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Pierre Hachach – Ya Ret

Pierre Hachache ya ret

Uhh ok… and why exactly do you need a provocative video for that song?

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Pierre and Friends among the world’s most awesome beach bars


All women stalk listed Pierre and Friends, which is one of the main attractions in Batroun, as one of the most awesome beach bars in the world.

You know those times when you just want simplicity, no frills, just great drinks and great company in a great setting? Well, then it’s time for Pierre and Friends, one of the most unassuming beach bars in the world. It’s not flashy and it doesn’t rock with the latest tunes, nor do the beautiful and good gather here. But Pierre and Friends occupies a darling little strip of pebbly beach between Byblos and Batroun (closer to Batroun than Byblos). There’s no pretension here, so grab your favorite tipple and settle down to enjoy the company and the endless views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

You can check the full list here.

via @LeSoupi

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Gibran Bassil’s new comic book – A nation’s dream

This is hilarious! I’ve been searching for some PDF version of this book ever since Bassam Abou Zaid tweeted about it a few days ago, and just last night, he made a news report about it. The Lebanese ministry of energy and water published a comic book called “A nation’s dream” starring minister Gibran Bassil and his son, telling a story that takes place in 2020 after we became an oil-producing country.

The story starts with Gibran Bassil and his son boarding a metro from Batroun towards Beirut passing by all the projects that Bassil has started, from dams to gas pipes and Beirut’s solar snake, then shows how Zouk became much less polluted and how the public dump in Dora turned into some touristic destination. The story then ends with Gibran Bassil telling how proud he feels to be among the few people who actually contributed into realizing the dreams of this country!

I’m not sure who advises minister Gibran Bassil on such things, but is he/she effing serious?! Morever, I wish the story has started by telling how exactly did Bassil accepted handing over the ministry of energy to someone else.

I totally loved the sarcastic comment by Bassam Abou Zaid at the end of the report by the way.

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5 Things to do in Lebanon


The Wall Street Journal compiled this list of five fun things to do around Lebanon in an article published yesterday.

  1. Visiting one of the vineyards in Batroun or Bekaa and do wine tasting.
  2. Sitting down at a Beirut couple’s table for a home-cooked meal.
  3. Visiting Mleeta museum in the south.
  4. Vising Moussa Castle in Chouf.
  5. Snowshoeing in the mountains.

It’s good the articles mentions nothing about the nightlife in Beirut for a change! Anyway, I’m familiar with 4 out of the 5 things the author listed, but it’s the first time for me to hear about this couple in Beirut (Sylvia Khoury & Charles Ghorayeb) who welcomes visitors in their own apartment in Beirut and offer them home cooked dishes for the price of $20 per person, and $30 including wine. Has anyone heard about them before? I tried to look them up online but found nothing except what the article mentions that they previously used to organize tours around Lebanon for tourists.

2. Sit down at a Beirut couple’s table for a home-cooked meal

Sylvia Khoury and Charles Ghorayeb welcome visitors into their Beirut apartment for an evening of Lebanese food, wine and conversation. The couple, who formerly offered tailor-made tours of Lebanon to tourists, now focus on their home-kitchen venture. They serve dishes such as malfouf (stuffed cabbage leaves), shankleesh (ripened cheese) and makanek (little sausages). The food relies on seasonal staples that are grown in the couple’s garden in Damour, just outside the city. $20 per person, $30 with wine; to make a reservation, email Ms. Khoury at skhoury131@hotmail.com

Would you give them a try?

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Kitesurfing in Batroun

Looks pretty cool! It isn’t clear though if there’s some kind of a kitesurfing school there in Batroun or these were just a bunch of pro kitesurfers having fun.

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Giveaway: 4 Tickets to Wickerpark Festival 2012

The awesome people behind Wickerpark Festival 2012 granted me 4 tickets to the two-day event happening on June 29 & 30, and I’ll be giving them all away to two of you guys!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I’ll be randomly selecting two lucky winners on Sunday night to get 2 tickets each. Just make sure to use a valid e-mail address when commenting to receive how to claim your tickets.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the event will include short film screenings, fairs, and exhibitions on the first day, and a music festival to follow on the second day. As for the tickets, they’re available for $30 at Librairie Antoine.


Congrtulations Joseph & Cynthia, I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly.

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Wickerpark Festival 2012 – When Nature Pokes Back

We’ve got no more sea urchins in our sea, and a group of people decided to do something about it, those are the Wickerpark Festival team.

