a home-cooked meal

Sylvia Khoury and Charles Ghorayeb welcome visitors into their Beirut apartment for an evening of Lebanese food, wine and conversation. The couple, who formerly offered tailor-made tours of Lebanon to tourists, now focus on their home-kitchen venture. They serve dishes such as malfouf (stuffed cabbage leaves), shankleesh (ripened cheese) and makanek (little sausages). The food relies on seasonal staples that are grown in the couple’s garden in Damour, just outside the city. $20 per person, $30 with wine; to make a reservation, email Ms. Khoury at

Would you give them a try?


Mufti Kabbani strictly against civil marriage


I’m a Muslim myself but never knew civil marriage is regarded that bad until I heard what Mufti Rashid Kabbani had to say about it today.

“Every Muslim official, whether a deputy or a minister, who supports the legalization of civil marriage, even if it is optional, is an apostate and outside the Islamic religion,” Qabbani said in a religious edict, or fatwa.

“[Such officials] would not be washed, would not be wrapped in a [burial] shroud, would not have prayers for their soul in line with Islamic rules, and would not be buried in a Muslim cemetery,” Qabbani added. Source

Why the hell can’t religious figures accept that civil marriage becomes optional in Lebanon just like alcohol is?!


New Lebanese movie – Ossit Sawani / Blind Intersections


Ossit Sawani or Blind Intersections is a new Lebanese movie directed by Lara Saba  about three people who come from different backgrounds and have never met, yet their lives will be seriously affected after one incident occurs.

Three protagonists, one city… Coming from different backgrounds, they pass each other but they never meet, though, the effect of one incident will drastically alter the lives of the three of them!

Nour loses her parents in a car accident. All her life collapses…
India has everything a woman can dream of except for a baby…
Marwan is 12 year old, he lives with a violent and alcoholic mother.

Three characters, caught at a moment when their lives fell over, in just a matter of seconds… knocked down by a chain of others’ actions/reactions…

The movie is set to be released in less than a month on February 21st, and I really hope it delivers what the trailer promises. For more information, you can visit the movie’s official Facebook page here.


Myriam Klink also running for the elections

Looks like the easiest publicity stunt to pull nowadays is to announce you’re running for the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections. That’s what Myriam Klink did last night following Nathalie Fadlallah’s similar announcement last week.


If these two ladies ever made it, then our MPs will definitely have problems focusing on their job since they couldn’t take their eyes off Strida Geagea when she was elected back in 2005.



Agent 505 – Todesfalle Beirut

I just stumbled upon this old German movie called “Agent 505 – Todesfalle Beirut” (also known as “Agent 505 – The Trap Door Falls in Beirut”) that was shot in Beirut back in 1966.

The part below has some scenes from Raouche, Ain El Mraisseh, and the airport of Beirut. I wish I can find some other parts or even the full movie somewhere online!

If you’re curious about the storyline, here’s what I found by one user on IMDB.

A dastardly villain known as The Sheikh threatens to wipe out the city of Beirut (and all 650,000 of its citizens) in this reasonably entertaining West German thriller from director Manfred Kohler, perhaps best known today for co-writing Harry Kumel’s erotic vampire epic Daughters of Darkness. Frederick Stafford plays suave secret agent Richard Blake, on the trail of The Sheikh with the assistance of gorgeous reporter Denise DuPree (Genevieve Cluny). A philanthropist named Omar Abdullah (Willy Birgel), whose cause is rehabilitating criminals, attracts the attention of Blake, and we’re off to the races. Babes, bullets, and gadgets–they’re all here and shot on location in mod, mod Beirut, at the time an ‘international city’ and a popular spot for European co-productions.

Music lovers should note that Ennio Morricone’s score echoes his spaghetti western work but fits nicely into the proceedings, whilst anticipating Theodorakis’ percussive Z score by a full year. The English language print misspells his name ‘Morricono’, though!


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