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Top 20 Things To Do During Christmas Season This Year

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Beirut with decorations at malls and on most streets! And with so much happening around town these days, it’s definitely an opportunity for you to get with family and friends to do something fun. So here are 20 event suggestions from Lebtivity all happening over the coming days for you to get inspired.

  1. Christmas In Action 2017
  2. Christmas Concerts – Beirut Chants 2017
  3. Le Casting De Père Noël
  4. Santa & the Chocolate Factory
  5. Once Upon a December
  6. Sustainable Christmas Fair 2017
  7. Christmas Tree Lighting Concert
  8. Marché Solidaire de Noël 2017
  9. CINE – NOËL 2017
  10. Mike Massy Christmas Concert at Maghdouché
  11. Escape Games Beirut – The New Smart Fun Activity!
  12. Riyada Youth Winter Innovation Program
  14. Tripoli’s Souks de Tripoli
  15. Byblos Christmas Tree & Village 2017-2018
  16. DJ MARC Présente: Les Folies de Noël
  17. Christmas at the Villa 2017
  18. Afkart – Christmas Creations 2017
  19. A Baroque Noël at Stark Creative Space
  20. Christmas Village 2017 at Arnaaoon

Celebrate Talents Instead of Making Stupid People Famous!

Bimbos and attention whores never fail to make an occasion pass without trying to garner followers and likes on their social media platforms, and for Christmas time, it was of course mandatory to pose in skimpy red outfits because you know… there’s no other way to celebrate such occasion!

However, and despite the fact that everybody talk negatively about these SM figures, you keep seeing their followers count constantly increasing due to all the publicity they get on social network and especially Facebook. It’s like people follow their pages to just see how bad the next videos/photos will be, which motivate page owners to fart more content and the whole thing eventually gets other bimbos to get jealous, create pages, and do the same!

Unfortunately, the biggest losers out of this become the talented artists who produce really good content but fail to get the exposure they deserve because people are too busy monitoring Rola Yammout’s activity on instagram!

Sevine and Azizat Beyrouth are the best examples of talents that are not getting the attention they really deserve, and my latest discovery today was a girl called “Carla Chamoun” who has a beautiful voice and some cool videos on One:Sixteen’s Facebook page, yet for some reason the number of view she gets is incomparable to that of other silly videos..!

Here are a couple of my favorite videos of her.

Kifak Inta – Carla

In case you missed it! Carla in concert
Live Fairouz cover – Kifak Inta #carlainconcert

Posted by One:Sixteen on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fly me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra

Here is another sweet cover from Carla – recorded live in 1 take.

Posted by One:Sixteen on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And what better way to wish you a merry Christmas than with this medley!

A Christmas Medley by Carla

Now you can “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from the guys at One:Sixteen and Carla.
Carla in concert | UNESCO Palace, Beirut | Dec. 2016 |

Posted by One:Sixteen on Saturday, December 24, 2016

The likes of Carla, Sevine, and Azizat Beyrouth are the ones who deserve the serious exposure. I know it’s impossible to keep people from following the lives of star wannabes, but just try to make better decisions about the stuff that should be spread out on social networks.


It’s Christmas and Lebanon is Calling!

In my humble opinion, Demco easily wins the best Christmas ad this year!

In the same spirit of the ad during they made for the US presiential elections, they’re still reaching out for the Lebanese expats to convince them of returning back to their home country following some breakthroughs like the election of a new president and the formation of a new government, and while the previous one was touching, the new ad reaches even deeper everyone of us.

We all have loved family members living abroad, and most of those are not even thinking of returning. But come to think of it, while we have a lot of reasons to curse this country everyday, we have a hundred more to love it! I personally had the opportunity to go live and work elsewhere, but I chose to stay here because I’m too attached to my city to leave it.

When I watched the ad I couldn’t but think of my brother who lives in the UAE and how much my parents and I would all love him to come live among us again…!

We all deserve to reunite with our loved ones, at least during the happy holiday season if not for a lifetime, because as the ad at the end says, it is simply not the same without them!


Lebanese drivers logic: What i decided to do about it!

A woman with a child on her bicycle navigates through Beijing traffic.

I’ll start off with a simple logical description of the issue on hand: On a single-lane road, two cars can pass faster when they are moving one after another. But when next to each other, one car has to slow down in order to let the other pass. In other words, lamma ykoun 3adad l siyarat yalle meshyin 7ad ba3d aktar mn 3adad l lanes, hol l siyarat bya3mlo 3aj2a la2an ma bise3o yo2ta3o 7ad ba3d w bisiro majbourin ykhaffefo ta ymar2o ba3d.
This effect, scaled up, creates irrelevant, unneeded, ugly traffic.

Supposing that what I am talking about can be grasped by small minded Lebanese drivers (which I doubt) who think they are always in a state of rush that allows them to just create lanes of their own, driving the wrong way or even where there is no ‘way’, I have come to a decision that I would like to share.

Paint balls!

Since I am daily witnessing the phenomena of  “I am in a rush, I drive my car where I please” and “matra7 ma bshouf zefet bemshe. w aslan ma droure ykoun fi zefet” I have decided to purchase a stock of paint balls and a paint ball gun. Why? you may ask. I shall salute each driver driving the wrong way with a colorful paint ball to cheer up his day w ta fesh khel2e as well. So in case you come across some news report in the near future speaking of a trend of colorful cars on the Lebanese roads, you can safely assume that I had some part in setting that trend.

And oh, since its Christmas time, I will start with a stock of green and red paint balls 🙂

image via mumatlarge.blogspot.com


Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

#Lebanese women wearing #santa outfit and weaving their national #flag #waterski during a show in the #bay of #Jounieh in the #mediterranean #sea off #lebanon’s coast. Merry #Christmas to all. #photojournalism

Photo by @patrickbaz


Help books find a home

If you have got some books to give away but don’t know whom to give it to, then you might be interested in the campaign Antoine Online is launching to donate books to NGOs, public libraries, and organizations.

There are already boxes available at all Antoine branches to leave your used books into on conditions that they are in a good condition, more or less recent, and neither scholar books nor magazines will be accepted.

In case you have no books to give, you can still donate gift vouchers to an organization of your choice by visiting the campaign’s page here.


Excalibur Show are giving Santa a break!

Unbelievable! 😀

That’s another ad I got by e-mail from Excalibur Show! This time they’re on a mission and look pretty serious about it, they’re giving Santa a break!

But their previous e-mail looked much better, this one looks more like a lingerie ad… Shu hal sheghel!


Exotica’s Different Christmas

Late in November I started following Exotica’s campaign for Christmas 2009 titled “My Different Christmas”, the campaign is apparently targeting internet users, because I haven’t yet seen its supporting video on any local TV station. And no we’re not used to that in Lebanon!

The idea behind the campaign is helping people to think and celebrate differently this year via a special blog by the “cool” Christmas activist “Lucie”. As you will see, Lucie is a funny grandmother posting about Christmas DIY gifts, recipes, and decoration ideas, and that’s exactly what I need in this period as I am participating in the secret Santa game at work! The blog can be found here.

The reason behind Lucie’s initiative to start the blog

I believe the purpose of the blog goes beyond just providing ideas, Exotica is actually doing a good job communicating with internet users in a way that is much different and more efficient than the classical newsletters we get on a daily basis in our mail boxes. I salute those who are behind this campaign!


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