The first edition of Wickerpark Festival was held last year and was dedicated to raise to raise fund for replanting of trees in collaboration with the ministry of environment. This year, the festival is focusing on repopulating Sea Urchins by working again with the ministry of environment as well as the Marine Biology Center in Batroun, to repopulate urchins in safe waters before releasing them into the sea.

The festival itself will take place in an open-air venue in Batroun right by the sea, and will be held on June 29th & June 30th.

June 29th will include short-film screenings, ecological fairs, artist exhibitions as well as a series of small acoustic sets, while June 30th will include the Music Festival, with the following artists set to perform:

  • Karl Mattar
  • Sae Lis
  • Who Killed Bruce Lee
  • The Flying Circus
  • Zeid & The Wings
  • The Beirut Groove Collective

So here’s your chance to go have fun, listen to some good music, and give back to mother nature while at it!

Unfortunately I still have no idea about the tickets price and where can you get them from, but I’ll be updating the post once I get some additional info.


Tickets will be available for sale at Librairie Antoine outlets for $30, and will allow you to attend both of the first and second day of the festival.

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Chez Maguy Batroun

I decided to try Chez Maguy restaurant in Batroun after reading about it on several website claiming it serves some of the best sea food in the region.

The place is quite nice, it’s actually a small house (or a shack maybe) that was turned into a restaurant having a cool view over the sea since it’s located right on the coast.

During winter, I was told Maguy usually serves guests in her dining room, while in summer season you get to sit on the beautiful terrace by sea, but be aware of the mosquitoes when you’re outside, as they can really eat you alive!

Unfortunately the food was not as good as the restaurant’s setting. We were 4 people and among the order we made was 1Kg of mallifa, and below is the plate that we got, which is barely enough for one person! Anway, overall the food tasted quite average compared to other seafood restaurants, unlike what some articles on the internet claim.

We had another kilogram of fish with a couple of appetizers and drinks and our bill came to $120.

I don’t know how to provide you with direction to the place, but if you’re planning to go there just ask about Chez Maguy when you reach Batroun as everyone there knows where she’s located!

P.S: I know the review is missing a photo of Maguy, which is plain stupid from me!

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World’s largest cup of Batrouni lemonade

After Kebbe, Tabbouleh, Hommus, and Falafel, here comes the turn for Lemonade! According to this event on Facebook, the traders association in Batroun is set on breaking Guinness world record for the largest cup of lemonade by making more than 5000 liters of lemonade!

The event will be held on July 8th starting 10AM, and the target will be to squeeze more than 2 tons of lemon by 200 people. The current record is 4593.7 liters and is held by some Chinese district.

I’m guessing it’ll be very easy to cheat with breaking this record since you can add as much water as you want to the squeezed lemonade if you end up short on liters! Anyway, I thought we’re already done with the record breaking frenzy, but it doesn’t seem so.

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Wine tasting in Lebanon

I stumbled upon this article in The Daily Star this morning about wine tasting in Lebanon mentioning companies that organize tours to wineries in the Bekaa valley and the north, in addition to the most famous wineries to visit.

A visit to one of these places will definitely offer something different and more cost-effective than the overrated night life experience and overpriced beaches in Lebanon for both locals and tourists.

Where to go:

Chateau Ksara

Open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tours and tasting sessions are available without an appointment, although it is recommended to call in advance. Appointments can also be made for tours of the wine-making process. Contact: +961-1-200-715
Website: www.chateauksara.com.lb

Chateau Massaya

For vintage aficionados, Massaya offers tasting of library wines no longer available on the market, for which calling ahead is preferred. Open Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the summer months. Opening hours are shorter during the winter. Contact: +961-8- 510-135
Website: www.massaya.com

Chateau Kefraya

A visit to Chateau Kefraya’s 430-hectare grounds incorporates the winery’s Treasures Room, which includes wines dating back to the chateau’s late ’70s beginnings. Guided visits are available every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact: +961-8-645-333
Website: www.chateaukefraya.com/

Chateau Musar

Lebanon’s most-loved wine export, Chateau Musar is created in the cellar of a 17th century castle in Ghazir, Mount Lebanon. Tasting sessions and tours can be arranged by appointment. Contact: +961-9-925-056
Website: www.chateaumusar.com.lb

Photo via CD Traveller.

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