Sawfar after last week’s storm

I took these photos in Sawfar last Sunday, I’ve never seen that much snow in the area before!

One good thing I noticed while driving is how better the road has become if you’re coming from Hazmieh, it used to be a living hell with the all the works that have been ongoing for more than a year now to widen the road. I guess a good part of the project is now done and the road condition became much better with separators at certain areas to keep the drivers in opposite direction from jumping to your lanes.

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Snow in Faraya covering the chairlifts

That’s how much snow there is Faraya righ now, the chairlifts are all covered!

I remember the people responsible for the pistes were struggling in the past couple of years to bring more snow into the tracks so people can actually ski, now they sure have to take lot of snow so that at least the chairlifts can operate! Anyway, one thing is for sure, the season is definitely going to last till early in May I believe!

Photos via Mzaar Ski Resorts FB page. Thanks to @peter_khayat.

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Beirut City Center

An article in today shared some information about Beirut City Center shopping mall which is located in Hazmieh and expected to open early in 2013.

The mall will house 200 stores including the first Carrefour hypermarket in Lebanon, in addition to 40 international restaurants, cinema theaters, and a family entertainment center. There’s no confirmation however whether IKEA will be opening there or not, and I really hope it does!

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Lebanese government websites hacked

I’m not really surprised by the fact that several government websites were hacked yesterday, but rather by how much time it is taking the people in charge of these websites to save face by at least taking the websites totally offline. Up till now (10:26 AM) three out of the 4 hacked websites (,, and are still showing the below photo, is already up again.

They probably won’t start working on the issue before finishing their foul mdammas breakfast first! You know, the usual breakfast of champions government employees.

Oh and to whoever did that, GOOD JOB!

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Video footage of money changer stabbed in Saida

Al-Jadeed TV showed this video footage of the crime that took place in Saida on Monday. A 22 years old Syrian guy killed Mohammad Natout by stabbing him in his money exchange shop and then escaped stealing $5,000 from the drawers. He was fortunately arrested by the security forces few hours while attempting the flee the country.

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ABC Achrafieh is now 100% smoke free

A press conference was held at ABC Achrafieh today to announce that the mall is as of today, March 1st 2012, a 100% smoke free environment except for the restaurant in Level 3 which will ban smoking on Mondays only, knowing that most of them already have a non-smoking section.

I’m not sure if the same policy will be enforced at ABC Dbayeh as well, anyway be careful next time you pull out a cigarette at ABC Achrafiyeh!

A total smoking ban at cafes and restaurant will be applied as of September 2012 by the way, and in 2 days from now (March 3rd) all kind of tobacco advertising will be illegal as well.

Photo via @ritakml


Turned out the smoking ban is effective at the indoor spaces only, so basically you can still walk around the mall with a lit cigarette in your hand. Now that doesn’t really make them a 100% smoke free environment right?

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Pasta Di Casa Clemenceau

Pasta Di Casa has got to be one of the best restaurants I’ve been to over the past months, a true gem! Located at the end of Jounblat street in Clemenceau, the restaurant’s exterior doesn’t look pretty much appealing, but the inside is really nice, it has a quiet simple decoration with old family photos on the walls making it feel so cozy.

Upon receiving our order, a couple of appetizers and a main dish for each of us, were surprised by how generous their portions are, in fact 3 our of the 4 of us didn’t even finish their meals.

I personally had a half portion of lasagna and tasted a bit of one of their steaks (“coeur de filet” I think) and shrimp pasta, all of which were really really good.

A meal for two with soft drinks at Pasta Di Casa will probably cost you 50,000L.L or even less, and the place if definitely recommended.

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Where are the gasoline prices going?

The gasoline prices have been significantly increasing over the past few weeks, and have reached today 35,600L.L and 36,200L.L for 95-octane  and 98-octane respectively.

I wonder why all politicians are silent about the matter now while a year ago Gebran Bassil and Raya El-Hassan were “competing” to cut the flaming prices by 5,000L.L!

Anyway, I hope we’re not heading towards paying 40,000L.L/20 liters anytime soon!

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Alfa Sunday promotion

Alfa’s latest promotion is more like imposing a ridiculous entrance fee at a discount store. Why should people pay $1/week to benefit from a 40% discount on local calls during Sundays?!

Knowing that a minute costs $0.36 for prepaid users, you’ll be saving $0.144 for each minutes, and therefore you will have to speak a minimum of 7 minutes to cover that $1 you initially have paid ($1/$0.144=6.94), so you won’t start really saving until after you have spoken the 8th minute.

Bravo Alfa! Keep the good promotions coming!

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Leil Nhar & Classic Burger Joint coming to Hamra

I was passing by Hamra yesterday and noticed that Leil Nhar and Classic Burger Joint will soon be opening at the end of the main street next to Pastai.

Leil Nhar is by the way replacing Burger Nation who’s service has deteriorated drastically in the last few months!

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