How do people get away with this?

On the occasion of the security month (Al Shaher Al Amni), one of the blog readers sent me these two photos taken at the same time for two cars, a BMW and a Porsche, having the same plate number!


London 2012 Olympics

All the luck to the Lebanese athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics!

  • Ahmad Hazer (Athletics)
  • Greta Taslakian (Athletics)
  • Zain Shaito (Fencing)
  • Mona Shaito (Fencing)
  • Caren Shammas (Judo)
  • Ray Bassil (Shooting)
  • Wael Kobrosly (Swimming)
  • Katya Bachrouche (Swimming)
  • Tvin Carole Moumjoghlian (Table Tennis)
  • Andrea Paoli (Taekwondo)

IKEA is not coming to Beirut City Centre

After hearing many rumors that IKEA will be soon opening in Beirut City Centre, I was just informed yesterday that they are not.

According to my sources, it seems that IKEA originally asked for a very large space to rent, but due to the high demand for shop space rental by a lot of other business owners, the people behind Beirut City Centre were unable to accommodate IKEA’s needs.

This I guess doesn’t mean that IKEA will not be coming to Lebanon at all, since they’re already showing interest in the country, but it will probably take time until they decide where exactly will they choose to open.


World’s biggest Ramadan lantern lit up in Nabatiyeh

As electricity is becoming a luxury in the country, someone in Nabatiyeh thought it would be nice to light up the world’s biggest Ramadan lantern, while the town’s street lights are most probably always off due to electricity shortage!

The lantern is 18 meters high, weighs 4 tons, and took 6 months to complete.



touch’s free calls offer runs out

If you haven’t yet subscribed to touch’s latest offers allowing you to call one local number for free between 8PM and 4AM throughout the month of Ramadan, then don’t bother trying since they’re no longer accepting new subscriptions according to the above screenshot by AlloFail group on Facebook. As if touch really needed to give people an additional reason to complain more…


Ward El-Khal busted?

Looks to me more like part of a prank TV show to be aired during Ramadan, don’t you think?



According to this article in elnashra fan, the video turned to be nothing but a teaser for an upcoming series starring Ward, and the people behind it thought of posting the video on YouTube to create a media buzz around their new work, which eventually worked since they got more than 60,000 views in a couple of days. Anyway, I personally think it falls under cheap advertising…


The video turned out to be real and Ward is filing a lawsuit against whoever is behind the whole thing.


The whole thing was a promotion to LBCI’s new drama channel!


A tribute to Kibbeh Nayyeh

Joking aside, Kibbeh Nayyeh is probably the best Lebanese food selection, and is best made at the southern villages of Lebanon.


I went downstairs to the fridge
looking for some kind of dish
maybe kabob or some riz
but you were in my way

So that is when I tried
to reach to the other side
to maybe get spinach pie
but you were in my way

Meat overflowing
ripped leaf mint was showing
olive oil a-flowing
I like where this is going

Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy
but I want to eat you
kibbeh nayeh

Hey, I just met you
but you look tasty
I’m gonna eat you
kibbeh nayeh

I don’t know how long it’s been
that you’ve been there in the fridge
I do not want to get sick
cuz you were in my way

Because you’re raw and not fried
don’t want to get E coli
because then I would have to die
cuz you were in my way

Meat overflowing
ripped leaf mint was showing
olive oil a-flowing
Appetite is growing


Before you came into my life, I wasn’t so fat
I wasn’t so fat. I wasn’t so so fat
Before you came into my life, I wore the small pants
and you should know that I’m getting so so fat.

Reminds me of the Lahme song


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