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On abuse of power and ISF

Nice catch by Salim Al Lawzi.

Salim spotted two members from the ISF washing the Mercedes of some Lebanese official in Achrafiyeh. Think of it, if for the simplest things, in this case a car wash, this official is abusing his power, can you imagine what he does when dealing with other more important issues?

On the other hand, that most probably explains why ISF members act like douchebags with people, they get abused by their supperiors and they eventually have to let it out at others, us! (Although they do have some fun sometimes)


The quest for the best burger in Lebanon – Smokey O’z

Everyone seems to be on the quest for the best burger in Lebanon nowadays! Especially with the rise of several new burger places, like Classic Burger Joint, Brgr Co., and few others.

Until last week, my favorite burgers were the ones I usually have at Roadster Diner and Classic Burger Joint. But that totally changed as soon as I got introduced to Smokey O’z! And I bet you’ve seen their ads on Facebook a lot lately.

I decided to give it a try after I saw the extensive talks about the “Big Bad Wolf” burger on their Facebook page. The place is located at Sassine Square Achrafiyeh, and to my surprise it turned out to be so small! It only has a bar with 6 seats where you get to see the chefs preparing your burgers and sandwiches, no tables, and it mainly relies on take out and delivery orders.

Anyway enough talking, let me show you what I had!

They first start with charbroiling a drooling half pound patty…

Ketchup, mustard, and swiss cheese…

Crispy onion straws, aged cheddar cheese, and the juicy patty, waiting for tomatoes and iceberg lettuce to complete it.

… making up the Big Bad Wolf! Accompanied by just good enough french fries.

It was a treat! I had the burger for dinner after skipping lunch that day, so I leave you to imagine how delightful it was! The overall taste was really good, juicy patty, soft fresh bun, good cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Oh and it is easily eatable regardless of how oversized it looks! I mean you will not suffer from the patty (or any other ingredient) suddenly slipping out of the bun. A definite winner for me, and totally recommended. The burger is priced at 15,000L.L, and you get fries and a soft drink for an additional 4,000L.L.

Finally, the two chefs behind satisfying my hunger that night!

So.. are you drooling already? 😛


Achrafiyeh is loyal to Don Corleone

I saw this banner signed by “the people of Achrafiyyeh” at Sassine square last week right after the municipality elections was over, and it only lasted for a few days there before it was removed.

Antoun Sehnaoui AchrafiyyehTranslation: The proud Achrafieh is loyal to Antoune Sehnaoui

How can people be loyal to a gangster? Is he Don Corleone or something? I bet it was Sehnaoui’s bodyguards who put up that banner!


I got a rose to decode!

Have you heard of Ivy? She has been blogging for 2 months now rebelling against some of the Lebanese society standards by motivating single girls to make the first move and hopefully have a good valentine this year instead of just waiting for guys to approach them!

Ivy's Mission

Ivy's Mission

In no time, Exotica felt excited about supporting Ivy’s cause, and they were ready to team up with her in organizing a Valentine related event called “Decode My Rose!” which consists of distributing roses to single girls to give to the guys they like!

Two girls from Exotica distributing Ivy's roses at Gemmayze

Two girls from Exotica distributing Ivy's roses at Gemmayze

So I decided to go with my fiancée last night to Gemmayze to check on the Decode My Rose campaign, and yes she made a move on me (as if she needed to do that!) by handing me this one.

The flower I got

The rose I got

And now I just have to decode it…

How to decode your rose

How to decode your rose


Freeze Sodeco! I will shoot you!

I thought of a fun idea today which is to start a new series of posts called “Freeze, I will shoot you!”. Breathe, the thing has nothing to do with the shooting we’re used to in Lebanon, the idea is to go to some area in Lebanon (where else?!) for the purpose of taking some nice photos of the place  and then publish them in a blog post here. I’ll be also open to suggestions if you have some nice place in mind.

I will start today with Sodeco, one of my favorite streets in Beirut. The reason why I originally went there was to shoot the old buildings that still have marks from the civil war on the. I leave you with the photos.

Civil war marks 2_small

Facing Sodeco square, this building is currently being renovated by the municipality of Beirut.


Showing contrast between two buildings, one has witnessed the civil war and the other eventually didn’t!

Civil war marks_small

Civil war marks 1_small

Building renovation_small

Another building currently being renovated.

Building interior_small

Same building from the inside.

Building interior 1_small

Same building from the inside.

Towards monot_small

The street leading to Monot.

P.S: For some reason, the lightbox plugin on my blog (the image overlay thing) seems to be broken, so whenever you click on an image you will be taken to a new webpage instead of displaying it on a grey background. I promise I’ll be working on it today!


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