Mabrouk Shankaboot!!


I just found out Shankaboot won an Emmy last night at the International Emmy Awards held in Cannes. It’s the first Emmy win for Lebanon and one that I think is well deserved. [Link]

In case you don’t know what Shankaboot is click [Here]

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Nokia E7 flash mob at City Mall

I personally liked the one performed by the Beirut Duty Free more. I salute the efforts made by the organizers for Nokia’s flash mob, but I would have preferred it to be more natural. It’s not like I’m an expert in making viral videos and stuff, but there’s really no need to perform sophisticated dances, keep it simple like the Dabke in the airport, and allow people to join instead of stressing on the security guards to keep them away of the dancers.

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Green almonds

It’s the season for green almonds! Don’t you love Spring for all the fruits it brings?

I find it strange that green almonds are popular in the middle east only (at least that’s what Wikipedia says), the rest of the world seems to be missing a lot.

If you’re a foreigner who happens to be in Lebanon at this time of year, make sure to snack on some of these after adding a little salt. There’s no need to crack the fruit and eat what’s inside, you just eat the whole thing since green almonds are picked when the outside part is still crunchy, and they usually have a tangy flavor.

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/04/03)

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Search for 7 in Lebanon

Yesterday I got engaged along with few other people in a fun activity by Nokia Lebanon called “Search for 7″, to win a new Nokia E7 (which I ended up not winning at the end!! :P).

The thing consisted of receiving a clue by e-mail every an hour or so, pointing us to a certain location in Beirut where we’ll have the opportunity to grab the E7 for free. The first clue was useless, while the second one indicated that the E7 will be waiting for us at 6AM Hawaii time (that’s 7PM Beirut time) in the location they’ll be hinting for.

The third clue just contained the below photo that looked to me a bit like Joe Pena’s in Gemmayze (which turned to be wrong later!).

The last clue, which made it easy for everyone, contained a QR Code, which after scanning it with my phone said “Meet us tonight at Pacifico to experience the new generation of communicators”.

And so I headed to Pacifico, had some fun with other contestants and some people from Nokia but eventually had to leave early…

Anyway, the good thing is that “Search for 7″ will be open to the public starting next this week and for six consecutive weeks, where everyone in Lebanon will get a chance to solve the clues and win a brand new E7. So make sure to stay tuned to their Facebook page for upcoming details on the contests!

I just checked Nokia Lebanon Facebook page and noticed that they have already started giving clues for an E7 that will be given away tomorrow April 2nd! Good luck hunting 😉

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This menu will leave you in awe!

I really can’t believe someone can be that bad in English… the menu items are just unreal!

Tabboush snack is a proof that sucking at translation is not exclusive to Egyptians and Syrians (with all due respect), apparently Lebanese too can do a terrible job sometimes. The place offers Urination, Bebse, Duonas, Zaluoaa, Flesh, Black chickens, and a lot more… check for yourself.

According to my friend who provided the photos, Tabboush made 25,000 copies of the menu… so there’s 25,000 copies of this thing possibly roaming the streets of Beirut and ready to massacre your brain at anytime!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/03/27)

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Mugs I wouldn’t buy

Who comes up with such ideas?! I guess having your morning coffee in one of these mugs would be more like french kissing the politician on it!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/03/20)

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Kunhadi’s daring mother’s day message

Touching ad…

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