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A new 5,000 L.L bill

I just spotted this new 5,000 pound note which seems to have been recently released.

5000 ll

If only Central Bank of Lebanon would consider making all bills the same (reasonable) size!

photo via @Joanna_Azar


touch now allows in-app payments

Touch Logo_managed by Zain

Late last month, touch enabled in-app payments that allow users to purchase items or upgrades from inside the apps they are using for a fee that either gets added to the monthly bill for postpaid lines, or deducted from the available balance for prepaid customers, and therefore no credit cards are used in the process.

I believe this is definitely great news to people who have no credit cards or simply prefer not to use them online, as well as developers who can now monetize their ideas by gaining access to a huge customer base.

The first application to adopt this service was Anghami by the way, which offers unlimited access to millions of songs for $5/month. So if you are an Anghami user, you can now upgrade your account and the subscription fee will be added to your bill.

If you’re a developer and interested in using the in-app payment, then you should probably know that touch currently keeps 30% of your revenue for themselves in exchange for using the service. For any additional information, you may contact them through their website.


The new 20,000L.L bill

I just came across this photo on Facebook showing what looks like a new 20,000 pound note to soon start circulating.

It looks similar to the 50,000 and 100,000 notes and apparently has the same size too, which should be reduced in my opinion.


Metel Ma Shelta

I just came across a cool anti littering campaign called “Metel Ma Shelta” via Elie’s blog.

Knowing beforehand that people would definitely pick a 10,000L.L off the street, a group of graphic designers threw small pieces of paper on the streets with a the forged look of a 10,000L.L bill on one side, while the other side had “As you picked this up, you can pick up the litter of the streets as well” written on it.

I’m sure this wont make the people who might fall for this trick actually start picking up litter off the streets, but it may at least make them stop littering or stop the people around them from doing it.


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