Lebanese sushi at O&C

The sushi menu at O&C includes a Lebanese sushi that is made of Philadelphia cheese, avocado, crab, cucumber, and mango, all wrapped in Lebanese bread!

Does this qualify as sushi? It’s more like a sandwich cut into small chunks.

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Almaza’s new valentine commercial

Is it only me or does Almaza’s new commercial look pretty much like an ad by Heineken done a few years ago where people had to choose between watching the champions league final and going to a classical concert…?

Almaza’s ad however leaves you wondering at the end “And now what?”, I mean the guys got cheered and stuff but aren’t you curious to know what happened to their dates?

I’d love to know what the guys at Brofessional Review have to say about it.

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Beirut River turns red!

No matter what bacteria is causing this red color today, it’s definitely cooler than the one responsible for the original greenish color! It doesn’t really look that bad after all eh?!

Via Now Lebanon Blog

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Pink Link Sunday brunch at Phonecia hotel

This video is from the Pink Link brunch happening at Eau de Vie Phoenicia on the first and last Sunday of each month with the aim of raising donations to support breast cancer.

The brunch opens between 1PM and 5PM with live entertainment and sexy nurses taking good care of you, and it costs $55 for open buffet and bar, and$ 85 for open buffet including Rose champagne.

I have no idea till when this is going to last, but I got invited to Pink Link’s first edition on January 8th and for some reason just forgot to attend! Shoot me!

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We’ll soon start paying 3,000L.L for a service taxi?

As per this article in The Daily Star today, minivan drivers decided to raise their fares from 1,000 to 1,500L.L yesterday.

“The drivers are no longer capable of keeping the fares at a low level. At LL1,000, they can barely make ends meet,” he said. “They [drivers] do not benefit from the [recent] wage increase decision but will suffer from the consequences of the measure in terms of increases in prices and rent.”

And although it is stated at the end of the article that service taxi and bus fares will remain unchanged at 2,000 and 1,000 L.L, I highly doubt they will. Even since 2006, we got used to one of the three (Taxis, buses, or minivans) increasing their fares with the other two following shortly after. Which means that we might soon start paying 2,500 or 3,000 L.L for a taxi ride.

Photo via Note Connection


Buses already increased their fares to 1,250L.L, and some taxi drivers started charging 3,000L.L as per some people on Twitter.

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Meshtah Dagher – Haret Sakhr

This small kiosk called “Meshtah Dagher” on Haret Sakhr main road has some really great Saj Manakish. For some reason the guy there (Charbel) refers to them as “Meshtah”, which to my knowledge is a kind of bread, while in fact the Manakish he makes are actually called “Mashrouha”. Anyway whatever they’re called, they just taste great!

Charbel is pretty generous with the ingredients, be it zaatar, cheese, or keshk, while the dough is thin and light, the kind that doesn’t make you feel stuffed when you’re done. Definitely worth a try when you’re passing by on a morning.

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Waterfront City Dbayeh

Here’s how Dbayeh’s Waterfront City should look like in a few years from now.

According to this article in The Daily Star, the project will be complete in 4 phases over a period of 15 years (too much??), with the first phase set to be complete with 7 buildings in 2 years from now.

I just wish this project and the alike outside Beirut would consider creating more office spaces to take some load off the suffocating areas in Beirut such as Hamra, Achrafiyeh, and downtown.

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Murder caught on camera in Beirut

This video was shown on AlJadeed news last night. I hope those cold-blooded killers are still not at large!

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Lebanon in the 60’s

I just came across this old segment by Harold Baim about Lebanon in the 1960’s. Pretty nice to watch.

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Abou Sako’s big burger

Have you ever tasted this Big Burger at Abou Sako?

It’s about the size of a small pizza (20 cm) and full of your typical Lebanese burger ingredients, loads of mayo and ketchup with coleslaw salad and fries. It does a great job when you’re starving, and tastes good for a Lebanese burger, really!

Abou Sako has a variety of other sandwiches, just like any other food joint in the city, but is known to be very generous with his portions and ingredients, and yes they’re good too.

If you’re curious to check it out, it’s located at the Hayek roundabout in Sin El-Fil.

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