Possible solution for the queues at movie theaters

I bet you’ve experienced waiting in line at the popular movies theaters in Beirut especially Grand Cinemas ABC and Cinemacity City Mall. The waiting time is basically due to the fact that shows for blockbuster movie get fully booked very quickly, and so when one’s turn arrives at the box office and get surprised that there’s no more seats for M:I-4 let’s say, he’ll take at least half a minute to decide on an alternative movie to watch. And that applies for the next 10 people waiting in front of you…

Wouldn’t be better if these theaters display a small counter next to showtime listings telling the number of remaining seats for each show? It would definitely help people decide beforehand which movie to watch, and reduce the long queues at the box office.

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Metel Ma Shelta

I just came across a cool anti littering campaign called “Metel Ma Shelta” via Elie’s blog.

Knowing beforehand that people would definitely pick a 10,000L.L off the street, a group of graphic designers threw small pieces of paper on the streets with a the forged look of a 10,000L.L bill on one side, while the other side had “As you picked this up, you can pick up the litter of the streets as well” written on it.

I’m sure this wont make the people who might fall for this trick actually start picking up litter off the streets, but it may at least make them stop littering or stop the people around them from doing it.

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“The Prophet” to be turned into an animated movie

The Prophet, one of the best selling books of all time by Gibran Khalil Gibran will soon turn into an animated movie to be produced by Salma Hayek, and directed by Roger Allers who previously directed The Lion King. The movie is set to begin pre-production by the end of this month.

The Lion King director Roger Allers has signed on to adapt and direct The Prophet, an animated film Salma Hayek’s Ventanarosa Productions will produce with Clark Peterson and Ron Senkowski. Source

That’s definitely an animated movie to look forward for!

via Mohamad Ali Chidiac

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Time to stock up on candles

Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil said the country would witness more electricity cuts, adding that he had submitted several emergency plans to Cabinet in a bid to temporarily resolve the crisis but to no avail.

Several areas in Lebanon have been suffering from increased electricity cuts due to the rainy season. This is especially true in south Lebanon, where many have complained that electricity only comes for four hours on a daily basis. Source

Some areas are currently merely getting 4 hours of electricity a day, and I imagine they wont be getting any if the situation gets really worse as Bassil is claiming! Needless to say, that’s great news to the generators mafia.


The Daily Star has another article related to the electricity in Lebanon, telling about one of the Ministry of Finance buildings in Bechara El-Khoury hosting the revenue department, being forced to stop operations and turning down people during the 3 hours power cuts in Beirut because it doesn’t have any backup source of electricity. Unbelievable!

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Bank Audi’s interactive kiosk

I stumbled upon this cool kiosk by Bank Audi on Saturday night at City Mall. Aside from the ATM on the right, there are two large screens that, among many options, allow you to do a video call with one of the bank’s representatives and inquire them about their services. A room offering privacy is also available in the back, which I assume can be used to sign confidential papers and send them directly to the bank from within that kiosk.

The purpose of this project is apparently to let people get most of their banking needs done at a kiosk like this one instead of having to physically be present at one of the bank’s branches, which is pretty nice for people whose time is not flexible enough in the morning.

I just hope they’re putting similar efforts into enhancing their e-banking application as well!

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Lebanon snow scenes

The Daily Star posted some very nice photos showing the aftermath of the recent snowstorm across many villages in Lebanon. Make sure you check them out here and here.



Jabal El-Sheikh

All these white scenes make you crave lunch by the chimney at one of the restaurants in the mountains. Montagnou? Erzel? Any recommendations?

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Hariri’s tweet

Reading all these articles in the Lebanese media slamming Saad Hariri for replying by mistake to a “good morning” tweet by the Israeli ministry of defense spokesperson Avichay Adraee was quite normal. It just proved that some Lebanese journalists have really nothing to do sometimes other than “philosophizing” a two words tweet!

But has anyone found it weird how it’s very acceptable in Israel for a high ranking official to initiate a conversation with a Lebanese person? Don’t they consider us their enemies?  I just tried searching for an article in Israel criticizing Avichay Adraee for his tweet to Saad Hariri and failed to find any!

Even if you check his twitter account now, you’ll see that Adraee went on and simply apologized to Saad Hariri for disturbing him!

Oh and did you notice how whoever took the screenshot above, supposedly to criticize Hariri for that tweet, is following Avichay Adraee? Hypocricy much?

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Get ready Lebanese skiers

Below is a comparison of how the Jonction domain at Faraya looked like on the same day (January 13th) over three years. With the current storm we’re witnessing, and another one coming on Sunday, this season seems quite promising for both skiers and ski resorts! If only the price of lift passes can be decreased though…

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Beirut Hotel to be aired on TV

Remember “Beirut Hotel” that was banned a while ago from cinemas in Lebanon? It’s going to be aired on arte next Friday (20th January) at 9:35PM Beirut time. Click here for more details.

via Patrick Semaan.

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7assesneh Inne Rkheesa


An “unserious parody”? WTF! That’s like getting naked in the street to take a stand against nudity!

7assesneh Inne Rkheesa is a lebanese unserious parody song written by Moe & Shonda and recorded vocally by the legendary lebanese diva, Shonda during the first week of November 2011 To the melody of the instrumental version of Katy Perry’s ET (extra terrestrial).

It was written to highlight the wide spread of the unethical and illegal social phenomena that has been the reason behind the broadcasting visual images of moving objects with exposed flesh, voices that sound like hairballs stuck in a cat’s throat, and music that unfortunately slows down the functioning of the human brain cells. The song was introduced with the melody of the song Extra terrestrial (ET) by katy perry due to its catchy beat and rythm. It was recorded two days after it was written. Ever since, it has been among the playlists of DJs in pubs, ipods, and phones around the city. a Crowd of communication arts students offered to shoot a music video staring the vocalist herself, for the priceless charisma she acquires and the powerful effect she projects within the song .

One of the Saint Joseph University (beirut) students was impressed with the piece and contacted the New Tv broadcasting company who offered Shonda an interview on its comedy show “chi nn” to discuss the art of “7assesneh enne rkheesa” and spread the message of Rokhos to all generations. But she had to turn down the interview due to severe circumstances.

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