$105,000 Receipt from Dubai’s Cavalli Club

Are the Emirati people aware that this receipt can get many Lebanese “VIP clubbers” jealous?

What’s the maximum amount one can pay for a similar wild night at Beirut’s most prestigious clubs?

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Bringing Central Park to the roofs of Beirut

I was complaining to a friend of mine a while ago that wherever you plan to buy an apartment in Beirut, and no matter how good your view over the sea or the mountains might be, it will always be ruined with the ugly rooftops all around you! They’re all crowded with rusty water tanks, satellite dishes, and even pigeon houses sometimes!

And today I came across this cool idea by Wassim Melki who is proposing to start growing trees on the rooftops of Beirut’s building to compensate for the lack of green spaces in the city.

It definitely needs lot of work to be implemented, and most importantly needs commitment and support from the municipality of Beirut which is as efficient as any governmental institution in Lebanon. That unfortunately leads us to the ugly conclusion that this project will never be destined to become a reality.

You can stay up to date with the project’s news via their Facebook page.

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The Queens gas station in Saida

I’m surprised this story didn’t make it to the Lebanese TVs yet. The Queens gas station in Saida is one of a kind in Lebanon since everything in this station is run by women. From pumping gas, to the small supermarket, and even the car washing.

Dressed in pink sweaters and jeans, with some wearing headscarves, the young women greet customers as they fill up tanks.

At least a dozen women are employed at the station, and the popularity for this particular niche service is growing.

The owner of the station hopes the concept helps the status of women in Lebanese society. One worker says that some people may find it odd to see women working in a traditionally male job, but that their demands for equality are a legitimate goal. Source

I have mixed feeling about this initiative… I mean it does deliver the message that women are able to succeed at something practiced exclusively by men around here. But is this the kind of stuff that women are looking to be equal at? Pumping gas is easy, I would have preferred to read a similar article on women in leading positions around Lebanon.

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Happy New Year!

That’s how the new year’s eve looked like in downtown Beirut, if you’re curious about the rest of the world you can check this nice collection here.

Wishing you all the best of life in 2012!

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An excellent roundup of 2011 Lebanon’s non-political stories

Mustapha from Beirut Spring just made a great effort putting together an excellent roundup of the non-political events and stories that shaped the year 2011 in Lebanon.

The article might be a bit long with all the links inside it, but it’s definitely worth reading. Make sure you check it out!

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Grace period to pay outstanding mecanique fees extended

This will probably upset people who got stuck for hours at the mecanique center and Nefaa, but it’s definitely good news to those who still didn’t pay their outstanding fees including myself!

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said Friday that he has extended the year-end deadline so that more people could benefit from a 90 percent reduction on outstanding vehicle fees.

“We have extended the grace period for people to pay their outstanding vehicle fees for two months,” Charbel told Voice of Lebanon Radio Station. Source

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People fainting at Nefaa

Here’s what you get when everyone (including myself) postpone paying their mecanique fees till the end of December. Some people fainted while waiting in lines today!

Regardless of how crowded the place is, the corruption you get to witness there is guaranteed to cause you a heart attack while waiting.


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Protest against Armin Van Buuren in Beirut

Most of the international bands/singers/DJ’s who came to Lebanon for a performance have at some point performed in Israel as well, and because of that you see some activists calling for boycotting some concert every now and then. The way they choose which concert to boycott is beyond my understanding, but for some reason they decided to protest against Armin’s upcoming Concert NYE-1. knowing that he has performed several times in Beirut before.

The NNA reported that youth organizations and supporters of boycotting Israel staged a sit-in on Monday night, facing ‘MacDonald’s” in Ain Mreisseh, in protest against “DJ Armin Van Burren’s” visit to Beirut after partaking in concerts in Israel.

Van Burren is scheduled to perform in Beirut on December 30. Source

I might be wrong, but I feel like someone is just trying to irritate Mix FM (the organizers of this event) with this move, I mean If these people are serious about what they’re doing why don’t they protest against every single performer who has been to Israel, or better yet, why don’t they call for boycotting their albums as well?

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University final projects? Worry no more

Spotted these flyers near LAU main gate yesterday.

I wonder what are their rates! And what do they mean by “Multi Services…..”? what additional services do they offer?

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