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“Bebalee” Is An Insult to Fayrouz’s Career

Fayrouz’s new album “Bebalee” has been out for three days, but unlike her previous albums, this one is yet to make any buzz be it online or on radio stations.

I did listen to the album and was unfortunately quite disappointed. Adaptation of foreign songs using silly lyrics is the worst you can expect from an icon like Fayrouz, and the only one to blame is definitely her daughter Reema Rahbani who seems to have produced this album to just prove to her brother Ziad that she can actually create something regardless the quality or the artistic value. “Elak aw eli aw mish la shi, mish la shi, wala ayy shi” is exactly what you would in Arabic call saff 7akeh.

Fayrouz did perform songs with light lyrics in the past (e.g. Kifak enta malla enta) but in my opinion she never delivered something as mediocre as Bebalee.

I really hope she makes it up in the near future by working again with her son Ziad.


Fayrouz Drops a New Single Inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine

Earlier in June Fayrouz released a new single titled “Lameen” from her upcoming album Bebalee, and just last night her daughter Reema Rahbany posted about a second single titled “Yemken” and this time it was inspired by Jon Lennon’s Imagine.

You can get it from iTune here or just wait a few hours until some people rip it and post it everywhere on Facebook and YouTube.

Now as much as I love Fayrouz, I’m honestly having mixed feelings about these adapted songs… I am by no means a music critic let alone evaluate a piece by Fayrouz, but both of the two singles sounded a bit off to me. It could be that I was expecting something in the same spirit of the music that her son Ziad used to arrange for her, or it could simply be that the original songs were seriously good and therefore it’s unfair to make a comparison with the recent singles given the age of Fayrouz and how she’s performing now… Either ways, I hope the rest of the album capture our hearts just like all her songs did before.


Fayrouz Preparing For A New Album?

Fayrouz’s daughter, Reema Rahbany, has been posting a series of teaser-like videos on Facebook over the last 4 day all showing Fayrouz in a recording studio apparently working on a new single or album.

The videos have no caption or description but I really hope a new project is in the making. And if it is the case, then it would be interesting to know the musicians she is collaborating with. She usually works with her son Ziad Rahbany, but I recall he mentioned in one of his interviews that they were not on good terms over the last few years and I’m not sure whether they reconciled or not.

You can check all the videos on Reema’s Facebook profile.

On a side note I’ve never seen Fayrouz performing live, so I also hope a concert is in the making this summer because I really would like to see her on stage at least once before she retires.


Mashrou’ Leila crowd-funding their third album Raasuk

I love Mashrou’ Leila. Even though I sometimes find it hard to understand the lyrics coming out of Hamed’s mouth but I just love their music.

Mashrou’ Leila are now about to release their third album titled “Raasuk”, but they’re not willing to sign a contract with any of the existing production companies in order not to make any compromises over their music, so they’re seeking help from their fans in order to raise at least $66,000 to design beautiful album art, print CDs, posters, flyers, make quality video clips, and play concerts with quality sound systems.

If you feel like helping them out, head over to Zoomaal and donate whatever amount you want. For any contribution above $5, you will earn a reward from the band ranging from a public thank you on their website to a private concert party on Skype and a dinner cooked by themselves.


New album for Fayrouz?

Let’s hope this is true. Al-Anba (A Kuwaiti newspaper) posted today that Fayrouz will soon be releasing a new album and is currently busy choosing the songs to be included in it.

I also hope she holds a concert in parallel as I still have never watched Fayrouz performing live, and totally regretted missing the opportunity to do so in the last few years at BIEL and Pleatea.


Tania Saleh’s new video is out!

In 1943, a few days before the Lebanese independence got written on paper, “the creators” of Lebanon were scurrying to save a detained president and some of his ministers. Their main objective was to finish with the French
mandate. They had little time to imagine a country and a nation and to bring to life a constitution that served both with civil laws for a civil state.

A Lebanese girl, “Wehde” had an idea. The idea developed a dream and “Wehde” longed for a peaceful country, harmonious with its people from all walks of life from all 18 different sects. “Wehde” survived and her dream remained a dream. Today it has gathered dust over the years but “Wehde” still strolls down the sea shore on a sunny day with all the people waiting like her for a new (true) independent nation to
be born. This album tells her story. (available at www.forwardmusic.net)


Tania Saleh new album launch

Make sure not to miss this one!

Tania Saleh, Lebanese singer – songwriter and Batoota Foundation would like to invite you to the launch of Tania Saleh’s eagerly awaited second studio album “Wehde” along with the music video launch of the album title, at a press conference and CD signing event in Café Im Nazih, Saifi Urban Gardens on Thursday April 21st 2011 from 5 pm to 9 pm.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for Tania’s new album “Wehde” to be released ever since I started hearing news about it one year ago, and just yesterday I got an e-mail about the launching event. Her first album “Tani Saleh” was released in 2002 and remains one of the very few albums that I still play to this day.

And here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming video.


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