What does “karfoukha” mean?

Where the hell did Joseph Abou Fadel come up with this “iben karfoukha” swear?

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Beware of explosive pizza

Sheikh Omar Bakri who currently lives somewhere in Tripoli, claimed a few days ago that Al-Qaeda are so clever that they can even make an explosive pizza!

“Al Qaeda are so clever, they can make so many weapons from nothing. They can go to any kitchen, make a very nice pizza bomb and deliver it fresh,” added Bakri. Source

Now we’ve got to be careful with pizza delivery boys!

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Faraya ski slopes

I went skiing in Faraya yesterday for the first time this year, and it was really great with so much snow on and off the slopes.

Starting Faraya main square, the road was packed with the Sunday crowd but surprisingly there was not much people on pistes. And no I’m not complaining about it!

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McDonald’s new TVC

What’s more agonizing than listening to McDonald’s new ad on radio is probably just watching it on TV!!

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The Lebanese parliament “love” stories

You really have to check this article published yesterday in Al-Akhbar about the way some of our MPs sexually harass female reporters at the parliament and even chase them to their apartments at midnight!

هناك في المجلس النيابي نواب يؤدّون دور كازانوفا. واحد من كتلة المستقبل العكارية. ثانٍ من الكتلة نفسها. ثالث مستقبليّ كوراني. مازح الأخير إحدى الزميلات مرة حين علم أن موعد زواجها قريب قائلاً إن لديه «مكتباً خاصاً للاستشارة والتدريب»، وضرب على صدره مردداً: «أنا بعجبك بها القصص». رابع جبيليّ عونيّ؛ يحرص عند استقباله امرأة «على تزليطها» بعينيه كما كان يقول مرة في مجلس خاص. خامس زغرتاوي، هو زميل الرابع في الكتلة نفسها، أدلى بدلوه في الموضوع نفسه خلال الجلسة الحميمية نفسها، فرأى أن «الرجل الذي تمر أمامه امرأة ولا يطارد مؤخرتها بعينيه، ليس رجلاً». وتروي إحدى الصحافيات أن هذا النائب كان قبل سنوات ضمن وفد سياسي يزور إحدى الدول القريبة، وكانت المرأة الوحيدة على متن الطائرة، فتهامس مع زملائه خمس دقائق ثم اقترب منها بقميص غالبية أزراره مفتوحة، ليسألها عما تنوي فعله برفقتهم، ملامساً ركبتها بركبته. السادس في الفرقة بيروتي قح، قال لأحد الصحافيين المشكوك في هويتهم الجنسية مرة: «إن كنت لا تريدني، فاترك لي المصور أو مسؤول الإضاءة». السابع في الفريق بيروتي أرمني أسدل ستائر مكتبه قبيل وصول الصحافية وخفف الضوء، قائلاً «جهزت الغرفة لتكون أكثر رومانسية». فنصحته بالذهاب عند زوجته وغادرت. ثامن الكازانوفات، من إقليم الخروب. التاسع من صور. والعاشر من بنت جبيل. أما البقاع الغربي، فينافس البقاع الأوسط، لكل منهما «جَغَلان» على الأقل. «القانون صورتكم» تقول حملة «كفى عنف واستغلال». وكان يجب أن تضيف: «ما بتِشبعوا!؟».

What is really remarkable though, is that some of the mentioned MPs are actually members of the parliamentary committee responsible for drafting new laws addressing domestic violence!

The article mentions at the end that sometimes it’s not all the MP’s fault, as some reporters also work hard to seduce some MPs, and one of them succeeded to seduce two members of the same parliamentary bloc at a time! Which of course called for the head of the bloc to intervene.

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The ice skating rink at Beirut Souks

I was at Beirut Souks last night and thought of passing by the new ice skating rink to check it out but was disappointed by how small it is. It’s like 20 x 20 meters and looked a bit crowded to me with like 20 people on it. Not to mention the overpriced tickets at 20,000 L.L.

The rink is lasting till the end of February, and opens from 12PM till midnight.

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Roadster Diner’s new menu

Roadster just launched its new menu containig some new items like the Texas Steak sandwich, Rd. Cheese-At-Heart burger, and Rd Double Diner burger. Make sure to check it out here.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend a tasting session I’ve been invited to at their branch in Le Mall tonight, but trying out some of the new items is definitely on my to do list in the coming few days because of all the good feedback I’m reading on their Facebook page!

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Power generators making a comeback in Beirut

Beirut is currently experiencing 3 hours of power rationing a day, and even though setting up big private power generators and offering subscriptions to the people is illegal in the city (unlike other areas), I started seeing these flyers in Tarik El-Jadida since last week.

And I expect to see more of these now that Gibran Bassil is calling to increase the rationing in Beirut and stating earlier that whoever bares 3 hours of power cut a day can actually handle 3 additional hours, totally disregarding that he’s actually talking about the business center of the country!

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Snow for this year seems to be promising

I’ve been to Faraya on Saturday afternoon and noticed that you could see snow around you shortly after you cross Achkout roundabout and before you even reach Mayrouba or Hrajel. That’s a sight we’ve missed for the last two years I guess, which held little snow compared to what we’re used for.

Did we kiss global warming goodbye?

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The Ed and Moe show

I just found this funny web series called “Ed and Moe show” portraying the life of two best friends who left their jobs and started planning to become successful businessmen.

It gets interesting knowing that Moe (Moe Makki) is actually of Lebanese origins, and living in Dearborn right in the middle of what is known as “Little Lebanon” in USA.

They have a complete season on their website right now. I wonder if there will be a second one soon.

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