VIPs got food poisoning

I was going through Assafir newspaper last night when I stumbled upon this piece of news

Some VIP’s got food poisoning during an event they were attending at one of the famous hotels in Lebanon. I wonder which one is it… after all we might have to congratulate their chef for the good job he did if these people turned to be politicians! (In addition to avoid going there)

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Lebanese army commando eating a chicken alive

Lebanese commandos are known to eating snakes at their their graduation ceremonies and during the shows they do occasionally. However, at one event they had to substitute the snake with a live chicken because of the cold weather, I have no idea about the relation between the two but that’s what the report says!

I personally might consider eating a snake as a macho act, but I’m not so sure when it comes to a chicken…! It would have been perfect thought if the video showed one of the Lebanese Darak doing the same thing, you know with all the jokes about how much they love to eat chicken sandwiches!

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Alloush and Shokr now promoting Movember!

Movember, the worldwide campaign aimed to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, is now using Mustapha Alloush and Fayez Shokr fight to promote the month long event of growing mustaches by introducing subtitles to the video and make it look like they’re fighting over the size of their mustaches.

I guess there’s no need to feel ashamed of the video anymore since it’s promoting a noble cause now!

It’s be a bit hard for us who understand Arabic to focus on the subtitles alone. Best thing to do is to simply mute the sound.

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BLOM Beirut Marathon 2011

This year’s edition of Beirut Marathon did not only witness setting the fastest times ever since its inception in 2003, but also a Bulgarian athlete, Krasimir Georgiev, running the whole distance barefoot!

Georgiev is convinced of the therapeutic effect of barefoot running and says that he cured an Achilles tendon by practicing the sport.

According to the barefoot runner, the activity is ideal for for the prophylaxis of joint problems.

Of all the available treatments, running barefoot would definitely be ranked the last on my list!

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Whisky Mist Beirut – Le Paon Rouge Nights

I was disappointed for having to skip an invitation to one of Le Paon Rouge shows last night at Whisky Mist as I was curious to check it out after reading a lot about it. But I was lucky enough to have Liliane sharing with me the photos she took from last night’s performance.

So there you go, a glimpse of Le Paon Rouge at the Mist!

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Now everyone knows why we like Facebook more

I found this article by Faisal Abbas in the Huffington Post quite accurate about the reasons why Facebook is much more popular in Lebanon, and why it wasn’t until lately that people here started to heavily subscribe to Twitter.

Now, Twitter was never known for photo-sharing, a feature which was significant in bringing the gossip-lovers of Lebanon to Facebook. Most probably, Mark Zuckerberg never anticipated that his free social network would serve as the new Layalina (a premium-priced Lebanese ‘society magazine’ which along with its sister publication Mondanite, is known for publishing pictures of people out and about). Evidently, the Lebanese didn’t mind the waiting time when it meant they could flick through images of Beirut’s best parties and social events. Even with the Arab Spring effect, the total number of Lebanese users on Twitter is estimated to have gone up to only 80,000. Despite the significant increase, the figure remains dwarfed by the fact that roughly one in every four Lebanese are now using Facebook in some capacity.

We just love gossip, and Facebook does great at delivering it!

You can read the full article here.

Thanks @FunkyOzzi

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Only in Lebanon: Fake $100 bills for sale on Facebook

You don’t see an ad like this everyday!

Thank @ZuZ

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Mustapha Alloush and Fayez Shokr fighting live on MTV

Both of these two ex MP’s are actually doctors, yet they were able to drag their discussion to the lowest levels of nawraneh while debating about a foreign matter! Make sure to also check the outrageous comments on the video. That’s just insane!

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Is Beirut Segway friendly?

I just read on Lindsay’s blog that she spotted a group of people on Segways in Hamra, so I Googled it a little and was surprised to find that we already have a Segway dealer here in Beirut, in addition to two companies offering Segway tours in Beirut and Byblos.

But before we get excited about it, how good are the roads in Beirut for a Segway? I personally can’t think of another good place to drive it except in the downtown, I mean some potholes around here are large enough to make a Segway easily disappear!

Out of subject: Wazawiz will definitely figure out a way to do a wheelie with this thing!

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