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LC Waikiki is Finally Opening in Lebanon!


Almost all those who have traveled to Turkey are probably familiar with the famous clothing store there called LC Waikiki.

I’ve been twice to Istanbul with my wife over the last couple of years and each time we went to LC Waikiki we ended up buying more than a dozen items each, we even got enough stuff for our little boy that had him covered for a whole year. The brand delivers products that are of seriously good quality at very affordable prices.

A friend sent me these two photos from City Mall Dora yesterday showing LC Waikiki are set to open their first branch in Lebanon. And while it’s definitely a great news, I really hope they expand into other places because City Mall is my least favorite shopping destination.



Thank you Chady


Airboards Are Now Banned at Beirut Souks

beirut souks airboard

I just came across the best news on Facebook, Beirut Souks just announced that airboards are no longer welcome at their premises.

This is so relieving because you can’t believe how annoying it has become lately after the space became infested with teenagers on airboards and their heads buried in their phones.

Ever once in a while I take my 2 year old kid to the area near the cinemas for him to ride his scooter with , and I always feel worried about some airboard hitting him so I salute Beirut Souks for their decision.

City Mall already also banned airboards but I have no idea about the policy in ABC, Le Mall and City Centre.


Photos of the fallen truck in Nahr El Mot

Some friends of mine who work at Nahr El Mot sent me the below photos of the truck that fell today morning off the bridge leading to Metn highway. Luckily only the truck driver was injured.






nahr el mor

Thanks to Elie Tawil & Elie Hajj.


Champagne and caviar at ABC Cinema

Seems like champagne and caviar will be served at the soon to be open cinema theaters in ABC Dbayeh. To each his own, but do we really need this?

City Mall is also planning to have something similar at their “Cinemacity Premier”, which is expected to have the largest screen in Lebanon with 400 stadium seats and a VIP section according to what they’re advertising at the mall.

Photo via @royjibrin


33 Days now showing in ABC but not in City Mall

Look like there has been an update on the issue of “33 Days” movie being banned at several theaters in Beirut with Carmen Lebbos announcing in an interview on Talk of the Town last night that ABC Achrafieh will start screening it as of this week, while City Mall still have not provided a confirmation whether the movie will be screened at their theaters or not.

With all that fuss being made over the contribution of Iranians in the movie production, imagine the drama that could have been made if this was a 100% Iranian movie!


Nahr El Mot bridge mocked

The bridge might be illogical, but it’s about time people learn which lane to drive in depending on their destination.

The traffic jam is all caused by people heading to Sin El Fil and insist to drive on the left side of the road until the last few meters before reaching the bridge located on the right side. That of course forces them to suddenly slow down and make a right turn to take the bridge, causing everyone behind them to slow down as well.

Keep left if you’re going to Beirut, and right when going to Sin El Fil! Easy!


Here’s the Facebook page of the people behind that sign.

Thank you @Marilynzakhour


33 Days – A Lebanese movie

33 Days is a Lebanese movie taking place in the summer of 2006 when Israel launched its war on Lebanon after Hezbollah succeeded in capturing two Israeli soldiers on the borders.

This is the second movie about the 2006 war after “Under the bombs“, and portrays what people who were resisting the Israeli invasion were going through in the town of Aita El Shaab.

However, since Iranians have contributed in its production, the movie has been banned from showing in Lebanon’s most popular theaters like Empire, City Mall, and Grand Cinemas ABC and is currently being shown at Planete Abraj, Concord, Las Salinas, and Saida Mall. What a shame!


Possible solution for the queues at movie theaters

I bet you’ve experienced waiting in line at the popular movies theaters in Beirut especially Grand Cinemas ABC and Cinemacity City Mall. The waiting time is basically due to the fact that shows for blockbuster movie get fully booked very quickly, and so when one’s turn arrives at the box office and get surprised that there’s no more seats for M:I-4 let’s say, he’ll take at least half a minute to decide on an alternative movie to watch. And that applies for the next 10 people waiting in front of you…

Wouldn’t be better if these theaters display a small counter next to showtime listings telling the number of remaining seats for each show? It would definitely help people decide beforehand which movie to watch, and reduce the long queues at the box office.


Bank Audi’s interactive kiosk

I stumbled upon this cool kiosk by Bank Audi on Saturday night at City Mall. Aside from the ATM on the right, there are two large screens that, among many options, allow you to do a video call with one of the bank’s representatives and inquire them about their services. A room offering privacy is also available in the back, which I assume can be used to sign confidential papers and send them directly to the bank from within that kiosk.

The purpose of this project is apparently to let people get most of their banking needs done at a kiosk like this one instead of having to physically be present at one of the bank’s branches, which is pretty nice for people whose time is not flexible enough in the morning.

I just hope they’re putting similar efforts into enhancing their e-banking application as well!


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