Champagne and caviar at ABC Cinema

Seems like champagne and caviar will be served at the soon to be open cinema theaters in ABC Dbayeh. To each his own, but do we really need this?

City Mall is also planning to have something similar at their “Cinemacity Premier”, which is expected to have the largest screen in Lebanon with 400 stadium seats and a VIP section according to what they’re advertising at the mall.

Photo via @royjibrin


Getting arrested sounds fun now

For the first time in its history, 610 young girls made their way into the Internal Security Forces after announcing its will to recruit female volunteers earlier.

The video below shows the result of a 2 months training that 200 girls have received, and as you can see many of them are quite good looking! Getting arrested now seems like a pretty cool idea eh?!

On a serious note, I totally respect these women and believe that they’re much needed in our country.


Photo of the day

A Lebanese soldier runs after a man who has stolen his rifle at a street that divides the Sunni and Alawite neighbourhoods in Tripoli. Source

What a shame! This scumbag deserves to be chased by a tank that runs over his body a thousand time!

Thank you @jeanassy


So who didn’t protest in Lebanon yet?

Have you been keeping track of the protests being called for lately? Insane, it’s like the country is all “3ayif 7alo” these days!

Jal el-Dib residents resume protests over lack of traffic alternative

EDL workers hold protest in Beirut

Nurses warn of escalation if demands unmet

Lebanon public transport workers hold strike

Bakers still threatening strike unless prices cut

Protesting teachers scuffle with police at Grand Serail

And last but not least, the mother of all protests in Tripoli that has been turning the city into a mess since Saturday.


The solution to traffic jam in Lebanon

These people found the ultimate solution to traffic jam in Lebanon, set up an Arguileh and share it with people around while stuck on the highway. Better yet, want to avoid fights during the wait? Add some Bekaai made “tobacco” to it!

Thank you @krikOrianm


This is just sad

I just watched the most aweful thing about the clashes taking place in Tripoli right now, child fighters. The below video from LBC shows a 12 years old kid holding an AK-47 and admitting he’s participating in the fights to “protect” his neighborhood. Disguting!

One of the kids told LBCI that he is fighting to defend his region, adding that he knows how to use a weapon and shoot. The kid said that he will not go to school tomorrow unless things get back to normal in Tripoli.



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