Le Montagnou Faraya – A social dining experience

A cold weather and a good company is all you need to enjoy a pierrade at Le Montagnou Faraya! The restaurant has a really beautiful scenery in daytime, and feels really cozy at night.

I had a mushroom soup as a starter with a small share of a grilled chicken fillet course, and they both tasted good.

Then came the yummi pierrade with this large pot of cholesterol melted cheese. I had to deal with some guilt afterward but it was ok! :P

… but I got a bit disappointed towards the end with the chocolate fondue, as the chocolate didn’t really taste the way it should be.

Anyway, having a friendly staff, a nice atmosphere, and good food, the place is totally recommended!

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/01/30)

17 Links for this – late – round.

See you next week!

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Benihana sues one of the most popular bloggers in Kuwait!

This is insane! One of the leading bloggers in Kuwait wrote about his bad experience at Benihana there, and the next thing he knew… they’re suing him for the article!

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When will Lebanon have the balls to ban Zein Al-Atat?

A letter from the health authority of Abu Dhabi warning about the misleading publicity and side effects of Zein Al-Atat’s products started circulating by e-mail in the last few weeks. (Document can be downloaded from here)

However, we haven’t seen any legal action being taken in Lebanon against Zein Al-Atat who still insists on torturing us with his TV appearance every day to advertise for his “herbal” products, even though the ministry of health has made several statements claiming that none of the advertised products is licensed. And this means Mr. Zein is definitely backed by some politician giving him the peace of mind while screwing people with the chemicals he’s selling, any other explanation for someone to be more powerful that a ministry?

Anyway, I hope we get a new minister of economy or health with the balls to finally ban Zein El-Atat for good! Oh and if someone from Amanacare or Zein’s other competitors is reading this, you suck too!

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Photos of the truck that blocked Dora bridge yesterday

I have no idea how did the driver manage to do it, he must be a genius!

Photos source unknown

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Abou Talal is a consensus prime ministerial candidate!

Loved his message to the Lebanese people, isn’t he right?

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Future Movement demonstrators attacking the press

Via Now Lebanon

Shocking video coming in from news outlets today shows angry demonstrators in Tripoli attacking the press.

The first video shows rioters pushing against a news truck and attempting to tear down the satellite on top.

The video below it shows a vehicle (allegedly belonging to Al-Jazeera news) being set on fire.

Demonstrators also torched the mopeds of other media outlets, according to AFP.

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Lebanese blogosphere weekly link roundup (2011/01/23)

16 New links for this roundup.

See you next week!

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Just like a toilet that has no water

Photo via Blogging Beirut

Back in 2008 when the political tension in Lebanon was reaching its peaks, visual artist Nada Sehnaoui installed 600 toilet seats in downtown Beirut in memory of the 15-year long Lebanese war, a time when people used to hide from bombs and shrapnels in the bathrooms.

I guess the same seats can be installed once again somewhere around Beirut, and this time not deliver a message, but rather to describe the current situation in the country!

In Lebanon we have a saying that goes like “Just like a toilet that has no water” (متل الحمام المقطوعة مايتو) to describe a mess. Seriously, what’s worse than people using a toilet with no water? That’s how Lebanon feels nowadays ;)

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Eau de Vie – Phoenicia Hotel

I was invited to a tasting at Eau de Vie Phoenicia last night which has been renovated and re-opened in November with a new design and exquisite menu.

I’ve never been to the place before, but I’ve been told it used to target old people prior to the renovation, and they’re now trying to attract younger people. Although I’m not really sure how many “young” people will be able to afford the prices on the menu, but I believe the overall experience of the place is worth it!

The staff was so friendly and took us on a small tour around the place to show us their new wine, whiskey, and cigar storage rooms, the new lounges and how small private areas can now be booked for groups of 50 people without really disturbing other guests, and of course their fantastic view of the Mediterranean and the mountains.

And then came the food… which was no less than awesome! We first got served some smoked salmon and a variety of salads, followed by our choice among 4 mouth watering main dishes, and finally a variety of really really REALLY GOOD desserts.

I totally recommend the place and I really hope they maintain their taste and quality of food, unlike other places in Beirut.

Oh and now that Valentine’s day is getting near, I suggest you book a table for two by the window at Eau de Vie if you’re on the look for a nice fancy place for you and your loved one, and I guarantee it’ll be your winning card ;)

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