Lebanon – Qatar game to be played without fans!

Looks like the upcoming World Cup qualifying game between Lebanon and Qatar at Beirut Sports City is going to be played without fans. That’s what the government has announced today in fear that possible chants against Qatar might threaten the relation between the two countries!

As if banning fans from attending games between the local teams was not enough, not they’re banned from international games as well! Why do Lebanese politics have to mess up everything in this country?

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Pierre Hashash pranks

This guy is hilarious, I feel like he’s always high on something!

Also, check this video of him telling the “true” story of Kennedy’s assassination, and his latest video clip as well, 27 degrés à l’ombre (Nayla n’a pas changé).

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Cheap advertising

And their food totally sucks by the way!

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The Beirut Rose

Looks like Beirut just earned a rose after its name, and was announced today at the Garden Show 2012 in Beirut Hippodrome!

Beirut rose is from a French rose producer called “Meilland” and will be available in their catalogue all over the world. It will also be available for purchase at their Lebanese agent’s stand in the Garden show, Robinson Agri, till June 2nd. Not sure where can one get it from after the exhibition.

Photo via @arzleb

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Footage of Sadd El-Bouchrieh murder yesterday

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Tannoura Maxi coming back to theaters

It looks like Tannoura Maxi that got banned a fews days ago is coming back to theaters apparently after Joe Bou Eid (The movie director) made a compromise with the General Security by deleting some scenes from it.

via Lebanon Files

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Real life Pac-Man in Hamra

Pretty cool!

The classic 80’s arcade game Pac-Man found its way to the streets of Hamra. The project was the senior graphic design project of AUST arts and design department student Ahmad Makary as he took an innovative approach to better understanding urban navigation and enhancing the cognitive mapping and urban knowledge of individual travelers.

The project consisted of 10 players, 5 dressed as Pac-Man and Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde – the 4 ghosts. The 5 other players, known as path-markers, are there to mark the trail of their Player as he or she runs through the streets. As Pac-Man moves from intersection to intersection, his position is being tracked, his points calculated and updated.

According to Mac, the creator of the project: “The goal is to give people the opportunity to make the city theirs by transforming it into a huge playground and harnessing the knowledge of its spatial elements. The choice was to focus on the social aspect of the game rather than the technological aspect: there is no use of any technological aid (GPS, Chats, Cell phones) each player has a partner running along his side, this allows more team play and an enhanced experience.” Source

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Lebtivity: The social calendar for events in Lebanon

I found about Lebtivity through a tweet by @CarlaEid. The website is a social calendar for events around Lebanon with a very user friendly interface allowing to search for events by date and category, and it already have dozens of events for you to plan the summer season!

In addition, Lebtivity helps events organizers promote and manage their events through easy to use tools and for free. Make sure to check it out here.

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This lady is hilarious!

You can shower me with your comments about the lady in niqab being free to celebrate and dance the way she pleases at the beginning of this video, but I’ll still find her funny!


It turned out the woman is actually mentally challenged. My cousin who lives in Tripoli confirmed it to me and claimed she’s from an area there called “Abou Samra”. You can also read Azmi’s input on the matter in the comments section.

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George Michael parties in Beirut!

George Michael must be deeply in love with his Lebanese boyfriend Fadi Fawaz to follow him to Beirut at such time! According to The Daily Star, the two were spotted at Iris rooftop bar and later at White nightclub over the weekend.

Speaking to The Daily Star Monday, Jessica Bou-Abdou, marketing and PR Manager at Add Mind, a Public Relations company specializing in the food, beverage and hospitality industry, said Michael arrived at the Iris rooftop terrace at the An-Nahar building in Martyr’s Square, Beirut, for sunset where he enjoyed a couple of the swanky Restaurant-Bar’s signature cocktails.

Later in the evening, Michael was seen at exclusive night-spot White, near City Mall in Dora where he joined fellow revelers until sunrise. Source

Photos via White Beirut

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